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What Are The Benefits Of A Digital Marketing Course? Find Out Now

Why Should you learn Digital Marketing? The benefits of a digital market course are abundant today, especially in the context of the Indian online market. Digital or web marketing is the method of applying and implementing all the modules present in it to promote a brand and its products or services.

Benefits of A Digital Marketing Course

A digital marketing course benefits every professional be it an aspiring student, a marketing professional, an IT professional, a sales manager, or a business owner. It is one of those subjects that have multifaceted advantages if learned and applied properly. Digital marketing assists in accelerating the career growth of individuals from all fields. It’s an acquired skill set which when aligned with your existing capabilities makes for a winning combination.

Today. business organizations realize the importance of digital marketing in the face of the enormous economic growth of the country. Therefore, they are encouraging new aspirants as well as their employees to take up a digital marketing course to enhance and hone their skill sets. On the other hand, individuals, whether they are already working or are venturing out into the professional world are cognizant of the plethora of opportunities that are provided by a specialized knowledge of digital marketing.

Why is the digital medium so in demand?

The whole world today has moved its attention to the digital medium. We use the internet for the simplest of things to the most complex ones. Let us better understand just to what extent the internet has advanced as well as penetrated our lives in the latter part of this decade.

Facebook, Instagram which was earlier seen as a medium of social informal communication have now become a major part of the digital marketing process. If we go by the shift in India, we see reports that 68% of the brands employ different digital marketing techniques to promote their products and services. (Social Beat 2018)

More than 40% of brands continue to use social media marketing as a primary form of digital marketing.40% of brands say lead generation is their primary objective behind digital marketing. (Social Beat 2018).

Today lead generation and sales have become crucial aspects of digital marketing initiatives. It isn’t just brand awareness and recognition that business organizations are emphasizing in their digital marketing campaigns.

The growth in the number of institutes that offer digital marketing courses is proof of the mass popularity and demand for the advantages of digital marketing. Moreover, according to reports, more than 30% of companies invest 40% or more in their digital strategies for successful conversions.

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Here are some of the top benefits of a digital marketing course. 

  1. In-depth understanding of core concepts

Invariably, the benefits of a digital marketing course cannot be emphasized enough. A digital marketing course encompasses all the vital elements that make up the digital marketing process. Starting from giving directions on how SEO and SEM work, to advanced HTML and WordPress, or Joomla. You can gain an in-depth understanding of all the elements through a digital marketing course.

The main modules and sub-modules of digital marketing are SEO, SEM, Mobile Marketing. Content Marketing, Analytics, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Influencer Marketing, inbound marketing. Copywriting, Content Marketing, Social media marketing, advertising, marketing automation, etc.

For a digital marketer, it is very essential to have extensive knowledge of one or more of these modules. Moreover, it is imperative that a digital marketer understands the core concepts of these elements. Also, they must be familiar with the different terminology associated with the concept.

For example,

A traditional marketer might know all about marketing through conventional channels. Today’s digital progress and contribution to revenue as seen from various reports demand that marketers become smart digital campaigning professionals. It is paramount to have a basic understanding of all the core components of marketing online. This, in turn, would help them become even more valuable to a company.

Today LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest have become major channels for B2B businesses. If one doesn’t know how to properly leverage the enormous benefit arising out of these potent marketing channels, then you are losing out on a great opportunity for increased revenue and growth.

Certain areas need some training to get you familiar with the concepts. The key to successful digital marketing is content. Now, if you don’t understand the concept of Keywords, Keyword Insertion, On-page optimization, backlinks you will not be able to effectively carry out your digital marketing efforts.

All of these pertinent areas are covered by a digital marketing course extensively. It is to make you an incisive marketer with an exhaustive understanding of the various concepts of digital marketing.

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Below I list a few concepts and their glossary that are intrinsic to these courses.

SEO: Keyword research, Grammar and vocabulary skills, metadata, headings, subheadings, keyword stuffing, Keyword insertion, Permalink, Organic search

SEM– PPC ads, CPC ads, Bidding, Adsense, CTR, CPM, Daily Budget, Auto-bidding, PPA, Quality score, Landing page, etc

Mobile Marketing – Acquisition, Active user, Unsubscribe rate, A/B testing, Ad server, API, App Store, App optimization, Artificial Intelligence. Attribution Window, Deep linking. The demand-side platform, FTP, mCRM, Machine learning, and many more. These are just some terms that you have to know in-depth to understand the workings of mobile marketing. Courses provide insight on all of these topics.

Email Marketing – A/B testing, ALT tags, Attachment, behavioral email. Open Rate, Block, Bounce Rate, CTA, Complaint Rate, Bulk Folder, CSS, DKIM, Email Appending. Email Domain, Email client, Onboarding, MIME(Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions), Opt-in, etc.

Social Media Marketing– Engagement Rate, Impressions, KPIs, List-based articles, Relevance score, retargeting, Vanity Metric. Viral marketing, social selling, Social listening. Sentiment analysis, NewsJacking, Objectives. Avatar, Craigslist, Conversion rate, Flash Mob, Handle, Header Image, Tweepi, tag, etc.

Marketing Automation – Definition, Brand advocates, CRM, Behavior-based automation, Buying lifecycle, Drip Marketing, Internal Sale, Repeat Purchase, qualifies leads, landmark Emails, revenue performance management, Multichannel Marketing Automation, etc.

Data analytics – Alpha Risk. Alternative Hypothesis, ANOVA Table, Batch processing, Beta Risk, Classification analysis, Cluster computing. Comparative Analysis, Data Science, Database, Demographic data, Grid computing, Histograms, IoT(Internet of things), Scalability, Residual, SaaS (Software as a service), SQL, etc.

  1. Lucrative career option

We are well aware of the huge demand for competent and talented digital marketing professionals in India. The growth in the web world has happened with so much alacrity that companies today need adroit and talented people to help their digital marketing initiatives. A career in digital marketing is not only fascinating but very rewarding as well. The demand today exceeds the supply of skilled experts in the various roles of digital marketing. Therefore, a professional who is proficient in this field is looking forward to a very lucrative career option ahead of them. This is one of the main aspects of the benefits of a digital marketing course.

The field of digital marketing has many designations and titles. Some of them are as follows:

Social Media Managers, Digital Marketing Managers, SEO experts, Multimedia specialists, bloggers, Media planners, Content and brand coordinator, Graphic designer, Content Marketing Expert, Copywriter, PPC experts, Data Analytics Expert, etc.

If you look at the various job portals today, the salary package offered for content writers/copywriters with a great portfolio to boost is extremely high paying. With a few years of experience, earnings range anywhere from 30k- 50k, 60k per month. But, there really is no upper limit if you are a creative person with a penchant for creating highly profitable content.

In the case of PPC marketers, Digital Marketers, and strategists the salary can go up to even 10-15 lakhs per annum. It depends on your level of experience and past success rate. Since this is a dynamic field, age isn’t a barrier to your professional growth. What matters is your ability to deliver high-quality campaigns with equally high returns. Once you become adept at your skills and evolve continuously, you can earn whatever you want.

With a certification from a reputed institute that proves your capabilities as a prolific digital marketer, you can apply for any profile you want. Also, a digital marketing course allows you to meet potential employees for internships and trainee positions. So getting a just b after doing a course becomes all the easier.

  1. Vast opportunities

Since digital marketing is a potent and dynamic field it offers a world of opportunities for professionals without restricting them to a particular job field for years and years. A digital marketer after completion of a course from a noted institute will be equipped with a vast knowledge of the different elements of digital marketing. Suppose you are adept at graphic designing, content marketing, social media marketing, and Copywriting.

You can choose to work in an array of sectors that require the services of a professional adept at these fields. Additionally, you choose the kind of work you want to do, select the job profile and apply. A digital marketing course gives you an edge over your peers. The practical study method along with the theoretical knowledge bolsters your CV to a very great extent.

This is one of the great benefits of a digital marketing course. It helps to boost your confidence too when applying for jobs in different profiles and categories. The knowledge that you are equipped with owing to the courses helps you in getting that extra point for your applications. So, you see the benefits of a digital marketing course are enormously provided you invest your time and effort.

Be sure to identify the skills that are your strongest points. Get training especially in that field that inspires you and then creates a portfolio. Every module comes with an abundance of opportunities. Also, the course prepares you for all the situations that may arise, the challenges that you might have to face. Be diligent with your learning and the results will be fulfilling.

  1. Start your career immediately

Equipped with a digital marketing master course from a reputed institute you don’t have to wait for potential employers and job opportunities to start your career in the field. Since you are now proficient in skills that require the expertise of digital marketing you can very well start your own website or even your own agency. This is another of the great benefits of a digital marketing course.

This will do two things for you:

You will get to be your own boss. You don’t have to wait for instructions and opportunities and can start writing and creating content. If you have PPC knowledge you will be desired exposure. Moreover, if your content is inspiring as well as provides value to your customer you will get organic traffic to your website thereby increasing your SEO ranking as well as online reputation. It all starts with having insight into the components that make for a successful digital marketing professional. And a course can give you the push in the right direction.

You can also start blogging on various niche topics. Whether it is technical writing, finance, or an arcane topic like cryptocurrency, high-quality content will attract consumers. You will get clients who would want you to write for them or collaborate with them on different projects.

So you see how training opens up so many avenues for you without investing too much time. It is more about your talents, acumen, and your understanding than the innumerable hours you put into your work. In fact, digital marketing is such an interesting vocation, that you will never feel bored or monotonous while working or studying in this niche field of marketing.

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  1. Convenience and flexibility of work

A digital marketing course allows you to understand your capabilities and have the conviction to be independent. It helps to build a strong mindset as you develop an area of expertise. The benefits of a digital marketing course are manig=fols in this aspect. Digital marketing course can be studied online. Secondly, a digital marketing course can be pursued while doing any other job and at your convenience.

The training institutes come with the flexibility of time and place. As most of the courses are conducted online you can take them from wherever you want. The virtual learning system is again one of the advantages derived from digital evolution and advancement. It helps to gain the benefits of a digital marketing course from wherever you want.  It has enabled lots of students and professionals to have the opportunity of doing a job as well as learning a specialized skill sitting in the comfort of your home or a place of interest.

Once an individual completes a digital marketing course, they have the advantage of working according to their own terms and conditions and applying to regular jobs or working from home. All you need to carry on with your digital marketing work is a laptop or tablet, and a net connection. You have those two, you are sorted to start working. Thus strengthening your skill sets with a digital marketing course is necessary today. It offers flexibility and convenience of choosing what you want to do and how you want to go about your career from that point onwards.

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  1. Detailed Understanding of Metrics

The main purpose of all digital marketing campaigns is to promote the unique qualities of your brand, whether product-based or service-based. Now it is important to understand that the consumer is the key to a successful digital marketing career. The process of planning to promulgate your product to deriving traffic to convert is done keeping in mind your target audience. Therefore, it is very important to have an understanding of what your consumer wants. To discern the various behavioral pattern of your consumer you need to have a keen perception of the different metrics.

These metrics are the foundation of your digital marketing initiatives. For someone without the expertise of comprehending metrics, this becomes a challenging task. Digital marketing courses make sure that you observe and identify the different metrics and then analyze them for your own marketing advantages. For non-professional or as we call amateurs, determining key metrics can turn out to be difficult. That is where a digital marketing course comes to your benefit. Right from traffic generation to lead conversion, there are several important elements to consider. This is again one of the key benefits of a digital marketing course.

Important Points

Practical application is as necessary as theoretical knowledge in this aspect. Once you grasp the concept, these courses help in giving you the necessary practical understanding. Overall site traffic, traffic sources, mobile traffic, click-through rate, cost per click, cost per lead, rate of acquisition. Also, the Bounce Rate, the average cost per page view, average page views per visit, ROI, cost of acquisition, are vital elements that require insight and accurate understanding.

Digital marketing courses have emerged as very coveted training for IT professionals. Since they already possess the analytical capabilities, it becomes all the more exciting to delve into the world of data analysis and metrics for these individuals. Conceptualizing and ideating a sound digital marketing strategy depends on metrics. Therefore an IT professional with enhanced digital marketing skills to boost is a great asset to any organization.

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The course study extensively explains every little thing in detail. Hence digital marketing courses turn all professionals with a technical background or not into proficient digital marketers.

  1. Freelancing opportunities in Plenty

Once you get a certified course in digital marketing you will find plenty of freelancing opportunities coming your way. There are several jobs posted online for different categories in digital marketing. Whether it is Copywriting, website designing, or content creation you can always find jobs that are aligned with your job profile.

Since these courses give you a fundamental knowledge of the sections in digital marketing you will automatically see that the jobs posted are commensurate with your training. Go to any job portal and you will find vacancies in reputable companies for digital marketing. A noted digital marketing institute comes with a lot of goodwill. Certifications from these institutes will land you a job in no time.

  1. Experiment, Explore, and evolve

A digital marketing course gives you the courage to unfurl your wings and explore various fields that you were wary of venturing out into earlier. There are so many new things to learn, so many new areas to discover. This interesting field of study enables you to take charge of your career and give it the direction you want.

Whether you are creative, analytical, or have impressive communication skills, there is always a place for you in digital marketing. One of the most profitable businesses today is that of digital marketing agencies. There are loads of opportunities to grow in this market. As you derive the benefits of a digital marketing course you strengthen your career. Make sure you evolve and learn the new development constantly. Take courses when they offer new areas of education in this field. With the emerging market, the education you receive in this field will always come to your benefit.

  1. Getting Rid of stagnancy

When you hit a roadblock in your career a digital marketing course might just be the impetus you need to get back on the right track. Since digital marketing is the way ahead, professionals from all fields can benefit from the various courses. The courses hold immense value nowadays. For bloggers and affiliate marketers, say, even after a few months, when you are not being able to generate any revenue from your site, you have to examine what’s lacking in your inbound marketing efforts.

A digital marketing course is an all-inclusive course. It gives you a thorough awareness of what is required in your approach. In other words, you can accelerate your growth or propel yourself to success. That is, even if you’ve reached a stagnation point in your career or your digital marketing endeavors. Building a credible reputation through the benefits of a digital marketing course has become a norm today. The reason – a great step for your career prospects.

As for students from various departments, it is an added skill along with their field of study that strengthens their resume even further. There is so much to do in this field, so many gaps to fill. It never feels like you are at a dead end. With the continuous growth in the economy, the country is moving towards an era where every transaction even, the smallest of ones will be carried out through digital marketing. This particular field is always going to be exciting and eventful.


The above points are just some of the benefits of a digital marketing course.  Digital marketing is a prolific, engaging field. Digital marketing courses help you take the first steps towards a very prosperous career in digital marketing. They assist you in taking the right calls, understanding your acumen, and developing your relevant skills through theory and practical assignments. You only have to work hard and train diligently imbibing all the important information provided to you in these courses. Once your courses are over, you will see a variety of career oportunities knocking on your door.


  • this article gives a lot of information on how digital marketing can help our career to boost and how we can use this segment to promote any business online.. thanks for sharing peerless information

    • Hello Apekshit,

      At IIM SKILLS, you will learn practical skills from day first, Our program is objective-driven. Assuming that you are a fresher and expecting to get your first job after learning DM, your training delivery will be designed according to the job achievement point of view.

      I hope this helps.

  • I see everyone who is doing a digital marketing course has a great potential to grow. I believe this is the best benefit of taking up a training.

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