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What Is Mobile Marketing? 10 Key Elements Of Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing refers to the promotion of products and services on mobile devices like tablets, iPads, smartphones, and iPhones through the various channels available to us. It is a prime part of a strong digital marketing strategy. Mobile Marketing includes the involvement and implementation of different elements like social media, SMS, MMS, Push Notifications, and websites to promulgate your brand to target audiences via mobile devices. 

What Is Mobile Marketing

Provided Below Are Some Statistics That Prove The Advantages Of Mobile Marketing.

According to a report on 99firms

  • Mobile devices are used for over 40% of online transactions. They will go up further in the coming years.
  • 80% of internet users own a Smartphone
  • Push notifications propel 9.6 x more users to make a purchase
  • A whopping 91% of users say content is of prime importance
  • Google owns 96% of mobile search traffic 
  • 80% of shoppers use a Smartphone when shopping (not online)
  • 56 % of B2B buyers frequently use Smartphones to retrieve information.

It is important to note that mobile marketing requires considerable efforts to make an impact on prospective consumers. Just as spam is a deterrent to effective email campaigns, very aggressive mobile marketing can turn consumers off as well. On the other hand, effective mobile marketing can easily turn reluctant consumers into loyal customers. 

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Email Marketing And Mobile Marketing- The Difference

A lot of times, we tend to confuse these two compelling elements of online marketing. Email marketing refers to disseminating and communicating relevant information through emails to a focus group. Mobile marketing is a much more diverse concept that takes several channels to make a productive online marketing campaign.

The basic difference is that email marketing is one of the crucial parts of mobile marketing. Mobile marketing takes the form of SMS, notifications, in-game apps, social media apps, etc. 

For example, most of the searches and visits on Instagram and Pinterest are through their mobile applications on Smartphones and tablets. You will seldom find someone accessing these apps through desktops even when they are perfectly possible. That is because accessing these applications through a mobile device is uncomplicated and fluid. It saves a lot of time too.

Even in the case of e-commerce websites, more and more people engage with these websites through their mobile devices only. From surfing the website to purchasing an item and finally paying through online transactions, most of it is done on your Smartphones. Mobile phones are quite a preferred device for opening emails. Thus, email marketing falls under the umbrella of mobile marketing as one of its key channels of communication and advertising a brand and its utilities.

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Therefore, it becomes necessary to emphasize the optimization of mobile marketing through studying different data and analytics, identifying the target consumers for the brand, and then assessing the budget required. Finally put together a strategy that helps to yield maximum results. 


Delineate your objectives. Whether mobile marketing is feasible within your budget? Who are you catering to? How effective has the current strategy, if any, been? What are the key areas that you want to improve on? How to optimize the maximum used applications on your mobile devices for greater effect? You should always keep in mind the various statistics that show us just how frequently people use their mobile devices for their needs. The use of mobile will augment in the coming years. Therefore, it has become essential that business houses have a mobile marketing strategy in place. 

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There are a few very useful tools to measure the performance and overall metrics of your mobile marketing efforts. 

  • Buffer

Buffer is a social media management application that assists you to organize and implement your social media marketing initiatives with clarity. Posting images, stories, texts can become a lot easier when using this app as it helps in systematic scheduling. It also provides detailed reports on the performance of your social media accounts

  • Google Analytics

Google Analytics gives you a clear idea of the level of engagement and how landing pages are performing. That helps in improving on lead-conversion ratio. You can understand the page views and determine which device works best for your landing page and other pages. This gives you an idea of how efficient the different devices are. You can take proper steps to improve customer interactions after studying these reports. Amplitude is another tool that measures performance in real-time. Sessions, device type, language, country, are some of the features it allows access to for a better understanding of user behavior.

  • SEMrush

SemRush is one of the most popular SEO tools that give you loads of information on keywords efficiency, lead generation, traffic, etc to improve your overall mobile marketing performance. SEO plays a very major role in mobile marketing because most people surf the net, search for answers on the different search engines through mobile devices only.

  • Bitrix24

It is the most widely used SMS marketing software with some great added features like CRM. The software comes with a bulk messaging facility, cloud support, and access to open-source code.

We are not new to the mobile ad creator on Facebook. It enables you to get maximum reach and visibility because of the sheer number of people who use Facebook daily. They are one of the top social media marketing applications that business enterprises use to advertise their brand to their target customers.

10 Elements Of Mobile Marketing

1. SMS, And MMS Marketing

 This refers to the process of communicating pertinent, useful information to promote your brand and its features to customers through concise text messages. SMS and MMS Marketing improve customer relations, retain existing customers and create brand loyalty among your consumers.

These messages are mostly permission-based and are not intrusive. According to Venture Beat, the open rate of an SMS is 98% compared to 22% of emails. Just imagine how effective mobile marketing can be in the long run. Also, reports say, text messages are 8 times more engaging. SMS Marketing tools help in segmenting customers and sending targeted content and offers to leads that have a high chance of a conversion. It is an affordable and successful method of carrying out an effective digital marketing strategy. Hence a lot of companies resort to SMS marketing to promote their features and special offers. 

MMS is the practice of promoting your product through multimedia messages that can contain images, texts, infographics, videos, and a combination of all these elements. The mix of the different content elements makes for a compelling mobile marketing strategy. It is a great avenue for engaging with consumers and keeping their interest alive in your brand and its products and services. Protecting, eztexting, Slicktext are some of the MMS marketing software that can bring you great results. 

2. Push Notifications

If you are an active mobile user then you are bound to encounter push notifications in your daily life. Push notifications are pithy highly targeted messages that are sent out by different applications to engage and generate interest among consumers

We have a plethora of apps on our phones today. Let’s be honest in admitting that sometimes, we don’t even remember the apps we had downloaded a while back. Push notifications help these apps and business entities to re-engage and interact with consumers thereby keeping them relevant to the consumer. Push notifications are permission-based features and you only receive them when you specifically mention that you want these notifications. You always have the option of opting out of push notifications and then going back in when you want. 

Push notifications are an extremely useful and successful option for mobile marketers. But just like unwanted emails, too many push notifications can annoy your consumer. Remember to balance out sending these notifications. It is important to consider data before sending out push notifications. Location-based news and alerts have a higher open rate than others. This is called geofencing which is being adopted by various big business houses to inform and educate with even more focused targeting. 

3. Social Media Marketing

Where mobiles are concerned, you have to take the utmost care to optimize your social media for mobile-friendly usage. As reiterated earlier here, users access most social media apps through smartphones and tablets today. These social media apps come with built-in editors and ad creators for the convenience of the business as well as the users. All you have to do is tailor your content according to the specific social media channel keeping in mind the aesthetics of your brand and the tastes and demands of your consumer.

Instagram comes with Instagram stories and IgTv, Pinterest comes with an alluring mix of illustrations, infographics, and prominent text to highlight the core message of a brand. The options to make a purchasing decision are embedded in the ad with CTA buttons. This enables a hassle-free experience for the user and they are more likely to convert. You have a whole lot of options to customize your content to derive more results from these platforms. 

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4. QR Code Marketing

QR codes are an increasingly popular form of mobile marketing that enables users to avail advantages by scanning a code on a mobile device. The full form of  QR is the Quick Response code. It is a type of barcode comprising several black and white squares. When scanned on a QR code-enabled device(your Smartphone mostly has the feature) it takes you to a URL of either a website, blog, an eCommerce app. You can avail discounts and offers.

For example, a few days back Paytm, the Indian Payment and services eCommerce giants tied up with a few noted brands. On paying with the Paytm facility, customers were asked to scan a QR code on their phones. That took them to the page of discount coupons the QR code was connected to for that particular brand. This entire process was an example of successful mobile marketing. 

QR codes are a new method of implementing positive mobile marketing campaigns. The offers and gift coupons are great incentives for consumers and your business gets the required exposure it needs to stay in the competition. 

5. Location-Based Mobile Advertising

 As more and more users are getting accustomed to Smartphones the utility of mobile devices increases by the day. Brands now constantly look to innovate and bring in new forms of marketing that inspire and inform consumers. Location-based Marketing is yet another new form of mobile marketing. Businesses incorporate this in the marketing mix for better-targeted content to leads and consumers.

Location data has become a very crucial feature in providing accurate and relevant information to users. It solves two purposes- content personalization as well as advertising for brands. Suppose you are at a specific location close to a big brand in a shopping mall that has great offers on their new apparel collection.

Your location would help these brands send out focused messages for you to act upon. This would enable your consumers to avail of offers. That would, in turn, increase brand loyalty for your business. These custom messages are a novelty today in the world of digital marketing but are fast gaining popularity. 

 6. Mobile Optimized Web-Pages

 Since Smartphones have a super convenient user interface and are easy to handle, most of our day-to-day work is carried out on mobiles. Whether it is the news that we read the first thing in the morning or an e-Commerce retail store that we surf, most of the time all of it is done on our cell phones. Hence, Web-pages and websites should be optimized for mobile usage.

The number of users you might lose if you don’t have a site that conforms to the usability, as well as navigation on a mobile device, is huge. Moreover, it calls for negative feedback for your business. You have to be proactive in implementing various measures.

Check images, buttons, and text to see if they are mobile-friendly. Define every area of the page especially the important ones with clarity. Ensure the readability is maximum.

Another easy way to ensure that your website is error-free is to create a page that is responsive to design. This means that the layout of your website would seamlessly fit into any device the user chooses to open the page on. 

It is highly recommended to select a responsive design for any website or webpage for better functionality and trouble-free interaction. 

 7. Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is the direct promotion of the features of your brand or product through advertising. It can take the form of 

  • Banner Ad

The most common form of mobile ads where you see a rectangular-shaped ad banner at the end of the webpage that mostly has a cross sign at the top right corner of it. It tries to influence the user to click on the ad that redirects to the advertiser’s webpage. Banner ads are appealing and sometimes quite interesting. They do have an enticing Call To Action button most of the time 

  • Interstitial Ads

This type of ad is a regular feature in online games and different reading apps like Wattpad, Inkitt, etc. It appears at a transition stage when a user moves from one chapter to another or one level to another level in a game. Interstitial In-game marketing on online game apps are examples of interstitial ads. Interstitial ads have high click-through rates because they are visually appealing being bigger and much more prominent. They usually have a CTA button that asks you to either install, view, or purchases an item on a website.

  • Video Ads

These play a significant role in mobile advertising. The sheer amount of money spent on video ads is a testament to the popularity of this as a form of marketing. According to reports, 4 billion dollars were spent on mobile ads in 2017 which is expected to increase to 7 billion by 2019 (medium.com) 

  • Rich Content Filled Advertisements

These types of ads are aesthetic and appeal to the inner senses of your user. They are a compelling blend of different multimedia elements like text, graphics(big clear icons), audio, GIFs that come together to create an elegant interactive advertisement replete with pleasing colors and imagery. It gives you a clear edge over your competition. That is because people tend to remember rich content much better in the pool of content that is consumed every day. 

8. Native Ads

 The highest recall of native ads is on Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, etc. They are clean, unobtrusive, and merge with the design of the website flawlessly giving you a better user experience. As you scroll through you find these ads on your mobile apps with a little “sponsored” written on them. These ads come with great content to capture your attention. 

9. App-Based Marketing

 Since the majority of users’ time is spent interacting with mobile apps, app-based Marketing seems to be one of the best methods to remain on your users’ minds. These are several campaigns that revolve around creating interest, engaging with potential customers, and converting them to brand loyalists through their apps for big business enterprises.

There are different approaches to app-based mobile marketing. Some may offer incentives when interacting with their app, some keep rewards and points. The key to successful app-based Marketing is to create opportunities for exposure, optimize apps, make them intuitive, review these apps for better performance, advertise them on social media, etc. 

10.Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a supreme feature of mobile marketing. There are several tools, free and paid, available to optimize your campaigns for mobile marketing. Make use of the software to create mobile-friendly, attractive emails that are of value to your users. email marketing can boost up your mobile marketing efforts to a great extent provided you meet all the requirements for effective email campaigns.


Based on various reports and statistics that we have, business houses must understand the immense potential of mobile marketing in the coming years. They should give prime importance to implementing the strategies to further optimize and improve their mobile marketing campaigns giving due importance to all the important programs within the marketing mix.

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