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Top 3 Investment Banking Courses In Delhi With Live Classes

Investment Banking is one of the most sacred instruments or eminent fields of the Finance Industry that guides business organisations, industries and government agencies along with individual investors towards their financial success. The investment banking industry is broad and offers multiple services to their concerning clients and helps them in investment-related decision-making. Delhi, the busiest capital city of India becoming a growing hub for numerous financial professionals and offers varieties of authentic job opportunities in the rapidly evolving investment banking industry. Delhi has witnessed huge demand for individuals who are skilled in the necessary qualifications in order to work in the investment banking industry and navigate the complexities of the financial market. In this article, we are going to explore and discover significant information regarding investment banking and a comprehensive overview of the top three investment banking courses in Delhi. Join us in this transformative journey as we are going to uncover the secrets to unlocking a prosperous future in the investment banking industry through prominent courses.

Investment Banking Courses in Delhi

Table of Content

  • Introduction to Investment Banking 
  • Types of Investment Banking 
  • Investment Banking Jobs 
  • Eligibility Criteria for Investment Banking Courses
  • Investment Banking Courses in Delhi
  • Conclusion 
  • Frequently Asked Questions 

Introduction to Investment Banking

Investment banking is regarded as one of the critical and pivotal sectors in the finance industry that plays a crucial part in facilitating multiple and various kinds of financial transactions for business organisations, corporations, industries and government agencies. It is also a type of banking that involves providing expert advice on investment-related matters, channels for capital raising, risk assessment or management services for numerous clients to help them in achieving their financial goals efficiently. 

Many investment banks act as a middleman between the issuers and investors, supporting both the concerned parties in raising funds through multiple ways that include mergers & acquisitions, debt and equity offerings, initial public offerings (IPOs) or more, along with the facility of capital restructuring services. Investment banking professionals are responsible for analysing market or industry trends, identifying possible risks and implementing risk mitigation strategies, determining varieties of investment opportunities and focusing on enhancing and maximizing the financial health of their clients. Investment banks also work on behalf of their clients to purchase and sell securities according to market patterns.    

Types of Investment Banking

Investment banking is a universal concept associated with the finance industry. We learned about what investment banking is; now, let us explore various types of investment banking/banks that are available in this finance-driven business world. Every type has its own characteristics and features, and in this sector, we’ll unveil all those in a listicle format that is given below.

Bulge Bracket Investment Banking 

They are large and globally recognized investment banks and financial institutions that are considered at the top hierarchy of investment banking companies in the investment industry, delivering a wide range of investment banking services to multinational companies, large industries or business organisations, governments and clients who have a high net worth. Bulge bracket investment banks provide comprehensive or extensive services that include mergers & acquisition services, capital advisor services, security trading services and more

Botique Investment Banking

The next types of investment banking are boutique investment banks which are smaller, unlike bulge bracket investment banks. Boutique investment banks are a group of small financial firms and investment companies that focus on providing investment banking services on specific industries and regions along with certain types of transactions. They offer personalised and customized services to their clients in niche sectors that include finance, healthcare, hospitality, energy, technology, real estate and more. Investment banking professionals who are working at boutique investment banks possess thorough knowledge and skills according to the specific sector in which they are providing services to their clients. These banks also offer a hand-on-hand approach to their client by working closely with them in providing strategic investment advice and support in facilitating transactions.

Middle-Market Investment Banking 

The middle-market investment banks are significant investment banking companies that focus on providing services to middle-market industries and business organisations according to their needs and requirements. Middle-market banks are smaller than bulge-bracket banks but larger than boutique investment banks, and they are specialised in offering investment and finance-related services to their clients. They play an important role in executing or facilitating mergers and acquisitions deals, identifying and providing varieties of capital-raising channels, offering debt and equity financing, along with also contributing to finance and investment advisory support.

Regional & Local Banks

The regional and local banks have investment banking departments that offer some investment banking services to their clients, whether business organisations irrespective of business sizes or individual investors. They provide services such as mergers and acquisitions advisory, corporate finance and capital raising along with financial restructuring services within the specific geographical area. Regional and local banks also play an important role in fostering and supporting local economic growth by assisting businesses, companies, local industries and individuals with their unique financial needs.

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Investment Banking Jobs

Investment banking is one of the prominent and prestigious sectors in the finance industry that offer multiple career opportunities to individuals who are seeking acclaimed and certified investment banking courses to pursue and, after completing, build a successful career in the investment banking industry. Here mentioned a list of some common yet famous jobs opportunity individual can get after completing certified investment banking courses from any renowned institute.

  • Investment Banking Analyst
  • Financial Advisor
  • Equity Research Analyst
  • Risk Manager
  • Compliance Officer
  • Wealth Management Advisor
  • Investment Manager
  • Capital Marketing Operations Consultant

Eligibility Criteria For Investment Banking Courses

The eligibility requirement is usually dependent upon institutes or course providers. However, the common eligibility in order to pursue investment banking certification and professional courses are discussed below in detail. Individuals who are looking forward to pursuing any investment banking courses are required to fulfil these eligibility criteria to move ahead. 

  • Candidate should complete his basic education of (10+2).
  • Candidate should have graduated in b.com, BBA or any commerce-specific field.
  • Candidates have a keen desire to work in the investment banking industry.
  • Basic knowledge of finance is required to pursue investment banking courses.

Investment Banking Courses in Delhi

Delhi is not only the capital city of economically and democratically powerful India, but the city is also regarded as a beacon for multiple and various types of business organizations and industries. Delhi is also known as the political and administrative center of the country, and it is also referred to as a hub for commerce, finance, business, and industry. In the above section of the article, we explored what investment banking is and how many types of investment banking are in the finance industry, along with what jobs are associated with investment banking and how to start a career in the investment banking industry. This section of the article would help individuals who are looking forward to building a successful career in the investment banking industry. There are many investment banking courses in Delhi that assist interested individuals in equipping the required qualifications, knowledge and skills in order to become competent expert professionals within the domain of investment banking in the finance industry. 

Let us look into the top 3 prominent and top-notch investment banking courses in Delhi, along with each course’s significance regarding investment banking. 


IIM SKILLS is one of the prominent and renowned fastest-growing ed-tech company originated and was established after the foundation of a successful educational blog serving since 2015. They offer government-recognised world-class professional certification courses in various domains through online live classes and self-paced study mode at affordable fees structure.

The courses provided by IIM SKILLS assist numerous individuals that, include candidates who have just completed their basic education, graduate freshers who are looking forward to developing new industry-specific skills, along with experienced professionals who desire to gain thorough knowledge and practical skills in a specific subject to build a successful career in their specific and interested field and enhance or develop new skills.

They also focused on delivering practical knowledge with theoretical education to mould their participants ready to face obstacles and challenges in the industry they are looking forward to working in and the industry where they are currently working. They are one of the top-ranked institutes that offer investment banking courses in Delhi. IIM SKILLS also have a noteworthy presence in 23 cities in Asia, along with growing existence in Singapore and Dubai.

  • Course Name – Certified Investment Banking Course
  • Course Duration – 3 Months (50+ hours of lecture & training and 20+ hours of doubt-solving sessions) 1 Month of guaranteed internship 
  • Course Fees – INR 39,900 + 18% GST/- 
  • Study Mode – Online

Course Curriculum 

Module 1MS PowerPointModule 5Technicals of Investment Banking
Module 2MS ExcelModule 6Different Marketing Collaterals
Module 3Financial System and MarketModule 7Technicals of Financial Modeling
Module 4Derivatives MarketModule 8Business Valuation

The course curriculum for the certified investment banking master course is fragmented into 8 modules.

Module 1 – MS PowerPoint (2 – 3 hours)

  • Introduction to MS PowerPoint
  • Understanding Ribbon
  • Short-cut keyboard keys
  • Learning creating, managing & designing slides
  • Understanding animation & transition
  • Formatting through different themes & colours schemes
  • Learning how to create a slide master
  • Inserting pictures & links
  • Working on illustrations & shapes
  • Building graphs, bars, charts, tables etc

Module 2 – MS Excel (7 – 8 hours)

  • Introduction to Ms Excel
  • Understanding the Ribbons
  • Excel Keyboard Shortcut Keys
  • Formula & Regular Function
  • Conditional Formatting Rules
  • Formatting & structuring of Numbers & Fonts
  • Concept & Understanding of freezing cells, rows or columns
  • Data Validation, Data Presentation, 
  • Sorting & Filtration Process of Data
  • Understanding Tables, Charts & Graphs
  • Introduction to Macross
  • Sparklines & Sensitivity Analysis
  • Time Value Functions, Text Functions, Return Functions & more.
  • Understanding Calculation & Refrencings
  • What-if Analysis

Module 3 – Fundamentals of Finance System & Market (4 – 5 hours)

  • Introduction to Financial System
  • Understanding Financial Market
  • Types of Financial Market
  • Understanding Market Participants & Regulators
  • Concept of Stock Exchange
  • Introduction to Financial Centres
  • Difference between exchanged traded securities & over-the-counter 
  • Introduction to Shares
  • Types of Shares
  • Understanding Depository Receipts
  • Concept of Long and Short positions, including Short Sell
  • Types of Bonds and their Charactricsks
  • Concept of Interest and Bond Price
  • Understanding Yield to Maturity
  • Introduction to Forex 
  • Understanding Forex Features
  • Concepts of Quotes & Trades

Module 4 – Derivatives Market (2 – 3 hours)

  • Introduction to Derivatives
  • Understanding the long and short-term position
  • Concept of Forwards, Futures & Options
  • Discussion of Call & Put Options
  • Introduction to Types of Payoff
  • Understanding the Pricing in Derivative Markets
  • Introduction to the Concepts of Swaps
  • Types of Swaps
  • Concept of Hedging & Speculation
  • Understanding the Overview of Credit Default Swaps

Module 5 – Technical Investment Banking (3 – 4 hours)

  • Introduction to Investment Banking
  • Roles of Investment Bankers
  • Type of Investment Banks
  • Difference Between Merchant Banks and Investment Banks
  • Difference Between Commercial Banks and Investment Banks
  • Introduction Buy-Side & Sell-Side of Business
  • Investment Bank vs Private Equity Firms
  • Investment Bank vs Venture Capital
  • Introduction to Mergers & Acquisitions and Capital Raising
  • Introduction to Joint Ventures.
  • Concept of Vertical & Horizontal Mergers
  • Understanding Sell-Side Deal Lifecycle
  • Concept of Due-diligence
  • Introduction to Different Types of Funding Stages
  • Understanding Underwriting & Book Building Approach
  • Concept of Greenshoe Option
  • Introduction to Corporate Restructuring & Turnaround
  • Understanding Leveraged Buyout (LBO)
  • Discussion of Earnout & Tender Offer

Module 6 – Different Marketing Collaterals (6 – 8  hours)

  • Understanding Buyers and Investors List
  • Introduction to Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  • Concept of Pitchbook & Pitchdesk
  • Introduction to Teaser
  • Introduction to Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM)
  • Understanding the concepts of Financial Models

Module 7 – Technical Financial Modeling (8 Hours) 

  • Introduction to Structure of Financial Models.
  • Concept of Creating Scenarios
  • Introduction of Projecting & Forecasting Financial Statements
  • Understanding Cost-Drivers for different types of Business
  • Building Detailed Revenue
  • Concept of preparation of different schedules, including working capital, depreciation and more
  • Undesrating best Financial Modeling Practices
  • Concept of Financial Modeling Tricks
  • Introduction to Financial Summary & Formatting Tips

Module 8 – Business Valuation (4 hours)

  • Introduction to Business Valuation
  • Understanding the Difference between GPC & GTM
  • Difference between Deal Value, Transaction Value & Offer Value
  • Introduction to Discounted Cash-Flow Valuation (DCF) Technique
  • Concept of Sensitivity Tables
  • Understanding the Concept of Different Types of Risks in the Valuation Process
  • Concept of Mid-Period Valuation
  • Understanding Controlling Premium
  • Introduction to NAV Approach for Valuation
  • Understing Pre-Money & Post-Money Valuation

Tools Covered

Media Coverage By Leading Publications For Outstanding Work

Course Highlights

  • It can be accessed anywhere or anytime with a recorded lecture facility
  • Super-interactive sessions
  • Flexibility in the selection of Btaches
  • Industry-Expert Trainers
  • 24*7 Support
  • Lifetime Study Material Support
  • Capstone Projects
  • LinkedIn Profile Creation
  • Mock Interview Preparation
  • Dedicated Placement Cell with 100% Job Support

Certification – The  MSME government recognized certificate after the completion of the investment banking master course Provided by  IIM Skills, 

Contact Information – +91 9580740740, [email protected]

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

2. The WallStreet School India

The WallStreet School is one of the famous institutions ranked second in providing finance and investment banking courses in Delhi. They offer a wide range of courses on financial modeling, investment banking, business valuation, equity research and more. The WallStrret School is focused on delivering comprehensive designed education and training which help participants to equip with significant and necessary knowledge along with developing specific skills related to the courses which individuals are pursuing. They trained numerous individuals across the globe through online and classroom training sessions and also provided customized corporate training to interested individuals.  The WallStreet School have experienced or professional faculty members in the investment banking and finance-related domain who are focusing on preparing participants to develop their successful career in investment banking, one of the highest-paying sectors of the finance industry

Course Name –  Investment Banking Course

Course Duration – 6 Weeks – 180+ hours / Mon – Fri: 9 A.M to 3 P.M (Weekday batch) and 2.5 Months (Weekend batch)

Study Mode – Live Online Classes

Course Curriculum 

  • Introduction to Basic & Intermediate Excel
  • Understanding Excel Functions
  • Introduction to Advanced Excel & PowerPoint
  • Understanding Basic Finance Concepts
  • Concept of Financial Statements
  • How to determine Financial Health
  • Introduction to Business Modeling
  • Understanding Comparable Company Analysis
  • Understanding Precedent Transaction Analysis
  • Introduction to Discounted Cash Flow Valuation (DCF)
  • Concept of Merger Models
  • Introduction to Leveraged Buyout Models (LBO)

Course Highlights

  • Training by Industry Experts
  • Real case studies & discussion
  • Weekday & Weekend Batch Flexibility
  • Online Self-Paced recorded videos
  • Placement assistance support
  • 40% payment of fees in enrollment & 60% after placement

Certification – The participant gets certification after the completion of the course.

Course Fees – INR 45,000 + GST (weekday batch) / INR 42,000 + GST (weekend batch) and INR 75,000 if a candidate gets placed through placement assistance support.

Contact Information – +91 9953729651, [email protected] 

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3. Imarticus Learning 

Imarticus Learning was established in 2012 as a professional education-providing company headquartered in Mumbai and had multiple branches in several cities in India which, includes Delhi. They ranked third most prominent institute offering investment banking courses in Delhi, and they also provide a wide range of courses in finance that includes business, banking or accounting along with technology and analytics. They are known for delivering experiential learning, which means a practical approach to hand-on-hand learning through multiple case studies, industry projects and more. Imarticus Learning focuses on making their participant ready to equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge in order to become successful in their desired industry. They provide a comprehensively designed curriculum which is developed through collaboration with industry expert professionals.  

Course Name – Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional

Course Duration – 150+ hours

Study Mode – Classroom & Live Online Traning

Course Curriculum 

  • Introduction to Investment Banking
  • Introduction to Financial System
  • Types of Financial Market
  • Understanding Cash Equities & Depositor Receipts
  • Introduction to Primary & Secondary Market
  • Concept of Fixed Income Securities
  • Introduction to Foreign Exchange Market
  • Understanding Derivatives
  • Concepts of Derivatives Swaps
  • Introduction to Money Market
  • Understanding the Concept of Corporate Action
  • Introduction to Asset Management
  • Introduction to Reference Data Management
  • Understanding Reconciliation
  • Concept of ISDA
  • Introduction to Trade Life Cycle
  • Understanding Stock Borrowing & Landing
  • What is Risk Regulation 
  • Types of Risks

Course Highlights

  • Taught by Industry-Expert Professional Trainers
  • Focused Practical Learning 
  • Dedicated Career Support
  • Resume & Profile Building
  • Equipping or Developing Job Specific Skills
  • 80% Placement Sucess
  • Job Guaranteed
  • Networking Opportunity

Certification – Industry-recognized certification after the completion of the course

Course Fees – INR 1,40,000 & No Cost EMI – INR 21667 (6 Months) / INR 14,444 (9 Months). 10,000 Registration fees are also included in a one-time payment and excluded through the EMI payment option.

Contact Information – +91 9953894060

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What are the necessary skills required to become an Investment Banker?

Answer: Individuals who desire to become investment bankers or build a successful career in investment banking are required to possess strong skills analytical & quantitative skills, knowledge of finance, critical thinking ability, excellent communication skills, along with the ability to work beyond time limits and under pressure. If any individual has the ability to work on intricate financial models through valuation methodologies holds a high chance of securing a job in a prominent investment banking company and financial institution.

Question: Is working in the Investment banking industry tough?

Answer: The answer to this question can vary from individual to individual who is working in the investment industry. Some individual loves working in a challenging job, so they don’t feel any pressure or tension working in the investment industry, whereas some individuals have to face challenges because they desire work-life balance, and the investment industry have no such luxury. In investment banking, individuals have to work for long hours under high pressure and demanding deadlines.

Question: Is Investment banking jobs considered one of the high-paying jobs in the Finance industry?

Answer: Yes, investment banking jobs are categorically considered among the high-paying corporate jobs in the finance industry. There are many opportunities for individuals in the investment banking industry to grow their careers in the finance world. If individuals work at eminent investment banking companies, then they can get competitive salary packages, bonuses and overtime work payments. The investment banking industry is one of the economically rewarding and prestigious career options in the industry of finance.


Investment banking is now becoming a highly demanding career option in the finance industry, captivating many finance enthusiasts and individuals who desire to understand the intricacies of the investment world and build a thriving career as an investment banking expert. I believe my article will help individuals who are seeking investment banking courses in Delhi. The article extensively elaborates on the top 3 investment banking courses in Delhi and also mentioned the general eligibility criteria to pursue any prominent investment banking courses. The article aims to provide comprehensive information regarding the investment baking industry and courses offered in Delhi. I hope individuals will gain something significant after reading this article which help them in choosing the right path to pursue a career in the investment banking industry.


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