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10 Best Digital Marketing Courses in East of Kailash With Placement

Digital marketing courses are a highly valuable course option in today’s society as they provide essential training for students to thrive in the long run. Technology and its advancements have made it impossible for us to go back to the traditional ways, which means there’s an increased shift of businesses to the digital realm. This means that companies require professionals in the digital marketing domain more than ever. The career path is lucrative for every individual irrespective of whether they’re doing full-time or freelancing. So, if you are even slightly interested in this field, this is the call for you to take it up. In this article, we are bringing to you the 10 best digital marketing courses in East of Kailash.


The Meaning of Digital Marketing and Examples

If you already haven’t come across this term, you might be wondering – what does digital marketing mean? And how does it work? Well, it is simple.

Digital marketing means the process of advertising or promoting products or services on an online platform, the same way we traditionally promote things. But there are a few differences, businesses promote the products and services through numerous digital tactics. Digital marketing has a wide variety of channels to target audiences and connect with them.

For example – Companies can promote their products through social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook or their YouTube channels. They can also publish blog posts or articles focusing on the product and use SEO techniques while writing the article. This means that certain phrases and keywords are optimised in ways that help the article rank among other articles.

You can learn about SEO and other digital marketing channels through the digital marketing courses in East of Kailash.

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What Are the Various Components of Digital Marketing?

For running a successful digital marketing campaign, several components go into the overall marketing plan.

Content Marketing – This enables businesses to attract potential customers through quality content published on the internet. These include blog posts, case studies, whitepapers and other materials that are of value to the audience.

E-mail Marketing – It is a more direct method of promotion where customers receive emails from the company or business regarding limited-time deals or new releases. These e-mails are personalised for each customer so that they feel more connected.

Paid search – In this procedure, companies pay to increase their search engine visibility. They bid on certain keywords and purchase the advertising space in the search engine results. Examples of these include pay-per-click (PPC) or cost-per-mile (CPM).

Reputation Marketing – Studies have shown that consumers are highly influenced by what they see online and it can impact their purchasing behaviour to a great extent. Therefore, positive reviews about the company can positively affect its overall reputation. Reputation marketing encourages more customers to leave positive reviews about the company.

Check This List Of Very Popular Courses That Have High Recommendations in Delhi:

Given below is a list of digital marketing institutes in the East of Kailash that can guide you in your search for digital marketing courses.

List of Digital Marketing Institutes in East of Kailash

East of Kailash is a posh residential location that consists of several neighborhoods and facilities including institutions and shopping streets. There are several options for both online and offline digital marketing courses in East of Kailash.


The Ed-tech company started its journey as a leading provider of Content Writing Master courses in 2015. The company has successfully provided training services to 18,500+ students to become professionals working for well-known organizations.

They offer a wide variety of professional courses in the fields of marketing, Finance, Business Accounting and Taxation, and so on. Therefore, it is recommended for digital marketing courses in East of Kailash.

IIM SKILLS is always considered as the top provider of online and offline Digital Marketing Courses, which has made a number of professionals in this field. Their offline center, which is present in Netaji Subhash Place, offers beginners to advanced programs catering to all level learners.



Their digital marketing course is taught by experienced trainers, and students get assignments so they can practice what they learn. They provide numerous internet marketing tools which means that you can gain hands-on experience, as well as gain lifetime access to training and study materials necessary for the master’s course.


Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact no: +91 9580740740

Mail: [email protected]

2. IIDE Indian Institute of Digital Education

IIDE or the Indian Institute of Digital Education is a leading institute in Delhi that offers both online and offline modes for their digital marketing courses. They began their journey in 2016 and became Asia’s most trusted digital marketing institute with students from over 10 countries. It holds more than 100 college partnerships and offers a high enough percentage of placement support for its students.

Among the best digital marketing courses in East of Kailash, we recommend their MBA level PG in Digital Marketing course due to its unique features. The course offers a mandatory 2-month internship and weekday/weekend batches so that learners are comfortable with the timings. Moreover, students can earn themselves a scholarship worth 1 lakh INR.

Contact them at: +91 9136 159 148

Fees: Rs 5,95,000 or EMI starting from 25,000 INR

Duration: 11 months

Modules Covered:

  • Inbound Marketing ( Basics of digital marketing, website creation, search marketing, content marketing)
  • Outbound Marketing ( Content marketing, management and marketing of social media, video marketing)
  • Media Management and Automation ( Advanced forms of digital marketing, integrated marketing or full funnel marketing)
  • Managerial skills and soft skills ( Soft skills, Agency skills)
  • Compulsory Internship and participation in thesis ( Internship and Mentoring)
  • Specializations ( Creative strategy or performance marketing)
  • Capstone Project (Final practical project)

3. Digitalkal

Digitalkal specializes in digital marketing training and has its headquarters in Delhi. It aims to help every learner in their learning journey and make them capable on digital platforms. But that is not all, we’ve added Digitalkal among digital marketing institutes in East of Kailash because you get to learn from the best. The institution was founded by professionals and the faculty too consists of expert trainers who can guide you with proficiency.

By opting for their course, you can learn from 24 modules and work on your personality development and interview skills. Learners get hands-on experience on all modules and are eligible for daily assignments and interactive classroom exercises, placement assistance and completion certification. It offers you a free demo session beforehand, therefore, it’s a great choice for digital marketing courses in East of Kailash.

Contact them at: +91 8800 684 411

More details regarding fees and duration of the course are available after enquiring with them.

Modules Covered:

  • Gain an insight into graphic designing
  • Learn the fundamentals of video editing
  • Learn to use WordPress and create a website
  • Learn the fundamentals of social media marketing (SMM)
  • Understand the use of Google Ads as a form of advertising
  • Learn the fundamentals of Google Analytics
  • Understand effective uses of search engine optimization (SEO)

A Few More Digital Marketing Courses You Must Explore In India:

4. Digiperform

Digiperform’s digital marketing courses are another great choice for students searching for digital marketing courses in East of Kailash and for good reason. This course teaches you about numerous facets of digital marketing – survey administration and web research, lead generation and advertising on social media as well as optimising SEO content. Digiperform is a learning platform that offers digital marketing courses tailored to suit individual interests and career goals.

Through the comprehensive digital marketing program, students are taught from the 13 different modules and 15 live assignments, 15 digital marketing tests and work on 7 capstone projects. Students are provided with academic and practical training so that they can pursue the line of digital marketing with ease. To date, they have placed 36,000+ students from more than 2500 batches they’ve conducted.

Contact them at +91 8527 611 500

Fees: Rs 72,750

Duration: 152 hours of classroom training and 260 hours of assignments

Modules Covered:

Digital Marketing Specialist –

  • Foundations of marketing and the ecosystem of digital marketing
  • Strategy for digital visibility and online leads
  • Building your website and optimise its landing page
  • Advertising through Facebook and Instagram
  • Learn about web analytics and traffic reporting

Specialization in Google ads

  • Learn about online advertising with Google ads
  • Gain insight into display advertising and video advertising

Lead Nurturing Section

  • Understand concepts of Remarketing and Rebranding
  • Learn to advertise through E-mail
  • Understand Inbound marketing
  • Learn web content writing

Online Money Making

  • Learn blogging, Adsense and Affiliate marketing
  • Learn how to sell your product on Amazon and other marketplaces
  • Earn profits from your freelancing gig or start an agency
  • Learn about AI-powered digital marketing

Bonus modules on Interview preparation and other professional modules

5. Samantus Web Training Institute

Samantus Institute has a range of courses to choose from, aside from accounting, MS Excel, Java training and graphic design. It has also been a leading provider of digital marketing courses in East of Kailash since its inception in 2012. Overall, they serve as a one-stop destination for students in the neighbourhood of Kailash Colony and other regions of Delhi.

As one of the leading digital marketing institutes in East of Kailash, Samantus Institute gives you the experience of good teachers and well-structured programs that span over 50 modules and 100+ tools. The main topics focus on a variety of digital marketing strategies and technologies such as search engine optimisation, reputation marketing, e-mail marketing and more.

Contact them at: +91 9821 223 803

Details regarding fees and the duration of the course will be provided to you in their brochure.

Modules Covered:

  • Get an introduction to digital marketing
  • Create your website through WordPress and learn web designing
  • Learn about Google Analytics, search engine optimisation and search console
  • Effectively use Google Ads (PPC, CPM and more)
  • Understand basic concepts and uses in social media marketing
  • Reputation management through online platforms
  • Fundamentals of Graphic Design Pro and learn to create content
  • Master your blogging skills
  • Master skills related to video optimisation
  • Build your interview skills
  • Build a solid resume

6. IMS Proschool

IMS Proschool was formed under the IMS and has been functioning since 1977. They have dual-mode courses available for their students, which means students can opt for offline classes or online classes at their convenience. Among the list of digital marketing courses in East of Kailash, it is worth checking out if you prefer to choose your mode of learning. Other courses that you can find here are Analytics, Finance, Investment Banking and Accounting – all equipped with interactive sessions.

When looking for digital marketing courses in East of Kailash, you want your syllabus to cover everything. And that is what you get here, a comprehensive syllabus that prepares you for future challenges. You are also allowed to run marketing campaigns, work with agency specialists and earn packages that range up to 4-6 LPA.

Contact them at +91 7710 044 425

Fees: available after enquiry

Duration: 3 months

Modules Covered:

  • Understand the fundamentals of web development along with SEO
  • Learn more about marketing through social media
  • Learn to create shareable content
  • Learn to conduct performance marketing
  • Learn tricks to analyze your competitors and form strategies

7. edX

This institute is an America-based online platform that is suitable for students who prefer online learning. EDX has many pros and that’s why we recommend it for top digital marketing courses in East of Kailash. It was started to provide education to all and not let barriers stop anyone. Here, you can opt for your preferred batches and get access to weekly lessons of brief subject-related videos, interactive learning activities and so on.

It stands out among the list of digital marketing courses in East of Kailash because of its self-paced, interactive topics, that are diverse in approach. They have a wide selection of digital marketing courses from different universities across the globe. Among these, the University of Maryland offers you the Digital Marketing Analytics course. You can master certain skills like data-driven decision-making, data management skills, contextual advertising skills, big data or universal testing machines.

Fees: courses are free (with an upgrade option)

Duration: 4 months (3-5 hours/ week)

Modules Covered:

  • Understand important tips about search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Learn effective strategies for keyword implementation
  • Gain basic knowledge of web analytics along with recommended systems
  • Gain a basic understanding of machine learning and AI applications
  • Understand how to use text and image analysis
  • Learn about attribution and media mix modelling

8. Coursera

Coursera is an online learning website based in America, but its popularity reaches far beyond its home country when it comes to skill-based courses at a lower price. Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng established it in 2012, to make education available to all students across the world. It brings all the accessible and career-oriented opportunities to the student, thus making it one of the top digital marketing courses in East of Kailash.

The platform offers a wide selection of courses related to the domain and has multiple language options for non-English speakers. Students can purchase a course module and get over 20 languages to choose from, which is not common among other digital marketing institutes in East of Kailash. We are specifically going to talk about the Digital Marketing Specialization provided by the University of Illinois.

Fees: the courses are at a cheaper end, however, full price is available after you sign up

Duration: 4 months (max 10 hours)

Modules Covered:

  • Key takeaways of the digital marketing and Understanding digital marketing revolution
  • Learn ways to do marketing in the digital world
  • Understanding the theory of digital marketing analytics
  • Understanding the practical aspect of digital marketing analytics
  • Understand the basic principles of digital marketing
  • Learn different strategies of digital marketing and traditional marketing
  • The basic takeaways of digital marketing capstone projects

9. UpGrad

Since 2015, UpGrad has been focusing on multiple aspects of digital marketing and the institute aims to assist marketers in understanding the basics of this domain. They are also popular for having the newest technology technology, a cutting-edge methodology and skilled professors, which together make it one of the best digital marketing courses in East of Kailash.

What’s better about it is, that the students get a rewarding online learning experience due to the university’s various industry collaborations. To date, more than 12,000 students have gained professional skills through their excellent course structures and trained instructors. Although UpGrad is on our list of best digital marketing courses in East of Kailash, it is not on the cheaper side.

Fees: Rs 96,000

Duration: 6 months (26 weeks)

Modules Covered:

  • Gain insight into the landscape of digital marketing
  • Gain an understanding of the various digital channels
  • Understand the basics of integrated strategy in digital marketing
  • Understand the fundamentals of marketing strategies
  • Get to participate in the E-commerce boot camp and the Capstone project


10. Udemy

Udemy is another massive online education platform that served its students since 2010. It makes our list of digital marketing courses in East of Kailash, due to its relatively cheaper and flexible curriculum. Similar to other international platforms, they too have language options for their students. Udemy has a huge customer base which is evident as they have over 6 million learners who benefitted from their platform.

The website showcases a list of different niche areas such as Business, Finance and Accounting, IT and Software, Design, Marketing, Lifestyle and so on. Aside from digital marketing, you can opt for specializations in SEO, Branding, Paid advertising, Affiliate marketing, Content marketing and many more. This is a great platform where you can spend time developing your skills and working on yourself to get even better.

Fees: range from Rs 499 – 3,199

Duration: 22 hours max.

Modules Covered:

  • Introductions on market research and digital marketing
  • Fundamentals of copywriting and SEO
  • Get a grip of Google analytics and marketing through social media
  • Learn to build a website from scratch
  • Learn the effective uses of marketing through e-mail

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q) How to grow your business with digital marketing?

The best way to browse your business is by using social media marketing. It is one of the various channels in digital marketing and involves the use of social media platforms for promotions. It is a known fact that social media holds a significant influence over the behaviour of customers and often purchase is made based on the mood of customers or the store’s popularity.

Q) What is digital marketing for dummies?

‘Digital Marketing for Dummies’ is a book written by Ryan Deiss and Russ Henneberry. It covers all aspects and facts about the field of digital marketing and is suitable for readers who are new to the concept and want to know more. The book can give you insight into how to identify digital markets and the best ways that help your business prosper.

Q) Can I get placement after digital marketing?

Digital marketing opens up your path to various career paths like SEO specialists, digital media managers, content strategists, brand marketing experts and many more. You can easily apply for internships to gain more practical experience otherwise many of the digital marketing institutions offer placement assistance for their students.


Thus, we can conclude by saying that digital marketing courses teach you valuable skills that are adaptable across various fields. You are deemed a valuable asset to the company when you can fit into multiple roles and can do more than one task skillfully. That is possible because of the comprehensive courses available in our list of digital marketing institutes in East of Kailash. By opting for these courses you can make your digital marketing career dreams come true.

I am Meghna Kanjilal, an Education honours graduate from Loreto College with a passion for reading books. I like being creative whether it's through writing or designing. I had an amazing opportunity to start my writing journey with IIM Skills and expand my knowledge in the Content Writing domain. Currently, I am working with IIM skills on their internship programme to enhance my skills and gain experience.

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