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Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses in Borivali With Placements

Are you looking up to promising digital marketing courses in Borivali? With the growing importance of a strong social media presence and a drastic shift of contemporary or offline business models to online models, especially during this high time of the post-covid hit, a curriculum that focuses on understanding digital marketing principles might be a wise idea.

Digital marketing course in Borivali

In this blog, we will help you find suitable digital marketing courses in Borivali through our research and recommendations, and also, to have a better understanding of digital marketing and the in and outs, we will put some light on this topic. Before we jump into the lists of digital marketing courses in Borivali, a little glimpse about the understanding of this lucrative marketing learning would be suggested.

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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a set of advertising techniques using internet-connected devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops for promoting brands or products. These techniques can be used to generate desired customer behavior with the objective of meeting companies’ marketing objectives.

It is one of the most sought-after skills in the world. It has become indispensable for all businesses, no matter how big or small. And with all the changes that are taking place in technology and society, digital marketing is only going to keep getting more important.

Digital marketers use sophisticated techniques to target potential customers online by engaging with them on a personal level and building a relationship over time. Digital marketing is a fast-paced industry where you need to always be learning and adapting your skills to stay on top of trends. And that’s why it’s so important for many organizations to have employees who know how to do it right.

It is a process of strengthening your brand’s online presence, a technique that helps grow your business by reaching the right audience through social media, search engine optimization, and other advertising methods.

In this digital age, businesses need to be digitally savvy and take advantage of the opportunities that come from it. In this article, we will explore what digital marketing is and why it should be an important part of your marketing plan or get acquainted with its usage to grab a good job in this thriving domain.

Reasons to Learn Digital Marketing

There are many advantages of doing a digital marketing course.

Universal Need: Digital marketing is a strategy used by almost 80-85% of companies throughout the world to promote their products or services, be it of any domain or niche. So, the need for it will rapidly increase further as this platform enables business owners to promote their products and services on a global platform.

Easy Reach to a Greater Audience: A digital marketer uses the internet and different types of media to build a company’s awareness, expand its customer base, and increase sales. It’s one of the most popular marketing strategies because it’s cost-effective and can have a big impact on how people perceive your business and it reaches a larger crowd, meaning more profit and hence growth.

Less Expense and Greater Yield: Digital marketing doesn’t have to be expensive at all if you know how to get started. In fact, it can be a great way to get the business going you’re associated with and to have a high output for a low cost. If you want to get started in digital marketing, you should buy a digital marketing course and we will help you choose the right one.

Why Should You Invest Your Money to Pursue Digital Marketing Courses in Borivali?

You have been asking yourself if it is worth investing in a digital marketing course, and it is. Marketing is to business what water is to fish. This is the livelihood of many companies to market their services and products effectively. Digital marketing seemed like just another buzzword at first, but slowly and surely, companies have realized the power of digital marketing to give them an edge over their competitors.

Of course, you should invest in a digital marketing course! Marketing is directly related to business, and it’s a must for companies to make the most of every investment. But how good any person is at marketing doesn’t hinge on their field of vocation – whether you are an accountant or a communications major, you need to properly market yourself to set yourself apart from your peers, and to do that, digital marketing comes into the picture.

Obviously, you can’t ignore the entire medium of marketing. Well, you shouldn’t. If you want to be successful, digital marketing is one of the first things you should pay attention to. Mumbai, being the Los Angeles of India, has numerous MNCs, startups, and thousands of budding enterprises.

In this digital-savvy world, the Covid pandemic which wreaked havoc on us and every livelihood by hampering businesses across the world is now forcing traditional or contemporary business models to shift their marketing strategy to online marketing.

Although Bangalore is treated as a silicon valley of India, Mumbai houses the maximum number of brands and company headquarters. Ranging from the largest market cap companies i.e Tata Group (242 Billion USD), Reliance Industries (214.910 Billion USD), Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) (195.160 Billion USD) as of September 1st, 2021, to Hindustan Lever, HDFC bank, ICICI Bank, Asian Paints and many more. Therefore, employment generation always remains constant in such metropolitan cities and hence we will help you with the right digital marketing courses in Borivali further in this article.

Digital Marketing Agencies in Borivali are Mushrooming

Over the past two years since the Covid hit, businesses and the nature of marketing around the world have observed a drastic shift in its function and are now approaching extensive digital marketing strategies that are growing rapidly.

Many experienced digital marketers are starting their own Ads, content, and digital marketing agencies. There are many ad agencies in Mumbai, the question is how to choose the best digital marketing courses in Borivali wisely. In Borivali, there are numerous marketing agencies that offer courses and certification programs in digital marketing.

There are nearly 100+ private institutions that cater to digital marketing courses in Borivali east & west combined, but not to worry, we are here to solve the dilemma of which digital marketing course to choose. With a growing number of internet users, it opens up doors to opportunities for future digital marketers.

Now that we have discussed what digital marketing is, why it is an important learning tool, and whether you should invest in it or not, we will discuss the top digital marketing courses in Borivali that offer end-to-end support from catering the course efficiently to get you through the placement drives and internships. Here are the top 5 institutes listed below on the basis of certain parameters:

  • Curriculum and course duration.
  • Cost/fee for the course.
  • Faculties and their expertise.
  • Placements records and associated partners.

5 Best Digital Marketing Courses in Borivali


With a strong presence in major metro cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, and others, this is one of the sought-after institutes to rely upon for your digital marketing learning. The digital marketing courses in Borivali by IIM SKILLS has 40 detailed modules and 180 hours of extensive and engaging digital marketing training with doubt-solving sessions post each class.

Modules covered

Core Modules
Content Writing And Blogging
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Email Marketing
Web Analytics
Special Modules
WordPress Web Development
Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
Online Reputation Management
Content Writing And Blogging
Media Buying
Affiliate Marketing
Video Marketing
Marketing Automation
Digital Infographic Resume Preparation
  • Course Name – Digital Marketing Master Course
  • Course Duration – 3 Months + 2 Months Paid Internship
  • Course Fee – INR 34900 + 18% GST (Includes Exam Fee)

The 180+ hour training comprises 120+ hours of assignments and 60+ hours of live training with the best faculty who provide the content with their unmatchable teaching skills. It also provides 15+ live projects and 10+ case studies during the course.

IIM SKILLS provides you with a master’s certification in digital marketing along with the preparation of certification for Facebook, Hubspot, and Google. This platform gives you lifetime access to learning content, recorded sessions, and presentations. Tools worth INR 79,000 will be used during the course to train you.

At IIM SKILLS they provide extended support for placement after course completion. Also, you get a 3-month internship post-course completion. Assignments are checked on a weekly basis with dedicated faculties who promptly resolve queries as well through emails and phone calls.

IIM SKILLS is undoubtedly one of the top marketing companies in Mumbai. The duration of the online digital marketing courses in Borivali is 3 months by IIM SKILLS with 180 hours of comprehensive live classes. Considering the contents and study material this course offers, the fee for the same is quite reasonable at just INR 34900 + 18% GST.

IIM SKILLS Students Are Working At

Hiring Partners 


The faculties at IIM SKILLS are quite experienced and professionals in the concerned domain for more than 12+ years. Post course completion, you get 3 months of Internship program where IIM SKILLS will assign you a supervising manager who will look after your assignments and queries.

They provide extended support for placement assistance for 1 year and are associated with 20+ renowned brands that hire digital marketers from this platform. Reviews for IIM SKILLS are positive all across different media platforms by former students and interns. From Quora to Reddit and google reviews, the average rating for this institution is 4.8/5.

More Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact Details:

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone Number: +919580740740

Alumni Reviews For IIM SKILLS

  1. Digital Gurukulam:

Digital Gurukulam is one of the renowned institutions for digital marketing courses in Borivali. They provide two segments of classes under digital marketing courses, i.e, basic and advanced. They provide 200+ hours of extensive training and an in-class experience of live classes, which are led by 10+ industry experts from renowned brands.

They provide customized learning modules as per the student’s need with 100% placement assistance. Also, Digital Gurukulam offers 70+ hours of practical learning exposures which enable students to get hands-on experience from expert faculty.

Modules and Highlights of the Course:

  • Google Search Ads
  • Google Search Console( Webmaster Tool)
  • Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
  • Display Ads(Google)
  • Youtube Ads
  • Shopping Ads(E-commerce Marketing)
  • Google Analytics Training
  • Email Marketing
  • SMS Marketing
  • Instagram & Facebook Ads
  • Online Reputation Management(ORM)
  • AdSense
  • Content Marketing and Blogging
  • Freelance Techniques
  • Resume and Portfolio Building
  • Live Q&A support
  • 200+ Hours of comprehensive Training
  • Doubt solving

The duration of the courses at Digital Gurukulam varies according to the selection of the program, i.e basic and advanced. The fee structure for the Digital Marketing Certification Program is INR 32,000 and for the Advanced Digital Marketing Certification Program is INR 45,000, which is subject to change as per their current offers and discounts.

Contact Details of Digital Gurukulam:

 Email: [email protected]

Phone number: +917977640918

  1. LIPS India

LIPS India is one of the premium institutes in Borivali, Mumbai. They provide exhaustive digital marketing training with more than 5000+ certified digital marketers. This institution is led by the IIT/IIM Alumni.

They provide digital marketing courses in an offline mode i.e classroom training and also online classes with shift flexibility options, run batches on weekends and weekdays as well to suit the convenience of working professionals and students.

Learning from LIPS India enables you to practically apply the knowledge and work for any digital marketing agencies, internet marketing team, business startups, or to run your own business effectively. The recruitment team and faculties at LIPS India make sure to provide an equal opportunity to all the learners to appear for interviews they align with reputed companies post-course completion.

They provide lifetime access to their live classes and in-classroom live lecturers to former students at the multiple branches of LIPS India across Mumbai as per the availability of seats. Students will have access to paid mail platforms for email automation, they get to create real-time live campaigns on Google AdWords, real web Analytics data.

Some Highlights and Modules:

  • Google AdWords – PPC(Pay Per Click)
  • Content Creation
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Google Tag Manager(GTM)
  • Conversion Rate Optimization(CRO)
  • Search Engine Optimization(Off and On-page)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Email and Mobile Marketing
  • Display Marketing
  • Ad-server
  • WordPress

The course duration is subject to the mode of course that you are opting for i.e offline or online. They run weekend and weekday batches mostly in evening shifts from 07:00 PM to 09:00 PM. The course fee is considerably fair at just INR 29,000 which is subject to change as per the regulations and notification from the institute.

Contact Details:

Email: [email protected]

Phone Number: +918424041800

  1. Apex Online Academy:

Based in Borivali west, Apex Online Academy is one of the promising institutes that offers the best digital marketing courses in Borivali. Located near the Borivali station, they provide all the necessary learning to get acquainted with the digital world.

They give online learning and practical exposure on all the topics covered during the entire tenure and have the best faculties who promptly answer the queries of students. The course CDMP (Certified Digital Marketing Course) has various modules and topics, which cover are as follows:

  • Create a website from scratch – WordPress based
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • SEO to Rank Web pages on the Google
  • Web Analytics
  • Social Media Marketing
  • E-commerce Marketing
  • Content Marketing and Blogging
  • Google AdSense
  • Google Ads(SEM)

The digital marketing course at Apex Online Academy is of short duration and they run the classes during weekdays and weekends as well. They teach practical implementation of all the topics through presentations for a better understanding and concept clarity.

They teach you to build a website from scratch and to write your first blog and provide you with live projects during the course duration. Not only do they provide certification post-course completion, but they give you 100% placement assistance to secure a job.

The batches for the digital marketing course at Apex are not crowded and they run multiple shifts in a smaller group of students to provide them with undivided attention during class timing. It is also flexible as they run the classes in multiple shifts; students can choose a slot as per their convenience. The course fee at Apex is pocket-friendly and the best in the market at just INR 24,000 and you can opt for partial installment payments as per their terms and conditions.

Contact Details of Apex Online Academy:

Email: [email protected]

Phone Number: +919158365530

  1. DMC – (Digital Marketing Courses.net):

DMC gives an impression of a brand that caters to its renowned digital marketing courses to students and professionals who want to understand the core of digital marketing and its fundamentals to excel in their respective fields of career.

Based in Borivali west, DMC provides online and offline modes of study to make it more convenient for the skeptical ones who mandatorily want to attend and experience a live classroom environment. The fundamental disciplines of digital marketing are made easy by their extensive modules that include social media marketing, Pay-per-click, email marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content marketing, conversion optimization, web analytics, and mobile marketing.

Some Notable Highlights of the Course at DMC are as follows:

  • Hands-on experience, practical exposure of learning by industry experts.
  • Learning mentors are from reputed companies such as J.P. Morgan, Henkel, Marico, IBM, and Accenture.
  • Live projects on training to build your own website and develop it.
  • Soft skill training to assist during placements.
  • Premium modules to help shape your leadership skills.
  • 10+ Industry demanding certifications.

The course duration at DMC varies as per your selection of course mode(Online or Offline) and the exact fee or charges are not disclosed by the institution. You may connect them by visiting the below address or enquire through a mail/ phone call for detailed information on the course fee and durations for offline and online courses respectively.

Contact Details of DMC:

Email: [email protected]

Phone Number: +919819525367

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Are there any eligibility criteria to apply for the digital marketing course?

The answer is No! You don’t need to have a relevant background in the IT domain, digital marketing courses offer careers to a diverse crowd. Students and professionals from different walks of life can apply for this course. Since it is a career-driven skill platform, many students and professionals who aren’t satisfied with their jobs also switch to this platform.

Q2. Do we have any weightage of these certifications in the market?

Yes! All of the above-mentioned institutions are certified and legal institutions that provide certification of expertise in this domain, which boosts your resume and makes you employable in the digital marketing domain. IIM Skills is one of such prime institutions, which has the maximum number of placement records.

Q3.What are the job opportunities one might get after completing the course?

There are dozens of job profiles that a digital marketing course offers, below are some for your reference:

  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • SEO Specialist
  • Social Media Manager
  • Content Marketing Specialist
  • Brand Manager


The above mentioned are the top digital marketing courses in Borivali that you can choose from to kick-start your journey in fruitful career options in digital marketing. These are well researched and suggested institutions you can rely upon which not only provide you with the knowledge but gives you job opportunities in this field.

  • I am Bhavik. I am a Content Writer. I want to also explore the field of digital marketing. This article provided me with the digital marketing courses in Borivali, that was so useful in deciding which course to go with. The article clearly stated all the relevant, required and essential information about the courses in a truly awesome way. Thanks.

  • Hello, I am Chaitanya. I am a Marketing coordinator. My tasks involve managing the planning, budgeting, implementation and coordination of print, broadcast and online marketing campaigns. I am looking forward to improving and enhancing my marketing skills, in one of the most advanced and modern types of marketing- online marketing, also known as digital marketing. The demo invite is the best way to get an idea about the course and institute. Hence, I would like to avail this opportunity and attend the demo session offered by IIM skills digital marketing institute in Borivali.

  • Hello I am Manek. I am Content Marketer ,wanting to add digital marketing skills to my portfolio. Further gain specialization Certificate in digital marketing skills. Such certification will give good recognition in the job market. In addition, it will help to highlight, possession of both content & digital marketing skills when applying for a job, or approaching clients in the future. Companies cannot do without the presence of their positive online brand image. It is through Digital Marketing, that any form of promotion or campaign can be employed on any ,or all digital platforms to leverage the marketing activities, and promotion of the brand image. Employing Digital Marketing strategies includes developing a well-designed plan of action that targets the audience at all stages of buying,which are:
    When the user is unaware of the product.
    When the user is aware of your product as well as considering several other products that cater to his/her needs and issues.
    When the user has to make a purchase decision.
    Digital marketing includes much more. Thus, for learning and acquiring digital marketing skills from a reputed digital marketing institute is very important. I would like to choose IIM skills to enroll for digital marketing training in Borivali.

  • Hi, I am Danish. I am working in a Trust as a Manager. I am interested to learn digitalmarketing, to promote, share and create awareness about our Charitable Trust. Help share information about the organized Charity events to the people at large, and increase their participation and engagement. Can this be possible?

  • hey, I have read many articles about digital marketing courses in Borivali and this article is one that I find really helpful. I want to learn digital marketing as a new skill, but finding a course that I can complete along with my studies is tough work. this article has all information I want to know about the course like course fee, duration, mode, etc in one place for me. Making my hunt for the best digital marketing course available in Borivali easily.

  • Hello Garima,
    IIM SKILLS provides a Demo class. You can enroll for this course via our website. We hope to hear from you.

  • hi, I would like to enroll myself in this course. What are the requirements to enroll in that course? I am a student. Also, If any other institute provide any demo classes, can you please let me know?

  • Hi, I am shiya, I am having confusion between content writing and digital marketing, which one is better and has better earnings? And also let me know the fee structure of each

    • Hello Shiya,
      You can visit IIM SKILLS website to know more about the fee structure and enrol for a demo class.
      Thank you for your interest.

  • Hi, This is Tanaya, I am a teacher and want to start my own online class but before that, I want to pursue an online content writing and digital marketing course before starting my own online classes. I want to know the fee structure and the course curriculum

  • Hello, I am Dharmesh. Will the different kinds of marketing that you mentioned will be covered in detail? Also, what institutes offer the option of pursuing only one kind of marketing? In that case, please refer the institutes. But these institutes are nice. I did attend some demo classes.

  • hi, i m Aarav, i m a blogger, I would like to enroll myself for a course in digital marketing. So please let me know what are courses that will be best for me to learn so that I can increase the popularity of my channel?

  • hi, my name is flavita, i have done graduation and was looking for job, came to know about digital marketing course, i wanted to know how many months of course it is, it will be online or offline and what about placements and internship

  • yes, I have gone through all the available digital marketing courses, i finally had opted for IIM skills, and i donot regret my decision, will suggest people to go for this institute without second thought.

  • Hi, this is Naveen. I am an intern at a media house. I am expected to do a lot of writing work which includes writing articles, blog, social media posts. I want detailed knowledge in these fields. Kindly let me know the course curriculum and whether I will benefit from pursuing this course.

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