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How To Choose Digital Marketing Course And Training

Choosing a digital marketing course is like picking up a book from an eternal library. Choices are aplenty, but choosing the precise fit for yourself is a tedious task. Thus, to help you out, this article will unfold the parameters to take into consideration before cutting out the best viable choice for yourself. 

How To Choose Digital Marketing Course And Training

Before expounding on how to choose a digital marketing course and training, there is one intriguing question to be answered.

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Why choosing a digital marketing course is a cumbersome task?

Well, there are 3 considerate things that make digital marketing a head-scratching task for you. Let us look at them one by one.

1. The Frenzied Digital Marketing Boom

As internet penetration widened over the passing years, the digital marketing industry witnessed a frantic boom.

As per Statista, the internet penetration rate is 59.5% with China, India, and the US contributing the highest number of Internet users. Evidently, India has approximately 560 million internet users.

The more the dependency on the internet, the larger the extent of digital marketing manifests. Consequently, the digital marketing industry beheld a furor in not only our nation but throughout the world.

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2. Mushrooming of Digital Marketing Institutes.

Now, who wouldn’t want to relish the advancements and progressions of a growing industry? I guess no one. People are opportunistic, and as and when they observe a good chance, they pound over it hastily. That’s what happened in the digital marketing industry.

The digital marketing boom resulted in mushrooming of digital marketing institutes all over the nation. Thus, making the choice of high-quality rationalized course a confusing overhaul. Although, every other institute is offering a digital marketing course, but who has the solemn value attached to it is a hard nut to crack. Hence, this article guides you to choose the digital marketing course and training that is worthwhile.

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3. Fishing a precise Course

Conflating both the above-mentioned constituents, fishing an appropriate course from a recognized and accredited institution becomes a complicated task. It is quite challenging to combine all the factors from your own criteria, requirements, and needs to what the course and institute have to confer and what other students say about it.

Moreover, finding all these factors integrated into one course and that too at an affordable and just price is another thing to reflect.

That was all for a reality check to give you a clear picture of what problems one incurs in the decision-making process. Circling back to the central question of how to make authenticity-driven discretion, here are sanguine points to count.

How to Choose Digital Marketing Course and Training

Vivid Understanding of your goals and requirements

Before housing for any online or offline digital marketing course, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why do you want to do the program for additional knowledge, job prospect, or business growth?
  • What do you desire to acquire from the course?
  • Do you want to go for a basic or pro-level course?
  • Do you want an online or in-house course?
  • Are you a learning student, graduate, working professional, housewife, or knowledge seeker?
  • What about of time can you wish to spare for learning purposes?
  • What are your expectations from the course program?

Once you have apprehended the answers to these compelling questions, the decision-making process becomes a lot easier for you. You know your expectations; all that is left to do is to match the expectations with the institution’s provisions.

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Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Indeed, there lie two courses of action- generic or specialized courses.

  • Generic Course 

A generic digital marketing course takes into account all the aspects of the digital marketing world. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), email marketing, Facebook marketing, Pay-per-click, Adwords marketing are a few of the many concepts that a consolidated digital marketing course presents.

If you are a newbie in the industry and are on the stage of exploration, you must opt for this generic course. Following this, you can also opt for a specialized program as you climb up the ladder of your career graph.

  • Specialized Course

A specialized course is a niche-specific course that centers around making you an expert in the field. For instance, if you want to become a social media manager, you can opt for a social media marketing course that equips you with the relevant factors pertinent to the social media industry and platforms.

If you are looking forward to becoming a specialist in any of the domains, then go for a tailored course as per your specialization.

Check for Curriculum

The curriculum is the heart of any course, which demands substantial focus and thoughtfulness. Consequently, scrutinize a closer look at all the modules and make sure the course curriculum is comprehensive and cohesive- with each module combining all critical aspects. In addition, the curriculum must match what you yearn to learn.

For instance, if you seek to learn advanced SEO, the course should center around all the latest SEO trends to rank your website, rather than the conventional ways of ranking, which are outdated to a certain extent. Moreover, the course should encompass prominent Digital marketing aspects such as Email marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Social media marketing, PPC, Content marketing-to name a few.

Apparently, digital marketing is a dynamic industry, which ever-changing demands and tactics. Any course that you prune out must adhere to the dynamics of the industry and cater to the needs of the search engine practices.

Reviews and Testimonials

It goes without saying that any institute will address only upbeat points on their website or social media handles. Then, how do you have a reality check of the institute and the course? Here comes the vitality of the versatile reviews and testimonials.

Nothing is more reliable than the genuine reviews and testimonials by the ex-students or alumna. They can uncover the inside story, by and large, on which you can rely upon as an aspirant. For higher-caliber inclination, you can have a solemn discourse with ex-students, who can certainly show you the bigger picture.

If you strike a chord with the responses of 2 or 3 alumnae, your treasure-hunt is near its end. Undoubtedly, they are the most reliable informants for your precise decisiveness.

Tools and Freebies

The digital marketing industry works on tools and software to foster the efficiency and effectiveness of integrated digital marketing strategies and techniques. In fact, there are a lot of tools available online. Intelligent are those who leverage these tools and software to the best of their use and make things work out more simply and swiftly.

As a thumb rule, useful freebies and tools are an added bonus that comes in hand with top-class courses. Hence, these serviceable tools become another obligatory factor- to choose digital marketing course and training.

Mentors expertise

Are you in safe hands? Are the mentors susceptible to knowledge that they wish to transcend? Are they proficient enough to mentor you? These are some of the crucial questions to mull over to choose the digital marketing course and training.

That is to say, every ounce of mentorship counts. Having requisite knowledge percipience is as essential as owning mentorship qualities. Both traits must intertwine convincingly to make the course a viable choice for you.

Taking a step further, you can penetrate their social media profiles and websites to reckon their educational qualifications, professional expertise, and areas of interest.

Pedagogy and Training Methodology

Strolling the former point further, pedagogy and training methodologies are amongst other things to contemplate. Are they incorporating eclectic practical training, case studies, assignments, hands-on learning experiences? Is the course student-centric?

Most specifically, a good digital marketing course comprises 90% practical learning with an intermix of 10% theory training. Therefore, with the help of thorough and profound research about training methodology holding due focus on real-life examples and dummy training is what you should be looking for in an authentic course.

All things considered, don’t squander your money on a course that offers only theoretical training with little to no formidable practical experience. Honestly, it is not going to help you out in any manner.

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Choose Certification over Certificate

When we talk about certification, two things come to the fore: certification and certificate. While they may look the same on the face, but they have different connotations. Let us dig deeper into their individual meanings.

A certification is a valuable credential that you earn or achieve by passing out in an examination. The examination is a profound assessment to test your knowledge and learning across the program.

On the other hand, a certificate is a course completion certificate, which anyone can acquire without an appraisal. It goes without saying that it doesn’t matter if you learn anything from the course- you get a certificate that you have attended the program.

Therefore, don’t fall for certificate shams; always go for the courses that offer certifications. As a matter of fact, certifications are a worthwhile asset of your knowledge abundance and expansion.

Internships and Placements

If you are on the lookout for a digital marketing course, you may be up for one of the two choices- job prospect or up-tick business limits. For the latter, internships and placements are of no use. So, if you belong to this group, you can strike off this characteristic from their list.

Nonetheless, for job seekers and freshers, internship and placement assistance are two pivotal determinants of the astute choice of digital marketing courses. Needless to say, you would want to reap the best benefits through your streamlined time, energy, and efforts in a high-quality digital marketing course.

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Fee Structure and Duration

The digital marketing course falls in the duration bracket of 3- 6 months, which will cost you somewhere between INR 30,000 to INR 1,00,000. The more specializations, the more it will fetch from your pocket.

Think of it this way- how much do you prefer to spend depending upon your paramount needs, definite objectives, and vocal requirements? However, the fee structure should not be your ultimate priority for decisiveness unless you are on a tight budget leash.

Not to overlook, do mull over the time that you can spare for learning, especially if you are a working professional or stalwart entrepreneur. Weekend sessions make up the best of both worlds for you as you can work throughout the weekdays and update skills on the weekend. Now, that’s a good bargain from life.


Q1. What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the modern form of marketing. It refers to the promotion of brands to potential customers using digital marketing platforms such as websites, social media channels, etc.

Also known by the name of online marketing, digital marketing involves any type of digital communication- it could be through multimedia messages, emails, social media, or web-based.

Q2. Is digital marketing a Good Career?

As far as digital marketing is concerned, it is a lucrative career option in the modern era. Not only does it pay well, but also the demand for digital marketers is ever increasing. As every small, medium or large business considers digital marketing options, it has become a good career choice for people.

To know more, dive into this article about Pros and Cons of a Career in Digital Marketing

Q3. What is the salary in digital marketing?

As per surveys, an average salary for a fresher is around 3-4 lac per annum, which will surely increase with rising experience. Primarily, the salary packets are based on varied factors such as organization, skillset, and area of work.

Q4. Can you get a job after Digital Marketing Certification?

Yes! Once you acquire a digital marketing certification from a reputed institution, you are eligible to get a job as per your skillset, level of expertise, and professional knowledge.

You can create an eye-catching resume and portfolio of your captivating works and apply for jobs using any of the renowned websites such as Linked In, Naukri.com, Monster.com, etc.

Q5. Can digital marketing make you rich?

Indeed, Yes digital marketing can make you rich. Digital marketing is the driving force behind a brand or a business to drive more traffic to the website, catch leads, and develop them into potential customers. Several techniques such as SEO, SMM, mobile marketing, advertisements make things work under the digital marketing umbrella.

Summing up 

Choosing an apt course from an accredited and reputed institute at affordable pricing is a challenging task that involves consolidating plenty of components together to match your individual needs and goals. Whether you are a student, working professional, entrepreneur, or a traditional marketer tending to leverage the paradigm shift of digital marketing trends- your course mandates are individualistic and distinct.

I hope this article was an eye-opener for you to choose your digital marketing course and training and narrowed down your problems to a large extent. From your definite criteria to refined details of the course- test the waters at each stage before making a devout decision.

Finally, once you have put your finger to one of the A-rated course twining with your standards, visit the course providers’ website. Opt for a demo class, and have a little chit-chat with the trainer to demystify any doubts that roil up in your mind. After all, it’s about your career recognition, and you have to be crystal clear with your choices. There is no room for doubts and ambiguities.

On a solemn note for your career boom, I hope you find the right course befitting your preferences and criterion. Although research takes time, it is worth the time!!!

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