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Top 7 Business Analytics Courses In The UK With Live Projects

Irrespective of whether you are a local student or a foreign student, who is looking to pursue a business analytics course, this article is meant to list the various esteemed universities or colleges, or institutes that offer the best business analytics courses in the UK

Top Business Analytics Courses In The UK

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Top 7 Universities/colleges/institutes Providing the Best Business Analytics Courses in the UK

1. Imperial College London

Founded by Queen Elizabeth in 1907, Imperial College is one of the top universities in the UK. The institute offers various courses such as finance, management, and many more. Since it offers exceptional training courses, the London-based University also provides one of the most renowned business analytics courses in the UK

Imperial offers an MSc degree certification training courses in business analytics, through which recent graduates and fresher or entry-level employees can comprehend the relevance, significance, and content of big data challenges that are encountered by businesses and will be acquainted with a wide range of operational, statistical research and machine learning methods required to address them.

Students will learn from masters at Imperial’s top faculty how to employ the newest calculating tools, educational thinking, and, analytical to help make business decisions, combining practical applicability and educational accuracy. A careful mix is maintained between classroom instruction, practical coursework, business intelligence and data analysis tools instruction, and frequent seminars featuring guest professionals. The KPMG Centre for Advanced Business Analytics is located at Imperial, which is a prominent global leader in the research and analysis of data.

Course Structure:

The learners must finish a range of online pre-learning syllabi before beginning the advanced Business Analytics Courses in the UK to gain an overview of the topics that will be covered. The following three academic semesters are spent studying a variety of essential and optional modules as they expand their business and analytical skills and understanding. The course can be tailored to match each student’s individual career goals thanks to the selection of optional modules. Before completing their research with the Business Analytics and Business Intelligence Report, they will either start a consulting project, work placement, or personal research project over the summer.


The Students Have the Option to Choose Any of the Following Streams:

MSc Business Analytics (Full-time on-campus):

 It is an extensive full-time advanced Business Analytics Course in the UK offered by Imperial that is taught over one year. The students have the option of completing a Capstone Assignment and Project which includes a humongous team-based consulting project taken up for a real client.

Business Analytics (Part-time, Online):

This is one of the top part-time advanced Business Analytics Courses in the UK that is being provided by Imperial with a syllabus similar to the full-time stream. The 22-month part-time degree certification training program is delivered through its special engaging online learning platform.

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2. Durham University

Founded in 1832, Durham University is a famous public research university in the UK. The university provides various in-demand courses in fields like Computer Science, Finance, Law, Business, Psychology, Economics, and many more. For students aiming to take up a business analytics program, there is good news – the institute also has courses on business analytics. The one-year advanced MSc Business Analytics Courses in the UK are designed to provide a helpful research-led multidisciplinary learning environment with top-quality Masters-level training and education in pertinent fields of modern-day business analytics.

The Learning Outcomes of the Advanced Msc Business Analytics Courses in the UK Are as Follows:

  • The students will gain a comprehensive, advanced and systematic knowledge of the intricacies of data, consisting of the sources of data applications for business, besides the suitable, relevant, and appropriate analyzing methods
  • To allow the students to critically assess and employ appropriate and pertinent business analysis knowledge to real-world scenarios
  • To help them build a critical understanding of the various challenges and issues in business analytics that is based on the best available practice and research in the field
  • To build a theoretical knowledge of the present study and academics to all the detection of new or revised methods of business analysis practices
  • To develop creativity in the employability of knowledge, along with a practical comprehension of how proven, successful advanced processes of enquiry and research are applied to build and explain knowledge of business analytics
  • To build the capability to perform research into business analysis challenges for which the students must possess knowledge of a wide variety of business research, data sources, and relevant appropriate approaches and behavioural issues
  • To build advanced theoretical capabilities and analytical skills for assessing the quality and potency of published analysis and its applicability to new scenarios 
  • To expand the capacity to interact effectively both verbally and in writing through the usage of a numerous range of media 

Course Modules – First and Second Term


Presentation of Computer Science


Presentation of Management


  • Data Analytics in Full Action
  • Learning about Data
  • Handling data-propelled innovation
  • Natural Language Examination
  • Retail Analytics
  • Data analytics for making strategic decisions

Course Module – Third Term:

  • Silicon Valley Field Tour
  • Business Analytics Project

The students are also ordered to submit a Business Analysis research assignment and project that is monitored by a knowledgeable, qualified, and expert faculty member. They will comprehensively investigate a subject that they have previously studied during their course. Moreover, they also have the chance to sharpen their business acumen and convey their research and concepts academically and expertly.   

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3. Lancaster University Management School 

Being one of the UK’s top universities, Lancaster University offers one of the best business analytics courses in the UK. After noticing the huge demand for business analysts, the university decided to introduce a professional MSc degree certification in Business analytics. This course aims to equip you with the latest in-demand skills for solving various issues and challenges that are faced by businesses across the world. This course is best suited to those who want to build a career in industrial engineering or management science, operation researching, and decision support.

With the help of this course, you will learn to make analytical decisions. Moreover, besides being aware of the theoretical end of business analysis, you will also know to put the learned concepts into practical use. Implementing data-powered procedures and tools involves making pertinent business insights. One of the few courses, taught by Lancaster, encompasses Prescriptive, Descriptive, and Predictive analytics over the whole Business Analyticlifespanan. Excellent collaborations exist between the university and practitioners of business analytics in the industry.

This 12-month course is continuously updated to consider the actively evolving business analytics landscape. The importance of equipping graduates with marketable skills is highly valued by Lancaster. For instance, as part of their course, students will participate in a real-world analytics project. Students, who wish to begin their careers in strategic planning, business assessment, operational researching, and supply chain management, can take up this course.

Course Syllabus:

First Term

This course features mandatory modules and electives, along with a project. The mandatory modules ascertain that the students build a solid grasp of essential subjects. The broad variety of Elective allows them to specialize in subjects that especially interest them.

During the First Term, They Will Study the Following Key Syllabus:

  • Operational Researching and Prescriptive Analytics
  • Statistical and Descriptive Analytics
  • Python Programming for Problem-solving
  • Prediction and Predictive Analytics

Second Term

The second term includes the below-mention syllabus along with three from the electives on the next tab.

  • Analytics in Practical Use

They are also ordered to choose three electives from the list

Stochastic and Simulation

  • Heuristics and Optimization
  • Logistical and Transportation Analytics
  • Smart Data Assessment and Visualization
  • Operational and Supply Chain Brilliance
  • Marketing Analytics

Third Term

In the Third and Final, the Learners Have to Select Any One of the Following:

  • Dissertation (Industrial)
  • Dissertation (Researching)

4. Loughborough University 

Established in 1909, Loughborough University is a public research university that offers high-quality educational courses. Knowing that employers nowadays are looking for candidates possessing skills like data visualization, analytical, critical thinking, problem-solving, etc., the university thus thought of introducing full-time advanced MSc Business Analytics Courses in the UK. Loughborough’s highly comprehensible Business Analytics Courses in the UK aim to equip the students with the skills that recruiters value highly by integrating the intensive modeling and consulting skills necessary for understanding, handling, and communicating valuable insights from big data.

The specially designed Business Analytics Courses in the UK offered by Loughborough are dedicated to graduates, who want to start their careers as marketing research analysts, operations researcher analysts, management consultants, data scientists, business analysts, and policy analysts. During the one year, they will build skills in delivering consultancy assignments and projects, managerial decision-making, handling big data, and applying analytics for learning about customers and improving business operations.

After graduating from the course, the students become extremely employable and are armed to suggest companies and governments assist them in making well-educated policy or strategic business decisions. Internationally renowned management scientists from the university who are actively collaborating with businesses, the government, and non-profit companies to address daily, tactical, or policy issues deliver the instructed modules.

A variety of industry partners deliver workshops and guest lectures as part of Loughborough’s program. Additionally, they guarantee that the emphasis of the university’s taught modules has both academic and real-world applications. Practitioners from companies like SAS, British Airways, Npower, IBM, BT, TUI, and UK government departments with the help of the Government Operational Researching Service are among the institute’s collaborators. SAS also provides a student award.

During the summer, the trainees will undertake a supervised consulting or research project. This will give them the chance to implement dynamic tools such as optimization, predicting, simulation, data mining, and decision assessment to a specific area of policy or business, arming them with skills highly considered by recruiters.

Reasons to Take Up This Degree Course:

  • Opportunity to study at a top-ranked business school in the UK
  • Opportunity to gain some valuable experience by working on a business consultancy project
  • Some modules are taught by IBM
  • Scholarships available for top candidates
  • Industry partners include British Airways, IBM, SAS, Npower, BT, and TUI

Course Structure:

First Semester 1

  • Skills for Consultant Projects
  • Discovery of Analytics
  • Making Analytical Decisions
  • Handling Big Data
  • Semester 2
  • Compulsory syllabus
  • Analytics on Customers
  • Modeling of Logistics and Operational Analytics
  • Policy, Tactic, and Strategy Analytics
  • Method and Programming for Analytics


  • Analytical Project

How Students Will Be Tested

Either coursework alone or coursework and an assessment are used to evaluate programs. Exam weights typically range from 50% to 75% for modules that are evaluated both through examinations and coursework. The students are taught with the help of a mixture of lectures, workshops, training, teamwork, seminars, and practical classes.

Also, check other Courses in the UK:

5. University of Bath 

Based in Bath, Somerset, United Kingdom, the University of Bath is a public research university that was established in 1595. If you have recently graduated or passed your class 12 board examination, look no further than the University of Bath. The institute offers undergraduate as well as postgraduate courses, with the advanced postgraduate Business Analytics Courses in the UK being one of them. 

If you want to build a deep, solid, and comprehensive understanding of business analysis, enrol in Bath’s business analysis course. Additionally, when you will begin your career specializing in decision and data assessment, you will find yourselves equipped with the necessary skills required to accomplish your roles and responsibilities effectively. During the course, you will get to know how organizations leverage big data to obtain business insights and transform data into meaningful insights and knowledge. 

Also, you will acquire first-hand practical experience through the application of the latest business analysis and intelligence tools and software and by translating real data. If you have doubts about who will deliver the course, relax, as experienced, qualified, and, knowledgeable guest lecturers, who are from the industry, often provide valuable classes. Apart from that a team expert from IBM also co-delivers the course. 

Key Course Benefits:

  • Obtain the MSc degree certification in business analysis to avail a broad range of career and job opportunities across various sectors
  • Acquire practical experience in the latest business analytics tools and software and computer programming
  • Since the institute keeps its batch size small and carefully selects it, you can numerously chance to have personal interaction with expert faculty, career counsellors, and industry masters
  • If you work on a dissertation that is based on real data, then you can get to work with a partner firm
  • Interact with business issues, graduates, and career fairs to avail useful experience about the universal job market

Course Structure:

The course lasts for one year, with the majority of the courses starting in October and also in October. The welcome week begins in September. A bath often revises its coursework after receiving feedback from its learners, progressions in research and the field of analysis, and the necessities of certification bodies. 

Here is the Course Syllabus:

First Semester

Compulsory Syllabus

  • Using Statistics for business and predicting
  • Databases and business analysis with intelligence
  • Optimization and spreadsheet (MS Excel) modeling

Semester 2

  • Compulsory units
  • Analytics in application
  • Data mining with machine learning
  • Heuristics and simulation


  • Advanced business predicting
  • Individual study
  • Operational tactic and strategy
  • Project and assignment management


Compulsory Syllabus

  • Dissertation in Business Analysis

6. Warwick Business School (University of Warwick) 

Based in Coventry, the University of Warwick is a public research university that was founded in 1965. Located on the outskirts of Coventry, the university offers numerous courses for undergraduates as well as postgraduates. The institute offers one of the best MSc business analytics courses in the UK

The one-year advanced business analysis course will help you build numerical consulting skills. Besides that, during the course, you will master the methods to produce valuable insights from enormous data sets through predictive models, statistical processes, and optimization procedures and implement these to solve business issues. 

Before you make a future career in how to deal with intricate data-forced environs, and obtain multi-disciplinary training in data science, business models, and numerical techniques, you will come across essential and valuable concepts like optimization, predicting and data mining processes, prescriptive, descriptive, and predictive analytics, comprising of visualization (Tableau). 

Moreover, you will also strengthen your programming knowledge and skills in Python, SQL, and R, and receive instruction in earning optional certification for Relational Certified Analytics Expert. The Operational Researching Society (UK) and INFORMS (USA) both offer this internationally recognized certification and the skills needed to pass the exam are closely related to the course’s primary material. 

Program Structure:

The MSc Business Analytics program unifies mandatory and elective syllabuses across the three terms of the one-year course. The learners will study five key syllabuses and two necessary syllabuses, besides either two optional syllabuses and a dissertation, or three optional modules and the Business in Use syllabus. 

Mandatory Syllabuses:

  • Management of Data
  • Analytics in Practical Use
  • Business Statistics
  • Optimization Modeling and Models
  • Learning the purpose of the business for analysts
  • Advanced Analytics – Implementation and Models
  • Advanced-Data Inspection

Optional Syllabus:

  • Financial Analytics
  • Predicting
  • Strategy and Tactic Analytics
  • Supply Chain Analytics
  • Pricing Analytics
  • Text Analytics
  • Individual Event Simulation

Dissertation or Business in Practical Use:

Course Benefits:

  • Master the art to produce meaningful business insights from gigantic data sets using a wide variety of the latest tools and processes
  • Learn useful concepts like prescriptive, descriptive, and predictive syllabus that is in line with the latest industry trends 
  • Build on your already acquired programming skills in Python, R, and SQL
  • Perform an exterior consulting project with an actual client, take up independent educational analysis or apply your learned concepts into practice with the implemented Business in Application syllabus

Course Eligibility:

The institute considers your grade point average as well as the ranking of the institute where you earned your qualification when evaluating your academic credentials. You must possess—or expect to obtain—at least a 2.1 undergraduate degree from either a UK university or an internationally recognized university’s equivalent. Last but not least, keep in mind that it accepts applications from a broad variety of fields, including psychology, business, geography, engineering, economics, and sociology. Strong mathematical and IT statistics knowledge, skills, and competence are necessary for this course.

7. University of Exeter

Located on Stocker Road, Exeter, the University of Exeter is a public research university that was founded in 1955. The university offers impeccable MSc Business Analytics Courses in the UK that aims to teach how to apply and make use of data for solving business issues. Since the one-year postgraduate course concludes with a business assignment and project syllabus through the usage of actual data to solve a real-life organizational problem, as soon as it completes, you will find yourselves highly in demand as you have enhanced employability skills by then. As you take up syllabuses in Environmental Analytics, Operational Analytics, Marketing Analytics, and HR Tactic & Strategic Analytics, you will build master skills for a broad range of careers. Participate in the elective QTEM course that includes an internship and semester overseas.

Course Structure:

The faculty of the university delivers the course over one year and is completed on campus. The instructed parts of the specially designed Business Analytics Courses in the UK are delivered during the initial two terms, except the third and final term which requires you to submit a business assignment and project. 


In the course, you will learn the following syllabuses that are worth 180 credits

Mandatory Syllabuses:

Topics in Analytical Business15
Programming for Analytical Business15
Database Tools & Technologies for Analytical Business15
Mathematics & Statistics for Analytical Business15
Analytics and Visualization for Consultants and Managers15
Business Assignment & Project45


Elective Syllabuses:

Entrepreneurship – New Venture Generation15
Operational Analytics15
Marketing Analytics15
Strategic, Tactical, and HR Analytics15
Environmental Analytics15
Designing Intelligence15
Entrepreneurship and Complete Maintenance Value Making15

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the duration of all the above-mentioned courses?

All of the above-stated courses will last one year.

Q2. What is the fee for all the above-mentioned courses?

If you want more information regarding the course, kindly visit their website. 

Q3. Can I land a job after completing a business analysis course?

Yes definitely. Most of these business analytics courses in the UK come up with placement help.


Now that we have come to the end, we hope this article has helped you select a university that offers the best business analysis courses. Even if you want to be a professor in the booming field of business analytics, you can take up this course. 

Arka Roy Chowdhury has done his post-graduate diploma course from Asian College of Journalism. Previously, he has worked at a few publications. Currently, he is an intern at IIM skills. Arka is an avid reader of sports and entertainment news.

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