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Amazon Affiliate Program in 2024- A Complete Guide

Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce stores, and therefore many people try making some money through the amazon affiliate program. Well, here’s a complete guide to the amazon affiliate program in 2024.

Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce conglomerates who came to India in 2012 and set up their first shopping website in 2013. Today Amazon’s affiliate program called the Amazon Associate Program is probably the fastest and most convenient way of earning an income through any Affiliate Program. 

Today we delve into the essentials of the Amazon Affiliate Marketing program in detail. Affiliate Marketing has become the norm today as a steady means of income. You can find several affiliate marketers on different digital channels and websites today promulgating more than one product or service for Amazon.

Nasscom through its survey has revealed how India is a thriving ecosystem for new entrepreneurial endeavors today. The trend is only getting more popular by the day.

India ranks in the top 3 where affiliate marketing is concerned. The aim of every company small or large is to drive qualified traffic and create conversions.

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Affiliates help to expedite the process. Additionally, they bring tremendous traffic from their own set of visitors thereby, giving corporate organizations and companies access to newer audience bases to focus on.

Amazon Associates Program was launched in 1996 after careful planning and strategy that spanned over more than a decade. Today, website owners, influencers, product developers, content creators sellers all are actively involved in the Amazon affiliate program.

Just like any other affiliate program, Amazon mentions the steps to generate code links for the products you want to promote on their website. You create links and paste them on your website or blog where you can drive traffic and generate sales.

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The Concern of Saturation in Affiliate Marketing

Various studies have suggested that though it might seem that affiliate marketing is attaining a saturation point, it is here to stay. There is no denying that with so many affiliates there might be such a perception.

However, there is still a humongous opportunity for very successful Affiliate Marketing in many niche areas. For Example, gadgets, electronic devices, home decor, organic products to name a few.

The only prerequisite in the coming years would be to promote a product that is distinctive and high-quality. Focussed content on a particular niche would work wonders today.

Like the home decor is a broad concept, but handmade home decors can be a niche that can present vast opportunities for Affiliate Marketing.

The Amazon Affiliate Program in India

The Amazon affiliate program is a free and most convenient way to join a potent affiliate program. They have only one condition to your joining the program. There should be no third party advertisers approvals. You can also handle and manage multiple properties from your one account in the Amazon affiliate program in India.

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Process of Successful Amazon Affiliate Marketing

  1. Pick a topic

Amazon has a wide range of products that you can promote. However, selecting a product for careful review requires you to have an understanding of the product with complete clarity.

If you are prepared and confident of the product you are promoting it will make a much better impact on your visitors and traffic. That will propel the improvement of your chances of earning through affiliate marketing.

Choose products that interest you and keep your interest going. If you plan to have an affiliate marketing career, in the long run, you need to be excited about the products you choose to promulgate.

If you are not passionate about the product you are promoting your audience will catch onto it. That can be detrimental to your reputation of being an affiliate marketer.

  1. Research

Before venturing into affiliate marketing read up everything you can about it in detail. You should be completely clear when signing up for affiliate marketing.

  1. Learn the fundamentals of Web applications, & HTML. 

You do not need an in-depth understanding of content management systems (CMS), web applications, plugins. But a fundamental knowledge of these elements will come to great use.

Today we have a plethora of very efficient CMS like WordPress. Wix, Magento. You do not need to get into the technicalities of managing a website.

Understanding of plugins and different applications is required for inserting hyperlinks, images, banners, text, etc. There are plenty of ways in which you can make your website attractive for visitors which will father help you in your affiliate marketing.

  1. Create a website preferably with WordPress

The next step is to create a WordPress website. But before that, you have to pick a domain name to choose a web hosting service and register that domain name with your web hosting.

When you look for a domain name the domain services come up with options for you. You should choose a domain name on your own. Decide on a domain name that is popular in keyword searches for online users.

You can register your domain name with your hosting service. If you technically inclined you can choose a different website hosting provider and domain name from a different service and integrate the two.

For Example, a lot of people choose a domain name from Godaddy and choose Bluehost, Hostgator. Conversely, some choose to opt for Godaddy for both domain names and web hosting service.

Companies like GoDaddy offers you the option to register your domain name with them and provide several incentives for your products.

Once you decide on a domain name and hosting, install WordPress. WordPress remains a popular content management system because it is very easy to write, publish, and manage WordPress. It offers a variety of themes and templates too. It is easy to install WordPress on hosting services.

  1. Choose attractive themes and templates

Setting up your website is the next important step in your process of affiliate marketing. The quintessential element of your role as affiliate marketers is that your website derives considerable traffic.

The first requirement is to create a website that has appealing themes and templates. The user interface should be smooth and a visitor should not have a problem navigating any part of the website. Make sure the pages are speed optimized as well.

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  1. Use all the necessary plugins

Plugins make our lives easier in the online domain. Application software that helps you to add innumerable features to your content management system. Sucuri Security, All in SEO Pack WP plugin, social media management plugins are some very important plugins. They need to be installed for your website to work smoothly.

  1. Set up your blog and choose an appropriate SEO plugin

You need a good Search Engine Optimization plugin like Yoast for your content to rank good in search engines. Yoast provides several analyses and reports by which you can understand whether you are doing SEO properly.

There are several readability factors as well as optimization features that have to be fulfilled. Yoast helps you to fulfill these and get your organic content rank high in search engine results pages.

Another important factor is to categorize your blog articles so that it is easy for you to organize your website. The purpose is for readers to find the thing they look for when they visit your website. Categories come with subcategories that help specifically to read about topics based on the preferences and choices.

For example

If you have a recipe blog then you can categorize it into savory and sweet for better management. Or maybe ketogenic diet, Intermittent Fasting diets, etc. It is also going to be easily accessible to your visitors thus driving qualified traffic for conversions.

  1. Sign up as Amazon affiliate

The next step is the most important step for the Amazon affiliate program. You go to the Amazon Associates Site page and click on the Join option. Amazon will peruse your website before approving it for the Amazon affiliate program.

There has to be a privacy policy on a legal disclaimer on your website regarding Amazon that notifies people about your role as an affiliate marketer. There are also terms and conditions that you have to abide by stringently. Amazon emphasizes full transparency.

  1. Bookmarklet

The bookmarklet should appear on the bottom of your blog software after you signed on with Amazon. Click on the bookmarklet link and drag it to to the browser or favorites option.

This gives you the advantage of updating any of your blogs about the product conveniently. You can go to that favorites menu and click with the mouse and that blog page appears where you can update information.

The next step is to build the link with your affiliate ID. You go to the Associate Dashboard and go to build a link option. you will get static links option there you look for individual items and you drag those items that you have chosen to the favorites option.

  1. Create your First Affiliate Marketing Link

Once you have access the Amazon associates account you search for products you want to create links for. Then you can use several tools available to get a personalized link to the particular product you want to promote in your blog.

Amazon provides tools for every website. You don’t need to be technological extremely proficient to leverage the benefits of the tools offered. Your action should be to only cut and then paste the link to any product or service that is categorized on their website.

The tools are as follows

  • Site stripe

In this, you add links and can easily view your earnings. You can navigate to an Amazon product page and build a short URL from the site stripe toolbar.

Once that link is generated you can share it on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to post an update to the social channels. When you link that to the social media channels your visitors can directly go to Amazon page you are viewing through that link. The other options are Product Links, Banners, and Product Advertising API for advanced users.

  • Product links

Product links help to link a certain product of Amazon and show relevant information about that product. The tools help you to customize text links, image links & text, and image links only to the Amazon products and services.

There are other options like Promotional and Announcement banners that Amazon services directly to your website. You can enhance your product links with previews, Easy links as well.

  • Banners

Banners are another important tool that helps to link Amazon product categories and promotions with appealing and attractive graphical banners.

There are plenty of options to choose in terms of sizes and shapes of standard banners. You also get to choose special templates for festivities and other important days like Mother’s Day, Christmas, Diwali, etc.

  • APIs

The APIs are for advanced users and provides programmatic access to Amazon customized selection. You also have discovered functionality so that products can be integrated directly into your website. A wide array of products are found with this option.

With product advertising API you can access plenty of products and include features like 

  • Product Search
  • Lookup Capability
  • Product Information
  • Customer Care
  • Similar Products
  • Wishlist
  • New listings.

All of this can further be understood in detail from the product advertising API page of the Amazon associates program.

  1. Review The Product in Blog Posts

After you successfully incorporate all the tools, themes, and necessary features for the Amazon affiliate link you will have to review the product in your blog.

This is easier said than done because you have to possess a thorough knowledge of the product, how it can help your website visitors and prospective customers.

Now once your review is complete you will have to click on your blog posting link. If you use WordPress the following two link codes will appear.

“<Associates Build a Link></a>”.

Delete that part. Then you will come to the second link part – link to the product with Amazon associate ID built-in. 

You will have to write down your product review, choose the category, and then post.  When writing a review make sure you delineate all the important points of that product clearly in the very first paragraphs to avoid any ambiguity about the product.

Your readers would want to get to the relevant point before making a purchasing decision. The user attention span is low. Make your review useful and succinct.

  1. Set up a worthwhile blog and Promote your site 

Before your website starts to get traffic for your affiliate marketing purposes you will have to create a meaningful blog that provides value. One that honestly makes an effort to educate your online users and visitors.

You can write about 4-5 product reviews for every category that you create. Do not limit yourself to only writing reviews of the product but provide more information like relevant articles, comments, news, testimonials, and updated information about that product.

The more you invest time in blogging, the more authority leadership you gain in your niche. The search engines tend to better rank those sites that have in-depth information on the topics.

After you have set up your blog and it looks professional, you should make all efforts to promulgate on several digital channels available.

Guest Blogging, Networking, participating in discussions, and online communities that are relevant to your topic are good ways to create a buzz about your website.

Once your network well and get brand authority figures to recognize your website your first steps to a successful affiliate marketing career starts.

Affiliate Advertising Fees 

  • Apparel Accessories 9%
  • Toys And Baby Products, Kitchen Appliances Kitchen And House-ware 9%
  • Sports Fitness And Outdoors Do-it-yourself Tools 9%
  • Books Grocery And Gourmet Pantry Stationery 8%
  • Health Beauty And Personal Products 8%
  • Jewelry 8%
  • Industrial And Scientific Products Musical Instruments 8%
  • Movies, Music, Software, Video, Games Large Appliances 5%
  • Televisions Computers Consumer Electronics And Accessories 4%
  • Mobile Phones Tires And Rims 2.5 %
  • Data Storage Devices 2%
  • Gold And Silver Coins .2%
  • Furniture Kindle Devices Ebooks Fire Tv Stick And Other Amazon Devices 10%.

There is also a special program fee which is known as bounty events.

  • Prime paid membership fee -Amazon business bounty fee 200
  • Audible free trial bounty fee 150
  • Audible Paid membership bounty fee 150

There are special offers and promotions too. Amazon makes changes to the commission rates as and when they deem fit. There is also a special stimulus on commissions from time to time.

Unlimited time offers, promotions may help you earn even more. Another advantage of these promotions is that they can be applied to products that were previously excluded from advertising fees.

The Amazon affiliate program fee and schedule can be changed. The participants are notified of the same as soon as the changes appear.

Before taking up an affiliate program do go through their operating agreement and qualifying purchases to avoid any confusion later on.

Why choose Amazon Affiliate Program? 

  1. Leading Brand

Amazon is an eminent E-Commerce brand and a giant conglomerate with its businesses spread all around the world. Moreover, Amazon has a huge audience base and people trust them to provide the best quality products.

Right from the process from purchasing to delivery is extremely convenient. Additionally, the Amazon website is accessible to everyone and even a man without much technical knowledge can easily make purchases thereby making it the most trustworthy E-Commerce platform on the web.

  1. Great Commission Rates

Amazon has great commission rates you can earn up to 10% -15% referral fees with your affiliate marketing campaign on Amazon. Since the commission rates vary you can get up offers and high commissions on select products subject to conditions.

  1. Easy Dashboard Maneuvering

The Amazon affiliate marketing program is extremely easy and convenient for affiliate marketers all across the globe. The dashboard- Amazon control panel has several good resources, images, widgets, and software to make your process as hassle-free as possible.

  1. Commission on Additional Buying

If you go through the Amazon policies, many times you will see provisions on commission for additional purchases.  Since they have a wide array of products there is an opportunity for most sales across different categories and subcategories.

This helps affiliate marketers to earn extra income from products additionally purchased through affiliate links. Apart from the product purchase on your recommendation and through your link, you get an extra commission for every additional purchase they make through the different tools available like API.

  1. Great Offers on several Items 

Amazon comes up with several offers discount coupons. Any festival or special occasion is a great opportunity for you to drive traffic and propel your visitors to buy the products you recommend thereby earning hefty commissions.

Festive seasons are great chances for the consumer as well as affiliate marketers from Amazon. This can be very rewarding and you can have great incentives in terms of commission.

  1. Plenty of options for affiliate links

Amazon provides several options for you to link a product to your website. There are plenty of options and layouts to choose from.

Moreover, there are so many products that you can gain knowledge on, the work of affiliate marketing never gets boring. You don’t have a particular set of categories to choose from. No mandatory restrictions on the products you choose to promote.

You can always review and recommend any product you like. Therefore, you always have a lot of room for making changes reviewing different products, and getting the interest and intrigue going.

Tips to increase sales through your Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program

  1. Provide high-quality Blog Articles

Ensure that you create articles of high quality and provide all the information about the product. It should help your visitors make purchasing decisions without going anywhere else to find pertinent information. Everything should be on your website whether it is information on the specifications, price, features, and distinctive qualities.

  1. Be consistent in posting your reviews

A successful affiliate marketer for the Amazon Affiliate Program is one who is consistent in posting articles, reviews, recommendations, with consistency. You should be able to cultivate faith in your readers as a thought leader on the product you are promulgating.  Since Amazon affiliate links expire every 24 hours be regular and consistent in providing fresh links.

  1. Dabble in a variety of product for expanding your target customer base

The Amazon website has several categories of products. There are distinctive products and subcategories too. Make sure that you choose a variety of products over time to earn more commission from your affiliate marketing program.

You get a commission only when someone purchases from the link you post on your website. Therefore you have to make sure that the entire selling cycle is completed. Your advertising is not enough for the product. ALso promoting different products help beat the monotony of reviewing the same set of products.

  1. Employ email marketing and other forms of digital marketing to connect in engage

Connecting and engagement with consumers are of paramount importance for better commissions. There is nothing more beneficial for a marketer than to build a strong rapport with your visitors.

Ensure that you employ digital marketing techniques like email marketing, SMS marketing, and social media marketing like WhatsApp marketing to inform and connect with your consumers. Remember you will only earn commissions if a consumer purchase through your affiliate link.

  1. Put a proper CTA

There are many proven CTA (Call to Action) for affiliates that reap great results. Buy Now! Subscribe! Get the deal! Add to Cart is some successful CTAs. You have to evenly distribute CTA throughout your web copy.

Promoting a product or service through the affiliate program can help your visitors with information. But you need a distinct call to action button to make sure that your efforts fructify.

You should create compelling CTA that will take your readers to the Amazon product page so they can make the purchase there and then. Be proactive in choosing a CTA of impact.

  1. Aim for high priced products gradually

A genuine review of high priced articles can get you great commissions as compared to moderately priced items. Since you are already aware of commission rates for products and services aim for the items that have a higher commission rate.

That will require you to have an understanding of the product and provide even more information. When your visitor makes a purchasing decision on high priced products, they look forward to getting as much information on it as possible.  Ensure that your website covers every possible query that may arise before making the purchasing decision.

  1. Never miss posting articles on special occasions

This is again very vital for any affiliate marketer. There are special offers discounts for visitors on the Amazon website on festivities and special occasions. Also during any special occasion like Diwali, Dhnteras, Christmas, the purchasing power of the public increases facilitating more purchases.

Therefore make sure that you post reviews and links to items unique to special occasions and seasons. You can always schedule blog posts for 6 months period to have clarity on your content marketing strategy in your affiliate program. This entails recognizing the seasonal offers from beforehand and creating a schedule for posts.

With special occasions, you have a chance of earning higher commissions. Therefore never let go of that opportunity and plan accordingly.

  1. Optimize your site

Make use of Search Engine Optimization tools and other digital applications that help you to optimize your blog. The user interface call to action button and navigation should be very convenient for a user.

Remember you can only be successful if your visitor is happy with your website. Ensure to resolve any existing issues and employee tools for security and overall improvement.

  1. Create a recommendation list from beforehand

You create a schedule for special occasions and seasons. In the same way, you should create a calendar for 1-2 months so that your website visitors know what to expect in the coming months.

That will help you to get more qualified traffic to your website. From the consumer’s perspective, they will be able to get product reviews and recommendations on products they need. That will incentivize them to visit your website.

  1. Link Amazon widgets on your webpage for your visitors

You should add the Amazon widgets on your webpage. An affiliate Marketer can easily incorporate these widgets into the blog template for your web page. Through these widgets, you can list several recommended items that your visitors can explore when they visit your website.

Some Important Strategies 

Amazon affiliate program comes up with customized items that also help you to earn higher revenue when you promote these on your website. It provides scope for greater affiliate marketing options.

You have to be up-to-date with the Amazon policy and changes that occur from time to time. Since they come up with new products to sell, quite often you need to peruse the items added.

Another very important feature is to understand that you need some basic understanding of the software to run your website smoothly. Now, this might seem difficult at first but there is no other way to it if you want to become a 360-degree marketer confident of promoting products through your website.

If you haven’t already started learning the fundamentals of HTML & coding then please make arrangements to start learning these concepts at the earliest. It can come as a great boon for affiliate marketing initiatives.

As mentioned earlier, there is saturation in affiliate marketing for a lot of niches. So how do you beat the overcrowded space in Affiliate Marketing?

Your unique features can help you drive great traffic to your website and ultimately make sales through affiliate marketing. You need to find distinctive angles that have not been explored before. This requires you to have a keen sense of discernment about the products that have piqued your interest.


Every digital marketing endeavor requires your ability to adapt, resolve and assiduity to explore opportunities available to you. If you want to make money with the Amazon affiliate marketing program you have to know the nitty-gritty of the Amazon associates program in detail and evolve in this dynamic space.

Understanding CMS and web applications, comprehending the affiliate program with full clarity, getting to know your customers, optimizing your blog are key features to be a successful affiliate marketer in the Amazon program. 

To sum it up you can even create a simple blog and promote affiliate links through that blog for the Amazon associate program. You can post links of coupons, surprise, offers, discounts deals, and other promotional items for your website visitors. But it will help to provide detailed information on the products.

You can also get a good understanding of affiliate marketing by applying for Digital Marketing courses. Not only do they provide you knowledge on a particular subject but you understand digital marketing as a whole that further increases your chances of getting avenues for income.

However, a practical exercise will give you fluency as no theoretical knowledge can. If you want to start affiliate marketing start implementing them practically.

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