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10 Best Email Marketing Tools to Upscale Your Business

Email Marketing tools are used by marketers to design, create, test, optimize and send email campaigns as a part of the digital marketing strategy of any business. The report generated gives information on open rate, click rate, number of clicks, number of subscribers, unsubscribers, etc.


The image is suggestive of the best email marketing tools

What is meant by Email Marketing and what are its benefits?


  • Email Marketing is a method of marketing your services or products by sending out direct emails to potential customers or existing clients. Businesses can send updates about the company’s upcoming events, new arrivals, and exclusive discounts on products.
  • Email Marketing is proved to be the most effective way of digital marketing giving a tough run to social media, SEO, and affiliate marketing.
  • It is quite easy, effective, and affordable. Someone with a small business, on a budget, can make the most use of email marketing tools.
  • Messages can be designed and personalized to a great extent. Tailored content can be sent to each potential customer and client.
  • One can send emails only to people who have subscribed to the newsletter. This means that they have given permission for you to send emails by sharing their contact details. This makes email marketing more effective by automatically filtering out people who don’t want to receive the emails.
  • The leads generated by email marketing are the safest as one need not worry about losing connections due to any algorithmic changes.
  • Everyone might be using social media extensively but even 99% of them check their emails almost every other day and a message unread can never go unnoticed.
  • Though other forms of digital marketing are always targeted to specific audiences, one will never know if it has reached the person you wanted it to reach. Whereas in email marketing, you already have a list of potential customers and can rest assured that an email sent has reached that person.
  • The reports generated by email marketing tools can be measured accurately without any guesswork.


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Let us look at some of the best Email Marketing Tools:




Mailchimp is one of the most widely used email marketing tools for small businesses, startups, and bloggers.


Mailchimp’s all-in-one marketing platform helps small businesses to market and promote themselves easily. Mailchimp was also voted to be the best in terms of useability among all the other all-in-one marketing platforms on TrustRadius.


  • To start the digital journey of your business, Mailchimp offers you to buy a domain name on their platform. Along with this, you can also create a free website that comes with free built-in marketing tools and features.
  • Mailchimp provides you with 100+ pre-designed, easy-to-use email templates, which makes creating an email campaign an extremely easy task.
  • Their special creative assistant tool helps you create designs specific to your brand.
  • The email automation option makes the customizable workflow extremely easy and hassle-free. You can create beautiful, personalized emails within minutes, automate them and not worry about delayed emails.
  • To market your business, you can run Facebook and Instagram ads through Mailchimp and collect leads for retargeting.
  • You can schedule posts that have to go up on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This way, you do not have to worry about manually posting every day and still engage with your customers and potential clients.
  • With the segmentation tools, you can segment your contacts based on their engagement with your Mailchimp website, your app, your campaigns, or their prior purchase behavior. With this behavioral data, you can create relevant strategies for further campaigns.
  • With Mailchimp’s A/B testing option, you can test campaigns based on subject lines, content, from names, send times, and the number of people who will receive your test emails.
  • Based on the number of contacts you want to store and advanced features, Mailchimp has pricing packages ranging from Rs.0/- per month to Rs.23,000/- per month. The Free Plan has all the essential features you would need to build and grow your audience.


The image shows the plans of mailchimp email marketing tool


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2. ConvertKit


Among the best email marketing tools, ConvertKit is one of the fastest-growing tools. It is widely used by content creators and small businesses who are just making their online presence to find their audience or probable clients.


  • The email marketing tool by ConvertKit offers you simple and beautiful email design templates to choose from. Along with this, their simplified writing interface makes it even easier to style and create emails.
  • ConvertKit is known to have an extremely high delivery rate. This avoids your emails ending in the customer’s spam inbox.
  • Capture leads further with ConvertKit’s sign-up forms and landing pages. ConvertKit allows you to create free landing pages to start emailing and capturing leads. If you don’t have any design experience, it offers a range of beautiful stock landing page templates to start off with. This requires no coding but custom CSS is still an option.
  • The customizable sign-up forms can be embedded via integration or manually adding a line of javascript to your website or a blog to collect leads.
  • ConvertKit has easy-to-use automation and segmentation tools. Once the subscriber joins the email list, you can automatically send them a series of emails and give them a personalized experience.
  • ConvertKit has its own eCommerce option where you can create customizable product pages and sell digital products online without going through the hassle of maintaining a website.
  • They also have featured integrations with various different platforms such as Shopify, WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Leadpages, Weebly, Crowdcast, Teachable, etc to make data collection easy and simple.
  • Based on the number of contacts you want to store and advanced features, ConvertKit has pricing packages ranging from 0 dollars per month to 59 dollars per month. The Free Plan lets you add up to 1000 subscribers and has basic features like creating landing pages, sending broadcasts, selling products, and email support.


The image shows the plans of CovertKit


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3. Constant Contact


Constant Contact has all the email marketing tools you need to produce the results you want, whether you’re launching an email marketing campaign to reach consumers, creating an amazing website in minutes, uploading items to your online store, generating visibility on social media, or boosting sales with Google Ads.


  • Constant Contact allows you to create and manage up to 3 websites with no additional charges. This includes buying your own domain name with free hosting, and an SSL certificate for the website.
  • With an intelligent email editor, Constant Contact gives you tools to design, stunning customizable email templates that look amazing on any device.
  • Email Marketing Automation tools will help you drive sales and will keep your audience engaged. You can send a series of emails automated to subscribers, send welcome emails to new subscribers, resend emails to non-openers, and segment contacts.
  • By creating shoppable landing pages, you can sell products and services directly without having a website. This also includes digital products like e-books and documents.
  • You can accept payments through Stripe or PayPal with certain transaction fees to Constant Contact.
  • There are many other different unique features that can be added to the email such as, adding products to sell, adding RSVP, poll options to interact with the customers, coupon codes, and offers to drive traffic to the website. Online donations can also be collected through a secure, responsive email.
  • Constant Contact has options to directly post on social media applications, make post changes, respond to comments and direct messages. Along with this, you can also create Facebook and Instagram ads through Constant Contact, optimize the ads and check insights.
  • The most used eCommerce and social media platforms, including Etsy, eBay, Shopify, Facebook, WooCommerce, and others can all be integrated with Constant Contact.
  • Constant Contact doesn’t have free packages. Their pricing plans are Rs.1289/- per month which is suitable for small businesses and organizations looking to create professional emails for real results and Rs.2900/- per month for bigger organizations that will need advanced features to engage their customers.

The image shows the plans by Constant Contact


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4. Omnisend


Omnisend is an email and SMS marketing platform. With the comprehensive email marketing tools, you can develop professional, personalized campaigns in minutes and watch your business expand.


  • Omnisend’s email templates look like it has been created by your in-house design team. The Omnisend template library makes it simple to build professional, eye-catching emails in minutes. These templates can be easily customized to suit your brand and reused for future campaigns by using a no-code, drag-and-drop Content Editor.
  • You can add product recommendations in the email to drive more sales, add eCommerce-specific email elements to help you increase interaction and sales such as scratch card and gift box integration. You can conduct scratch-to-win contests to your clients or send discount codes or send a beautifully animated, interactive gift box which will make the clients click on it.
  • Omnisend has ready-to-use sign-up forms and landing pages that can be used to capture new leads. It also has pop-up forms to collect phone numbers from visitors and clients for SMS Marketing.
  • Series of email and SMS automation can be triggered and a workflow can be put in place. The messages could be of a welcome series, product abandonment, cart abandonment, order confirmation, shipping confirmation, or cross-selling.
  • With the Omnisend easy-to-use segmentation tool, you can segment your customers based on their shopping behavior or lifecycle or even engagement. Based on these segmentations, send personalized emails and SMS to each of the customers.
  • Omnisend has the free, standard, pro plan which are 0 dollars, 16 dollars, and 99 dollars per month respectively for 500 contacts. Price will vary with the increase in the number of contacts. They also have an enterprise plan where the price is according to the features customized.


5. MailerLite


MailerLite is an email marketing and automation software that offers simple solutions to difficult tasks. They provide you with the recent and relevant email marketing tools and features to help you expand your subscriber base and relationship.


  • With their drag-and-drop editor, you can create professional-looking newsletters on your own without the need for any designer or coding skills though they have an option of the HTML email editor.
  • With pre-built email blocks that function as models, you can get a big design head start. With these templates, you can come up with various different newsletter design ideas.
  • With their special feature, dynamic newsletter editing option, you create a single newsletter but make those parts only available to a specific set of subscribers.
  • You can sell products through email by just connecting your eCommerce platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce with MailerLite and directly insert products into the newsletter with just the drag and drop option.
  • You can seamlessly integrate your social media handles like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter with the email to grow your followers.
  • MailerLite has an option to create a website, landing pages, pop-ups, and embedded forms which will assist you in attracting new visitors from all over the web.
  • With their Email automation option, you can customize and send a series of emails to clients and probable customers like welcome series, personal reminders, birthday greetings, etc. Set up this process once and just track the progress.
  • Customers can also be categorized or grouped based on demographics, interests, email engagement, shopping preference, geography, and time zone. Personalized email can be sent to a particular group of people accordingly.
  • You can optimize the campaign with the A/B split testing. With this, you can send 2 variations of the same email to a group and check which performs better.
  • MailerLite lets you monitor the progress of your email campaigns around the world in real-time. To maximize interaction, you can set your ideal delivery time for each time zone.
  • MailerLite has a free pricing plan for 1000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month. Their other plans range from 10 dollars, 15 dollars, 30 dollars to 50 dollars per month


6. GetResponse


GetResponse has easy-to-use email marketing tools used to send emails, build websites, and automate your marketing. GetResponse provides features that help you reach out to potential clients and create relationships to market your company online.


  • The email marketing tool is as easy and simple as drag-and-drop. You can customize simple blocks to create email templates or build your own beautiful design from scratch and add features such as photos, text, video, buttons, and custom web fonts.
  • GetResponse has a library full of goal-oriented templates to choose from and also creates brand-specific email templates.
  • They have a powerful, built-in photo editor to edit, crop, add filters, colors, and texts to images.
  • Once you have created your campaign, there are flexible scheduling options to schedule your emails.
  • Emails created on GetResponse are very responsive and are designed to look good on all devices.
  • GetResponse has email autoresponders. They refer to the messages that are sent to subscribers automatically on the basis of time or a specific event. When used correctly, autoresponders can be a very efficient and quick part of an overall email marketing strategy.
  • Their email activity tracking tool helps you Examine the open and click-through rates of your emails (CTRs), In a side-by-side comparison, compare promotions, Compare the output of desktop and mobile clients, Find out which email programs your contacts use.
  • You can also add an A/B testing subject line and analyze the open rate, unsubscribers, etc.
  • Inside GetResponse, you can create, purchase, and manage Facebook and Instagram advertising. Then keep track of their progress and make adjustments as required.
  • GetResponse has the basic plan, plus plan, and professional plan which starts from 15 dollars, 49 dollars, and 99 dollars per month respectively. They also have a max plan where the price is according to the features customized.


7. Benchmark


Benchmark is one of the best free email marketing tools and is known for its easy-to-use options for starters.


  • Benchmark offers tools for you to just drag-and-drop blocks and images to bring your email vision to life.
  • If you are looking for a more personalized option and can work on HTML, they have the most simple code editor, which allows you to see a live preview of each line of code. Through this, you can code your own emails.
  • With their built-in photo editor, you can make changes to the color of your photos, add effects, stickers, or even add a message with beautiful fonts over your picture.
  • Benchmark has stunning color themes and pre-built email templates for every occasion.
  • You can monitor everything from the subject line to the delivery time with their comprehensive A/B testing features to ensure that your emails always get the best results. A/B testing helps you to make data-driven decisions about your email marketing plan, whether you want to test one or several variables.
  • Benchmark’s Inbox Checker lets you preview your email in a variety of email environments before submitting it with no broken image or rendering issues.
  • With integrations with WordPress, Facebook, Google, Linked In, Twitter, Shopify, WooCommerce, and more, you can take your email marketing to new heights.
  • Email automation can be enabled so that any website and email engagement triggers an automatic chain of emails like the welcome email, follow-up email, purchase confirmation, etc.
  • With the help of a drag-and-drop page builder, create pop-up forms and landing pages that can be embedded on your website, social media pages, or blog to capture more leads.
  • GetResponse has the free plan and pro plan, which are Rs. 0/- and Rs. 816/- per month respectively. They also have an enterprise plan where the price is according to the features customized.


The image shows the plans offered by Benchmark


8. Sendinblue


Sendinblue is a marketing communication platform that includes email marketing tools as well as other features including CRM management and landing page design.


  • Sendinblue allows you to create a professional-looking email in no time. You can start with a custom email template library or build a new design from scratch with their intuitive drag-and-drop creator. This allows you to add blocks and styles which fit perfectly to your brand presence.
  • Sendinblue gives you an option of limitless lists and contacts. For a more personalized campaign, you can group contacts, make segments based on criteria like gender, geography, purchasing background, etc.
  • With their A/B testing feature, you can find the email that is best performing and the send-time optimization feature will allow you to send emails at the right time to all time zones.
  • Sendinblue has an option to send bulk SMS marketing campaigns to all the contacts in your list.
  • You can send and analyze Facebook ads through Sendinblue on the go.
  • With so many customizable templates to choose from, you can create amazing landing pages without having to worry about not knowing coding or designing. These signup forms can be embedded on your website, shared on social media handles as well as through emails.
  • GetResponse has the free, lite, premium, and enterprise plan, which are Rs. 0/-, Rs. 1510/- and Rs.3895.5/- per month respectively. They also have an enterprise plan where the price is according to the features customized.


The image shows the plans offered by Sendinblue


9. Drip


Drip is a marketing automation platform mainly used by eCommerce businesses.


  • Drip’s email marketing tools make it simple to create dynamic email campaigns.
  • Drip’s form development tools help create engaging pop-up forms and embedded forms to attract more customers. It also has options to add more fields and personalize each icon, font, and theme.
  • Drip has different ways of targeting various customers. You can target forms to particular audiences who haven’t ordered in a while and show them discounts or coupons, while VIPs will only see new signup forms.
  • You can also send SMS campaigns through Drip. Text message marketing is the ideal medium for your most important, highest value messages, due to its incredibly high interaction rates, which effectively guarantees that your message will be read.
  • With Drip’s A/B testing method, determine the tactics that result in the most sales, clicks, and opens.
  • Drip can be integrated with over 100+ platforms like Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce, Facebook, Custom store, Recart, etc.
  • Create custom audience segmentation and with drip’s visual email builder, you can recommend products, top-selling products, abandoned cart items, dynamic discounts, and more to your customers through email.
  • Their pricing plan is 19 dollars per month after a few 14-day trial periods for 500 contacts.


10. HubSpot


HubSpot is an all-inclusive marketing platform with email marketing tools that helps businesses attract visitors, capture leads, and close customers. Their CRM platform has all the necessary software for marketing, sales, customer service, and content management.


  • The functions are divided into different categories known as ‘Hubs’ such as marketing hub, sales hub, service hub, and CMS hub. These different hubs have specific tools to cater to specific functions.
  • Without the assistance of a designer or IT support, HubSpot helps you to design, create, host, and modify a website. The website creator makes it simple to personalize content for each visitor and publish all-device-friendly content. Once the website is launched, HubSpot suggests changes and improvements.
  • The drag-and-drop email editor in HubSpot is simple to use, and we have a range of templates that you can customize to suit your brand’s needs. These email campaigns are simple to plan and executed to boost deliverability and response.
  • Marketers can achieve more with less time and resources thanks to HubSpot’s automation tool. Marketers can use HubSpot’s marketing automation to create, build, and execute customized email workflow based on form submissions, website page revisits, and content consumption.
  • HubSpot’s best-in-class analytics help you track the progress of each campaign and refine it for better results in the future.
  • HubSpot’s Advertising add-on allows you to monitor views, clicks, leads, clients, and actual ROI of your ad campaigns if you are running ads on Google AdWords, Facebook, or LinkedIn as part of your marketing plan.
  • HubSpot has free and premium packages depending on advanced CRM features. The premium package ranges from 45 dollars to 3,200 dollars per month.


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