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Top 6 Business Analytics Courses in Kolkata With Live Training

Nowadays everyone wants to learn new technical concepts to build a new career. Students started understanding that technically savvy people are in need in the market. But business and data analytics are easy to learn. Even non-technical students can start making a career in this field. The urge to do better things leads people to explore and discover market-oriented techniques. Kolkata is also filled with people who want to learn and aspire to different techniques. In this content, you can find six business analytics courses in Kolkata. The below institute and the information about business analytics will give you a clear route to choosing this career.


Top Business Analytics Courses In Kolkata


What is Business Analytics?

Business Analytics is the exploration of data from past performance, data in hand, and data from resources to get desirable insights that directly connect with the business. Business Analytics differs from data analytics, data analytics have a close relationship with data. Irrespective of data, data analysts endeavour to gain insights on the other hand, business analysts are more related to business decisions and responsibilities. The course curriculum for both data and business analytics are the same but their domain of work is different from one another.


Examples of Business Analysis:

Business analysis is helpful in different domains like healthcare, retail, commerce, management, etc…

  • Decision Analysis: It is a complete package of psychology, economics, mathematics commerce, and management that delineates the information in visual form to make ardent decisions.
  • Descriptive Analysis: It deals with past data. The primary aim is to obtain a better understanding of past performance which helps businesses draw a holistic view and answer the question of what and why it is happening.
  • Predictive Analysis: It is an advanced technique that uses statistical modeling, data visualization, and machine learning techniques to predict future outcomes from previous or historical happenings.
  • Prescriptive Analysis: It is the final phase of analytics that includes descriptive, and predictive analytics. This analytics gives a course of action. For instance, National Logistics Policy is the solution to form holistic logistics practices which curb wastage in cost and goods.


Main Components of Business Analytics:

  • Roadmap and Consistency Check: Before taking a new project or product make a mindset and lay the plan to check for deviations.
  • Data Acquisition: Converting subjective data or information into digital form which computers can understand.
  • Data Security or Data Protection: How the people espionage on other people, data is also vulnerable to eradication and manipulation. Data is everywhere and like global security data security is essential.
  • Many software applications are used to find these practices. The tools indicate security warnings, rapid detection, cyberattack, and more.
  • Data Governance or Standards: Concerning corporate governance, data governance is the method of governing the availability, processing, and integration of data.
  • Insights and Interdependence: Data analytics concepts are surrounded by insights and interpretation. After analysis of past and current performance, new ways and trends emerge, and usage of these trends in a business is gaining insights.
  • Data Storage: File, block, and object storage are used to store the data.
  • Data Visualization: Usage of charts, tables, diagrams, and pivot tables to understand the data thoroughly.
  • Data Optimization: How fast the data is used or retrieved? The learned techniques from business analytics courses in Kolkata help you in optimization.


Top Listed Business Analytics Courses in Kolkata

1. Business Analytics Courses in Kolkata – Simplilearn 

Switch- 4.5 out of 5

Course Report- 4.5 out of 5

This business analyst program is endorsed by IIBA- International Institute of Business Analysts. Simplilearn offers this Business Analysts program in collaboration with IBM (International Business Machines). They are providing a highly sought course which gives you complete knowledge. This course is delivered through virtual classes with online self-paced learning. Tools and techniques like SQL, Agile Scrum, Power BI, Tableau, and other topics are included in this course. Simplilearn is famous for its boot camp training. More than 2000 companies have acknowledged their courses.


Course Name: Master’s Program in Business Analysts

Course Fee: 54,000 INR 

Course Duration: No Information

Mode of Learning: online

Course Curriculum:

First, the orientation program helps you to get a view of the complete business analytics curriculum.

  • Module 1: Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP).
  • Module 2: Tableau Training.
  • Module 3: Data Analysis and Visualization with Python.
  • Module 4: Mathematical Problems for Business Problems by IBM.
  • Module 5: Business Analyst Capstone.
  • Module 6: Harvard Business Publishing Case Studies for Business Analysis.


Master’s Program Certificate:

  • Business Analyst Industry Master Class.
  • Business Analysis Industry Masterclass – EY.
  • CCBA.
  • Agile Scrum Master.
  • SQL (Structured Query Language) Training.
  • Data Science with R Programming Course.
  • Business Analytics with Excel.
  • Statistics Essentials for Data Science.


Tools Covered:

  • Microsoft Excel.
  • JIRA.
  • Power BI.
  • EXIN Agile Scrum Master.
  • MySQL.
  • NumPy.
  • Python.
  • R Programming.
  • SciPy.
  • Matplotlib.


Key Features of this Course:

  • IBM and EY combined to deliver a masterclass on different topics.
  • A capstone project is an end-term project which comprises projects from three different domains. This project offers real-life experience.
  • Exclusive hackathons and data analytics certifications.
  • After successful completion of this course, you will be awarded both IBM and Simplilearn course completion certificates.
  • Interactive learning platforms aim to network among students.


Why Do You Choose Them?

The better outcomes,

  • A clear understanding of excel and practice of excel function and conditional formatting.
  • Apply statistics with the help of Excel.
  • In-depth concept clearance and life cycle management.
  • Get thorough knowledge of agile tools and business analysis models.
  • Plan, do, monitor, analyze, and check the information.


Contact Details:

Phone: 0 800 088 5474


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2. Business Analytics Courses in Kolkata – Evarcity

Evarcity is providing data analytics courses that are helpful for students who want to pursue a business analytics career. The fee is a reasonable and practical-oriented hybrid learning platform in Kolkata. Their course curriculum will teach you step-by-step learning to understand the concepts in a better way.


Course Name: Data Science Course for Business Analysts

Course Fee: No Information

Course Duration: 14-weekend classes

Mode of Learning: Hybrid Learning

Course Curriculum:

Module 1: Introduction to Statistics (4 weeks).

  • Motivation and Understanding of Statistics and Methods.
  • Mean, Median, and Mode.
  • Probability Distributions.
  • Hypothesis and Hypothesis Testing.
  • Dimension Reduction Techniques.


Module 2: Introduction to R Programming and Python Techniques (4 weeks).

  • Data Manipulation in R Programming and Python.
  • Data Import Techniques in R Programming and Python.
  • Exploratory Data Analytics- Data Mining Techniques.
  • Data Visualization in R Programming.
  • Data Visualization in Python.


Module 3: Introduction to Machine Learning (4 weeks).

  • Data Mining Techniques- Clustering.
  • Association Rule Mining and Sentiment Analysis.
  • ANOVA and Predictive Analysis.
  • Decision Trees and Random Decision Forests.
  • Forecasting- Time Series Analysis.


Why Do You Choose Them?

  • After this course, you get to understand all the approaches and techniques of data science.
  • Faculty who perceive the students can explain the minute things.
  • Apply the learned skills in real life with the help of capstone projects.
  • Course completion certificate. 


Course Details:

Phone: +91-8105901208

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3. Business Analytics Courses in Kolkata – Techgyan

Like Udemy, Coursera Techgyan is offering short data science courses on various topics and programming languages like Python Programming, Java, Machine Learning, and more. This course is price friendly and concentrates on core skills. It is suitable for analytics professionals who want to polish their skills and understand an in-depth understanding of a specific topic.


Courses Offered by Them:

  • Advanced Python Programming- 699 INR.
  • Penetration Testing- 699 INR.
  • Web Development with the help of WordPress- 699 INR.
  • Java Programming- 699 INR.
  • Javascript- 699 INR.
  • Big Data with Hadoop- 699 INR.
  • Cloud Computing with AWS (Amazon Web Services)- 699 INR.
  • Web Development with HTML/CSS- 699 INR.
  • Machine Learning- 699 INR.
  • Blockchain for Beginners- 699 INR.
  • Android Application Development- 699 INR.
  • Python Programming- 699 INR.
  • Ethical Hacking- 699 INR.


Why Do You Choose Them?

  • They are providing a unique learning platform that gives you a stabilized career.
  • More than 10 years of experience 
  • They will give students the best career counselling partner who will assist them until they land a job.
  • Course curriculum prepared based on contemporary techniques.
  • Theory cum training supports practical concepts.
  • Completion certificate with internship project letter from IIT Kharagpur.
  • For 699 INR, you will get more than 15 modules that cover all the concepts.
  • Career development and assistance from expert mentors.


Contact Details:

Phone: +91-9811952666


Here in the below content, you can see the program which is suitable for undergraduate students. Students who want to pursue the complete full-time program can go through the below content.


4. Business Analytics Courses in Kolkata – Indian Institute of Management Kolkata

Although the business was established a long time ago, there will be some traces of ignorance in handling the business. Business Analytics deals with modeling and statistical tools that help to find the profitable customer, proper placement of innovation in customer minds, bringing out the minute financial matters, and making better decisions. These skills require data analytics and the managers’ critical thinking. 


Course Name: Executive Programme on Business Analytics (EPBA)

Course Fee: 5,10,000 INR plus taxes

Course Duration: one year

Mode of Learning: hybrid (campus visit for 8 days)


Course Curriculum:

The Complete Course is segregated into different modules.

  • Module 1: Big Data and Cloud Computing (advanced data analytics topics).
  • Module 2: Business Analytics and Competitive Advantage of the Business over others.
  • Module 3: Data Mining Applications in R Programming.
  • Module 4: Data Visualization Techniques and Descriptive Analytics.
  • Module 5: Financial Concepts and Analytics.
  • Module 6: ML- Machine Learning.
  • Module 7: Marketing Techniques and Marketing Analytics.
  • Module 8: Mathematics for Business Analytics.
  • Module 9: Operational Analytics.
  • Module 10: Predictive Modeling.
  • Module 11: Statistical Techniques for Business Analytics.
  • Module 12: Forecasting Techniques- Time Series Analysis in Business.


Eligibility Criteria for this Course:

  • Graduation with 50% or more marks.
  • At Least two years of work experience and currently employed professionals.
  • Screening of Students; Selection by IIM Calcutta faculties.


Key Features and Objectives of the course:

  • This program aims to offer excellent skills for executives in business analytics.
  • This program helps the managers and highlights their leadership skills.
  • The professionals who want to build a career in business analytics can apply for this course.
  • This course demands knowledge of high school mathematics or advanced mathematical techniques.


Other Programmes:

  • Leadership and General Management Programmes.
  • Functional Programmes.
  • Sectoral Programmes.
  • Strategy and Entrepreneurship Programmes.
  • Analytics and Data Science Programme.


Contact Details:

Phone: +91-33-2453 7071; +91-33-2438 0500/ 2467 8300-06 (Extension: 6008/6009/6006).

Email: [email protected]


5. Business Analytics Courses in Kolkata – BIBS

BIBS is the earliest institute that started offering a 2 year MBA program in Business Analytics and Data Science courses. This course is offered in collaboration with IBM. Vidyasagar University, West Bengal State Government University provides this course. This course is helpful for students who want a sole career in Business Analytics and Data Science. This school is recognized under the top three categories in Kolkata.


Course Name: Business Analytics and Data Science

Course Fee: 6.28 lakh INR 

Course Duration: 2 years

Mode of Learning: on campus

Eligibility: CAT/ MAT/ XAT score


Course Curriculum:

First Semester:

  • Marketing Management.
  • Data Visualization using R Programming.
  • Visualization and Analytics with Tableau.
  • Working and Scripting Excel like a Data Scientist.
  • Basic Management Information System for Managers.
  • Business Statistics.
  • Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management.
  • Business Communication.
  • Managerial Economics.
  • Strategic Business Management.


Second Semester:

  • Programming using Python.
  • Python Programming for Decision Making.
  • Financial Accounting for Managers.
  • Problem-solving in Business.
  • Storytelling with the help of Tableau.
  • Operations and Supply Chain Management.
  • Data Analysis, SQL (Structured Query Language), and Big Data.
  • Corporate Finance.
  • Marketing, Web Development, and Social Media Analytics.
  • Sectoral Studies.
  • Data Mining and Modeling.


Third Semester:

  • Big Data.
  • Tools and Methods for Big Data Analytics.
  • Model Selection.
  • Machine Learning.
  • Introduction to Cloud Computing.
  • Fundamentals of Deep Learning.
  • Research Methodology.
  • Predictive Data Analysis.


Fourth Semester:

  • Operation Analytics.
  • Fraud and Risk Analytics and Management.
  • Retail Analytics.
  • Financial and Insurance Analytics; Supply Chain and Logistics Analytics.
  • Descriptive Analytics.
  • Human Resource Analytics.
  • Capstone Project to obtain practical skills.


Associated Partners:

  • AWS Academy.
  • Oracle Academy.
  • Harvard Business School.


Capstone Projects:

Netflix Project:

  • Movie Recommendation System- based on past behaviour and analysis.
  • Analyzing customer purchase behaviour and loyalty towards the perceived behaviour.
  • Sentiment Analysis- Knowing the mood or exact expressions of the user.


Walmart Project:

  • Sales prediction in a segmented market.
  • Customer Segmentation (finding of geographically feasible areas and customers).
  • Improved marketing techniques.    


Uber Project:

  • Finding the gap between the demand and supply.
  • Time series analysis.
  • Customer pickup time analysis.


The World Bank:

  • Default prediction of credit.
  • Risk analysis and management.
  • Risk modeling techniques.



  • Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • NumPy.
  • R Programming.
  • mongo DB.
  • Pandas.
  • Hadoop.
  • Docker.
  • Tableau.
  • MySQL.
  • Apache Spark.
  • Python Programming.



  • Data Structures.
  • Plotting Data and Distributions.
  • Forecasting Techniques.
  • Data Mining and Refineries.
  • Cloud Essentials.
  • Visualization Techniques and Storytelling.
  • Visual Analytics.
  • Exploratory Data Analytics in Data Mining.
  • Data Manipulation Techniques.
  • Predictive Modeling in Data Analytics.


Contact Details:

Phone: +91-9836300046

Email: [email protected]


Other Recommended Courses in Kolkata


6. Business Analytics Courses in Kolkata – Indian School of Business (ISB)

ISB is a private institution that provides advanced business analytics programs. Their integrated curriculum helps the students in building strong analytical and critical skills. An integrated and holistic program helps the students to gain insights. It is an extensive program for business professionals to obtain advanced skills in business.

They are providing a rigorous learning platform for business professionals.


Course Name: Advanced Management Program in Business Analytics (AMPBA)

Course Fee: 15 plus 2 months

Course Duration: 10,85,000 INR plus GST

Mode of Learning: hybrid (online and classroom sessions)


Course Curriculum:

Term 1:

  • Data Collection and Preprocessing of the Data.
  • Statistical Analysis Techniques (part 1).
  • Business Communications.
  • Big Data and its Management.
  • Data Visualization Techniques.


Term 2:

  • Optimization Techniques.
  • Unsupervised Learning in Machine Learning.
  • Statistical Analysis Techniques (part 2).
  • Introduction to Text Analytics.
  • First Foundation Project.


Term 3: 

  • Unsupervised Machine Learning.
  • Supervised Machine Learning (part 1).
  • Advanced Optimization and simulation Techniques.
  • Statistical Analysis Techniques (part 3).
  • Contemporary Industrial Techniques (part 1).


Term 4:

  • Deep Learning Techniques.
  • Digital and Social Media Analysis.
  • Supervised Machine Learning (part 2).
  • Contemporary Industrial Techniques (part 2).


Term 5:

  • Supply Chain Management and Retail Analytics.
  • Marketing and Customer Analytics.
  • Natural Language Processing (interaction between computers and humans).
  • Applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  • Second Foundation Project.


Term 6:

  • Big Data Analytics and Cloud Computing.
  • Pricing and Retail Analytics and Strategies.
  • Financial Analytics.
  • Network and Graphical Analytics and Representation.


Itinerary of this course:

  • Learning the basics of statistics and programming.
  • Data collection and visualization techniques.
  • Machine learning tools and techniques.
  • Deep learning.
  • Application of learned concepts in various domains.
  • Final capstone project.


Eligibility for this Course:

  • Aspiring students should have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in mathematics, science, commerce, computer, engineering, technology, or any other related field.
  • Students must have at least 2 years of work experience in their respective field on the date of admission.
  • The qualified individual has to clear CAT/ MAT/ GRE/ CMAT with the required score.
  • The eligible candidate calls for an interview over the telephone or through a virtual way.
  • Based on the performance in the interview, students will be selected.


Contact Details:

Phone: +91-766 084 6688

Email: [email protected]


Information on Eligibility:

  • This is a master’s program aimed at professionals. Irrespective of streams, business professionals can undertake this course to become business analysts.
  • Students who are aspiring for making better careers in the business analytics field.
  • Other than business analyst positions, managers, administrators, and higher officials are more related to data and analytics work.
  • IT professionals.
  • Freshers in data analytics.
  • Project handlers.
  • Banking, finance, and accounts professionals.
  • Marketing and sales manager.
  • Supply chain managers like purchasing, production, and procurement managers.


Frequently Asked Questions of business analytics courses in Kolkata:


Q1. Is it worth pursuing business analytics courses in Kolkata?

Absolutely yes, it will help the business to make strong strategies. It has wide opportunities. On the other hand, in a US survey, it is proven that business analytics is considered one of the highest-paying jobs in the world.


Q2. Can I successfully start a career in Business Analytics

Investing in business analytics is considered good for the future. To start a business analytics career, first pursue the certification course, compared to normal degrees this course’s demand is high. Because the college curriculum is obsolete and practical learning is reduced, the short-term certificate courses allow you to learn practical skills with the help of capstone projects.


Q3. What is the salary after pursuing business analytics courses in Kolkata?

  • The salary of a senior data or business analyst is 27 INR lakhs per annum.
  • The salary of a lead consultant is 24 lakhs INR per annum.
  • The salary of a retail data analyst is 21 lakhs INR per annum.
  • The salary of an analyst is 20 lakhs INR per annum.
  • The salary of a big data analyst is 19 lakhs INR per annum.


Q4. What are the challenges of business analysts?

  • There are a lot of misconceptions about business analysts. It requires patience and keen understanding. A sharp and shrewd mind is mandatory.
  • This job has high expectations from all the departments, and it is hard to satisfy all the pupils in the organization.
  • This field is continuously changing, and business analysts are in the position to upgrade him based on technological changes.
  • All the proposals and approaches are not welcomed and accepted by the stakeholders, there are a lot of chances of conflicts among the members.
  • Documentation of the complete information is hard and securing the information even becomes harder.


Q5. What is the role of business analysts after business analytics courses in Kolkata?

The main aim of the business analyst is to manage the business requirements and provide the information when the need arises.


Conclusion of business analytics courses in Kolkata:

The above content has given you a thorough understanding of the business analytics courses in Kolkata. The above institutes are highly valuable and trustworthy. The courses are specially designed for Kolkata people, based on the flexibility to grab the proper business analytics course. Data analysts differ from business analysts, data analysts analyze the data irrespective of the purpose but the business analyst aims to analyze the business for better decision making.

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