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Top 9 Digital Marketing Courses In New Friends Colony With Placements

In today’s world digital marketing is a profitable career for people who have great creative and communication skills. And that is all thanks to the growing influence of technology in our lives. For instance, think of social media platforms and how often people try to implement things they see on these platforms. So, if our daily lives can be influenced by social media platforms, it is very logical for businesses to target the audience here to ‘sell’ their products. Therefore, we come back to the fact that Digital Marketing is lucrative and learning its techniques can help you prosper. In this article today, we are going to bring you the top 9 digital marketing courses in New Friends Colony.


What Exactly Does Digital Marketing Mean?

Before checking Digital Marketing Courses in New Friends Colony, let’s see the potential of Digital Marketing. It plays a prominent role in promoting businesses to connect with potential customers using digital communication, such as e-mail or social media platforms. This type of marketing has been about reaching out to the right audience, at the right time, so that sales can be generated.

Another aspect that proves beneficial for businesses is brand awareness, which helps new businesses to become known. For instance, social media pages like Facebook and Instagram work based on algorithms and show you advertisements based on your preferences. So, small businesses can build their customer base tactfully through these platforms.

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Digital Marketing Courses in New Friends Colony

There are some great options for digital marketing institutes in New Friends Colony and below is a compiled list of such institutes:


This ed-tech company is well-known as an online and in-class learning platform. They have served students from over 35 countries across Asia, including Singapore and Dubai, with their good-quality courses.

It has been a trusted platform among millions of students since it first began as an institute in 2015. Now, they also have an offline center in Delhi, which is recognized as the top-ranked among others. Thus, they make it to our list of digital marketing courses in New Friends Colony.


The company aimed to provide all its courses at reasonable prices so that students would never stop learning because of financial barriers. IIM SKILLS equips their range of subjects with internships, practical training sessions, and doubt-clearing classes, for learners to get a better experience. In short, this institute can build the skills that make you a valuable human resource to any company.

Overview of the Digital Marketing Course:

The Digital Marketing specialization in this institute includes various segments like performance marketing and marketing automation while following the norms of digital marketing. Students are taught various topics, specially designed to help them build a portfolio.


Due to the oversupply of individuals with more or less similar skills, it is necessary to stand out and prove yourself different. Therefore, this course is suited for such students and working professionals you are willing to do better in the future.

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Contact Details:

+919580740740, [email protected]

Media Coverage

2. IMS Proschool

This institute was established under the IMS and founded by Mr. Sanjay Chaudhary. It has been functioning since 1977, making its services available both online and offline therefore, it makes our list of top digital marketing courses in New Friends Colony.

If you are someone who wants to pursue the digital marketing domain, this institution is worth checking out. The faculty is well-trained with more than 100 tutors, assisting students in career-related matters. You can also find courses like Finance, Analytics, Investment Banking and Accounting here, each of which has interactive classes.

Contact – 7710 044 425

Fees- sign up with them to know more

Duration- 3 months (new batch every 30 days)

Overview of the Course:

You’re sure to benefit from the comprehensive syllabus that prepares you for future challenges. Moreover, you can run campaigns, work with an Agency specialist and be eligible to earn a package of 4-6 LPA.

As one of the best digital marketing institutes in New Friends Colony, IMS Proschool offers many advantages like hybrid classes. The faculty also helps students with the basics of interview by providing them assistance with resume building, preparing them for aptitude tests and improving their confidence for the final interview.

The curriculum has many components like –

  • Understanding the basics of website development along with Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing with shareable content creation
  • Performance Marketing by analyzing competitors and forming strategies

3. Coursera

This American online learning has grown in popularity not just in its home country but in many parts of the world. It was established in 2012 by Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng and the rest is as you know it today. Through its wide customer base, it wants to provide educational services irrespective of distance and identity because the light of education can change people’s lives.

As a student, you can grab all the accessible and career-oriented opportunities that they provide. Along with that, Coursera’s partnerships with more than 275 universities help students get the taste of immersing in different university experiences without actually leaving their homes.

Fees – more details provided after sign-up

Duration – 4 months ( 10 hours)

Overview of the Course:

Coursera has a wide selection of Digital Marketing courses as well, among which The Digital Marketing Specialization by Illinois University is what we chose. The course is offered to students in more than 20 languages which helps non-English speakers to relate to the content.

Skills like brand communication, social media and data collection can be learned through it and the curriculum framework enhances your mastery of the subject. The platform also provides the university certificate after the course is completed, thus it easily makes our list of digital marketing courses in New Friends Colony.

Syllabus –

  • Understanding of the digital marketing revolution and its key takeaways
  • Ways to do marketing in the digital marketing world
  • Digital marketing analytics (theory)
  • Digital marketing analytics (practical)
  • The principle of marketing and digital marketing
  • The strategies of marketing and digital marketing
  • Key takeaways of digital marketing capstone


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4. edX

EDX is another great choice for students opting for digital marketing courses in New Friends Colony. This is an American online platform that was founded by MIT and Harvard. It believes that education is not restricted by barriers and that all individuals with a thirst for knowledge have the right to pursue it. We recommend it as one of the best digital marketing courses in New Friends Colony because of its self-paced, interactive and diverse topics.

The online platform offers weekly lessons consisting of brief videos, broken up into interactive learning activities, as part of the learning sequence. Later on, a certificate of successful completion is obtained by the student which means they qualify for credit. Although, it is entirely up to the university to decide whether they should grant the credit.

Fees – Free unless you purchase an upgrade

Duration – 4 months ( max. 5 hours per week)

Overview of the Course:

Similar to Coursera, they have a wide selection of digital marketing courses from various universities. We’re going to discuss the Digital Marketing Analytics course provided by the University of Maryland. This has various components and is of good quality in terms of curriculum framework and the primary language of instruction is English. Certain skills that you can master with this course are listed below:

  • Data-driven decisions in marketing
  • Skill in data management and analytics
  • Skill in contextual advertising and conducting surveys
  • Mastering big data and data analysis
  • Mastering universal testing machines

Syllabus –

  • Search engine optimization (SEO in short)
  • Strategies to implement keywords
  • Basics knowledge of web analytics and recommended systems
  • Basics of machine learning and applications of AI
  • Understanding text and image analysis
  • Media Mix Modeling or Attribution


5. UpGrad

UpGrad was created in 2015 and rather than concentrating on one aspect of marketing, this institute aims to assist marketers in understanding the fundamentals of this field. Not just that, they are well-known for having the newest technology, cutting-edge methodology and top-notch professors, making it a great option for individuals looking for digital marketing courses in New Friends Colony.

Moreover, the industry collaborates with other universities to give learners a rewarding online experience. With over 12,000 students trained by their outstanding instructors over the years, UpGrad has proved its worth.

Fees – 96,000 INR

Duration – 26 weeks (approx 6 months)

Overview of the course:

The course curriculum is equipped with a certificate from MICA and is kept up-to-date with generative AI modules. Students are also given scope to work on more than 15 case studies and over 90 different tools in the video library. Doubt resolution classes help them get a clear understanding of concepts. Some digital marketing tools you can enhance your knowledge on are GTmetrix, ChatGPT, Ubersuggest, GetResponse and more.

UpGrad guarantees to guide the students until they can grasp every theory or practical with ease, as they offer student support, personalized expert feedback and solutions to form relevant industry connections.

Syllabus –

  • The landscape of digital marketing
  • Understanding the different digital channels
  • Fundamentals of Integrated strategy
  • Understanding marketing analytics
  • Work on the Capstone project and E-commerce boot camp

Specialisations (you can choose any one)

  • Generative AI
  • Branding and Communications
  • Content Marketing and Social Media
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Marketing Communications


6. Delhi Institute of Digital Marketing

DIDM is a great option for offline digital marketing courses in New Friends Colony because of its training center and internet market service. They have at least 12 years of experience in this line of work and they commit to going in-depth in terms of digital marketing strategies so that individuals can gain their desired skills. You’re not just learning the theory but also training yourself with its practical implementation.

The institution was co-founded by Priyanka Singh and is considered a leading provider of digital marketing courses. It covers more than 50 modules and is quite well-reputed in this field.

Contact- 8800 505 151

Fees- 45,418 INR + (18%)

Duration- 3 to 5 months

Overview of the Course:

Some major highlights of their Advanced Digital Marketing course provide you with the benefits of placement support, career counselling and interview preparation that helps you step up. Other than that, you get networking opportunities which is a must, along with free tools and software.

It is an ideal course for creative individuals who want to turn their ideas into a business, and job-seekers who want to progress and expand their understanding of the domain. Whatever your need be, this institute stands out for its digital marketing courses in New Friends Colony and you will surely benefit.


  • Breaking the ice for digital marketing
  • Learn strategies for digital marketing and web designing without codes
  • Learn the Google webmaster tool
  • Understand Search Engine Algorithms and Search Engine Optimization
  • Learn to analyse competitors
  • Learn lead generation for business
  • Master tools like Adsense and Google Analytics


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This institute provides both short and long-term courses to students with different levels of experience. It was founded by Mr. Jeetendra Kumar Singh with a vision to aid students in pursuing their lifelong learning journeys. Moreover, it’s ISO-certified which makes it widely known among digital marketing courses in New Friends Colony.

If you are a student, you should not be demotivated by external factors for pursuing a course and that is why its mission is to provide education to all. They have a diverse range of study materials that cater to everyone’s needs and interests.

Fees and Duration – available after enquiry

Overview of the Course:

The Advanced Digital Marketing course here has been in high demand since 2023 and the institute introduced a Digital Marketing Master course as of the latest. The course goes over the fundamentals of this domain, website creation, organic marketing, social media marketing and earning cash through online means. Aside from that, you have the chance to utilise 10+ marketing tools, and more than 5 live projects and get full assistance for placements.

Certain popular tools used are – WordPress, Facebook Ads Manager, Google Ads, Google Tag Manager, Canva, Semrush, Grammerly and many more.

Modules –

  • Understand digital marketing, web hosting and domain basics
  • Social media marketing, SEO, SMO and Google search console
  • Marketing through YouTube, Google Display Ads and E-mail
  • Learn to generate leads
  • Get a grip of Affiliate marketing
  • Learn to create website audit and report
  • Get prepared for an interview by experienced faculty

8. Digital Scholar

Another well-known institute providing digital marketing courses in New Friends Colony is Digital Scholar founded by Sourav and Rishi Jain. They have their focus on social media and digital marketing and therefore students can access a comprehensive course with a wide variety. The institute has partnerships with Meta and Google so that students get to experience working with professionals.

Their ultimate mission is to promote the culture of digital media and other resources like design, analytics and research, all in the field of digital marketing. Therefore, they are willing to work with professionals to create resources that reap great benefits.

Contact – 9513 632 705

Fees – 45,000 INR (including taxes)

Duration – 4 months with 1 month of internship

Overview of the Course:

The course is curated for students to get a holistic learning experience while specialising in essential skills. It is a perfect option for freshers, students, professionals, business owners, coaches, freelancers and individuals who want to start their careers. Students at Digital Scholar have the chance to get placed into recognized companies like Amazon, Cognizant, Adobe, Bleap, Zee and 8 Spades.

All the modules are broken into different segments, as you have the main modules, the specialised modules of International freelancing, Affiliate marketing and Task-based internship and pre-recorded modules on E-mail or SMS marketing and copywriting. Other than that, you get the benefit of doubt-clearing sessions.

Main Modules-

  • The mindset of a digital leader
  • Understanding social media management
  • Use Instagram for business
  • Website building, landing page and automation
  • Marketing through Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • Search engine marketing and optimization
  • Mastery in digital design


9. Indian Institute of Digital Education

Founded in 2016, the Indian Institute of Digital Marketing also known as IIDE has been one of the leading digital marketing institutes in New Friends Colony, based in Delhi. They have been the pioneers of digital education not just in India but other countries like Dubai and Nepal. To date, over 2 lakh global students have mastered the various aspects of digital marketing.

Certain benefits of their digital marketing course involve the specialized segments offered to students after 8 months of training, participation in 13+ live projects that teach you to analyze and create digital marketing strategies and the 28+ industry tools like Mailchimp, WordPress, Facebook Ads, Ahrefs etc. They also offer mentorships, where you can book personal sessions with a trainer.

Contact – 9619 958 615

Fees – 5,95,000 INR

Duration – 11 months

Overview of the Course:

Among the best digital marketing courses in New Friends Colony, IIDE has been dedicated to making their students industry-ready through their intensive career guidance sessions, interview training, capstone projects in a simulated business environment and their compulsory internships. Not just that, students can work with tools like Afrefs, Databox, WooCommerce, Google ads, Twitter ads, and Google Analytics and master them.

Students can take up this course in either weekend or weekday batches as allotted to them and the total hours they have to participate in the classes is over 600 hours.

Syllabus –

  • Fundamentals of Inbound Marketing
  • Fundamentals of Outbound Marketing
  • Mastery of media marketing and automation
  • Master the managerial skills as well as the soft skills
  • Compulsory thesis and internship for 2 months
  • Participate in other specializations
  • Take part in the capstone project

Why Should You Study Digital Marketing?

Want to study digital marketing courses in New Friends Colony? Then you should also know about its various perks:

Studying in this field is very important for you to make your skills marketable. In today’s world, you can turn even a basic item into an appealing product with just your skills and creativity. Therefore this domain has a fairly high earning potential.

If you are a creative individual, you know fairly well how to showcase your inner talent. But just doing your thing without effective ways can be disappointing for you as well as your customers. We have compiled a list of digital marketing institutes in New Friends Colony that can help you develop additional skills to complement your creative potential.

Moreover, our list of digital marketing courses in New Friends Colony can provide job assistance for its students, so that they can fulfil their dream of working in this career path.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q) Does digital marketing pay well?

Yes, digital marketing is a lucrative career where you have the potential to earn a lot of money. A digital marketer at higher levels can earn at least 9.4 LPA, while individuals who know how to effectively make their skills marketable can make more cash.

Q) Does digital marketing require math?

No, it is not a requirement in the most creative fields such as digital marketing. Although when analysis of data and other segments related to statistics are taught, math can be helpful.

Q) Can you learn digital marketing for free?

There are free courses on digital marketing provided by bigger non-institution platforms like Google and LinkedIn. Other than that, you can browse online education platforms like Udemy, Coursera or edX because they form partnerships with universities that sometimes offer free course structures.


Hope this article on digital marketing courses in New Friends Colony provided you with all the required information you were looking for. The above-mentioned institute list is all shortlisted based on the ranking. They also provide placements and internships. These institutes provide a great learning platform for those who want to make a career in digital marketing.


I am Meghna Kanjilal, an Education honours graduate from Loreto College with a passion for reading books. I like being creative whether it's through writing or designing. I had an amazing opportunity to start my writing journey with IIM Skills and expand my knowledge in the Content Writing domain. Currently, I am working with IIM skills on their internship programme to enhance my skills and gain experience.

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