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Top 8 Prestigious Creative Writing Courses in India

The creation of words in such a way that can carry your true emotions into words comes under creative writing. Creative writing is the art of crafting words in a glamorous format for reaching out to people’s hearts. Many use this art of writing as a powerful tool to disseminate their wisdom. Some also ventilate their undigested grudges of the past through this art of writing. This unique style of writing builds a deep connection between the reader and the writer’s emotions, once the reader dives into reading. 

List of best creative writing courses in India

What is Creative Writing?

Imagining basic ideas and expressively putting them through a specific art of writing is classified as creative writing. It is one of the most dominant ways of writing for building up a deep connection with readers because, in this writing, the emotion of a writer touches upon the heart of the reader through words. Once the reader comes in a grip of emotion, he rejoices in the sublime art of writing.

It falls apart from other types of writing because of the least rules and formats. A writer can draft his words to project his art in any style. A writer is free to use his imaginary vision for a precise narration of his content. In this style of writing, metaphor, simile, and rhyme are commonly used to make all readers fully conversant with the writer’s vision and it leaves a deep impression on the reader.

It is written to express the literature and methodology of ancient times. It also helps the reader to visualize a vivid picture of content effortlessly. It aims to get connected with readers fundamentally. Creativity is a key element for this sort of writing wherein every bit of information is passed to the reader in form of a unique style.

Types of Creative Writing

Creative writing covers a vast area of writing to convert a writer’s voice into the form of the word. It is written to project all sorts of fiction and some non-fiction content which immensely helps a writer to produce his creative content. 

Let’s know Some Forms of Creative Writing:

(a) Poem – All poets bring attention to their readers through their creative writing. In the creation of any poem, creative writing plays a pivotal role. Poems are purely symbols of art and creative words.

(b) Movie – A scriptwriter adds value to the movie by contributing his creativity in the form of words. There, the art of writing plays a lead role in the success of a movie.

(c) Plays – Demonstration of play is a lucrative method of entertainment in which the character disseminates the moral of the play by his voice. Here, only creative content adds weight to play. 

(d) Fiction – It entails all sorts of novels, short stories, novellas, etc. Fiction writing cannot glamour its value without creativity. Writing a novel, short or long story requires creativity to get the constant attention of readers. 

(e) Speech – A speech can touch upon the audience’s hearts if it carries the emotion of an orator in voice. Creative writing assimilates all emotions in it.

(f) Songs – Each song contains creative lyrics. Lyrics may lose their grip on people if it is written factual. Hence, in song, this writing plays a significant role.

(g) Personal Essay – The essence of the essay is represented through creative content. In all personal essays, this writing heightens its content value. 

How Can One Develop This Key Skill of Writing?

Writing about any creative topic demands versed skills in a writer. Although, creative writing is an art but can be honed by consistent practice and guidance. A true aspirant of this writing can develop it by taking any creative writing course and daily writing habits. Certain techniques can help immensely to develop this art gradually. Although, various online and offline Creative Writing Courses in India are available to cultivate this unique art of writing.

Let’s Learn How to Start Writing Creatively: 

(a) Read a Lot – A versed writer first becomes a voracious reader before attempting to write anything. Reading a range of books based on interest teaches us a basic frame of writing. Consistent reading habits can help us in absorbing the fine content of a book. A reader can perceive the demand of a reader. In addition to that, a reader can reap useful vocab and phrases from good books and can use them in his writing. Reading also encourages a writer to write about a learned lesson.

(b) Find Your Niche – To write about your interest always remains everyone’s cup of tea. One must figure out his sphere of interest before an attempt to write. Once one reads and writes his imagination in a particular area of interest, he starts honing this art of writing. Niche makes a writer’s mind concentrate on one sort of writing and he evolves his writing gradually. 

(c) Seize All Chances of Writing – We should never skip any single chance of writing whatsoever that comes in our way. Writing on daily basis will inculcate our habit of writing and gradually the habit of writing leads us to excel in our niche. We can keep a daily journal or handy notes, and notepad apps on the phone for cultivating writing habits. 

(d) Find Out Your Audience and Their Area of Interest – Writing in our niche is one best idea one should keep in mind. But we must also identify what our audience demand from us. First of all, there should be a vivid picture of our audience then we should try to fulfill their need through writing.  

(e) Add Literary Content in Writing – Creative writing paints our picture of imagination in the form of words. To make a vivid picture of it, we should incorporate the usage of metaphor, rhyme, and similes in our writing to make it more lucrative and insightful.

(f) Have a Deep Understanding of the Subject – Before attempting to write creatively, we must imbibe knowledge about the subject. We can grasp enough knowledge of a subject by doing enough search on the internet and reading related books. We can enlarge a broad picture of a subject if we carry out thorough research about it. Knowledge also boosts our confidence level and primes our minds to create easy content about the subject

(g) Depicts a Story of Your Subject – Story is easy to consume by a reader and once the reader lands his attention on our story, we can take him into the depth of our subject. Hence, the articulation of a good story in our writing can work as a tool for us. It bridges the heart of the writer and reader. Moreover, the story gives us a space to put our imagination into the story.

(h) Don’t Pause Your Flow of Writing – Our thoughts come out as a stream of the river. If we try to hold it, it does not get direction. Similarly, our imagination for a subject comes like flow and we should keep writing without any interruption. Let it flow and then reshape it as per the audience’s understanding. Our flow while writing helps us to put all the pieces of content.

(i) Use Emotion in Writing as an Adulterant – Writing creatively is not rule-based writing. Our content is driven by our rigid or soft emotions. If we subtract those emotions from writing then it will be an empty post of characters. So, in this writing, we should cater to our emotions while crafting words for the subject. Non-verbal communication is not interpreted by simple words then there is a need for the expression of emotion through creative writing. This writing demands emotion for deep explanations.

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The Benefit of Creative Writing

Creative writing has gained widespread popularity in the writing industry because it has been working as a powerful tool for writers to take them one step more advanced than any other mode of writing. The information entailed in this writing goes hand in hand with the reader because the writer does not write his knowledge in it but also shares his emotion in the form of words. 

Let’s Count the Benefits of Creative Writing:

(a) Elevate Your Mental Flexibility Everybody is overwhelmed by the stimulation of emotions. In a study, it was highlighted that a person who exercises this writing expresses his emotions organically. A creative mindset always perceives opponents’ empathy and responds according to them which also helps a creative writer profoundly in writing.

(b) Build Your Vocabulary Bank – Writing creatively needs a range of vocabulary and phrases to express emotions and solutions. Practicing this writing will grow your vocabulary stock which directly strengthens your writing skills. Writing begins with a single word and ends with a conclusion. 

In this process of writing, a creative writer also emphasizes words to generate new imagination and again shapes that imagination into words. In doing so, a writer goes through many words and learns to use a single word in different ways.

(c) Spike Your Confidence Level – It engages a writer to write about imaginary things wherein a writer finds an asymmetric problem and attempts to find a solution for the same. And the writer feels appreciated after getting answers for imagination. It directly hits on the dopamine loop of a writer and makes him confident about any real problem. Writing gives a push to our confidence because a writer makes himself proud of new things. A generation brings a proud moment in every generator’s life.

(d) Writing Hones Your Communication Skills Writing hones your communication skills because we get in touch with others’ perspectives while crafting words in this writing. If we can build up the quality to read the mind of our audience then we can deliver our ideas smoothly.

In this writing, the writer touches upon his audience’s aspect and tries to cater to everything. No matter how good content we have in our minds and how much we know about something because your projection of content makes you apart from others. Likewise, in this art of writing, a writer develops this art of projection through imagination and practice.

(e) Become a Creative Author and Inventor – This writing offers you tremendous opportunities to become an author. A creative author holds expertise in this writing. In addition, he can coin new words and phrases and can become the inventor of buzzwords. Nowadays, It has been observed that people are inclined towards creativity and love to do it.

This inclination is rising the demand for creative writers in the market and the art of creativity is making a distinguished profile.  All Vedic literature, scripture, epic, and methodology are subjects of great wisdom and cannot be learned by normal text. To visualize the essence of these scriptures, epic and literature are essential to be interpreted through creative language. Hence, there is a requirement for a creative writer.

(f) Writing on Creativity Makes You a Multitasker – Writing about any creative topic fuels your multi-task ability. In one study, it is found that children catch many creative ideas when they are told to write something creative about themselves. 

(g) Writing Creatively Equals Meditation – Writing is not merely an action but a reaction to our inner communication. It is the result of our flow of emotions. When a writer pens down something arbitrary then he begins to get down word his thoughts by the ladder of writing. In this process, he releases the clutter of the mind and gets rest. Some writers also ventilate their toxic thoughts with words and recharge themselves. Therefore, writing is equivalent to mediation.

Best Institute for Online Creative Writing Courses in India


IIM SKILLS has made the art of writing effortless for every true aspirant who dreams to write creatively. IIM SKILLS is one of the well-organized institutes, known for all sorts of writing courses. It provides a range of online courses but is special for content writing. It is not merely an institute with a big infrastructure but is also run by a team of renowned writers who unfold their years of experience in all writing courses. It has been offering content writing courses for the last seven glorious years and has trained more than 20k writers in this course time. It provides well-designed online Creative Writing Courses in India.

Let’s Know More about IIM SKILLS Content Writing Course: –

(a) Live Training – It offers students 16 hrs. live online classes in four weeks with flexible timings wherein anyone who misses any session can also go through recording and reiterate all sessions.

(b) Learn With Expertise – Any art can be groomed by good demonstration, similarly, writing creatively can be honed by the best teaching methods and experience. This institute has a team of India’s most renowned passionate people for writing and teaching students with their years of experience. 

(c) Get lifetime Access and Internship – This institute is an eternal source of learning and builds a connection with a student not only for three months but gives lifetime access. It also trains students about content writing under 14 hours of live internship program during three months of the internship phase.

(d) One Course for Everything – This institute covers 16 modules under the master course including creative writing. In the master’s course, a student learns about all different types of writing from several experts. It also aims to build up a good portfolio and helps to write an e-book.

(e) Get a Freelance Opportunity with IIM SKILLS – They help develop your portfolio and get an opportunity to work as a freelance for earning. This institute is ranked one by all media houses and brands in making aspirants’ dreams true as freelancers.

(f) Avail 35K worth of Tools – Writing can become more captivated by using writing tools because the tool does not make writing easy but also lights up the creativity of the writer and holds his attention on it. It provides a range of useful tools including WordPress, keyword research tools, SEO management tools, etc.

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

Here are the top-notch Creative Writing Courses in Delhi you must consider for skill development

2. Udemy

If you are dreaming of a full-fledged career in content writing but your interest falls into only creative writing so Udemy can be your good choice. Udemy provides short online Creative Writing Courses in India. It is a well-furnished hub for numerous courses including all writing courses. It runs all affordable and some free courses and supplies on-demand training. It is one of the suggested online platforms for content writing because the course is designed in such a way that one can learn to earn by writing in no time. 

What are Good Inside Udemy’s Creative Writing Courses in India?

(a) Time-Bound free training 

(b) Learn everything with simplicity, clarity

(c) Focus on one key element in one course

(d) Get a certificate of completion

(f) Feed your curiosity through separate Q&A lecture

3. Writing Course by IGNOU

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is a certified open university for having a diploma in a creative writing course. It is one recognized unit for diploma courses (DCE). It offers a one-year to four years diploma course. It does not ask for any other qualification than intermediate and no age restriction is bound. It issues a diploma after achieving a good grade on a project. Any volunteer can take admission twice a year for a diploma. 

Let’s Learn More About their Creative Writing Courses in India:

(a) Offering Creative Writing Courses in India through distance learning.

(b) Get a diploma after submission of the project.

(c) Get recognition from IGNOU university in your portfolio

Learn more about the best Creative Writing Courses in Gurgaon

4. Coursera

Coursera is one leading platform for online creative writing courses in India. It offers many concise courses in writing wherein Wesleyan University represents its team of skilled writers to train naive writers for the future. It provides a course in which a student is evaluated by its faculty and is taught through constructive feedback. It offers both short and long Creative Writing Courses in India.

Key Points About this Institute: –

(a) Course available with flexible timings

(b) No experience required

(c) Earn a sharable certificate upon completion

(d) Purley online course with recordings

5. British Council of India

British Council of India works to build up a unique perspective in writers and teaches them to think out of the box during the course. It focuses on practical training in which 36 hours are directly invested in comprehensive learning and art development. It is a purely online learning platform for Creative Writing Courses in India. Any aspirant can get into this course who has an intermediate level. 

Let’s Highlight Key Points of This Institute: –

(a) Hone your organic style of writing 

(b) Focus on your creativity and shapes into words with BCI

(c) Learn how to organize your thoughts to produce creative content

(d) Develop how to express your creativity with appreciation

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6. Writers.com

It is one of the oldest institutes for Creative Writing Courses in India. It has witnessed all transitions happening in the writing arena and designed a conducive course for all new writers. It has touched upon all the hurdles and refined a candid training methodology to enhance the level of creativity in writers.

This institute teaches writers differently by taking weekly reviews and conducting an open discussion overall on writing insights. The duration of this course is 10 weeks, during this course of time, all writers build a constructive team.

Know Core Structure of Creative Writing Courses in India: –

(a) Learn to express your creativity through blogging, articles, and essay.

(b) Providing a fully digital creative writing course

(c) Become part of a welcoming community and learn in the family of writers.

(d) Nourish your art of creativity with award-winning writers.

You can also check out the best Creative Writing Courses in Chennai to excel in writing skills

7. Sri Aurobindo Centre of Art and Commerce

Sri Aurobindo Centre of art and commerce is working to fulfill the dreams of true aspirants in creative writing. It also makes it very crystalized that the art of writing can be developed by a unique methodology of teaching and skillful training. It welcomes all volunteers but also asks for a written exam before sitting in the classroom so that only serious students can take advantage of its unique teaching method.

It aims to exercise writing by imagination and indoor and outdoor workshops wherein a student gets live exposure to writing. It focuses on imagination skills and entire lectures are led by a renowned team of journalists and young authors. The writing course is spread over three months in which a student undergoes many phases of training including an internship. It offers the best short Creative Writing Courses in India. 

Let’s Learn More About This Institute: –

(a) Learn to display organic thoughts expressively.

(b) Learn to construct a plot

(c) Improve your communication and expression.

(d) Also learn interview skills and think creatively.

8. The Writer’s Bureau

The foundation of The Writers Bureau was laid down in 1931. It is one of the oldest institutes, working to grow the number of writers. It has been providing all writing courses since 1989 and established a good squad of writers in 23 years. It commits full refund of fee if any student does not get satisfied with the course structure. It is a home-based distance learning program. They provide online Creative Writing Courses in India.

Let’s Know More About This: –

(a) Get online access to every class, and study anywhere and anytime.

(b) Learn how to monetize your writing.

(c) Get 15 days of the free trial.

(d) Claim full refund if does not get satisfied.

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Frequently Asked Questions- FAQ

Q1. How much time does it take to become a versed creative writer?

The development of any art does not depend on time. Art demands consistent practice and learning. A true aspirant focuses every day on his writing then he may begin writing soon.

Q2. How can one find out his niche?

Practice is the best way to discover your niche. First, you must identify your strengths and weaknesses. We should read more about our passionate subject and practice of writing. 

Q3. How should one research a topic for writing?

Any writer should refer to multiple authentic sources for research and try to find out only the true source of knowledge. Afterward, he should prepare an outline for the same.

Q4. What is the expected salary for a creative writer in India?

A naive writer can expect his first income around 15000 INR per month.

Q5. Which are the best Creative Writing Courses in India?

Although all running Creative Writing Courses in India are providing their best knowledge to get wide recognition, some institutes are ranked in the top 5 for Creative Writing Courses in India to make sure your efforts come true. One should know in-depth about the course structure and curriculum before enrolling in any Creative Writing Courses in India.

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