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Is Digital Marketing Certification Worth It? (2024)

Just like a book needs a reader, in the same way, every brand needs potential customers, and they try to connect to them. They achieve this by utilizing the internet and few tools. This process is Digital Marketing. It is not necessary whether you are new to it or you are an experienced professional you will always think about- is our digital marketing certification worth it?

Is Digital Marketing Certification Worth It

If we have achieved something in any field, then we wish to achieve more. In the same way, if you are familiar with digital marketing, you will be planning to learn more. This knowledge will enhance your skills. You would able to show your clients that how you will help in the growth of their business. And therefore, you will be opting for some course in it.

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What is Digital Marketing?

Brands connect with customers by promoting them using the internet and various digital techniques. It is called digital marketing. Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Pay-per-Click Marketing, Affiliate Marketing are few types of digital marketing.

What can be seen in the current era that many firms, whether reputed or start-ups, search for individuals who have digital marketing skills. They know that people are usin2g their phones/laptops and experiencing everything virtually. So to make their brands reach the people, they need individuals who have up-to-date knowledge about using digital tools and concepts.   

Things you need to keep in mind while opting for any certification

Many platforms provide certification online, but not all of them are genuine. Few websites are there whose course will not help you. So before opting for any certification course, you need to think about whether it will help in enhancing your career or not.

1) Who is teaching?

First of all, you need to check whether the individual who will be your teacher has prior experience and has been working as a professional. Because then only you will be gaining practical knowledge about how things work. A person with no professional experience would not able to teach you in a planned way.

It would be similar to courses, which are available for free online. Every reputed institution understands this. Therefore, they will hire only those who have prior experience in teaching and working too. So, if you opt for any wrong institution, then you will waste your money.

2) What does it offer?

Before selecting any course, you need to research the content of it. You have to think, whether you will be learning a new skill or not. You also need to decide if those skills will help in career growth or not.

3)Reviews from former students 

It is necessary to know what former students who took this course think about it. If the reviews are mostly positive, then it tells about the acceptance of that course.

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4) Are they offering demo classes?

Search for courses which also offers demo class. Check whether the person who will be teaching you also takes your demo class or not. A demo class will tell you about the institution, the knowledge, and the capability of your teacher.

5) Check whether it’s a certificate or a certification?

You need to know what’s the difference between these two. You get a certificate when you complete a course, which might be about only one topic. Neither do you need to appear for any examination after that, nor you need to score passing marks to get it. It doesn’t showcase your merit. You get it even if you attend any course.

You get any certification only when you attend classes, appear for examination based on the course material, and qualify it. The content has clarity and depth. It adds value to your resume. It costs more because you need to pay a fixed fee for appearing in the examination.

So before going for any course, check this too. And remember, a Digital marketing certification worth is a lot more than a mere certificate.

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6) Are Case Studies Included?

Digital marketing is successful only when the results are as per expectations. So check whether the course consists of case studies after each topic for better clarity of concepts and how things happen in any project.

7) Do they offer Tech Support and Social Support

Whenever you are doing any technical work, you might face some issues. Sometimes website might stop functioning, and there can be other technical issues. Any reputed institution will provide a tech support facility to help you if you face any tech issues. They will also form a student community, for example, WhatsApp Group, in which you can ask other students for any help.

8) Whether it helps in your career growth or not

When you do any course, it needs investment. Therefore, you need to find how much it will help in the progress of your career. Check whether it provides access to communities that you can use for widening your network and if that institute is giving any practical exhibition of how that course has helped in the career advancements of their previous students.

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Want to know if a digital marketing certification is worth it? Look at the Career Prospects

When it comes to revenue generation for a company, digital marketing has become the backbone of it in recent times. There are various career options. The skills needed for these are vast and diverse. Some of the best jobs in the current scenario are:

1) SEO Manager

If a company doesn’t have an SEO Manager, then its well-designed website is of no use. As an SEO Manager, you will promote the website to improve its ranking in search engines. You will make sure content is search-friendly, prepare sitemaps, do keyword research, etc.

2) PPC Expert

While you are using the internet, you always come across ads, which are sometimes purposeful and sometimes irritating. PPC Experts are those who create these ads. As a PPC Expert, you need to give suggestions for ad copies, generate leads, refine landing pages, etc.

3) UX Designer

UX means user experience. So, it will be your responsibility, that what a user will see whenever he visits the website. You will be designing functional software, developing user interface elements, testing for bugs, etc.

4) Social Media Manager

To work as a Social Media Manager, you need to know about all the social media platforms. You need to aware of all the latest social media trends and plan your strategy based on them. Your purpose will include: create content and advertise it too, interact with followers of the social media account and answer their queries, gain followers, promote the company brand, etc.

5) Blogger

When you work as a blogger, you write and publish content for a blog or website. Your purpose would be to increase website traffic by writing relevant and informative content for the reader. You need to maintain the brand’s image in each post, work with the SEO team to implement keywords, etc.

6) Digital Marketing Specialist

If you work as a digital marketing specialist, then you will focus on the day-to-day handling of the company’s digital marketing plan. You will be making landing pages, setting up email automation, automating customer communication, etc.

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Certification adds immense value to your career. It helps you in further growth by providing more opportunities. It doesn’t matter if you are new to it or someone with experience you will surely gain something. The best thing is that you don’t need to have any particular degree to be eligible for doing it.

A few of the benefits are:

1) Multiple options for career

The best thing about digital marketing is that it is not limited to only one field. These days each and sector in businesses use it to connect to their customers, to achieve growth. So, you will get an opportunity to find a job in all of these sectors.

2) Keep you updated about the latest trends

Because of the technological innovations which keep on happening constantly, your skills need to be updated now and then. It will help you to know about the latest trends of the market. 

3) Opportunities for growth

Digital Marketing consists of many skills. If you add at least one or two to your niche, it will help you in the promotion. For example, if you are a content writer who learns SEO, you will get promoted to work as a Content Manager

4) Flexible work timings

Since the entire concept of digital marketing revolves around the internet, your physical presence doesn’t matter. You can work from your home if you have a proper internet connection and there won’t be fixed work timing for every day. You can be anywhere and still be able to work efficiently.

5) Receive High Salary

You will earn more working as a digital marketer. Every certification which you will achieve will add value to your resume. Thus, you would be able to ask for a higher wage. Thus digital marketing certification worth is high.

6) It gives you an edge over others

You should always possess any quality, which makes you stand out from the rest. Thus, when everyone seems to be equal at work, the number of certifications achieved by you will be the difference between you and the rest. It will also reflect that you don’t hesitate in self-improvement.

7) It saves time

Certification will take between two to five months, and then you will start to earn. So it saves your time. If you wish to pursue a course from any college, it takes few years to complete it.

8) Cost to get certified

It will cost less to get certified than the amount of money you invest for your 3-year college degree. And it depends upon which set of skills you want to learn. There are free certifications available online, like Fundamentals of Digital Marketing by Google, Google Analytics, and a few more.

Paid certification is an asset, and by going for it, you will give your career a quick boost. It will help in your growth as an individual too. A course that consists of all the fundamental elements and provides practical knowledge of how these elements work together will benefit you.

There are many courses, and if you are thinking about the cost, then keep in your mind that it will cost you much less than what you invested in your college degree.

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So, digital marketing certification worth is bang-on, only if you choose the course wisely. Take your time, do proper research to know whether it will help in your growth as a professional or not. So choose any course, make sure you achieve the result, which will help you in the new beginning of your career as a digital marketer.

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