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Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses in Anand Vihar With Placements

Regardless of what your business sells, digital marketing still involves creating buyer personas to identify the needs of your audience and creating valuable online content. The way people consume media in the 21st century has made marketers put more emphasis on their campaigns, and sometimes exclusively on digital platforms. Although digital marketing uses many of the same techniques as traditional marketing through print, television, and radio, it also has its own set of tools that marketers must master to be successful. The Digital Marketing Courses in Anand Vihar mentioned in this article will help you master various digital marketing skills to boost your career in this field. 


Digital Marketing

Before discussing in detail the top Digital Marketing Courses in Anand Vihar, let’s see what the main components of digital marketing are. Digital marketing means all marketing activities that are done using an electronic device or the Internet.

Businesses use various digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and their websites to connect with current and potential customers. Digital Marketing is also known as ‘online marketing’, ‘internet marketing’, or ‘web marketing’. Digital marketing is defined as the use of multiple digital tactics and channels to connect with customers where they spend most of their time i.e. online.

Digital marketing helps marketers to predict accurate results in real-time. When an ad is placed in a newspaper, it is difficult to estimate how many people browsed the page and paid attention to the ad.

There is no sure way to know if this ad was responsible for the sale. However, digital marketing would help you to know the scope of your product/service, communicate with potential customers, achieve global reach, and promote in a personalized manner through web analytics and other digital tools.

The world is transforming to digital, and marketing is no exception. As technology advances, so does the use of digital marketing and its tools. The number of internet users is increasing rapidly and digital marketing has been the most profitable because it mostly depends on the internet.

Consumer buying behavior is changing and they are more inclined toward digital marketing instead of traditional marketing. As people increasingly use digital devices instead of visiting physical stores, digital marketing has evolved at great speed.

Digital Marketing campaigns use search engine optimization, search engine marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing, content automation, campaign marketing, data marketing, e-commerce marketing, and social media marketing to build brand awareness and generate organic traffic for the website.

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Career Opportunities With Their Salary Structure in Digital Marketing

  • Copywriter- Avg Salary: INR 5.9 Lacs
  • Content Marketing Specialist- Avg Salary: INR 6 Lacs
  • Marketing Assistant- Avg Salary INR 2.8 Lacs
  • Junior SEO- Avg Salary: INR 1.8 Lacs
  • Junior Content Editor- Avg Salary: INR 1.8 Lacs
  • SEO Specialist- Avg Salary: INR 4.1 Lacs
  • Social Media Coordinator- Avg Salary: INR 3.3 Lacs
  • Email Marketing Specialist- Avg Salary: INR 4.1 Lacs
  • Public Relations and Communications Specialist- Avg Salary: INR 8.6 Lacs
  • Influencer Marketing Specialist- Avg Salary: INR 5 Lacs
  • Graphic Designer- Avg Salary: INR 3.8 Lacs
  • Digital Marketing Manager- Avg Salary: INR 11.9 Lacs
  • Social Media Manager- Avg Salary: INR 5 Lacs
  • Vice-President of Digital Marketing- Avg Salary: INR 35.5 Lacs
  • Chief Marketing Officer- Avg Salary: INR 35.8 Lacs
  • Digital Project Manager- Avg Salary: INR 12.3 Lacs
  • Digital Producer- Avg Salary: INR 6 Lacs
  • E-commerce Developer- Avg Salary: INR 5 Lacs
  • Brand Manager- Avg Salary: INR 11.9 Lacs

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Topics Covered in Digital Marketing Courses in Anand Vihar

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Generally, the first digital marketing module is a basic introduction to digital marketing. It includes the definition and meaning of digital marketing, how it differs from traditional marketing, and why it is important today.

Search Engine Optimization

Learn different ways to optimize your article, website, or blog to organically generate traffic and income. Learn how to do keyword research and rank high on search engine results pages. Learn how to build on-page and off-page SEO. Since SEO is the most important part of the Internet marketing course, in the SEO project you will be given various tasks that include keyword research, speed optimization, keyword density, and competitive analysis.

Social Media Marketing

Learn how to connect with your audience and convert them into customers using various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. In this module, students can learn how to create their presence on social media e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn business profiles, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. In this module, you will learn social media marketing tools and learn how to create social media audience engagement, branding, and customer acquisition.

Search Engine Marketing

Learn the various techniques used to increase your website and visibility in Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Search engine marketing mostly revolves around paid search advertising (text-based ads that appear above every search result).

Website Analysis

In this module, you will learn how to analyze website visitors, and behaviour in reports based on this site’s traffic sources, referral sites, impressions, and conversion rates.

Online Reputation Management

Manage your online product catalogue website with product keyword research, product pricing, positive reviews, and customer retention.

Website Design and Creation

In this module, you will learn how to create a website in WordPress and then use web analytics to track the behaviour of website visitors. You will also be asked to purchase a domain name and web hosting.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the most effective digital marketing channel to connect with your audience when done right. Learn how to create and send mass-produced emails and ensure good open and conversion rates for all your emails. Learn how to run a direct email marketing campaign using Mailchimp and other platforms.

Content Writing

This module will teach you how to create content that meets user intent and your business goals. Because content is king in the online world. Good content will help you rank higher in search engine result pages. Learn how to create the best content through keyword research, long-tail keyword research, short-term keyword research, competitive keyword research, niche research, and blogging.  Digital Marketing Courses in Anand Vihar will help you write different types of web pages, blogs, and listicle articles to develop your content writing skills.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing drives traffic to your website with the help of a third party. The third is paid to drive traffic to your website. Learn in detail about affiliate marketing. During the course, the participant registers in several affiliate programs around the world. You will also learn details about affiliate payment settings and documents required for affiliate marketing.

Video Marketing

Learn how to create videos for YouTube and other video platforms. You can master video marketing by working on video content development, tool management, and infographic management for your video marketing platform.

Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses in Anand Vihar With Placements


IIM SKILLS offers in-depth training on different digital marketing concepts in their online and offline Digital Marketing Courses. They have their classroom in Delhi, and because of the advanced programs they provide through both mediums, it is one of the leading Digital Marketing Institutes in Anand Vihar, which covers all the topics of digital marketing.



In addition to the IIM SKILLS Master’s certificate, the institute prepares you for globally important certifications from HubSpot, Facebook, and Google. IIM SKILLS cares and supports you on your journey, holding your hand like no other. Due to the small group, they guarantee personal attention to each participant.


With more than 12 years of experience, their mentors are passionate and industry experts in the field of digital marketing. They guide you in all aspects of digital marketing and are very friendly.

IIM SKILLS Digital Marketing Courses in Anand Vihar offers paid internships to its students.  Each week after the training program, you will be given practical assignments on topics such as website development, SEO, SMM, influencer marketing, website analytics, and email marketing.

All participants are asked to submit weekly assignments to the trainers before the next live class and the trainer will review them. During the Digital Marketing Course in Anand Vihar, you will work with real-time projects.

Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact Details:

+919580740740, [email protected]


Also, Check These List Of  Other Courses You Want To Explore in Delhi:

2.    Skill Circle

Skill Circle Academy is one of the leading institutes for Digital Marketing Courses in Anand Vihar that offers the latest and best training to students who want to make their career in digital marketing.

The lectures are being taken by experienced marketers and industry experts, who have links with various MNCs helping their students with good internships and the best job opportunities. In addition, after completing the course, they offer access to high-quality tools, many certificates, and other add-ons.

Their online Digital Marketing Courses in Anand Vihar with advanced certificates are designed to help you acquire all the essential basic and advanced skills in the field of digital marketing. From social media to advertising to emails, content to search engine optimization, Skill Circle offers the best digital marketing course and training for both working professionals and freshers.

The Digital Marketing Courses in Anand Vihar offer complete industry exposure and hands-on training on the most sought-after digital marketing tools, plus a 100% investment guarantee.

They offer degree, diploma, and master’s courses in digital marketing. Digital marketing has become the cornerstone for reaching audiences, increasing engagement, and achieving business goals. For those looking to master the art and science of digital marketing, Skill Circle stands out as the perfect institute.

Course Curriculum

  • Module 1: Digital Marketing Overview
  • Module 2: Social Media Marketing
  • Module 3: Search Engine Optimization
  • Module 4: Search Engine Marketing
  • Module 5: Mobile Marketing
  • Module 6: Email Marketing
  • Module 7: Affiliate Marketing
  • Module 8: Content Marketing
  • Module 9: Google Analytics
  • Module 10: Google Adwords
  • Module 11: Website Creation
  • Module 12: Keyword Research
  • Module 13: Video Optimization
  • Module 14: Lead Generation
  • Module 15: Basics of Blogging

Course Duration: 3-4 Months

3.    Techstack Academy

Techstack Academy focuses on providing you with a successful career path that makes you a top performer ready to find new jobs at companies you love. The institute helps you to connect with industry experts and prepare for the best. Master the Basics of Digital Marketing and Become an Expert in Digital Marketing through Techstacks’s Digital Marketing Course in Anand Vihar.

Techstack has more than 8 years of experience in digital marketing training. All their trainers are fully qualified and certified in Internet marketing and hold certifications in the following areas: Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Facebook Blueprint, Bing, Hubspot, and SalesForce. Till now, they have trained more than 2000 students in this field and made a name for digital marketing courses.

You will get 17 certificates after completing the Techstack Digital Marketing Course in Anand Vihar. These digital marketing certifications are ISO certified which can give a big boost to your future digital marketing career.

The Digital Marketing Institute in Anand Vihar offers individual guidance to each student during their training, advising them on how to progress through the curriculum to ensure better understanding and confidence. At Techstack you will learn everything in practice and they have designed all the modules based on industry standards to give you a complete hands-on experience. Once you have your blog or website ready, you will do SEO on your website, increase your brand’s social media profiles, create campaigns for your website, use email marketing, and use your website for email marketing and affiliate marketing.

Course Curriculum

  • Module 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Module 2: Website Planning
  • Module 3: Website Creation
  • Module 4: Content Writing
  • Module 5: Keyword Research
  • Module 6: SEO
  • Module 7: e-commerce SEO
  • Module 8: Local SEO
  • Module 9: Google Webmaster
  • Module 10: Bing Webmaster
  • Module 11: Google Analytics
  • Module 12: Creative Designing
  • Module 13: Social Media Optimization
  • Module 14: Facebook Marketing
  • Module 15: LinkedIn Marketing
  • Module 16: Twitter Marketing
  • Module 17: Pinterest Marketing
  • Module 18: Instagram Marketing
  • Module 19: Search Marketing
  • Module 20: Display Marketing
  • Module 21: Video Marketing
  • Module 22: App Marketing
  • Module 23: Shopping Marketing
  • Module 24: Email Marketing
  • Module 25: Content Marketing
  • Module 26: e-commerce Marketing
  • Module 27: Video Optimization
  • Module 28: Google Adsense
  • Module 29: Affiliate Marketing
  • Module 30: Earn as a Freelancer
  • Module 31: Capstone Project

4.    Digi Manthan Institute

Digi Manthan offers several customized Digital Marketing Courses in Anand Vihar and across India. We are here to provide training to small, medium, and large organizations. Digi Manthan’s Digital Marketing Courses in Anand Vihar are designed by Google Panel and their expert professional team. The course specifically structures the 12 weeks of Google training with a 27-module curriculum to help the students understand current trends and best practices in digital marketing to get a 100% job guarantee.

Digi Manthan is a renowned institute for Digital Marketing Courses in Anand Vihar that maintains relationships with big companies and this relationship helps students take their first step in the industry field. This digital marketing course provides students with specific knowledge and understanding of complete digital marketing and why it is the backbone of successful industry strategies.

Their curriculum provides you with a fully accredited and sought-after education that includes the essential theories, concepts, techniques, and application skills needed to effectively develop, design, and implement an effective digital marketing strategy. They are constantly updated with the latest digital marketing techniques.

Course Curriculum

  • Module 1: Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
  • Module 2: Overview of Web Technologies
  • Module 3: Content Marketing and Management
  • Module 4: Do’s & Don’ts of Digital Marketing
  • Module 5: Website designing using WordPress
  • Module 6: Search Engine Optimization
  • Module 7: Introduction HTML & Blogging tools
  • Module 8: Brand Marketing & Management
  • Module 9: Pay-per-click ads using Google AdWords
  • Module 10: Mobile Marketing & App Store Optimization
  • Module 11: Social Media Optimization & Management
  • Module 12: Online Reputation Management
  • Module 13: Local Business Listing & Promotion
  • Module 14: Social Media Analysis & Marketing
  • Module 15: Display Advertising with Re-marketing
  • Module 16: Online Video Creation & Marketing
  • Module 17: Fundamentals of AdSense & Alternates
  • Module 18: Introduction to E-Commerce Business
  • Module 19: E-Commerce Marketing & Management
  • Module 20: Affiliate Marketing
  • Module 21: Business Lead Generation
  • Module 22: E-Mail Marketing & CRM
  • Module 23: Earn as a Freelancer
  • Module 24: Google Web Analytics
  • Module 25: Science of ONLINE Sales
  • Module 26: Live Projects and Case Studies
  • Module 27: Play Store Optimization & APPs ASO Optimizations

Duration of Course: 12 weeks

Course Fee: INR 32,000+ GST

Certifications Provided by DigiManthan

  • Google Video Advertising Certificate
  • Google Search Advertising Certificate
  • Google Display Advertising Certificate
  • Google Shopping Advertising Certificate
  • Google Mobile Advertising Certificate
  • Google Analytics Certificate
  • Microsoft Bing Certificate
  • Facebook Blueprint Certificate
  • Digi Manthan’s Certificate


5.    IIDE

IIDE was established in the year 2016. IIDE is one of the leading institutes providing a variety of courses in Digital Marketing. Indian Education Congress 2022 declared IIDE as the ‘Best Digital Marketing Institute’. IIDE’s Digital Marketing Courses in Anand Vihar help you learn how to build websites, how to leverage the power of SEO for paid advertisements, how to plan effective online campaigns to attract potential clients, how to perform organic social media marketing to influence users, how to lead customer with marketing funnel, and how to use AI tools for marketing analytics.

The Digital Marketing Institute in Anand Vihar offers 2 months internship with mentoring from their experts. The student needs to submit the final year-end project with a thesis. A capstone project is given to their students that will help them to gain practical experience.

At IIDE’s Digital Marketing Course in Anand Vihar, you can master tools like LinkedIn Ads, Shopify, chatterbox, semrush, blogger, MOZ, Ubersuggest, Amazon Associates, Amazon, Google Keyword Planner, Mailchimp, Free Pick, Canva, and many more.

Students can choose either a weekday or weekend batch according to their schedule. They offer merit-based scholarships up to ₹ 1,00,000 and also have 0% EMI options starting from INR 29,000. This makes IIDE’s program easy to access and compensates for tuition fees. With IIDE, students experience mock interviews to strengthen their communication and presentation skills.

IIDE allows their students to participate in a live project called GNMI – Google’s Non-Marketing Profit Immersion. They create integrated marketing solutions and present them to NGOs worldwide for up to 10 Lacs per month.

IIDE offers two types of Digital Marketing Courses in Anand Vihar

Post-graduation in Digital Marketing

The course curriculum of their Post-graduation in Digital Marketing Course is as follows:

  • Module 1: Inbound Marketing
  • Module 2: Outbound Marketing
  • Module 3: Media Management & Automation
  • Module 4: Managerial Skills and Soft Skills
  • Module 5: Compulsory Internship & Thesis
  • Module 6: Specializations

Creative Strategy Specialization

Performance Marketing Specialization

  • Module 7: Capstone Project

Course Duration: 11 Months

Certifications from Google, IIDE, Facebook

The internship offered for 2 Months to each student

This course is preferred by working professionals, agency owners, and freelancers

Advanced Digital Marketing Training Program

The course curriculum of their Advanced Digital Marketing Training Program is as follows:

  • Module 1: Foundation
  • Module 2: Search Marketing
  • Module 3: Social Marketing
  • Module 4: Analytics & Self-Growth
  • Module 5: Planning & Strategy
  • Module 6: Business Skills
  • Module 7: Masterclass: Economics of Digital Marketing

Course Duration: 4 Months

Certifications from Google, Meta, HubSpot and IIDE

The internship is not offered in this training program

This course is preferred by Freshers, small business owners, influencers

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Q. Can I find a job in digital marketing without a degree in India?

Digital marketing is a field where you don’t need a specific marketing degree to make a career. The above-mentioned Institutes for Digital Marketing courses in Anand Vihar give a certificate after completing the course. This will greatly help you improve your chances of getting a job.

Q. The average salary of a Digital Marketer in India.

The Average yearly salary of a digital marketer in India is INR 4.8 Lacs.

Q. What are the scopes of Digital Marketing in Anand Vihar?

Anand Vihar is located in Delhi. Delhi as the capital of India is a major hub for businesses and technology. Businesses in Delhi are continuously seeking digital marketers and digital marketing services to help their business grow. Thus, learning Digital Marketing in Anand Vihar will be very beneficial.


As the world is becoming more and more digital, the need for digital marketers will only continue to grow. If you’re looking for a high-paying job that you can do from anywhere then digital marketing is an ideal career choice. If you’re confused regarding how to start a career in digital marketing then this article is for you. The above-mentioned Digital Marketing Courses in Anand Vihar will provide exhaustive guidance in digital marketing and help you with career-building in this field.


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