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Pros And Cons of A Career In Digital Marketing (2024)

The digital domain is an omnipresent factor in our lives today. Hence, it makes sense to contemplate a career in a field that has opened up so many channels of interaction. The internet has become a great source to get information on diverse subjects. So why not make the effort of turning this medium into a prosperous career path? Today, we are going to discuss the pros and cons of a career in digital marketing in detail. With web marketing slowly emerging as dominant in the marketing space, it has become important for people to gain knowledge of the constituents of web marketing. Your ambition coupled with your affinity to improve your existing skills is paramount to your success in a digital marketing career.

Pros And Cons of A Career In Digital Marketing

A big factor contributing to the success of a career in online marketing is understanding the importance of mobiles in the lives of consumers today. The affordability, accessibility, and user-friendly characteristics of mobiles have cemented the position of digital marketing as the primary means of communicating about your products and services to potential customers. The majority of the population globally has access to smartphones and mobiles today. Emails and apps are accessed mainly on cell phones.

Your digital strategies should always be mobile-responsive. People generally access information today on smartphones. If you want to be successful in the web world, you cannot undermine the significance of mobiles and mobile users.

Currently, any information you need is accessible on your smartphones, on the internet. Digital transformation has also irreversibly changed the habits of consumers. Whether you want to buy apparel or want to go to a restaurant, the first thing you do is check the reviews online. It comes to you as naturally as taking care of a regular chore.

This immense popularity of digital marketing has in turn provided a thriving career opportunity for people from various walks of life. It is regarded as one of the most exciting and intriguing jobs.

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The following is a compilation of statistics, facts, and figures that provide a clear idea of prospects in the online arena. It is for people pondering over taking up a digital marketing career, and students of digital marketing. It will also help people from different fields trying to make a switch to online marketing. 

  • According to Hubspot, 53% of marketers agree that blogging is their content marketing priority.
  • 70% of internet users are interested in learning about products through content and not through traditional advertisements (mdgadvertising)
  • Coming to SEO, 72% of marketers globally say that the most effective Search Engine Optimisation tactic is to create relevant content. (Marketing Profs)
  • Social media is today what are the most important tools as well as channels for content dissemination. Marketers say that 71 percent of luxury brands measure the success of influences through web traffic (consultancy)
  • A whopping 90% of marketers agree that social media marketing in the world has increased exposure for their businesses. 75% of the market say they have seen a substantial increase in traffic due to their social marketing efforts. (Ignite Visibility).

It is to be remembered that all the social media channels, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and most recently LinkedIn are responsible for increasing brand awareness, recognition, and visibility.

The statistics above reveal how important the online domain is. You might be a Search Engine Optimisation expert, a social media analyst, a search engine marketer, a content writer. A digital Marketing Career offers you a plenitude of opportunities to prosper in the web domain.

We have established how vital job offers in the digital domain can be for individuals to succeed in their professional lives. Let’s look at the pros of digital marketing careers. It will help you to make an informed decision on whether choosing digital marketing as a career option is viable for you.  

  1. Numerous Job Opportunities

Digital marketing is a compulsory facet of the Marketing system of a business. Irrespective of the size of the organization, businesses have to invest in digital marketing strategies to gain visibility. Recognition is important if you want to be a brand to reckon with.

That’s where Digital Marketing comes into the picture. Several digital modules have to be brought together to create an impactful campaign. Professionals specializing in various modules of digital marketing have to come together to form a campaign that will yield results. Can you imagine the career opportunities as more and more enterprises venture into the online space?

New businesses, small and medium enterprises are coming up in the Indian market. Hence, the opportunities for landing a digital marketing job are also increasing considerably.

This is why experts emphasize that there is no greater time to start a career in digital marketing. It will help to leverage the benefits arising out of this medium now more than ever.

For example, let’s assume, you want to create a content marketing strategy. One would need the services of a Search Engine Optimization expert, a content writer, a Data Analytics expert, a social media manager, and a digital marketing manager among other people.

Based on the analysis of the target consumers presented by the Data Analysis expert, the content writer here will create informative content that will aim to educate and inspire target consumers.

The Search Engine Optimization expert will then maximize the value of the content for search engine ranking. A social media expert will decide on when to schedule the content to be disseminated on different social media channels. The digital marketing manager will look over all the aspects of the strategy.  Hence it is a combination of different specializations that result in some great digital marketing campaigns.

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  1. Flexible Work 

A career in digital marketing offers flexibility and ease of working. It is a dynamic industry that is prone to changes and development. Therefore, digital marketing offers flexibility in terms of timing as well as the nature of the project. There is not a moment of monotony.

You can put forth your ideas and make changes whenever necessary. There is no rigid format to follow in digital marketing campaigns. You can change and alter strategies if you deem fit. You can work from wherever you want and can choose a time to work. There is no fixed 9-5 timeframe that you have to follow staunchly.

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  1. Huge Demand for Competent Digital Marketers

Digital marketing is the future of businesses trying to make a place for themselves in the consumers’ world. This has resulted in huge demand for Digital marketers and has given a boost to digital marketing careers.

Business houses look for specialized skills in different components of digital marketing. It is also evident today that the demand for knowledgeable digital marketers who know their jobs far exceeds the supply of digital marketers in the industry.

Since India is still an emerging market, there is a considerable dearth of competent digital marketers efficient in handling strategies in the online domain.

This skill gap has propelled the urgent need for Digital Marketing institutes that provide comprehensive education on the components of the web domain. Today we have several professionals enroll for these courses and turn into proficient marketers. They generally master one or more digital marketing modules.

These individuals have great potential to showcase their skills in a digital marketing career. One has to be adept at understanding the core components of the online marketing system. With creative acumen and exemplary analytical skills, a career in digital marketing can be extremely promising.

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  1. Scope for Growth

With the increasing demand for Digital marketers organizations are willing to shell out good money to recruit prolific digital marketers. This helps in the scope for growth in your digital marketing careers. Provided that you are accomplished and can handle Complex strategies, the scope for improvement is immense.

Also, a distinctive feature of skillful digital marketers is to keep calm in the face of a crisis. The online domain can throw up challenges very frequently.

Since it is an evolving market, digital marketers should be prepared for any kind of crisis and should learn how to mitigate risks. A digital marketer adept at handling daunting situations has a very bright future in a digital marketing career.

The mere fact that they inspire confidence and stimulate people to work better as a group in the face of challenges is enough to provide them with immense growth opportunities in the digital domain.

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Whether it is SEO, social media advertising, search engine marketing, or managing brand reputation, and equity, a digital marketer is the need of the hour.

You have to possess some sort of digital skills to carry out business activities today. Once you open yourself up to studying digital marketing and master core components, you will be inundated with job offers.

  1. Lucrative Source of Income

The internet is a vast space with lots of opportunities to work in different domains of online marketing. You reap the benefits from the activities on the internet for a long time.

There are several sectors, businesses, and industries that you can work for. This makes digital marketing a lucrative career option. Individuals with existing skills can learn digital marketing. That knowledge can bolster your resume, thereby providing you with greater opportunities for better income.

The intrinsic nature of digital marketing is such that the return on investment is very high. It offers great opportunities to earn well consistently. All the trends and forecasts reiterate that digital marketing is here to stay.

Also, there are going to be immense opportunities available in the future. It only means one thing: more and more industries will foray into the digital medium. It will increase employment opportunities along with great chances of innovation and excellence.

  1. Diverse Options to Explore

A great advantage of digital marketing is that it can be segregated into several specializations. You need marketers with an incisive understanding of the search engines. They should know the essentials of how to rank on search engine results pages.

In the same way, companies invest in search engine marketing initiatives that help in greater visibility. A person has to be adept at understanding the essentials of Google AdWords, bidding. AD copywriting to be a prolific search engine specialist.

It is a difficult task to impress customers and convert them into leads. You have to make a concerted effort to sincerely work on digital concepts. Choose a domain that interests you. There are so many avenues open in a digital marketing world that the career options are innumerable.

Important Tip

The value of a digital marketer increases manifolds when they have the qualities of soft skills. Along with specialized knowledge of digital marketing, this can be an added advantage for a great digital marketing career.

Soft skills relate to efficient communication skills, interpersonal skills, time management, motivating capabilities, and understanding the pulse of the consumer.

A successful digital marketing career also entails individuals having social skills and being able to persuade people. It also means having the ability to understand different points of view and working on the data collected to create campaigns.

A successful digital marketer has the traits of empathy along with analytical acumen. This comes to great help to gauge the pain points of your focus group to eliminate their problems.

Digital marketers should have the following soft skills: 

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Adaptability
  • Open to constructive criticism
  • Listening
  • A staunch work ethic
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Transparency
  • Leadership
  • Crisis management
  • Organizational skills
  • Decisiveness
  1. Freelance Opportunities

One of the most distinctive features of a career in digital marketing is that you are not required to have any prior experience in the field. You can be a 20-year-old or a 65-year-old retired person. While other jobs have certain age limits to start work, Digital Marketing offers plenty of freelancing opportunities to explore.

Whether you are a homemaker, a retired person, a college student, or someone who wants to start their career afresh can glean knowledge on digital marketing. And kickstart their freelancing career.

Today several job portals in the online domain offer job opportunities in the freelancing sector. Social media managers, Search Engine Optimization experts, influencers, content writers can all work freelance in this wonderful world of the web.

The only thing constant is your knowledge and your ability to change with the latest practices and trends. The one thing that digital marketing will never have is stagnancy. Therefore, when you enter into the world of digital marketing, be prepared to learn continuously and be flexible to the changes happening.

  1. Talent Driven Career Path

If you have the talent and penchant for creating digital strategies that get results, you are bound to be successful. Nothing comes in the way of talent if you pursue digital marketing careers. Your age, prior qualifications, experience, none of it matters if you deliver in the industry you work for.

  1. Developing Industry

The digital marketing industry at least in India is still developing steadily. Through judicious methods of creating strategies, you can know what works and what doesn’t.

Also, the digital industry in the next few years is going to open up even more diverse opportunities for individuals with distinctive talents to prosper. So, there is plenty of opportunities to innovate, discover, and explore options.

Whether it is maintaining a favorable reputation of your brand in the online domain or creating a persuasive copy full of value for your consumers, digital marketing will further develop to provide even more focused results to consumers. You can hone your skills as well to become authority leaders in the field.

A successful digital marketer combines the emotional aspects with the business aspect. Then creates a strategy that is beneficial to both the business and the consumer.

With the technical advancement, the proliferation of social media channels, digital marketing is only growing exponentially. Digital marketers will have a very optimistic future to look forward to in the coming years.

  1. Work for Diverse Industries

A digital marketing career gives you the benefit to work for diverse industries. You ideate, and implement digital campaigns that yield results.

Since the cost is much lower than traditional marketing methods, diverse industries today have moved to the online space. However, digital marketing is such a career avenue that does not restrict you to a particular industry.

Someone who creates digital campaigns for automobile companies can very well create content for the hospitality industry as well. You can change your niche. It might seem preposterous at first.

But when you think about it, you’ll see that the main modules for Digital Marketing remain the same. You only have to structure content depending on the industry you are working for.

It requires versatility and a proper understanding of the online domain to be able to implement it. A prolific digital marketer does not shy away from exploring different options sectors, and industries.

An all-around understanding of the core elements of digital marketing enables them to adapt and create campaigns and strategies for several industries without difficulty. However, you will have to research and strengthen your knowledge.

Let me explain with an example: If you are a white paper article writer,m you can write on various topics ranging from law to fashion to cybersecurity.

A digital marketing career gives you the liberty of exploring your potential, displaying your exemplary skills with full confidence.

  1. Start your own Business

Apart from freelancing options and taking a job in corporate organizations, digital marketers have the freedom to start their own business and grow it to great heights.

You can collaborate with fellow digital marketers. As you grow in size and reputation, you can employ other competent budding digital marketers to carry out marketing activities for your business. It helps to unfurl your wings and take up entrepreneurship.

However, running a business in digital marketing requires you to look after the overall aspects of the marketing activities. You have to be proactive in ensuring that the goals and objectives of your business are met. You take care of the demands, choices, and preferences of your clients. Also, coordinate between the different departments in your agency to work together as a cohesive unit.

Cons of a Digital Marketing Career

There are so many advantages arising out of a career in digital marketing. You might be wondering if there are any cons in this profession. Like every other field, the first few months can be slow in terms of your career growth.

Your proficiency grows with the experience you gain as you work on different projects. However, the best part is someone with the ability to think critically and analyze human behavior can become very successful in a short period.

All of your efforts in digital marketing should be to educate, inform, and/or persuade your target consumer to make a certain decision. Once you become skillful at understanding what your consumers need, a digital marketing career can be extremely fruitful.

The following can be considered cons of a career in the Digital Industry

  1. Keeping Pace with the Change

The flexibility which is a positive trait of the online domain can also sometimes be detrimental to your career graph. It is important to keep abreast of new information, the latest developments, and updates.

Sometimes people fail to keep up with the fast-paced nature of the digital marketing world. If you are not aware of the changes that are happening around you in the web domain, you are not going to be able to provide strategic solutions to problems. You have to consistently evolve to be on par with other digital marketers.

  1. Competition

Competition is another factor that is dominant in the digital marketing world. With the surge in the demand for Digital marketers, several institutes have come up with comprehensive digital courses.

There are plenty of individuals who enroll in these courses today owing to the huge possibilities of success in the digital world. Therefore, you have to compete with your peers and try every method to stay ahead of your competition. That can sometimes turn out to be an arduous task.

  1. Time Dedication

Finally, digital marketing requires you to fully concentrate on understanding the domain and carrying out research on several aspects.

Whether it is the market, consumer, or your competition you have to research astutely. This means dedicating a good amount of time to carry on these activities.

If you are a freelancer, then your responsibilities are even more. You are solely taking care of the entire marketing strategy of a particular product or service.

Sometimes it hampers the work-life balance. But you can eliminate this problem by developing proper organizational skills to manage and devote your time to other pursuits as well.


So here we have listed the pros and cons of a digital marketing career. As in every other field, digital marketing comes with its fair share of challenges and complexities.

To carve a niche for yourself is no easy task. However, your creative acumen, the spirit of providing innovative solutions, and commitment to inform and educate people can pave the way for a very successful career in digital marketing.

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