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Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Program: A Complete Updated Guide (2024)

Flipkart is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in India, and people are interested in making money through the Flipkart affiliate marketing program. Here’s a complete guide. Affiliate Marketing has remained one of the most coveted and popular means of earning an income through online marketing. It is mainly based on your skills to convince and help make sales. Hence you don’t require any formal degree to start earning through affiliate marketing. Let’s jump right into the Flipkart affiliate marketing program and learn more about it.

Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Program A Complete Guide

Today we are going to take the model of the Flipkart Affiliate Marketing program and study what it entails. Flipkart is one of the most popular E-Commerce giants in India opened up immense opportunities for people to earn income through their affiliate programs..

Affiliate Marketing is one of the easiest ways to earn provided you have the basic skill of inspiring others to take the desired action. Remember, affiliate marketing is to provide value to the lives of customers by recommending products that can come to their use. It requires sincerity and truthfulness on the part of affiliate marketers when promoting a product.

What exactly is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is simply the module of digital marketing whereby you earn a certain amount of money as a commission by promulgating a product or service of other companies and brands to your online customers and website visitors.

Flipkart, as we all know, is one of the most popular E-Commerce companies that house several products that a person requires in their life. Flipkart was founded in 2007  by Sachin and Binny Bansal who are not brothers as commonly mistaken due to their surname. Since then, it has only gained momentum and a favorable reputation by providing quality service to its customers.

Whether it is electronics, kitchen appliances, home appliances, clothing, footwear, watches, baby products, featured products, furniture, home decor, books, music, auto accessories, food essentials, health, and nutrition product, stationery, or medical supplies, Flipkart has it all.

With the vast amount of products that it deals in regularly, Flipkart provides myriad opportunities for affiliate marketing through the promotion of the products on their E-Commerce platform.

If we look at our daily habits and patterns you will see how eCommerce companies have become an indispensable part of our everyday life.

With eCommerce platforms opening up, every company aims to provide a mobile responsive site or an app exclusively for smartphones.

So Flipkart is available to us on a 5-inch smartphone whenever and wherever we want. Just think back to how many times you opened your Flipkart app when you wanted to make a purchasing decision.

That is the power of all the popular E-Commerce businesses in India that helps you not only to buy products but also to earn money from those very products that you advocate.

The only requirement for you earning a substantial amount of money through affiliate programs on Flipkart or any other such platforms is that you have to attract certain traffic to your website for people to take notice of those products. Additionally, you need an affiliate account on Flipkart and a bank account to link the two. And you are set to become an affiliate marketer for Flipkart.

The process of making money by becoming a Flipkart affiliate is easy. with a little bit of practice and a little bit of proficiency in understanding affiliate marketing, you can turn this into a great source of income whether you have a day job or not.

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The Steps at a glance

The steps are simple to implement. You promote the links of products on your website or app. You drive your traffic i.e. your online visitors to Flipkart and when they purchase a product through the link you put up, you earn commissions from it.

The Flipkart affiliate program has also introduced the app install tracking and attribution through which Flipkart provides affiliate partners the chance to earn even more commissions.

According to Mehul Jobanputra co-founder DesiDime

Flipkart has been one of the early adopters of affiliate marketing as a channel in India. Having developed the technology internally, they have much better control and understanding of their publisher’s requirements. Feeds, reporting widgets are all well integrated within the affiliate panel. To top it all a helpful team which understand affiliate marketing very well.

Let’s have a look at the various components that make up the Affiliate Marketing Program on Flipkart

Direct install and Fallback install

Direct Install

This is when you can convince your website visitor to install the Flipkart app without any firm decision on purchasing a product or service from Flipkart. It is called direct install because it is not influenced by the urge to buy anything. Just your word is enough.

They have also launched a CPI (Cost per Install) campaign in Direct install for affiliate partners. For the CPI campaign, the only condition is that the geographical location should be India and android devices. You have to strictly adhere to the rules to be eligible for direct install commissions. Go through the website for details.

FallBack Install 

Fallback install is when the user does not have the Flipkart app installed but want to purchase a product from Flipkart. In that case, your website will redirect the user to the Flipkart app on their iOS or Android phones.

They will download it from the Android or iOS store. They have to open the app within 2 weeks of installing it. You will be paid for the app download (fallback install) but not for the orders placed in the same session.

The affiliate account panel provides the URL for these CPI direct install campaigns as well as the app installation report and download features. You will have to go to their most recent updates on the policies when you apply for their affiliate program.

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Why choose Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Program?

  • Great Commission Rates

Flipkart strives to help its affiliate marketers with the maximum percentage of commission for every product category. You can earn up to 20% commission on the various products that are on sale on the site. Flipkart affiliate program is designed in such a way that it reinforces the belief that affiliate programs are the best ways to earn passive income in the digital space.

  • Best internally developed Technology

Flipkart has been the pioneers where affiliate marketing is concerned. They gauged the potential of bringing in affiliate marketers to promulgate their products to a wide range of audiences. They also have the technology internally developed which means that they have a better comprehension of the requirements of publishers.

You have several affiliate tools, widgets, feeds, interwoven, and integrated into the affiliate panel that helps in the easy maneuvering of the affiliate program for any individual.

  • An array of products to choose from for your affiliate program

Flipkart enjoys excellent traffic to their website. This has facilitated the selling of diverse products in several categories. Affiliate marketers are spoilt for choice as to which products to promote. Flipkart provides you with the opportunity to specialize in many products at the same time to earn maximum commission.

  • Performance-oriented

Flipkart provides great incentives for affiliate marketers to perform better. The program is formulated in a way that it motivates the affiliate marketers to drive maximum qualified leads and conversions to the Flipkart app. A lackadaisical approach won’t work. The rewards are fantastic which further incentivizes the marketers to put their best foot forward. So everyone works with the best they can.

  • Cost-effective

The affiliate program is extremely cost-effective. Marketers don’t have to spend any money to turn into affiliate marketers for Flipkart. This has propelled individuals to take up the program because it’s highly rewarding without any great monetary investments. What you need to invest are your time and effort in making a sincere approach to promoting the goods.

  • High conversion rates

Flipkart has some of the most high-quality brands to offer. Their several categories of goods and a high rate of sales are a testament to the amazing conversion rates.

It reinstates the faith in Flipkart as an organization and affiliate marketers have the best possible commissions from the products they promulgate.

It has been seen in various studies that more than 75% of visitors leave a site within the first 30 seconds of entering a website. That might be due to various reasons like a slow loading page, an unappealing website design, issues with the user interface.

Flipkart is one site that has a very high conversion rate which means all the factors contribute to better page visits and more purchases on the site.

  • Diverse Range of tools

Flipkart has an amazing range of tools for affiliate marketing purposes. From the predesigned product links and banners, promotional banners and widgets, search tools, and APIs they provide so many options to an affiliate marketer. These tools further help in converting qualified leads to consumers.

  • Real-time Reports and Analysis

They have the feature of real-time reports that give you a clear idea about the efficacy of your leads and conversions. The reports also provide details of your overall achievements and performances. Based on that you can determine your strengths and weak points. It helps in optimizing your strategy for affiliate marketing.

Commission Details

The commissions vary according to the category of goods. There are other parameters also such as desktop/ mobile websites and mobile apps. Also, new customer orders and existing customer orders for both desktop and mobile apps.

Commission for product categories are as follows

  • Books And General Merchandise Up To 10%
  • Furniture Up To 8%
  • Sports, Fitness Equipment 5%
  • Food And Nutrition In The Non-grocery Category Up To 5%
  • Electronic Devices And Accessories Up To 4%
  • Fashion And Lifestyle Including Wallets Clothing, Footwear Up To 4%.

There Are Categories For Electronic Appliances Such As Televisions Mobiles etc. One Can Earn Up To Rs 500 As Well As 2% Depending On The Products They Are Marketing. Gemstones, Gold And Silver Coins have a Commission of .1%

Offers, Discounts

Flipkart offers a variety of discounts, sales promotions, coupons as their marketing strategy that can help affiliate marketers drive traffic to their site. The promotional techniques are incentives enough for visitors of the site to go and buy the products thereby providing affiliate marketers more chances of getting commissions.

Commissions at a glance

Roughly the commission ranges from 6 to 12% for books, 12% for ebooks, mobile up to 5%, computers up to 6%, toys 6 – 20% cameras 4%. There can be changes in the Flipkart policy and for the latest developments and commission rates, you have to visit the site for more details.

How to become an Affiliate Marketer on Flipkart? 

  1. Register with Flipkart 

You have to sign up on their Flipkart Affiliate Program link. Provide all the personal details required. Your only prerequisite to becoming a member of the appropriate marketing program is to have a website/ blog and your Pan Card. The documents required might vary according to Flipkart’s policies. Pan Cards are only necessary for affiliates inside India.

Payment Methods

There are two types of receiving payment –

  1. Gift Voucher
  2. Electronic Fund Transfer

If you choose the option of Gift Voucher, Flipkart withholds a referral fee up to Rs 2500. In the case of Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT), Flipkart will make payment when the total amount due is 5000 or more.

In case, a customer decides to cancel or return a product they have a provision to do so within 30 days from the date of purchase. Affiliates are only paid for products that are not returned within the 30-day time frame.

  1. Provide details

Provide the details required like address proof in case of electronic fund transfer and other important details required to start your account in the affiliate program of Flipkart.

You will be asked to provide your email ID. After successful registration, you will be given an OTP on the registered email address.

You will also be asked to provide your mobile number for verification. You will be given a Flipkart affiliate tracking ID after a successful registration.

A tracking ID is required to connect the details of your affiliate marketing process. It is used to connect Flipkart and you as an affiliate marketer together to keep track of sales and commission generated.

If you get stuck in any of these steps you can always contact them through their website help and support. You will be asked to provide your affiliate tracking id(optional) on the help desk along with your email ID.

Once you put in all the details like the email you registered and the source of your problem Flipkart will get back to you as soon as possible.

People who have a website will enter their website details and people who want to continue with affiliate Marketing through the mobile app will have to enter the link of that app.

  1. Refer visitors of your website to the Flipkart site and product/ service

There are plenty of products to choose from the Flipkarts various category section. Your online visitors follow the link provided by you to Flipkart and make purchases. Link your website with Flipkart and choose the items you want to promote from the plethora of products available.

  1. Select a niche 

You have to select specific products for promulgation. This means you have to convince visitors of your ability to provide high-quality content related to the products you link on your website. This requires you to research the market for niches and decide where your inclinations lie. It might be fashion and apparel, electronics, or sports.

Make sure to get as much information as you can on the topics that intrigue you and create a content strategy around your niche.

5. Create High-quality Content on your blog

As mentioned earlier, one of the quintessential requirements for a Flipkart affiliate marketing program is for your website to have adequate traffic that you can refer to the Flipkart site.

You will only have visitors on your website if you provide high-grade content that is going to come to some use to your visitors. Concentrate on creating a good content strategy. Provide inspirational, and useful content for your visitors to ensure an increased number of visitors on your site.

Some of the ways you can create a good content strategy are to optimize your web page for speedy loading, great Search Engine Optimization techniques, an appealing theme, connecting your social media platforms to your website.

And most importantly, choose a good domain name and hosting service provider that can help with uninterrupted service on your website.

  1. Promote your Content

After creating and posting your content on your website or blog, make sure to disseminate and spread the word around about your blog posts and website on every medium possible like social media discussion forums.

You can also use email marketing, SMS marketing, and other digital marketing modules to get your word across. This will give you more visibility, exposure and you will be able to drive more traffic to the Flipkart website through your site.

  1. Affiliate tools

When you decide to promote a product on your website or app you will need an affiliate link that will take your visitor to that particular product that you are endorsing.

Types of affiliate tools on Flipkart

  • Product Links and Banners

Flipkart makes it easy for you to build product links and banners to paste on your website. Once your visitor clicks on that banner and reaches the website, they have to purchase in that session for you to get your commission.

Remember the product links and banners are used to promote a specific product. It can be customized according to your preference and it helps to enrich your website. Flipkart has made the affiliate tools compatible with both mobile and desktop mediums.

  • Promotional banners and widgets

Widgets provide your website with an appealing overall structure. The enrich your website and help to increase engagement with users through interactive content.

Flipkart provides HTML for your widget. It is customizable according to your preference and can be auto-tagged with your affiliate ID. Flipkart ensures that implementing widgets into your website is hassle-free and reaps results. You have push WIdgets, Bookmarklet widgets, and promotional widgets.

They are updated with the latest information. Any changes in the product price or specification will reflect on the widget on your website.

Flipkart has come up with the new affiliate bookmarklet widget. This helps to generate Flipkart affiliate links directly without having to log in to the affiliate dashboard.

There are some new features as well such as live tracking on all Flipkart mobile apps that include Android, IOS, and Windows.

  • Search tools

This is another very useful tool for the affiliate program that you can use for your website. Flipkart allows you to use the Flipkart search tool like any search bar you get in a search engine. This will seamlessly help your visitors to search for something on the search bar and move to the Flipkart website to explore further.

For affiliate marketers, Flipkart offers search tools that are responsive to your web page layout. Search tools also help in better conversion rates owing to the feature of the Keyword search on the search bar.

The keywords open up the opportunity of a wide range of products to choose from thereby creating more authority leadership of your website and a greater chance of increased commission rates.

  • APIs

API or application programming interface is a software that facilitates the interaction between two applications. The work of Flipkart API is to provide a connection between Flipkart and your website or blog.

You can generate an API code, copy and paste it to your website. This application programming interface on Flipkart makes it possible for your visitors to access product catalogs and exclusive products. They also help in the increased discovery of Flipkart products based on search frequency.

The advantage of using Flipkart API is you get access to several products in various categories. You can look up product information with distinctive features and promote Flipkart products through API. You can integrate API and accumulate the information in a customized system using technical support and detailed documentation.

How to generate a product link?

Search for a product and select it. Choose a product that is related to your needs and one that your target customers will be interested in.

You can customize the link and banner by choosing between a text link or a button link. If it is a text link you have to edit the text link. There are three button link types available to choose from.

After you zeroed in on your customization. generate the code for that product. Once that code is generated you copy it and then paste it on your website. That hyperlinked code will take your visitor to the Flipkart products and then they can make a purchasing decision.

Now when do you actually get paid in the whole process? 

When your visitor clicks on the promotion code link on your website and reaches the Flipkart site they have to purchase something in the same session via that code. That will make you eligible for an affiliate commission based on the product they have purchased.

You only have to highlight the code in a text box, copy and paste the code on your website for the link to become active.

In the case of buttons, you follow the same procedure but only choose the button from the options listed.

How to get noticed as a Flipkart affiliate marketer? 

An affiliate marketer has to deliver focused content to the target customers and visitors to come to notice. You have to be able to choose the correct products to promote on your website that will draw attention. It requires you to be knowledgeable and well versed in the product you wish to promote on your website.

The next way to increase your income and get noticed is to create content that emphasizes the distinctive features of the product your promoting. Learn a little about the several tools that help you to get noticed as an affiliate marketer.

Some of your products may perform better if you provide button and text links. For some products, promotional banners might be a more advantageous tool to choose from.

For Example, if your niche is electronics, you might want to use a banner ad on your website with customized designs, colors, and fonts. A mobile phone in a banner ad is more appealing than a text ad.

Call to Action 

Proper placing of the call to action buttons is also important in the case of affiliate marketing. Heat maps that show up how much your user is navigating through your web page is an important indication of where to place your ad to get maximum visibility and CTR.

In this regard, you have to be proficient in dealing with digital marketing tools that provide information on your web page and page visits.

Start a video marketing channel on YouTube

You will find a lot of YouTube channels that promote books, electronic items, apparel, furniture, home products, and home décor. They usually provided a detailed explanation of the product in the description box. They also provide affiliate links that take you directly to the Flipkart website where you can purchase the product you like.

Optimized Content for search engines

The more organic traffic you drive to your website, the more credibility you achieve as a digital marketer. Keep abreast of Google algorithms and how it can impact your search engine rankings.

Incorporate relevant keywords as much as possible. Provide content that provides more value than blogs in your niche-specific market. Go through blog posts, case studies, specifications of the product you are going to promote, research well, and then write.

You should provide accurate information if you want to be a successful affiliate Marketer. If you are not sure about a certain aspect of the product, ask the relevant people, and then provide the information. Your will to learn, glean information is a great factor for you to become a good affiliate marketer.

Conversely, make sure the product you are endorsing is of high quality. This needs product research as well. Even if your intentions are good a faulty product might turn off your loyal visitors. That can be detrimental to your online presence overall and your earnings as an affiliate marketer.

Motivation, Patience, and Resilience

Though this holds for any career path you choose, it is all the more applicable to affiliate marketers since it may take some time for your efforts to come to fruition.

If you have confidence in the product you are promoting and faith in the content that you disseminate be sure that it is going to yield results in a very short period.

You have to keep yourself motivated, resilient, and give your strategy time to work. In the meantime update yourself with the latest knowledge best practices and incorporate them on your website as much as you can.

Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Reports

The different reports available for your Flipkart affiliate program are payment reports, order reports, and traffic reports.

The payment reports keep you updated about your earnings as an affiliate marketer. The order report gives you the details of the products purchased and the orders made. If the buyer cancels or returns an order, you get that information too.

There are different types of order status is such as approved products, pending products, cancelled products, and disapproved products.

The third category is traffic reports where you get details of the number of times the link you posted on your website or blog was clicked on your webpage. Flipkart allows you to implement affiliate links to any site you own subject to terms and conditions.

Advantages of a good affiliate program like Flipkart

  • Lucrative Income Option

A good affiliate program like Flipkart has a lot of advantages that can help you with a substantial amount of money in a very efficient manner.

Affiliate marketing is a million-dollar industry that can prove to be a very lucrative mode of income. It is a tested and proven method that drives results provided you promote high-quality products with honesty.

  • Cost-efficient

Since affiliate programs like Flipkart do not charge any costs to turn into affiliate marketers, it is an extremely cost-effective opportunity to create passive or active income. You don’t have any conditions to join an affiliate program other than your drive to become successful in the field.

  • No enhanced skill sets necessarily

You don’t have to venture into this business with an enhanced skill set. It is mostly a job that is learned practically, on the go. This means you gain expertise as you start working as an affiliate marketer for products and services.

Read up on affiliate marketing, and content marketing. Content comprises a very important part of the affiliate marketing process.

Along with starting the business, you can also start writing content that is relevant to the product you want to promote. In this way, your writing skills improve, you provide more information to your visitors. As a result, you get more qualified leads that you can refer to the affiliate website like Flipkart.

  • Independence

Like in other digital marketing campaigns, affiliate marketing has become a very important part of digital marketing today. It offers you the independence and flexibility of working from wherever you want, whenever you want.

You can work from the office, at your home or a coffee shop. As long as you are delivering results you don’t have to worry about any other thing.

Furthermore, you are only concerned with promoting the product and delineating its distinctive feature. You can transfer any technical question or grievance about the product to the seller for resolution.

The onus is not on you to provide additional details on specifications or technical aspects of the product you are promulgating.

  • Boosts your confidence with every sale you make

As soon as you start to make sales your confidence in your abilities develops. You become much more incisive and understand what works and what doesn’t.

  • No extra effort for strategizing marketing technique

Just like in the Flipkart affiliate program, most of these affiliate marketing sites come with their pre-designed affiliate tools in the form of widgets, banners, reports, dashboards for analysis, and other marketing elements.

Therefore you are only concerned with providing the right kind of information about the product. The work pressure is less and you get all the marketing techniques you need from the sellers and vendors as well as the eCommerce platform.

  • Plenty of channels to promulgate a product and earn

once you are an affiliate marketer you get many digital marketing channels to promote your product on. With distinguished businesses like Flipkart, you get the opportunity of collaborating with them on several digital marketing platforms and getting information on their products and services as well.

  • Allows you to choose

A good affiliate program has several categories that you can select and then promote. Flipkart has several items to choose from and gives you a lot of opportunities to explore. You can then decide which specific items to promote on your website based on your proficiency.

  • Seller Transparency

As an affiliate marketer, you have to be confident in the transparency of the merchant who is selling the product for a good affiliate program.

Make sure that the seller is transparent and the product you are advertising truly has the qualities that you are promoting it for. A fraudulent product does not bode well with anyone and can harm your reputation irreparably.

  • The more popular the brand the more chances of higher commission

Affiliate marketers have the option of choosing products according to brand equity. Many times the more the brand reputation of a product the more commission you are likely to get from affiliate links. Scout all web channels to derive information about the product and brand you are promoting.


Digital marketing and its modules, are not elements that you can learn theoretically. You need practical projects for them.

However, there are digital institutes that can give you practical training on affiliate marketing and help you earn that first income from your role as an affiliate marketer. A course from an eminent Institute can help you specialize in affiliate marketing along with other aspects of digital marketing.  These modules can be complementary to the affiliate marketing module.

Dedication and the will to pursue a career that you are passionate about can help you achieve great success in the field of affiliate marketing. Since affiliate marketing is not something that you learn from books you need to explore and research digital mediums to understand what affiliate marketing is all about.

Flipkart is one of the most popular choices for affiliate marketers to start their career in affiliate marketing. Any business venture requires proper analysis and groundwork to comprehend how it works. Make sure to leverage the benefits of the internet to obtain as much information as you can on affiliate marketing and then proceed.


Q. Is it is easy to start affiliate marketing without any experience?

Yes you can start as a beginner but its not going to be easy as you think. It is a slow process towards success. You need skill and marketing experience.

Q. Is it Easy to make profits in affiliate marketing?

It can be extremely profitable but requires lot of marketing skills and experience.

Q. Which is best platform to learn digital marketing?

IIM SKILLS is the most preferred choice when it comes to skill development courses.


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