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4 Best Digital Marketing Courses In Kandivali With Placements

Marketing practices are witnessing a paradigm shift in customers’ lifestyles and buying behaviors. This change is giving rise to vast scope for Digital marketing courses that can cater to arising demands of evolving marketing dynamics. This article talks about the Digital Marketing courses in Kandivali, Mumbai.

Digital marketing course in Kandivali

“Anika is planning a Maldives tour; she searches tours and travels services on the search engine, checks the itinerary on some website, finds previous clients’ ratings and reviews, and book the holiday. Meanwhile, she recollects she needs to order basic groceries. Thus Anika places an order on the Jio mart app. Suddenly she checks notifications on her phone and finds one Instagram notification regarding a picture of the latest sunglasses, ideal for an outdo holiday. She likes the style, so she shares it with her husband for opinion.”

No one ever dreamed that the twenty-first century would bring instrumental change in the Marketing environment. With the rise in the use of electronic devices, the masses’ dependency on an electronic medium is surging up and changing the old decision-making methods of lead generation and conversions.

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Need and Scope of Digital Marketing courses

The above example reflects how our day-to-day life is dependent and how our choices get influenced by digital marketing. There is a strong need to change the way marketers use to reach and convert leads in varying scenarios.

Now the virtual platform is the marketplace; conventional modes of advertisement have become history. Marketers develop digital marketing strategies that appeal to buyers’ senses and convert an idea to lead and lead to final purchases.

The scope of digital marketing is beyond the 4 P’s: Product, Place, Price, and Promotion.  Thus it becomes foremost crucial to master the skill of digital marketing. Like other regular streams, formal learning gives an upper edge over the competition to establish one in this domain.

This article will help its readers by guiding them about various Digital Marketing courses in Kandivali. Kandivali is located in the north of Mumbai and is one of the lively neighborhoods with lots of possibilities in Education. As Mumbai is famous for its aspirations and limelight, this part of the city offers many Digital Marketing courses in Kandivali.

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Who should consider Digital Marketing courses

Before I mention the details of institutes providing Digital Marketing courses in Kandivali, here is the persona of candidates who can do these courses.

The ease and relevance of course formats make it a hot cake for each one of them. In today’s competitive world, to beat the rising competition and establish oneself, the updating of one’s skill set, as per the demand of latest practices, is a must.

Now, I will give a brief about Best four digital Marketing courses in Kandivali. To help my readers, I would like to provide little info regarding the institute’s course outline and contact details.

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4 Best Ditgital Marketing courses in Kandivali

1. Masters course in digital marketing by IIM SKILLS

IIM SKILLS is a renowned name in the area of Educating contemporary; need-based courses. This institute has established itself as a pioneer in the field of digital marketing course. The best part of their course is their online reach. They have reach-in more than 35 countries. With so many students from vivid nations, it gives good exposure to students about digital practices prevailing in other nations.  A brief analysis of their course is as below:-

Core Modules
Content Writing And Blogging
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Email Marketing
Web Analytics
Special Modules
WordPress Web Development
Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
Online Reputation Management
Content Writing And Blogging
Media Buying
Affiliate Marketing
Video Marketing
Marketing Automation
Digital Infographic Resume Preparation
  • Course Name – Digital Marketing Master Course
  • Course Duration – 3 Months + 2 Months Paid Internship
  • Course Fee – INR 34900 + 18% GST (Includes Exam Fee)

The best part of this course is they provide tools worth INR 79,000.00 +

Digital Marketing Course by IIM SKILLS

  • Comprehensive live training of 180 Hours
  • Covers 40 Digital Marketing Modules
  • More than 15+ project-based Assignments and Case studies
  • Three Month long course
  • IIM Skills certification and preparation of 13 more certifications

IIM SKILLS Students Work At

Hiring Partners 

The good thing about this course is its mentorship. Institute provides lifetime mentorship to its students and committed to three-month-long internship and placement support.

Some More Advantages

  • Lifetime Access to learning resources
  • Training by market experts like Mr. Vaibhav Kakkar, who is regular Times of India columnist
  • Availability of online learning resource material

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Contact : +919580740740 , [email protected]

2. Proideators Digital Marketing Institute’s Digital Marketing course in Kandivali

This institute has its presence in Kandivali, Mumbai. With four branch offices in and around Mumbai, They offer regular, corporate, and Institutional training.

Here is a brief highlight of their course.

  • They cover 27 modules
  • Duration, of course, is two months
  • 150 Hours of Training
  • Nine certifications
  • Training by Market experts

A glimpse of their modules is:

  • Introduction to Digital marketing
  • Website Development
  • Ecommerce Website Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Consoles
  • Lead generation and CRO training
  • Google Analytics, Adwords, and Tag Manager
  • Email Marketing
  • Online Reputation Management etc

For more details contact them  at https://www.proideators.com/

3. Pace Career Academy’s Digital Marketing course in Kandivali

This institute has more than 12 years of experience in this field. They conduct online and offline training courses. They have a franchise network, and with their help, they can teach offline training courses.

Some of the highlights of their course are

  • They have 50 modules in their course
  • The course focuses on creating, monitoring, optimizing, and Results.
  • They provide free Domain and Hosting
  • Internship and Job Assistance
  • Teaching by market experts
  • Their course is divided into three categories: Beginners, Digital Marketing Executives, and Digital marketing Masters.

Here is a brief overview of their modules:-

  • Website Planning and creation
  • Search Engine optimization
  • Search Engine Advertisement
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Online Display Advertising
  • Email MarketingThis institute have divided
  • Ecommerce Marketing
  • Lead Generation for Businesses
  • Content and Affiliate Marketing
  • Mobile Application Marketing
  • Remarketing
  • Online Reputation Management etc

The good thing about the institute is they have their branch cum franchise office in Kandivali. But in today’s online world, online and offline training doesn’t make any significant difference. Ultimately the quality of training matters most.

You can reach them at https://pacecareer.in

4. I – Strategist Institute’s Digital Marketing courses in Kandivali

This institute has its branch at Kandivali, founded by a young entrepreneur; the institute is a reputed one as one of the top Digital Marketing courses in Kandivali among aspirants. Institute has divided the whole digital Marketing program into parts. Like

  • Masters digital marketing course
  • Diploma Programmes
  • Short Term Certification

Their short-term certification programs are from 5 to 12 hours long, and fees are 4500-15000 depending upon the course duration.

A small list of their certification courses are:-

Apart from this, they offer diploma course too, and some of the features of the program are:-

  • 17 modules in diploma course
  • One live project
  • Teaching by market experts
  • Three months of training
  • Free 22 tools
  • Free access to all paid workshops for a year.

The fees of their diploma course are INR 32,500.00.

Masters Course in Digital marketing

  • 23 Modules in the course
  • 320 Hours of Training
  • 8 Months long training
  • 1 Live project per Month
  • 26 free tools to students

Fees of their Master’s course are INR 76500.00, including GST.

They can be contacted at https://www.istrategist.in/index.php

5. Jaybee Digital’s Digital Marketing course in Kandivali

Jaybee Institute provides mainly offline training with their training facility at Kandivali, Mumbai. They have been in the digital marketing training field for the last four years. They offer two types of courses: one month course and three-month duration course.

Some of the highlights of their one Month duration course are:

  • 14 Modules
  • Google Certification
  • 8 Case studies
  • 2 Hours of Business and career consultancy of each participant
  • 8 Software Tools
  • Teaching by market experts
  • Online availability of Learning resource material

Their Modules are like this:

  • Basics of Digital marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Adwords
  • Google Analytics
  • Basics of Social Media Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing and Facebook Adverts
  • Instagram Marketing etc

The different part of their programs is whether a student chooses a one-month or three-month duration program, their syllabus remains the same.

In broad terms, their course is based on six bases. Those are:

  • SEO
  • Pay Per Click
  • SMO
  • Email Marketing
  • Analytics
  • Adverts

The fee structure is INR 18,000.00.

You can reach them at http://www.jaybeedigital.com/.

A Word of Advice to aspirants

Nowadays, people prefer valuable training irrespective of the place As most of the courses are covered through webinars. Covid has taught us one thing that Education doesn’t restrict to classrooms. Mobile and online platforms have changed the delivery methods of Education as well. Moreover, digital marketing enforces the idea of marketing digitally. So aspirants should not limit themselves to classroom-based learning only.

There are some excellent options available that can provide a high level of training with a reasonable amount of fees, so aspirants should consider options beyond Kandivali. Now I will mention two of such options so that readers get a better understanding of other available options beyond Kandivali.

6. Digital marketing course by IIM Kozhikode

IIM Kozhikode provides a detailed course in this area; Digital market experts from various sectors teach to the aspirant. They also follow an online method of teaching. Some of the highlights of their course are:

  • It’s a 10 Month long course
  • Certification will be from IIM Kozhikode
  • The fees of the course are INR1,65,000.00
  • A loan facility is also available on fees
  • Lifelong Executive Alumni Status of Institute

The overall course structure will be the same, but you will get an opportunity to learn from market leaders.

I am sure that you will have good knowledge about Digital Marketing courses in Kandivali and beyond. Now I will cover the benefits and how these courses will shape your career and help you establish a Digital marketing Pro in a cut-throat competitive world.

After Benefits of  Digital Marketing Course

Opens a Wide range of window of Possibilities:-

Digital Marketing course will open a big horizon of possibilities that will shape your career in a meaningful manner.  There are big giants which are flourishing based on digital marketing like Facebook, Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

One can work in such organizations. Digital Marketing Courses will empower you with the knowledge to make strategic decisions regarding marketing policies.

One can establish themselves beyond these and create a big name for themselves. By using digital marketing practices, some of the businesses are making global waves.

Launch themselves as Freelancer

With contemporary knowledge, one can launch themselves as a Freelancer. It would be best if you create a brand for yourself and increase the market value of your skills. Such professionals can be their own bosses and start taking freelance projects. You can start taking a project from offshore lands too.

Higher knowledge will lead to Higher Salaries

With enhanced knowledge, the person will be able to draw a high-end salary. Your skill will establish you as an expert, and your capability will help you generate high pay packages in the job market. Employees who understand the nerves of the market and well equipped with knowledge of developing and converting leads are considered valuable assets to workplaces.

Working Flexibility

The digital market platform provides operational flexibility. Now work is not restricted to the conventional office building. People work from home. Seller from one nation cracks a deal to buy from another country. This all became possible because of the development of the digital network. Digital marketing provides flexibility to work from home. Jobs are not tied up with old and conventional 9 to 6 pm working hours.

Nowadays, certifications and knowledge of digital marketing tactics are considered a foundation for some jobs. With learning and updating with digital marketing techniques, one upgrades their skill set and gets ready for the needs of the present job markets.

Boon for startups

Digital marketing knowledge is a must for startups, as it gives them a reach and helps them establish themselves as a brand. They can easily reach out for fundraising. Nowadays, seed capitalists find startups’ information through their digital market presence and analyze the idea’s viability in digital valuation terms.

But, how to select a good institute for training may be the next question in your mind. Many students get confused to shortlist one good institute and struggle to select one. Here is the guide which can help you in your decision-making.

  • Consider Online reviews:- You can consider online ratings and reviews by old students.
  • Check placement reviews of the institutes:- Sometimes, institutes include placement details of their students on their websites. It gives a significant breakthrough in the placement standards of the institute. Students’ payscales, packages will give an insight into the level of their training efficacies.
  • Feedbacks and reviews on free platforms like quora and youtube:- you can refer to people’s feedback on quora and youtube. Many people share their experiences that help prospective aspirants in their learning journey.
  • Aspirants can compare fee structures of institutes.
  • Value of Certificates in job Market:- You can check how far the certification programs of institutes hold value in the current market scenario. Is their course have valid recognition and support in the market? These are the questions that one must ask.
  • Duration of Course:- Does the period of the course do justice to the syllabus of the course? Will it help you to grab the required knowledge inadequate time?
  • Internship:- Many institutes help their students with an internship. Post-training Internship helps to practice the required skill better as the student gets the real-time job training experience. Thus this is again a factor that students must consider.
  • Modules of the course:– Check the syllabus of the course. Does it cover all essential modules of the course? Training should cover all significant modules and technical topics to make you qualified enough for the job.
  • Reputation and credibility of teaching experts.:- Many times, people teach branding and digital marketing, whereas their subject experts themselves fail to establish themselves as a brand. So check these facts carefully. Does training institute do justice to their own teaching?

To get more insights, read our informative article on How to Choose Digital Marketing Course and Training

Above are some of the factors which one should consider before enrolling with an institute. Selection of institute is one of the critical decisions that one should take after considering many factors.


  • What is the fee for a digital marketing course in Kandivali?

A detailed digital marketing program will cost you anywhere between INR 20000-60000 practical assignments, placement assistance included.

  • What is the average salary of a digital marketer in Kandivali?

The average salary of a digital marketer is around 5 lacs-6 lacs per annum. With experience, you can earn a lot more and once you become an authority leader in your niche, you can charge whatever you deem fit.

  • What is the duration of Digital Marketing courses in Kandivali?

Generally, a digital marketing course in Kandivali is for a duration of 2-3 months but can extend for a little bit more depending on the curriculum, live projects, soft skills training and other such features.

Note from the Author

There is no other thought about the need for digital marketing courses, but one should not limit themselves to one’s surroundings only in the digital world. Webinars and online training facilities provide an excellent window to those aspirants who value quality over accessibility.

Learning is an ongoing process; such courses are helpful to keep an updated and at par with evolving dynamics of the markets.

So digital marketing aspirants of Kandivali, start your journey today itself.

  • Hello I am Shailendra. I am a small business man. I want to know more about digital marketing, as
    I have known that it is a cost-effective form of marketing. Digital marketing does not require huge investments. Small businesses do not require much cost to be spent. To get more knowledge I want to join a digital marketing course in Kandivali. The invite for a demonstration session available on this page is a good means to communicate with the institute. Thanks

  • I am Tejas. I am a content marketer and fitness blogger. I want to know and learn, a) How to measure and evaluate the impact of the marketing efforts I put in on different digital media channels? b) How to make necessary changes after the evaluation, in order to improve? c) How to convert the visitors into our long-term customers? Participating in the institute offering digital marketing training in Kandivali, would be an ideal option. Given the choices for selecting any one institute I prefer joining IIM skills, which also gives a chance to get familiar with the course and institute before enrolment.

  • Hello, I am Rashesh. Firstly I would like to really appreciate this well researched article, very well conceived and presented. It provides clarity about the subject, course ,and concludes very well.
    Now about me, I am a Web Content Manager in a company, and enjoying doing my job. But I believe, having skills in digital marketing would be sort of an added qualification to my portfolio. Because of its huge demand today. I just have basic knowledge about it, and so thinking of upgrading my knowledge to an advanced level. It has become vitally important to possess marketing skills also , for the digital platforms. For this I am looking for a digital marketing institute in Kandivali,to get myself enrolled to it. As a Web Content Manager, this will give leverage to my career. As I prefer online learning, I would like to consider IIM skills for digital marketing training in Kandivali. Based on the points mentioned in the article to consider before decision- making IIM skills seems best.

  • Hi, I am Vaishnavi. I am a budding author. I am currently pursuing MA English. I want to sharpen my Skills. I want to learn publishhig my book on the digital platform and use marketing strategies to promote it. can I do this course along with my studies?

  • hey, Vibhu What is the ideal time for the duration of these courses? as each course have a different duration, it is quite confusing. I am an undergrad student who wants to do a digital marketing course in Kandivali for better job opportunities. By the way great article, it is detailed yet not boring. keep up the good work

  • I am looking for a career switch and want to start my own freelancing service. Can Digital Marketing be the right choice for a freelancer. What are the services as a digital marketing freelancer can provide?

    • Hello Mahima,
      Yes it is the right choice for you
      Visit our IIM SKILLS official website to register and know more about the demo class and the course details.
      Thank you.

  • Hi, This is Pramila. I own a footwear business in Kandivalli. I want to expand my business in terms of online delivery of shoes and also to increase footfall in my shop. I want to know digital marketing and want to pursue this course online. Help me find the best institution for the same.

    • Hello Pramila,
      You can take IIM SKILLS demo class for digital Marketing to understand the course. You can enrol for this demo class from our website. We hope to see you soon.
      Thank you

  • Hello, I am Kriti. I am going to start my own business and I have ideas full of different marketing strategies. I am looking for the doing the Digital marketing sites which will be all beneficial for my business. I am about to launch my clothing line for children and I want to engage more and more customers. Can you suggest me the best out of the above mentioned ?

  • Hi I am Angad. The information looks very promising. But what kind of live or real world exposure will we get from these courses. Is it just theoretical or we get to do internships also. Also are these self paced courses.. can anyone help me?

    • Hello Angad,
      Yes, IIM SKILLS provides internships for every student and also job consultancy.
      You can check details for the demo class on our official website. We would love to hear from you.

  • i m Neena, hi, can u plz share info about the pay scale and positions of employees in Digital Marketing. That would be really helpful for me as i don’t have much idea about this field and want to step in. plz guide

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  • hie , my name is niharika, plz guide me regarding the internship and placement part, i want to join your digital marketing course but i want to be sure first

  • hie plz guide me regarding the internship and placement part, i want to join your digital marketing course but i want to be sure first

  • Hi I am Sourav. The information looks very promising. But what kind of live or real world exposure will we get from these courses. Is it just theoretical or we get to do internships also. Also are these self paced courses.. can anyone help me?

  • Hi. I am Chintan. I have a chain of Departmental store in Kandivali. Because of rush in the store sometimes, I lose customers. So I decided to learn digital marketing and launch an app. I am planning to learn basic, at least, marketing so far now. Please suggest me a good course that wont be very technical because I don’t know much technical stuff.

  • Hi, I am Harish. I want to learn social media marketing and SEO. I am a student and have learnt a little about Digital media through Youtube and went through some free courses as well. I have gained a little knowledge and understood what digital marketing is all about. Now, I want to learn through a proper course that covers all the aspects of Digital Marketing and secure a job in this field.

  • Hello. I am Diya. I was looking for a digital marketing course in my area, and with your list, I’m not quite impressed. This list has given me a lot of information. I want to learn social media marketing because I want to be an influencer in the fashion domain. Will your courses teach Social media marketing in detail?

  • Digital Marketing seems a promising career for future. I want to enroll my daughter in the course. Can someone from your institute contact me.

  • Hi, which specification has more opportunities and pay in digital marketing? Actually, my friend and I have been taking a course together and we got into a discussion about the pay. Is it content marketing? I think this is the one field one should pick if he/she aims at making a lot of money. right?

  • IIM SKILLS is the best institute for digital marketing. It’s not really long since IIM SKILLS was established but it has performed tremendously well as a digital marketing institute.

  • I am a housewife. And I am also a content writer. I want to start my business related to cooking. My son and I want to start this business. That is why I am learning digital marketing. Your blogs are very nice. Very informative. Where can we book the course? And can two people join from the same course?

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