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Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Krishna Nagar With Placements

The digital marketing field is growing extremely popular among the youth, even more so because of the flexibility, high salary, and creative potential that the job has to offer. Digital marketing is a career path that has a role for everyone, therefore naturally creative individuals can highly benefit from it. On the other hand, if you are a small business owner with a page on any of the social media platforms, just think about how effective digital marketing could grow your page. So, earning a digital marketing certificate is your ticket to prosper. Read on, to find out the top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Krishna Nagar, that is just right for you.


Krishna Nagar is an urban ward located in the East Delhi district and is considered a great place for students and working professionals. The place is connected to a wide range of facilities including schools and hospitals. Therefore, anybody looking forward to pursuing the digital marketing domain can rest easy as there are plenty of digital marketing courses in Krishna Nagar to choose from.

Let’s check out the list of online and offline digital marketing institutes in Krishna Nagar.

 Top Digital Marketing Institutes in Krishna Nagar


This institution was established in 2015, with the intent of offering Content Writing Courses and a variety of professional courses. The Digital Marketing Course at IIM SKILLS is widely recognized as one of the most exhaustive and well-structured courses for individuals who are willing to build a career out of digital marketing.


The platform has grown into what it is today while expanding its course options for all types of learners. The Ed-tech company is the first one on the list of digital marketing courses in Krishna Nagar, because of its excellent faculty at their offline center, which is located in Netaji Subhash Place, Delhi.

Not only this, IIM SKILLS is well recognized for its online digital marketing as well which allows learners to enroll from any corner of the world.


The total number of students that have benefited from their courses has been over 35,000. The institution has its reach in many countries across the globe so that people can access their desired courses without being geographically restricted.

Some features of their digital marketing course are listed below:

They give you ample opportunities to try out different internet marketing tools and hone your skills in them. The institution is well recognized among bigger platforms like Meta, Google, and Hubspot, where a certificate from IIM Skills holds value. Moreover, a graduate from this institute can earn a salary of 3-10 lakhs CTC

Important details about this education platform –

The topics covered in the curriculum –

  • Introduction to the basics along with insight into WordPress and Web Development
  • Strategies involving Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing
  • Understanding Web Analytics
  • Knowledge of Online Reputation Management
  • Gaining an insight on Affiliate marketing and E-commerce
  • Useful information regarding Blog creation and content writing

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

2. UpGrad

The Ed-tech institution is well-known for its pedagogy and immersive online learning hence it makes our list of digital marketing courses in Krishna Nagar. Since 2015, the company had this vision of helping marketers understand the basics of digital marketing while giving them full practical experience. UpGrad offers every learner a chance to learn from great teachers and to date they’ve trained over 12,000 of them.

Features of their Digital Marketing Course –

The course is delivered through well-structured video sessions, where the curriculum is kept up-to-date and on par with modern discoveries. Unlike other digital marketing institutes in Krishna Nagar, here you are given the provision to learn ChatGPT alongside new specializations. More than 15 case studies and live projects are equipped with the course where students get the opportunity to work alongside experts and get their guidance. Other provisions such as personalized feedback on assignments, doubt-clearing sessions, Certificates and a MICA Executive status are granted to students.

Important details about the institute –

Talk to experts at UpGrad: 1800 210 2020

Duration and Fees – For a total of 5 months you have to pay 16,280 INR

Topics discussed in brief:

  • Digital marketing basics and insight into its landscape
  • A deeper dive into different digital marketing channels
  • Understanding Marketing Analytics and applying Integrated Strategy
  • Participating in an E-commerce boot camp along with the Capstone project

Explore These Digital Marketing Courses Below

3. Simplilearn

This education platform is San Francisco-based and has been providing the best online certificate courses across the globe, since 2009. There are quite a few reasons you should consider this one of the best digital marketing courses in Krishna Nagar.

The online institute offers courses on Cloud computing, Project management, Leadership and Business, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence which are unique career options with ample potential to flourish.

As one of the digital marketing institutes in Krishna Nagar, their extensive career goals make them desirable. Simplilearn has internationally taught more than 500,000 learners and aided them in their professional lives.

Features of their Digital Marketing Master’s Program

The programme explores different segments and you are assisted through modules on Generative AI and ChatGPT. And even better is that the platform hosts live classes instructed by industry experts so that all students can learn from the best. You get up to 35 digital tools to work with, participate in more than 15 projects, and receive an industry-recognized certificate to boost your skill points.

Some important details about the institute –

Duration and Fees – For a total of 8 months (approx 5-10 hours/week) you’re paying 54,000 INR including taxes

Modules discussed:

  • Website creation and landscape of Digital Marketing
  • Understanding customer behavior in Behaviour Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing along with E-mail and Mobile
  • Understanding Content Strategy as well as building the base for SEO and SEM
  • Thorough knowledge of Evaluation, Analytics and ROI
  • Emerging Technology and Automation
  • Partaking in Capstone digital marketing project

Contact information: 1800 2127 688

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4. Coursera

This Ed-tech platform is universally recognized and is US-based. They were founded in 2012 with the collaborated effort of Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng, who envisioned that, education can change lives and therefore must be accessible to all. Since then, it has served millions of students across the globe, regardless of identity or distance.

It has one of the well-recognized digital marketing courses in Krishna Nagar, that are both job-relevant and flexible in approach. After applying as a student, you are allowed to take up the courses at your own pace.

Highlights of the course –

The Digital Marketing specialization program focuses on professional skill development for job-seekers. Since Coursera is infamous for partnering with top-quality international universities, the digital marketing course and its study materials are provided by the University of Illinois. The main modules are taught in English but you have the option to switch between any of the 20 languages for the video sessions. And what else is great about it? The online platform helps you master different digital tools and develop a deep understanding of key concepts. Therefore, we recommend it for digital marketing courses in Krishna Nagar.

Important details about the platform –

Website link: courser.org

Duration – 10 hours a week for 4 months

This beginner-friendly course covers:

  • Details about the Digital Marketing world and the Digital Marketing revolution
  • Practicing Analytics in Digital Marketing in theory as well as practical
  • Insight into the principles of Digital Media and Marketing
  • Insight into Marketing strategies and the Digital Media
  • A hands-on experience with Digital Marketing Capstone

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5. EduPristine

EduPristine was founded in 2008 and still holds its place as a leading provider of digital marketing courses in Krishna Nagar. The various subject areas it covers are Finance, Analytics, Accounting, Marketing, and many more. The company has branches all across India including Kolkata, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, and Hyderabad.

The popularity of the platform has made it a trusted choice among 15,000 students from different states. There are up to 25 options among courses which are taught by 1,500 expert educators. The online classroom experience is one of a kind and should be explored.

Highlights of the Digital Marketing Course:

All students can access the forum where the study materials and other essentials are provided to them. You are eligible to earn certificates for your performance during the course and your excellence in Adwords will also be rewarded. However, to receive the certificates, you have to score a minimum of 50% in the exams. EduPristine offers both online and offline services which means if distance is a problem for you, go online.

More details about the institute:

Website link: adtalem.com/edupristine

Duration and Fees – For 48 hours of online learning you have to pay 24,000 INR

Topics covered:

  • Learn the basics of Digital Marketing
  • Understand on-page and off-page SEO
  • Insight into Social Media Marketing and Video Marketing
  • You’re also taught about Pay-per-click or PPC marketing
  • Learn E-mail and Content Marketing
  • Understand growth hacking and Lead Marketing
  • Strategies Surrounding Affiliate Marketing and Mobile Marketing

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6. Google Skillshop

In 2020, Google introduced its online digital marketing program that focuses on building skills, as the name suggests. The demand for online education platforms was considerably high back in 2020 and Google Skillshop was officially rebranded the same year, enabling students to excel in their careers. Google Skillshop has partnered with Coursera, enabling interested students to access the digital marketing course through Coursera’s official platform.

Google is widely trusted among millions of users worldwide, thus it makes our list of digital marketing courses in Krishna Nagar. Aside from that, Google Skillshop offers legitimate certificates for the students who complete the course.

Link to the website: grow.google/intl

Important details of the course:

To apply at Google Skillshop, you don’t require any prior experience relevant to the field of Digital Marketing or E-commerce. The entire proceeding is 100% remote and you are entitled to receive hands-on practice-based training from skilled educators. The Digital Marketing and E-commerce course is also flexible so that you can maintain a balance between your schedules and learn at your own pace.

Some modules that are covered are discussed in brief:

  • Learn the foundations of E-commerce and Digital Marketing
  • Learn the process of Attracting and engaging more customers
  • The process involved in converting likes to leads and interacting with customers online
  • Attaining success with Measurement and Marketing Analytics
  • Learning to build, launch, and manage E-commerce stores
  • Learning how to develop loyalty with customers through online platforms

7. Delhi Institute of Digital Marketing

DIDM is one of the best institutes for digital marketing courses in Krishna Nagar. They play a role in turning you into a digital marketing specialist with your skills alone. The digital marketing course here is best suited for Freelancers, Students, Job Seekers and Entrepreneurs. They realize the importance of digital marketing in this day and age, thus they strive to aid individuals in their journey.

Their course is designed in a way that provides the required knowledge as well as helps students come up with new strategies. They are always industry-ready with their approach and visualize the success of every student in this domain. Other things you should look out for are placement assistance, experienced trainers, high-quality training, freelancing and live projects and certificates recognized by Google.

Features of the Digital Marketing Program

Delhi Institute of Digital Marketing is a prominent name when you are looking for digital marketing courses in Krishna Nagar. They consider themselves quite a well-known name in Delhi and have over 8 other branches across the state. Students can expect to get the best possible outcomes from the course along with a placement guarantee and scope for paid internships. Their Digital Marketing Master program is comprehensive and spans over 34 modules.

Important details of the institute

Duration and Fees – Over 500 hours of detailed instructions for 48,490 INR

Modules covered in brief:

  • An overview of Digital Marketing and its strategies
  • Learning web designing without codes
  • Marketing through E-mail and Video
  • Search Engine Algorithms and SEO
  • Understanding Google Analytics and Adwords
  • Optimizing Conversion rate, Online Display Advertising and ORM
  • Freelancing and Affiliate marketing
  • Interview preparation, and participation in case studies and live projects

Contact number: 8800 505 151

8. Ekwik Classes

Ekwik Classes claims to be the most advanced digital marketing course platform which offers exposure to practical learning and skills. You can also try their demo sessions by filling up a form on their website before you make your final choice. This institution has been servicing the digital marketing community for more than 7 years, having taught 850+ batches with over 24,000 students.

They have their tie-ups with more than 1,200 hiring partners and offer full placement support to their pass-outs. We recommend Ekwik Classes for our list of digital marketing courses in Krishna Nagar because of their unique certifications. They provide certificate preparation for big firms like Cisco, Facebook, Google, and Bing.

So, what stands out in their Digital Marketing Course?

You can have a comprehensive course experience that is relevant to the industry and ingrains you with valuable skills for job applications. Some of the popular job options you can apply for are Content Writer, SEO Specialist, PPC Analyst, Digital Marketing Manager, Social Media manager or Email Marketing specialist. Moreover, you can expect to receive guidance from a trained faculty and work on hands-on projects. The institution offers premium tools for free, as it helps students get familiar with them. As one of the digital marketing institutes in Krishna Nagar, they offer their learners with lifetime support.

Details of the institute

Duration and Fees – They charge you 25,000 INR for 2 months

Topics covered

  • Basics of Web Development with WordPress
  • Learn Graphic design with Canva
  • Content Writing along with SEM and SEO
  • Marketing through platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram
  • Understand the process of marketing with E-mail marketing
  • Online Reputation Management and Affiliate Marketing
  • Google Ads with PPC policy

Contact information: 971 766 6076

9. Delhi Courses Academy

The institute was founded with the intent of making skill-based learning available to all. They recognized the need for such practical skills back in 2008 as more employers will expect applicants to be skilled in practical terms alongside theoretical knowledge. Among digital marketing courses in Krishna Nagar, DCA has an affordable and reasonable price range for all courses.

The institute showcases a list of over 10 subject areas and has professionally trained more than 500 students since the beginning. They are student-centric and modern with their curriculum approach so that students are not behind on their learning journey.

Highlights about the course

The Digital Marketing course features more than 60 modules that are divided into four-semester categories. They provide their services in online and offline mode so that everybody is comfortable with the arrangement. The study sessions are flexible and conducted by certified trainers who take it upon themselves to create a high-quality learning experience. We recommend DCA in our list of digital marketing courses in Krishna Nagar because they too provide Demo classes which we think are beneficial.

Other details of the platform

Duration and Fees – You pay 18,000 INR for 4-6 months of learning


  • Semester 1- You get a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing alongside marketing through social media. You’ll be able to work with SEM and SEO sessions
  • Semester 2 – Create interesting blogs and content, learn E-commerce development, Advertising through Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing
  • Semester 3- Improve your business with Advanced sales, ORM, Search Consoles and Web Analytics. You’ll learn important things about freelancing and ways to flourish with it.
  • Semester 4- They provide tutorials for Canva, sessions for business listing and optimization, strategies and revisions and more. Finally, you’ll be prepared for job interviews and granted certifications

Contact information: 9990 716 846

10. IT Training Courses Delhi

Our final recommendation for the list of digital marketing courses in Krishna Nagar is ITTCD, which was founded in 2013 and is led by highly skilled digital marketing trainers. Students here can explore career-oriented subjects like Social Media Advertising, strategies of SEO and Content Writing as well as Automation in digital marketing.

To date, more than 8,500 learners have benefited from its courses. With their continued effort, they are gradually establishing themselves as the largest digital marketing research institute. And what’s more? Their training programs will help you specialize in essential aspects of this field.

Important things about the digital marketing course

The course is equipped with new and improved marketing skills, as this boosts your chances of securing a high-paying job. If you are a new business owner you’re at the right place, because the guidance you receive will surely benefit you. And with everything else, you are also eligible for a 3-month internship for a chance to gain real working experience and enhance your resume.

Important details of the institute

Duration and Fees – For a total of 2 months you’re investing 15,000 INR


  • Learn about domain and web hosting
  • Create a website with WordPress
  • Understand Google Algorithms and Keyword research
  • Effective methods to gain leads and generate traffic
  • Learn Affiliate Marketing and use social media to advertise
  • Google and Yahoo Ads with PPC strategies
  • Understand ways of Inbound Marketing

Contact: 9971 050 903

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Are digital marketing jobs in demand?

Digital marketing has been one of the most important roles since last year. India is a country with the largest youth population and today’s younger generation is well-versed with social media and technology. Thus, Digital Marketing has plenty of potential in the market and will continue to flourish in the future.

2) What is the scope of digital marketing as a career in India?

Digital marketing is a prosperous career option, especially in India, where the need for job opportunities is increasing. Plenty of businesses and companies are moving to the online base to reach more audiences. Individuals with digital marketing skills are highly valuable to such businesses which means this domain has a flourishing future in India.

3) What is the average salary for digital marketing?

Digital marketers earn fairly with relevant skills and knowledge and more salary is earned when you progress. In the initial stages, you can earn up to 3 LPA which can increase to 8 LPA with promotions.


We hope this article on the top Digital Marketing Institutes in Krishna Nagar offered you adequate insights into the world of digital marketing and the topics that you need to master in order to be a prolific digital marketer. let us know if there is anything else that you need to add n the comment section below.

I am Meghna Kanjilal, an Education honours graduate from Loreto College with a passion for reading books. I like being creative whether it's through writing or designing. I had an amazing opportunity to start my writing journey with IIM Skills and expand my knowledge in the Content Writing domain. Currently, I am working with IIM skills on their internship programme to enhance my skills and gain experience.

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