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Are Digital Marketing Jobs In Demand?

Are digital marketing jobs in demand? The answer to this heart-throbbing question is a big YES! The digital era has provided a much-needed thrust to the digital marketing industry with mounting demands for professionals. Read the complete article to find out various facts and figures that validate the surging demand for digital marketing jobs.

Are Digital Marketing Jobs In Demand

 Digital Marketing – A quick preview

Digital Marketing is also called online marketing and it is the new age offerings towards the promotion of products and services for prospective customers using the internet as a technology backbone.

Digital Marketing – Customer Demand

In today’s competitive world, it is more demanding for customers to invest in Digital Marketing services either through an in-house team or an outsourced partner in promoting their products or services for better penetration in the market.

The growth of Digital Marketing is going to increase multi-fold over the next few years as customers are likely to invest in end-to-end marketing activities to gain a competitive advantage over their competitors.

Digital Marketing has leveraged the technologies to a larger extent and has different activities to be offered to the end customers or consumers starting from Content Strategy, Website creation, blogs, PR, Tele-Marketing Campaigns, Branding, Advertising, Lead Generation, SEO Optimization, Social Media Campaigns, Go-To-Market Strategy, etc

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Are Digital Marketing Jobs in Demand?

The importance of  Digital Marketing for customers has opened up the scope for job creation and opportunities for individuals in pursuing their careers in this ever-demanding domain.

Since Digital Marketing uses online technology as the main backbone, job seekers have to be strong in both the Marketing domain and various tools and technologies that are used for different activities within Digital Marketing.

Customers have options to choose Digital Marketing offerings like Social Media, Content Marketing, PPC, SEO, Email Marketing based on their needs which demand consultants to be more dynamic, flexible, and have the relevant skills and experience in the technologies and digital marketing functions.

As per the report by Naukri.com and Mckinsey on Marketing trends, the most in-demand skills are Digital Advertising,  SEO, SM, Content Creation, Curation, Content Strategy. Digital Marketing doesn’t mandate any specific qualifications to get a job as a consultant can pursue a career in this field with some skill-based certifications, online courses, and on-the-job training program.

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Digital Marketing – Demand Forecast

The demand for Digital Marketing jobs has grown exponentially based on the job growth over the last few years, acquisition of knowledge and skill through an online platform, and whether the job gives a better livelihood for the consultants who work in this domain.

Digital Marketing also has a clear-cut learning path for people to learn the required skills to perform in the jobs. The evolving popularity of the Internet has enabled a great opportunity for so many companies to extend their business avenues into the world of cyber-space.

Digital Marketing or Digital Marketer has been identified in the Top 10 Most In-Demand jobs by LinkedIn in a recent survey conducted by them. In our daily routines, the Internet is used for everything like paying bills online, buying groceries, gift shopping, vacation planning, etc.

Following are some of the demand for a Digital Marketing career:

  1. Ever-increasing demand
  2. Productive & rewarding career
  3. The Specific degree is not mandatory
  4. A Career with multiple options irrespective of the specialization

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We understand that digital marketing is an evolving journey and therefore, the need for people getting qualified to have bound with the demands raises as well. Some of the personality qualities a digital marketer should possess are as follows:

The Top 7 elements of Digital Marketing careers are:

  1. Content marketing
  2. Integrated planning- Always –on +campaign
  3. Multi-channel analytics
  4. Email marketing- marketing automation
  5. SEO
  6. Social media
  7. Paid search

What digital skills are in demand?

  1. Content marketing which relies on traffic
  2. Technical expertise to analyze the patterns

Who is a Digital Marketing Professional?

Digital marketing professionals have the knowledge and skills required to connect the power of the Internet for the purpose to create effective email advertising campaigns, community blogs, web pages, social media postings with today’s internet-savvy users.

Digital marketing includes the following positions:

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For a successful & rewarding career in digital marketing, it is very important to master the below skills:

  • Inbound Marketing –using this to generate new leads.
  • Flexibility – Ability to change what is not working & move towards the project goals.
  • Strong Organizational Skills – Ability to manage different campaigns at a time.
  • Sales Experience – possessing hands-on sales knowledge and skills like digital marketing requires the ability to understand and thereby anticipate changes in sales trends.
  • Branding Experience- one must have the skillsets to create effective branding & optimizing strategies and the ability to craft top landing pages for various websites.
  • Clear knowledge of content writing platforms, such as Word Press is very important.
  • Strong Social Media Skills – One should know to create effectively ‘viral,’ social media posts aiming at increasing brand/product exposure.
  • Deep understanding & familiarity with “how digital analysis tools work” is much required.
  • Capability to recognize and reconfigure poor-performing content for the need of increasing brand exposure with customer interaction.
  • A must- HTML Knowledge – awareness of using HTML to create catchy sub-headers and making other contents visually appealing.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Experience – Clear understanding of how SEO works is required to increase search engine rankings. So, in queries, more people are likely to click on the company’s website thus resulting in higher rankings of the company.
  • Strong and efficient skills to utilize advertising Platforms, for example- Google AdWords, thereby creating effective ads.

Why Opt for a Career in Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing has become the core focus for any customers irrespective of the industry, product, and services they offer which demands competitive job opportunities for consultants which makes them choose this field as a professional career by choice.

For any individual who opts for Digital Marketing as their career, the industry inculcates various skills in marketing and technology domains. Advertising for online media means- to get engaged in particular technical aspects like website development and graphics design. Without a degree in marketing also, one can capitalize on these skills.

For instance, with website design becoming part of online marketing thereby any IT professional with knowledge and experience in this domain could play a vital role in digital marketing companies. Any marketing professional can learn certain technical skills to improvise their understanding of how online media work.

Operating in a Digital Marketing domain is worth a fast-paced environment where something new and innovative is just beyond the skyline. For example, any individual working on an SEO tool has to have experience with various algorithm updates to search engines.

Digital marketing is a good domain to work as this provide continuous learning for experts in this field with changing tasks and challenging phase as technologies evolve and customer demand grows.

It also becomes mandatory for Digital Marketing professionals to focus on learning about the guidelines governing the different networks. For example, when a social media site introduces a new set of rules, any marketer should be the first one to know.

When compared with traditional professions, it becomes possible for digital professionals to kick-start their digital careers individually and more quickly. Accepting and understanding how the industry runs and gets the right exposure online is the tiniest effort it takes to start the path to be a digital marketing expert. As a result, it is understood that even without an internship, one can showcase his/her skills through blogging and other social media activities.

Same way,  there are a lot of digital marketing professionals who prefer to work more online as they think that should be the place to focus on marketing oneself.

One more reason for Digital Marketing demand is this field becomes the top among other careers for its versatility. As a result, these professionals can get specialized in different areas, based on the passion and skills possessed by the individual. As a result, with the industrial growth, many choices may be available, thereby making the field an even more stimulating career travel.

In the period of next five or ten years, marketers are bound to catch more use for digital marketing, which means an increase in career opportunities. Online visibility for individuals has become just an essential part of lives.

These people are therefore hired to lift personal brands also. More the proliferation of online media, (which could extend even to the distant regions of the world), the eminence of digital marketing will become boundless.

Digital Marketing Job – Where to start?

Consultants who aspire to become Digital Marketing professionals can attend training through the online program, attending webinars, and hands-on training working with the directives of a resource person with successful digital marketing experience.

 Other methods can include:

  1. Going through various established digital marketing sites on multi social media platforms.
  2. Paying focused attention to any kind of changes in their advertising platforms.
  3. Creating a vast network of experienced, successful industry experts.
  4. Building and promoting a brand as a way to showcase one’s digital marketing ability to potential employers.
  5. Evolving as a certified and very familiar professional by taking popular digital marketing courses which are available online.

Therefore, going back to the old days and old ways of doing business is totally out of context.  With the digital revolution, technology continues to improve, becomes more advanced, and evolves at a tiring pace.

When more businesses uproar to stay related and modest in the digital marketplace, the greater the demand will be for competent and experienced digital marketing professionals. Thus, digital marketing becomes a good career choice for anyone who wishes to work on the leading edge of this technical revolt. Digital marketing has occupied over, and there is no question about that. Modern-day customers have grown exceptionally dependent on online platforms for multiple uses.

This marketing has made that possible in various ways. Thus the significance of digital marketing has opened infinite doors for people with the intents of trailing careers in the field. As the impact of online media grows, so does that of digital marketing.

To the point, digital marketers were the most hired persons by companies till 2015 according to Smart Insights. By 2021, experts in this area will be the most influential and with good purpose.

To summarize, digital marketing for digital platform is a sector which evolves very rapidly. Tools and strategies that were leading even two years ago are not anymore. Online platforms take different shapes with each paradigm shift, and this shift expects companies to strike a balance in their marketing. This shift cycle creates a very great need for digital marketing skills thereby.

Content Marketing

The importance of content creators is dominating in the field. Content is a prime factor that drives digital marketing. Be it’s a PPC ad, social media post, or blog, content can break or make a whole strategy. Consumers/customers are beyond the one-line product details and insufficient web content


Organic traffic is another critical point for online marketers.  Any article, whether it is commercial or not, wants to rank high on search engines. A lot of business owners or individuals are not worried about organic traffic. In this case, Competition has, however, compels the need for optimization, which has grown more multifaceted with time.

Actually, a website owner cannot use tricks like overflowing keywords in their content or buy links. With search engines getting keener, SEO professionals have grown with new respect.

Mobile Marketing

This area is gaining popularity as the number of online users on mobile devices rises. Possessing a mobile website has become important for businesses operating in today’s markets. As per the reports of a survey by Economist Intelligence Unit- 59& industry experts state mobile as technology trend that will create most impact by 2021

Social Media Marketing

This field plays a prominent role in the growth of digital marketing and will continue to do so. Social media earlier started as a way for people to connect online, and now they have evolved into so much more. Businesses in today’s scenario, advertise brands on social networking sites.

Online Reputation Management

As we all know, a simple post or image on a social network can collapse a whole brand, it turns out to be necessary to have a professional person to handle it. Online visibility is commanding in today’s era, and it has opened a lot of safety doors through which people with unpleasant intent can end entities with the stroke of a key.

Thus the area of ORM has therefore become identical with digital marketing because an online record directly impacts advertising. As people use the internet more, these threats will increase; hence, demanding professional core support. ORMs are available for the predictable future.

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Digital Marketing Career– A SHORT GLIMPSE

Beginning the career by analyzing the talents and seeing where they could be applied most, an individual/aspirant with a capability for accessing social media concepts and tools can polish his/her skills to accomplish business accounts. Apart from this, whoever is good at analytics can also get specialized in digital marketing analysis, which stands as another area anticipated to boom.

Top 9 skills to be refined:

2Search engine optimization
3Audience building
4Social media marketing
5Project management
6Data analysis
7Conversion rate optimization
8Content curation
9Marketing automation and technology

 Therefore, enhancing up industry knowledge drives a long way with career planning on digital marketing. Knowing about the tools of the profession like analytics, keyword bidding services, and algorithm updates can spring an edge in filling digital marketing positions.

Professional experts also foresee that the prospect journey will be charted more precisely, thereby enabling companies to build more focused campaigns and minimize or control budget waste. Thus, it is evident that this field has unlimited potential, which could enable one to capitalize on heavily and love being one of the top experts.

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