Top 9 Business Analytics Courses In Australia With Live Training

Business Analytics is a field in which we use skills, technologies, computer skills, descriptive techniques, and assumptive models to gain valuable insights into past business performances. The job of a Business Analyst is to perform data and statistical methods and understand the productivity and performance of a business organization. He extensively uses his analytical modeling and numerical analysis skills, with predictable modeling, and takes necessary decisions for the company. Becoming a business analyst is one of the most sought-after professions. Australia is developing its technological side at a very rapid rate and lots of companies are in search of skilled Business Analytics. We have listed the top 10 Business Analytics Courses in Australia.

Top Business Analytics Courses In Australia

Per the reports in the year 2021, more than 360 thousand businesses were started in Australia. Huge quantities of business start-ups are being started. And in the upcoming years, these stats are expected to increase. A Business Analyst plays a great role in studying past business statistics and performance, marketing trends, and customers’ needs and necessities and provides a clear report. Based on these reports and analysis results, business organizations make strategic decisions for their future productivity.

There are different branches of Business Analytics-

  • Descriptive Analytics – To examine current and historic trends.
  • Diagnostic Analytics- To determine the cause of certain trends.
  • Predictive Analytics- To predict possible upcoming event trends.
  • Prescriptive Analytics- To recommend the necessary actions taken.

Here is a list of the top Business Analytics Courses In Australia

1. Business Analytics Ducat IT Training School

Ducat is one of the best institutes for learning Business Analytics and data analytics. The Business Analytics Course offered by Ducat provides training classes with live projects from Business Analytics experts. The course is specifically designed for Freelancers, Graduates, Undergraduates, and Working Professions. It offers Business Analytics Course using Python Training. Ducat Business Analytics courses are considered top Business Analytics Courses in Australia.

Business Analytic Course Using Python

The business analytics course taught with the help of python programming language reduces the development time, makes the syntax in a simple-to-read format and makes learning complex concepts easier. And also, Python language is free to use.

Why Ducat?

The Ducat offers a variety of software development programs that are taught by professionals. It has skilled and expert-level business analytics trainers, who can explain difficult concepts in such a way that helps students to comprehend them. Ducat always stands outs for its quality course and training programs.  The Software Development Course of Ducat is one of the best courses and contains an updated curriculum. The Ducat team has been working hard for years to provide the best package to their enrolled students. The institute contains a training Cell where expert trainers explain the complexities of different programming languages. The Placement Cell also offers a wide range of jobs and internships opportunity for the candidates based on their skill level. Workshops and Bootcamps are also held by Ducat to enhance the skills and knowledge of the students by providing them with hands-on experience.

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2. Badatya – Training Institute for Business Science & Analytics

A wide range of businesses are being started every year and their statistical data is being generated; the job of a Business Analyst is to turn that statistical data into usable knowledge. Business Analyst needs to go through various stages to extract a predictable pattern through competitor analysis, fraud analysis, enterprise optimization, Cyber analysis, Health care analysis, online analytics processing, etc.

Decisions are taken based upon the generated results Being one of the best business Analytics Courses in Australia, the course offered covers all the necessary topics that one needs to become a business analytics expert. From fundamentals to advanced concepts of Business Analytics are taught in an easily understood way.

The curriculum covers how to manage the business and create patterns that will make it easier to make business decisions and set future goals and missions. The course transforms you from no-one to an in-demand business analyst. A highly valuable certificate will be offered, after the completion of the course and good job opportunities will also be available.

Why Badatya?

Established in 2010, it is now one of the leading training institutes in Australia in the field of Information Technology and Business Analysis. The institute commits to providing advanced-level information technology training and helping its enrolled participants get qualified for their dream jobs.

The Business Analysis course offers extensive training in highly demanding fields like marketing analytics, pricing analytics etc. Practical training is provided for key tools and technologies such as Python, R, Tableau, etc.

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3. Analytix Labs – Business Science, Analytics & Machine Learning Course

Analytix Labs is one of the top-rated IT Training institutes in Australia. Among the best Business Analytics Courses in Australia, it offers a wide range of business development, business communication, and business analytics courses. These top-rated courses are also available in the cities like Gurugram, Noida, and Bangalore. Analytix Labs provide the best online learning experience to its students. The Completion certification of the business analytics course holds a high value and helps you to stand out of crowd and get a good job.

Why Analytix Labs?

Recognized as the best top-ranked and leading institute for its Artificial Intelligence & Business Science courses in Australia, it was established in 2011. The Courses offered are specifically focused on practical teaching and offering hands-on experience. This will prepare you to become to get job-ready. They offer courses with the latest curriculum, properly designed projects, easy access to its tools, and organized sessions, making it worthy of each penny.

AnalytixLabs is a popular institute known for its high-quality training programs and courses that are taught by industry-level experts. Every year, lots of enrolled students get placed in their dream companies.

4. CTC SAS Training in Australia – Python, Business Science, Tableau & Analytics Training Institute

CTC is a business analytics training institute that provides online and offline courses and offers the best business analytics courses in Australia. The Courses are taught by professionals who have years of experience in the field of business analytics. The Course is specially designed for students, job-looking employees, working professionals, engineers of any department, and anyone who wants to learn this widely used skill. The school focuses on offering the best training possible in the field of business analytics and business science.

CTC offers training in modern Analytics devices and procedures for business professionals and experts who want to build successful Analysts. Eligible candidates for this course are beginners and skilled programmers; any dedicated student can also enrol in this course. The mentors are experienced and qualified enough to teach students of any skill level. The course is structured from the basic level to the advanced level.

Why CTC?

CTC was founded in 2009 by business professionals working in the IT sector. Their objective was to provide the right knowledge and teaching to the students and give them an upper hand in the field of business analytics. CTC has helped many freshers, as well as working professionals, land their dream jobs.

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5. Excel-R – Business Science, Business Analytics Course

Excel-R offers one of the business analytics courses. The course covers the overall concepts of Business Analytics. Excel-R’s business analytics courses are considered the best Business Analytics Courses in Australia. The programs offered are from training level to placement level. Over 400+ candidates have enrolled and placed in top MNCs such as Accenture, Zoho, Infosys, etc.

Why Excel R?

Excel R is recognized globally as the best institute in delivering a wide range of management as well as technical training courses. More than 150,000 aspirants have been trained by the experienced and skilled business analysts of Excel R. The institute offers theoretical training along with hands-on experience. Training offered is of high value which will make beginners, as well as struggling professionals, land their dream jobs. Excel R promises to train the enrolled participants to be more confident and also get them a successful life.

Excel R makes it a lot easier for the participants to understand the complexities of programming languages and machine learning in this fast-moving digital world. The courses are taught and structured as per the standards and requirements of IT companies. The curriculum is structured from the basic level and then increased up to the advanced level. Beginning-level, as well as advanced-level, candidates can enrol in the course and can learn business analytics without any difficulty.


6. Imarticus

Imarticus is popular in offering the best Post Graduate Programs in Business Analytics. The courses offered by them are in collaboration with the best Business Science & Analytics Industries. The Course provides sufficient skills necessary for aspirants of Business Science. The course taught will help you to become an expert in the field of Business Analytics. The Curriculum consists of Capstone Projects, Real-business projects, and case studies and guides highly qualified industry-level experts.

The Institute 100% guarantees to provide job opportunities for the participants from collaborated IT companies. Around 400 placement partners are with them and every year they provide placement opportunities to the enrolled participants. More than 1000+ students of Imarticus have been successfully placed in their dream companies. The Business Analytics Course has theoretical sessions, real-world projects, and case studies.

They provide plenty of opportunities to participate in Hackathon and various other coding competitions to upskill your skills. After the completion of the course, you can easily evaluate and analyse complex business data and reports, and be confident enough to take essential decisions for the business. The course teaches you how to make accurate sales predictions, and enhance the productivity and growth of any organization.

Why Imarticus?

Imarticus learning is a lifelong process, and they have taught the best education since then. They have Organized knowledge with advanced technologies making learning easier for all. Its objective is to build a society that is driven by technology in the future. High-quality education that is only taught in prestigious and costly colleges is taught here at an affordable price.

The programs provide hands-on experience and experimental knowledge of complex topics. Imarticus aims to build a better society with employed and educated people. After enrolling in the course, candidates get lifelong support and guidance without any compromise. Individuals and Corporates both can enrol and benefit from these best Business Analytics Courses in Australia. They will be taught and treated equally. Imarticus has been giving 100% placement for many years and continues to do the same.

7. Simplilearn

Simplilearn offers The Business Analytics course which is in collaboration with IBM. The course promises to make you an expert in the field of Business analytics. They teach the latest tools and techniques such as Python, R, business visualization, and SQL Business, and also teach you how to apply statistics and predictive analytics. It is a collaborative course that makes it one step ahead compared to other courses. The course introduces students to an advanced integrated learning approach.

The course will make you an expert in every aspect of Business analysis. Working on software such as Tableau and Power BI will become easy after completion of the course. The curriculum is structured in a way that self-paced learning videos are provided along with live-online instructor-led classes.

Why Simplilearn?

Simplilearn, known for offering one of the best Business Analytics Courses in Australia, focuses majorly on helping beginners and advanced learner acquires the necessary skills required to work as business analysts in popular MNCs. Online training in the field of Business Analytics, and other wide range of other IT courses are available.

The institute is specialized in providing training in IT courses and helping students get their dream job. The course started in San Francisco, California, but now, due to its high-quality services, it is worldwide. The institute has helped around 2 million students all around the world, to get trained and skilled, and build a successful life.

8. 360DigiTMG

360DigiTMG offers the best Business Analytics Courses in Australia. The course imparts the concepts of business processing tools like Excel, SQL\NoSQL, and Business visualization tools like Tableau, and Power BI. The course helps you to handle and organize a huge amount of data with the latest tools and techniques. The students get access to tools that will help them to store and process the business data.

The organization of a business seemed a little daunting to beginner candidates, but the experts will teach you easy methods. The 3-month Business Analytics course offered is the ideal course for professionals, who are looking for in-depth knowledge of Business Analytics. A 6-month course is also available for beginners. The Business Analytics course covers essential tools like SQL, NoSQL, Tableau, and Power BI.

Why 360DigiTMG?

360Digi TMG is a globally leading education and training institute that provides the best Business Analytics training. This platform has transferred the careers and lives of many individuals by teaching them to stand out from the crowd. The institute was established in 2013 with its main headquarters in Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Chennai. After the success of the institute, various branches were established in Malaysia, the USA, East Asia, Australia, the UK, the Netherlands, and the Middle East. The latest curriculum has been updated based on business trends and technology. World-class and reputed industries are also in collaboration with this institute and their certification programs help students to experience real-world problems. With their experienced trainers, 360DigiTMG provides 100% job opportunities and stands with the students to get their dream jobs and sticks with their students forever.

9. EagleFly Solutions

EagleFly Solution’s Business Analytics with R Programming Course is recognized as one of the best Business Analytics Courses in Australia. Their training with R programming provides a hands-on experience in the field of Business Science and Analytics. R Programming is a popular language among Business Analytics practitioners. The R programming language is also known as the ‘Lingua Franca’ of Business Science.

The R language is rapidly becoming a widely used programming language extensively used for business science and statistics. R is the first choice of programming language for business scientist specialists. As per the latest reports, the R language is extensively used specifically for business analysis and business structural computing. That is why this Business Analytics course is taught with expertise in the R language.

After successfully finishing the course, one will find it very comfortable in working in the R language, and solving programs with the R language will become very easy. How to solve real-world business problems with the help of the R language problems will also be taught. The course covers the basics of Business Analytics and Machine learning along with practical projects and models.

Why EagleFly Solutions?

EagleFly Solutions is a leading education platform that provides the best training. Best placement opportunities are offered. The course curriculum gives the amount of weightage to theoretical and practical training necessary for making it easy to go through. The learning methodologies that are taught are advanced and the best of their kind. But more emphasis is given to the practical side so this will make the experienced enough for the students to grab the best job opportunities. The institute provides Live projects, Case studies with practical models. Workshops and various other activities will also be taught to develop every individual’s job profile and make them industry-level experts. A necessary evaluation of the work done by candidates will be performed and continuous feedback will be provided.

EagleFly provides 100% placement support as long as the candidates are ready to follow the instruction provided. Lifelong career support will also be provided by the training experts.

Frequently Asked Questions –

1.     What is the difference between Data Scientists and Business Analysts?

A data scientist manipulates high-level data and writes complex algorithms and had good computer programming knowledge. A Business Analyst focuses more on creating and interpreting various reports and regularly operates business decisions.

2.     What is the Role of Business Analysts?

The objective of Business Analysts is to manipulate the data, do study the analytical modeling and numerical analysis, and predicts future trends with help of predictive modeling.

3.     How do I start my career as a business analyst?

Choosing a Business Analyst as a career is a good decision per the technology and future perspective. Starting your career in Business Analytics is just enrolling in one of the Business Analytics Courses in Australia. Following the instructions provided by the mentors and you are good to go.

4.     How long it takes to master the skill of Business Analytics?

Business Analysis is a vast field. It consists of calculating mathematical equations and statistics and extensively using computer programming languages. But in the end, what matters is whether it gives satisfaction to you or not. If you are keen on becoming a Business Analyst, you will learn faster. But it comes down to how much practice and hard work are you doing.

5.     Are these courses worth it?

Each training institute mentioned has its one way of terms and conditions. But the Business Analytics Courses in Australia presented here are worthy. If you have any doubts or queries, feel free to contact the respective institute. They will clear your doubts generously. The courses mentioned here are genuine. And this article is written after extensive research for the best Business Analytics Courses in Australia.


Finding Business Analytics Courses in Australia feels a little daunting at first, but our article provides extensive detail for all the available Business Analytics Courses in Australia. Business Analytics is one of the sought-after professions. All IT companies are in search of Business Analysts, who can do the analysis and predict future trends, and take good decisions accordingly. Not only in IT Sector but the tools and techniques of Business Analytics can also be used to increase the growth and productivity of their own business.

One important thing, enrolling in these courses will only help you if you are dedicated and inspired to become a business analyst. You should be willing to work in Business Analytics. Are you deeply interested in mathematics and statistics? f the answer is Yes then, Mastering the skill of Business Analytics will provide give you with a fruitful future. But if the answer is No, then you should continue the search for your passion.

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