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Top 7 Business Analytics Courses In Ireland With Placements

Are you looking forward to having a career in the data-driven business world? Companies across the world use business analytics to come to the conclusion in decision-making. Big companies hire business analysts from different sectors like private, finance, education, health care, and government, etc. Ireland is a beautiful country with lots of career opportunities. You can join Business Analytics Courses in Ireland. As technology develops, the majority of businesses rely on technology to grow their products and service by appointing business analysts to check out their business growth by coming to the decision-making process.

Top Business Analytics Courses In Ireland

In business, maintaining future precision requires some analysis which is basically called business analytics. Ireland is a place of business analytics where you can pursue your career as a business analyst if you have an interest in this profession. It is the process of analyzing data and providing solutions to any business or firm. In this article, we have shared the definition of business analytics, different types, and different tools used in this course. Here we have discussed top 7 Business Analytics Courses in Ireland. You will master various skills which are needed to become a business analyst in an organization.

What is Business Analytics (BA)?

In short, Business Analytics is a process of using those useful and reasonable data in a business or firm for the business’s future betterment. It involves an exploration of a business’s data to come to the decision-making.

 The Role of a Business Analyst Explained.

A business analyst is kind of a person who works to come to the conclusion of decision-making of the business. He must have enough knowledge of the company’s present and past data for the company’s future precision. With the help of various tools, he has to use data so that the respective company gets success in the near future. He should have knowledge about the products and services provided by the company. The primary role of a business analyst is to check out the objective of the business by making a connection with the business or firm. A business analyst is to do predictive analysis, prescriptive analysis, machine learning, business problem-solving, etc. To become a business analyst, technical skills is not only the primary skills in this profession but also soft skill is necessary. 

Different Types of Business Analytics

There are 4 types of business analytics. 

  • Descriptive Analytics
  • Diagnostic Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Prescriptive Analytics

Business Analytics vs Data Analytics 

Business Analytics is slightly different from data analytics. Data Analytics is the process where useful data are gathered and analyzed for the future use of a business. It is the analysis of huge data sets to draw conclusions from it and find a pattern for future use. It does not have to be used in the interest of business goals. On the other hand, business analytics is a process where a business analyst finds out the objective of the business for future precision. Data Analytics is a practice that includes business analytics. Business Analytics involves data analytics tools in the interest of business insights. However, data analytics is sometimes used with business analytics.

Tools Used in Business Analytics 

Tools used in business analytics are Python, Tableau, Power BI, R, Excel, QlikView, Trello, Rational Requisite Pro., Balsamiq, Pencil, SQL, Microsoft Access, Google Docs, Microsoft Visio, etc. These tools help in analyzing and visualizing data to do better in a business and finding trends in an organization by solving business problems and coming to conclusions in decision-making.

Who Can Study Business Analytics Courses

Business analytics may be learned by anyone who has a keen interest in analyzing data. Business professionals, project managers, solution architects, system analytics, graduates, etc. can study business analytics. Industry person who has 2-3 years of experience can also pursue this course to boost their career growth. It is also suitable for those who can develop solutions to problems. The business analyst is the person who creates a link between the business, project, and IT teams. 

Below Are the Few Major Responsibilities of a Business Analyst:

  • Creating a detailed business analysis for an organization
  • Budgeting
  • Forecasting
  • Planning
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Defining business requirements
  • Team Management

Reasons to Go After Business Analytics Courses in Ireland

Opens Up Your Career Options

After the completion of the course, you can explore different sectors such as private industries including finance, health care, and social assistance, retail, manufacturing, etc., and join these fields as a business analyst.

Keeps you Competitive

As the candidate in this course increases every year, it makes you competitive which will help you develop your skills and knowledge in this field. 

Flexible Schedule for Professionals

The learners can join according to their time management. You can get a flexible schedule if you belong to any professional field.

You Love to Work with a Plethora of Data

 If you love to work with data, this field is good for you. Your job would be to analyze data and draw a conclusion for making decisions to get betterment in future business.

You Like Computers and Programming

If you like computers and programming, the field will be a great option for you. With the help of courses like machine learning, data science, and computer science, a business analyst can work. 

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How Does Business Analytics Work

At first, you should identify and select data for analysis. After working with data, you have to determine which approach to utilize for the analysis. This is determined by the type of data analysis. Then you have to create several models. Once the model has been tested, it can be deployed to the company’s system, which will analyze any new data that comes in. 


Top 7 Business Analytics Courses in Ireland

 1. University College Dublin (UCD)

University College Dublin offers one of the best Business Analytics Courses in Ireland. The MSc Business Analytics Programme gives students theoretical and practical business analytics education in qualitative, quantitative, and data-oriented analytics techniques. The course gives graduates the skills to work in analytic roles in business so that they can make progress in leadership positions. 

Key Benefits:

  • The course provides a set of analytical methods for solving problems and decision-making.
  • It involves the development of models to explore issues and solve business problems.
  • The course includes data science, management science, and operational research.

Duration of the Course: 1 year

Course Fee: INR 18,20,925

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2. University College Cork (UCC) 

University College Cork offers one of the best Business Analytics Courses in Ireland. It offers postgraduation in Business Analytics. The MSc program in Business Information and Analytics Systems (MSc BIAS) offers students a portfolio of business and analytical methods for solving business problems and coming to decision-making. Students of this institute can develop a skill set for job roles such as Business Analyst, Data Analyst, IT Manager, etc. 

The course covers topics including cloud technologies, business intelligence, and business analytics, IT performance management, and data management. A research project allows students to explore and develop an IT solution to a specific business problem to the Business Information and Analytics area. 

Duration of the Course: 1 year

Course fee (EU): €10,630.

Course Fee (non-EU): €18,900.

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3. National University of Ireland Galway (NUI Galway)

The National University of Ireland Galway is another institute that offers one of the finest Business Analytics Courses in Ireland. It also provides MSc in Business Analytics. The course consists of lectures from industry experts, assignments, and hands-on technology tutorials. The program assists students with the technological skills and business knowledge needed to manage big data and business analytics in organizations.

Course Module:

Semester I

  • MS805: Database Systems
  • MS806: Business Applications Programming
  • MS5104: Decision Theory & Analysis
  • MS5105: Statistical Techniques for Business Analytics
  • MS5107: Business Modelling & Analytics
  • MG557: Strategic Management (5 ECTS)
  • MS804: Systems & Project Management

Semester II

  • MS802: Information Systems Strategy and Innovation
  • MS809: Enterprise Systems
  • MS810: Information Systems Security & Ethics
  • MS810: Advanced Applications Programming
  • MS5106: Data Science & Data Analytics
  • MS5108: Applied Customer Analytics
  • MS5103: Business Analytics Project (Group Project)

Key Benefits:

  • They provide masterclass talks – Representatives from companies including Pramerica, AIB, An Garda Síochána (Irish police service), and Cross-cultural communication skills workshop (Accredited and facilitated by the Irish Council for International Students).
  • The course navigates graduate recruitment in Ireland.
  • The students can learn CV writing and interview preparation.
  • The learners can build a professional online profile using Twitter and LinkedIn.

Duration of the Course: 1 year

Course Fee (EU): €10,290 

Course Fee (non-EU): €18,590

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4. Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin (TCD)

This institute offers one of the best Business Analytics Courses in Ireland. The MSc in Business Analytics is designed for students with a foundational background. The program provides graduates with the skills to launch a career in this growing field. In this digital world, organizations now need evidence-based reports to make decisions in business.
This course will focus on the application of modern operational research to solve business problems and support management decisions. The candidates can gain a wide range of capabilities including technical skills, business knowledge, and advanced problem-solving methods. Students will be introduced to analytic frameworks like CRISP-DM. In the final term, learners can choose to complete an industry project to gain business experience on a topic of their choosing.

Course Modules:

  • Foundation of Business Analytics
  • Data management and visualization
  • Business Data Mining
  • Business Forecasting
  • Strategy for Analytics
  • Operations Analysis
  • Big Data Analysis

Duration of the Course: 1 year

Course Fee (EU): €17,000

Course fee (non-EU): €21,500


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5. Maynooth University

Maynooth University offers Business Analytics Courses in Ireland. The MSc in Business Analytics is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills to collect. The process analyzes data in order to collect useful information. It explores patterns and evaluates models. Learners will gain skills in programming, and statistics followed by an advanced module on statistical machine learning. The course includes material on the consequences of the use of data and the implications for business. They will also gain experience in report writing, presentations, assignments, etc.

This program is for those candidates who would like to solve business problems through four different types of business analytics. Organizations can realize that business analytics is an option to survive in the era of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. Mining data and finding insights of value to businesses is a crucial process to move from raw and messy data to organized insights supporting management. 

Duration of the Course: 1 year


6. University of Limerick   

The University of Limerick offers 1-year Business Analytics program in MSc. Completing the MSc in Business Analytics at this institute will help you to engage with business problems using large data sets, statistical methods, predictive models, etc. The innovation lab and simulation modules allow you to solve business problems in a creative environment to reflect the skills required in real-world situations. The ability to implement strategies is developed in leadership and project management modules.

Course Modules:

Semester 1

  • MI6201 Data and Analytical Decision Making
  • MA6101 Statistics for Data Analytics
  • CS6401 Database Systems in Practice
  • CS6501 Machine Learning & Applications
  • MN6041 Project Management in Practice


Semester 2

  • IN6062 Data Governance & Ethics
  • EC6062 Applied Econometrics for Business
  • MK6102 Digital Organisations, Markets & Consumers
  • CS6502 Applied Big Data & Visualisation
  • PM6072 Leadership, Influence & Change

Semester 3

  • MI6103 Digital Futures Lab
  • MI6303 Business Simulation

Course Fee: EU – €11,765

Non- EU – €19,576

7. Institute of Technology – Carlow

Institute of Technology Carlow offers Certificate in Programming for Business Analytics Courses in Ireland. Students will gain knowledge in the field of programming for business analytics. Learners will develop skills in the area of core concepts. They will understand the various clustering techniques. The industry experts deliver through a mixture of connected lectures, case studies, and practical sessions to the students.

Course Modules:

  • Introduction to programming for Business Analytics
  • Use of data, import-export, manipulation
  • Clustering techniques of data analytics
  • Classification

Course Fee: €900

Check out other courses for career opportunities which are mentioned below

The Business Analytics course in Ireland is designed for professionals who want to get insight and who want to combine data-driven analytics with critical thinking. Business analytics classes are open to students from any discipline. For people interested in political science, economics, or computer science, it may be an alternative for further education. However, before enrolling in one of the Best Business Analytics programs, be sure you can handle the curriculum and other prerequisites.

You will master various tools and predictive models as part of a Business analytics course in Ireland. In Ireland, business analytics courses will give students to employ a variety of statistical tools. Business Intelligence degrees forecast and emphasize prescriptive and predictive methods. Business analytics is a step beyond data science to meet business objectives.

FAQs About Business Analytics Courses in Ireland

Q1. Who can enroll in business analytics courses in Ireland?

Any graduate with Science, Commerce, or Engineering background can join the course. In Ireland, with technological development, the business analytics industry is increasing. Any aspirant who has a keen interest in technical, leadership skills, and other related skills to this profession can enroll in this course in Ireland. 

Q2. Which is one of the best business analytics courses in Ireland?

The above-mentioned business analytics courses in Ireland are in high demand. After going through some research, you can choose any of the mentioned courses as per your needs. You can join their free demo classes to comprehend their offered courses. But we can assure you that all the courses are liable and reasonable in price.

Q3. What is the business analysts’ salary in Ireland?

We can rightly say that business analysts are paid well. In Ireland, an average salary of a business analyst is $46679 per year. The salary depends on the business analytics’ designation and experience in this field. It differs from fresher to experienced candidates.

Q4. Is MBA mandatory for doing a business analytics course in Ireland?

It’s hard to say that it is mandatory. But an MBA degree is helpful to pursue business analytics courses in Ireland. In Ireland, all big companies hire experienced business analytics in their firm. If you have an MBA degree, it will be an advantage for a student like you. 

Q5. Which skills are required to become a business analyst?

Various skills are required to become a successful business analyst. The skills are technical skills, analytical skills, communication skills, problem-solving skills, leadership skills, decision-making skills, time management skills, soft skills, etc.

Q6. Is Business Analytics and Data Analytics the same?

Business Analytics and Data Analytics both work with data. But there is a little difference. Data Analytics is the process of collecting and analyzing data for future use in business. In this process, unuseful data is converted into useful, logical, and intelligible data to identify patterns. On the other hand, Business analytics is a process of using those intelligible data to make business decisions for future betterment. 

Q7. Can a literature student pursue business analytics courses in Ireland?

Yes, of course. It is not a problem that literature students cannot enroll in business analytics courses in Ireland. They must have a basic knowledge of this field. This course requires technical skills and many more skills. Many times, literature students do not have that kind of skill. They must have those skills to join the course. 

Q8. Can a non-programmer become a business analyst?

Yes. Anyone can become a business analyst. It is not mandatory to be a programmer for pursuing a business analytics degree. It is also true that a programmer might be able to grasp a lot of technical skills while working on analytics tools. 

Q9. How will I create a portfolio after becoming a business analyst?

After completing a business analytics course, you may become an experienced analyst. You have to show your experience in various job sites. You can update your portfolio and share it on LinkedIn, Kaggle, and other job sites. If you don’t have a portfolio, you can ask to your institute how to work on a portfolio.

Q10. Is Ireland a good place for pursuing the course?

Of course. If you are from Ireland, you have lots of opportunities to start the course. As a fresher or experienced person, you must go for the course there. 


Ireland is a hub of technology where various industries have been set up. Business Analytics courses in Ireland are in demand in today’s world. The above-mentioned top 7 Business Analytics Courses in Ireland offer business analyst programs with placements in big companies across the world. Every institute offers a certification program in the field of business. After completing the course, various types of jobs are waiting for you. You must possess technical skills, leadership qualities, soft skills, and many more that will help you enormously to establish yourself as a successful business analyst. The curriculum for these courses is chronological and thorough. From every student to professional, these courses will help to gain knowledge and skills to the extent. Business Analytics Courses are giving benefits to experienced people in the tech-based world. Big companies hire experienced business analyst to boost their business in the future. Your job is to work in those companies to make their business in a better position by solving business problems by analyzing and coming into the business making decisions. The performance of the company is impacted by business analyst training in Ireland. This article will give you an in-depth idea of business analyst courses in Ireland. 

Ireland is a country of plethora of job opportunities for domestic as well as international candidates. Business Analytics course is one of the uprising careers there. You can develop your professional career with the help of the courses we have mentioned above. We hope that you will take the opportunity to see yourself as a successful person in the near future in your life. To fulfil your passion, you must join the course after doing thorough research.

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