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How to Become a Blogger in 2024: Beginner’s Guide

Blogging is not as complicated as it seems. You can make a blog fast and easy. This article will give you step-wise guidance on becoming a blogger as a beginner in 2024.

How to Become a Blogger Beginner's Guide


Before all of that, give yourself some time and think about why you want to start a blog. Let me help you with brainstorming. Below I have mentioned a few reasons why blogging would be a good thing for you to start.

  • To share information or spread awareness or educate your audience about a niche that you have expertise in or that which interests you. Eg. Skincare, weight loss, fashion, sports, devices, etc.
  • To promote your brand and sell your products.
  • To make money with your writing skills.
  • To gain confidence.
  • All of the above.

Now that you are clear about the purpose of your blog, you should now have something to write about. So, let’s move on step-by-step and learn what you exactly should do.

How to Become a Blogger Step 1: Find Your Specialty (Niche):

Before you figure out how to begin a fruitful blog, you should initially discover your specialty or niche, make sense of how to make it beneficial, and make sense of who your optimal perusers (audience) are. So, a specialty is a point that you expound on regularly, or even solely, on your websites.

“Specialty blogging” is making a blog to publicize to a specific market. Specialty websites are anything but difficult to adapt and they generally contain associate connections, promotions, and so forth., and that is for the most part how they become beneficial.

Instructions to Pick a Specialty for Your Blog:

To turn into a fruitful blogger, you should pick the correct specialty and work on accomplishing the most elevated type of information inside that subject. So pick the one that interests you—the one you are energetic about and generally intrigued by.

Take a stab at progress, bliss, and acknowledgment. By picking the specialty of intrigue and having your own perspective, you’ll have the option to separate your own blog thoughts from your competitors.

How to Become a Blogger Step 2: Pick a Blogging Platform:

At this stage, you’ll have to search for the best blog websites out there and decide the kind of blog management tools you would need. It’s always better to make your own blog with a self-hosting arrangement.

Yet, before you ask yourself, how would I start a blog, let me portray every choice. With regards to mainstream blogging stages, you have two choices: free and self-hosted (suggested).

Free: When you create your website on free platforms, you do not own your website’s name. You’ll have to follow their guidelines and you will also have many limitations.

On the off chance that you are hoping to figure out how to bring in cash with a blog, they may confine or forbid promotions on your blog, or they may even place their own advertisements. So, for a serious blogging career, you must avoid free platforms.

Self-hosted: This permits you to run a blog utilizing your own space and you have complete control over your blog.

How to Become a Blogger Step 3: Think of a Good Domain Name:

You will be known on the web by your domain name, regardless of what niche you pick. It’s your remarkable address on the Internet. Your space will be yours as long as you keep paying the yearly expense.

Clients who know your website URL can essentially type it into their browsers while others can find you through web indexes, for example, Google and Bing, so you certainly need to locate a one-of-a-kind moniker.

Your space name might be the exceptionally well-known “.com,” or it might be a nation or specialty explicit. The general standard is to go for a “.com”, yet different expansions can work. For instance, “.net” or “.me.”

How to Become a Blogger Step 4: Create a Web Hosting Account:

After picking the domain name, choosing solid hosting services will be one of the most significant choices you make. By and large, the usefulness and execution of your website will rely upon your blog hosting. The host ensures your webpage is accessible day in and day out to a likely audience.

How to Become a Blogger Step 5: Install WordPress and Set Up Your Blog:

This segment gives a point by point instructions to assist you with the web-hosting plan selection and how to set up a WordPress blog. For instance, I will tell you the best way to make a blog with Bluehost.

  • Visit Bluehost and snap the “Begin Now” button.
  • Select the basic plan. It’s always better to start with this. Later you can explore more and upgrade to other plans as you grow. The basic plan will provide you with everything you would need to start a good blog. You ought to consider the pro-version once your fame skyrockets.
  • Now you can choose your blog’s name. Your domain name plays a significant role in your success as a blogger, so you should take as much time as necessary to concoct something new. Simply type in the name that you think would be best for your blog concept in the “new domain” box and Bluehost will let you use it if the name is available. If not, it will give you a rundown of comparative names for you to look over.
  • After you finish choosing your blog’s name, the registration page will appear, where it will be required for you to fill in your own information, including the charging information. A few minutes are all you need.
  • Now you will select your hosting options and give extra consideration while making this choice. Clearly, the year bundle has the most minimal cost, yet the other two are extraordinary when you need to make a drawn-out venture. Don’t hesitate to uncheck the remainder of the containers – you can generally get them later when you discover them vital.
  • Congrats, we are nearly there! Now it’s time to set up WordPress. Go to your cPanel account, you will find the ‘My Sites’ area, and snap the Install WordPress button. With this single click, you will be ready with your WordPress website.
  • After finishing all the above steps, go to your website’s URL. You will not find your website now because it is not yet live and you need to do a few more things to see your website live. So, you now have to design the website and launch it through your cPanel.

How to Become a Blogger Step 6: Choose an Appropriate Blog Design:

The design of your blog gives it a face. It should be appealing. You must ensure that you don’t disappoint your audience with the colors you choose for your blog. The overall appearance of your website determines how much your visitors can trust you.

The look of your blog depends upon what theme you have selected. Try to find a unique one that is elegant and suits your blog concept as well. Once you activate your desired theme, you can try adding images, texts, and videos to make your blog look much lively. You can always customize it. Now you can log in to your WordPress dashboard. After logging in, you will see a welcome message. On the left-hand side, you will find the Bluehost button. When you click it, you will see various useful tools to make your blog. To be seen online, simply smash the ‘launch’ button, and you are done.

Now you just have to add a title and a description for your website. Keep your audience in mind while writing it.

How to Become a Blogger Step 7: Write Amazing Content to Promote Your Blog:

Up until this point, you have your domain name, designed the website and you are all set. Now comes the critical point in time. You should figure out how to compose blog content – in the blogging scene, any helpful data that you bring to your visitors/audience can be designated “content.” It must be something individuals will need to cooperate with and return to get more, something of significant worth.

The subsequent move is to make sense of what content you have to make for your new blog and the accepted procedures you ought to follow. Regardless of whether your blog is to be made principally out of words, photographs, designs, sound, video, and so on – the substance or content will be the trap that draws your audience. Barely any will come just to see your new site.

Without extraordinary web content, even the most firmly organized blogs will fall short. The system of the web is code – yet the fascination of the web is the substance found there.

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Three Major Roles of Your Content Are:

  • Your content addresses a particular crowd and offers them some value in a noteworthy manner. Drill the thought into your mind and always remember it: It’s not about you; it’s about them.
  • Your content ought to be effectively available and appealingly introduced. Your introduction must rise to the nature of your substance. Here once more, don’t compromise on low-quality illustrations or plans. Everything about your blog must pull in your guests and urge them to connect with your substance.
  • Your content might be monetarily purposed, but never welcome your guests with spring-up promotions and goliath flag advertisements. Welcome them with the motivation to draw in with that content. Tell them you are there to support them.

As a blogger, you may get confused by all the accessible kinds of content and strategies you can convey to your audience. You need to understand that the conveyance strategy is less significant than the genuine content and its quality.

Thinking about how you can write quality blog posts/content? It’s straightforward.

Here Are the Three Basic Approaches You Can Use:

  • Express your fundamental thought and point you are covering.
  • Give a case of the thought you are covering.

Give a basic method to execute the thought.

Promote your blog now!

Your content attracts your audience. Even if you write the perfect blog post and have the most beautiful website in the world, all your efforts are in vain if no one checks out your blog. This is why marketing or promoting your blog is very very necessary. Here I will give you a few ideas on how you can do the marketing and promotion of your blog.

Start with your friends:

Inform all your friends about your new blog. Send each one of them your website’s URL. Take their consent and add them to your mailing list. Also, reach out to your connections on various social media platforms and get the word out.

Get Your Website Indexed in the Search Engine:

Take a moment and submit your website’s URL in the Google search console. This will allow Google to index your website. Also, consider various bookmarking sites like Bing, Scoop it, etc. Submit your URL there and you will reach your potential visitors.

Be Proactive:

Write your blog posts regularly, make a schedule, and adhere to them. Be active on various social pages and forums relevant to your niche. Reach out to various bloggers in your niche, build friendships, spread the content, and grow together. Always be active on various social platforms.

Work on reaching out to people and build a good network.

Guest Posting:

Guest posting is to write a blog post voluntarily for others’ websites. You might think ‘why should I write for others?’, but it is a proven way of building friendships with other bloggers. You can establish a strong online presence with this practice.

Build Your Mailing List:

Collect the email addresses of your readers in exchange for something beneficial to them. No one would like to give their email addresses to any random websites. Also, get out of the misconception that people will give their email addresses to receive your weekly/monthly newsletters.

No one cares about that! People are interested in solving their own problems. So, you better care about that when collecting email addresses.

Try to Get Some Paid Traffic:

It might take some time to get huge organic traffic. So, till then you can try various paid traffic avenues, where you pay money to get visitors. You can get this from Google AdWords, Facebook, etc.

But this is not compulsory. You can get adequate traffic for free with correct strategies, consistency, patience, and solving problems of your readers. Make your readers your fans.

Step 8: Monetize Your Blog:

You can generate revenue with your daily blogging activities. But when you start as a newbie blogger, don’t focus on money. Your ultimate focus should be to please your audience. Be truthful and helpful to your visitors.

This will make them come back to your blog again and again. Use smart strategies to keep your audience engaged with your blog and never scam them.

Eventually, you will be recognized as an expert and you will make your earnings effortlessly.

You can monetize your blog with various methods like,

  • Running ads on your channel: Create a Google ad sense account. With this, you get some earnings due to the ads that will run on your website. Whenever a visitor clicks on that ad, you will generate revenue.
  • Affiliate marketing: There are numerous affiliate programs that you can join. You have to promote the products of your affiliate partner on your website. You put the affiliate link on your website and when someone buys the product from that link, you get a percentage share from the profit.
  • Write e-books and sell: If you are well recognized in your niche, people will buy your e-books. It’s difficult to sell e-books as a newbie blogger. So, start writing your e-book as you start your blogging career. Daily write a page or two. By the time you are ready with your final piece of work, your blog will be well recognized and you can sell your e-book right away.
  • Create digital courses and sell: E-courses are a wonderful way to make money. If you make a very useful course and of good quality, you will be making a lot of money with just a single course for the rest of your life. So, focus on the quality of your work.
  • Write sponsored posts: You can write posts sponsoring various products.

If you explore more, you will discover other creative ways to generate revenue from your blog.

So, the key is to start building your blog’s reputation with your quality work. There are no shortcuts. Do the hard work smartly. Start with a good idea which interests you because you don’t wanna give up too soon or lose interest.

Pick a niche that excites you and stick with it. Be consistent. Work on producing quality content. Then build your mailing list. Promote yourself and grow. Revenue generation will be the side effect of your efforts.

Don’t give up. This is a journey of both obstacles and sweet fruits. Learn through your obstacles and always focus on growing. Only problems will force you to take a step ahead and grow, so embrace them.

Hope this post was helpful to you.

Start your blogging journey now!

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Q. Can blogging be a long-term career goal?

Well, yes it depends on your creativity and skills. You can be a blogger as long as you wish to be there is no time restriction.

Q. What is the skills required for blogging?

The good thing is that you don’t need to have to be qualified with a specific degree to be a blogger. Creativity & basic digital skills and you can be a blogger.

Q. Do you need high investments to start blogging?

No. You can start blogging absolutely free. Even if you are planning for a customised website for your blog the charges required are very nominal.






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