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Top 6 Creative Writing Courses in UK With Placement Assistance

Creative writing is the most creative form of expressing your imagination through words, in a manner where your writing attracts the reader and makes them feel connected with every situation and the characters created by you through your imagination. This form of writing is not limited to any particular type like a romantic story, a crime story, etc. Creative writing can be expressed in a variety of forms and types irrespective of whether they are factual or non-factual. Creative writing courses in the UK are platforms for many people out there who are keen on writing and want to take it to the next level in form of a career.

It is not restricted or limited to any particular age group or gender, it is not biased. It is a form of art that is showcased through writing. Now, before we know about the institutes that offer the best Creative Writing Courses in the UK, let us understand Creative Writing as a term in detail.

Creative Writing

As Described in the Introduction of This Article, Creative Writing is Further Classified Into Two Categories of Its Own:

  • Fiction
  • Non-Fiction


The fiction category of creative writing is a configuration of false essays which are mostly created as stories through the author’s imagination and showcased through his writings with the pure motivation of entertainment and sometimes when the author decides to convey his point of view on a particular topic or subject which can be anything related to any field of his choice.

Now Category is Further Subdivided into Following Types:

Historical Fiction:

The historical type of fiction writing is based on stories from the past. This type of fiction writing mostly depicts things about the past. In this form of writing, the stories are mostly real events that took place in history. So in this writing, the writer does not fudge with the story and the characters, he will stick with the facts and the characters to keep their authenticity. The historical writings are based on elements like characters, theme, setting, conflict, plot & word building.


Thriller, as the term explains, is a type of writing where there is suspense & surprises which excite its audience to know what is going to happen next. It creates a mood and enthusiasm in the reader’s mind to know what’s next or what is the ending of the story. 

Contemporary Fiction:

This is a type of fiction where the author writes about the Social issues of the society which are real and often Confronting and puts his view on these social issues of the modern world. They are not stories that will give excitement or pleasure, it only conveys the facts of the social issues which create the characters to make them more understandable to themselves and society. The issues are all realistic and not the created ones.


As the term depicts, in mystery fiction the author creates a suspense story with many false clues where the author wants the readers to take a wrong path which is fun to know the truth. In this writing, the author engages his readers with a motive to find the truth at the end of the story. Here the main elements are the characters, the setting, the plot, the problem, and the last will be the solution.


In realistic fiction, the author writes stories that have actually happened to a person or an animal in very believable scenarios. These stories are written in real life that can be anything in-between, good and bad.

Well, the above are a few types of many fiction writings. Now let us understand non-fiction writing.


Non-fiction writing is a form of creative writing where the writer documents accurate information about the real world. In these types of writing the writer doesn’t use fictional stories, he uses real history and biographies, maybe to teach the audience or provide information on past real stories.

The Few of Its Type Are as Follows:


Newspaper articles are the type of non-fiction writing where the author provides information to his audiences that are the current things happening in the real world. The main motive of these types of writers may be simply to provide information so that awareness is created about the current status of the politics, crime, or social updates related to the entertainment industry.


In an advertisement, the writer focuses on marketing the new product launched in the market along with its few features, pros, and cons of having the particular product. Based on this, the audience decides whether they should invest in the product or not. In this, the writer can’t fudge with the information, it has to be real and fact.

Information Leaflets:

So basically, information leaflets are documents written to provide particular information. This information has to be accurate and minimal and in very simple language so that it is understandable to every type of its audience. This kind of non-fiction writing can be found with an electric gadget specifically to know how it is operated with other information about the do’s and the don’ts while using the product.

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Now Let Us Understand Why a Creative Writing Course is Important

Having half-knowledge is more dangerous than having no knowledge at all. Similarly, when you decide to take your passion as your full-time career, it is always very important to make a detailed study about it so that you know how to make it a successful career. Creative writing Courses are one such platform where you will know how to make your writing more powerful and reach the maximum audience.

Said that obviously good communication skill is the key but using heavy words won’t make you a successful writer. Knowing your audience is more important. When you decide to write on a particular topic or a subject, make yourself clear about what kind of audience you are fetching.

Learn to understand first from a point of the reader’s mind. How to be unique in the market is also very important. Because just like you, there are many fishes in the sea who want to make a career as a writer. What you bring to the table matters and how you present it is even more important as it seeks the attention of your audience.

All these basic things will be trained when you take a creative writing course. Along with art in writing, the rest things also contribute to becoming a successful writer. With the full of talented people in the market, how to stand differently is much more important. This is why taking creative writing Courses is very important. 

Technology is growing fast. Today in every day-to-day life, technology plays a very important part. In earlier days, people used to spend hours in the library, or on newspapers, weekly or monthly magazines, now gone are those days. In today’s times, people want and get everything at a click of a button.

So how to use digital as a platform to showcase your talent is taught in creative writing courses. Creative Writing Courses in the UK are one such platform to take your writing passion to next level and earn your living. 

Eligibility For The Creative Writing Courses in The UK

This is such a friendly course that one need not have a particular degree, belong to any age group, gender, or anything. Anyone who is capable to read and write and has decent communication skills can opt for this course. Creative Writing Courses in the UK are specially designed for those who can take it as a full-time career as well as a part-time one, just to keep their passion alive.

Mostly homemaking, a teenage or an aged individual, who can not, for whatever reason, take a full-time job can extremely benefit from this course as this proves a platform to make them financially independent without being locked with typical working hours and physical struggle, that they are prohibited too because of their responsibilities as a mother, studies as a teenage or physically weak due to old age.

In short, there is no age bar, gender, or physical fitness required to be able to enroll in this course. The eligibility required is decent communication skills.

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Why You Should Know to Read and Write in English

There is no hard and fast rule to knowing English to be a successful creative writer. But having said that, also the reality is English is a globally known language and the most used language. This means definitely regional languages are no less important but English is the most preferred language in today’s time.

So, if you want to have audiences from worldwide, then yes, of course, you must know to read and write in English. This is why considering English to be very important, otherwise using your regional language will also work but it will limit your readers from only a particular location.

Here are the exceptional Creative Writing Courses in London

Let’s Now Know Which Are the Best Institutes That Offer the Best Creative Writing Courses in the UK.

Creative Writing Courses are much into form these days. So, you will find many Institutes that offer promising courses in Creative Writing. But before you enroll, doing a bit of study and review is very important to prove worth your time and money invested. We have done some research to make your job easy and selected a few very top and highly reviewed institutes for Creative Writing Courses in the UK. 

Below Are the Top Listed Creative Writing Courses in the Uk


IIM SKILLS is a globally popular institute that offers a wide range of courses in skill development and also academic courses related to finances. They are known for the best online courses in which students across the world take benefit from the learning and plan a career. They have mentors who are experts in the industry and offer the best coaching to their students along with practical learning.

Students here learn through practical assignments that are given to them after every online session of the course. This makes the student ready for their life experiences. Along with the Content Writing Course they offer, they assure full support and guidance in career plans. After completing the courses with IIM SKILLS, authorized certification is provided.

They also guarantee you career-promising job placements. Students are offered full support and guidance in launching their own blogs and websites. For more details about the creative writing courses in the UK with IIM SKILLS log in to their website and have a live chat with experts who will guide you over every doubt and question.

You can also take a demo class first to get an overview of what you are going to learn in the course and how it will help you to become a good writer. IIM SKILLS provides a number of benefits to its students that help them to grab all the concepts easily and implement them with continuous support and guidance. They never take a back step from helping their students. You can reach them anytime with your doubts.


Module 1) Introduction to Content Writing

Module 2) WordPress Web Development

Module 3) Digital Content (Articles, Blogging, Web Pages)

Module 4) Copywriting

Module 5) Marketing Collaterals

Module 6) Email Writing

Module 7 Social Media Writing & Video Scripts

Module 8) Creative Writing

Module 9) SOP & Business Listing

Module 10) Legal Writing

Module 11) Technical Writing 101

Module 12) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Module 13) Content Marketing

Module 14) Affiliate Marketing & AdSense

Module 15) Freelance Content Writing

Module 16) Resume Writing

More Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS:

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

2. University Of Oxford

The University of Oxford is a globally popular university for the varied courses it offers. It is a self-governing institute with divisions of colleges & departments. Each college owned by Oxford is independent and has an excellent team of faculties to train.

They are well known for the wide range of teaching resources such as libraries, laboratories & museums. The University of Oxford has divided academically into 4 different divisions- Humanities Division, Mathematical/Physical & Life Sciences Division, Medical Sciences Division & the last is Social Science Division. 

They Have a Wide Range of Creative Writing Courses in the UK to Offer As below:

  • Master in Creative Writing
  • Online Creative Writing Courses
  • Advanced Creative Writing Courses
  • Beginners Creative Writing Courses
  • Undergraduate Diploma Creative Writing Courses

If you are looking for a promising career in Creative writing then Oxford is definitely the best platform for Creative Writing Courses in the UK. For more information on the fee structure, Course durations, and details, log in to their website.

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3. University Of Kent

The University of Kent is the leading university in the UK that offers the best academic courses internationally. They have students from all over the world. They offer courses in 6 academic divisions like Arts & Humanities, Law Science& Social Justice, Natural Science, Human & Social Science, Business School, and Computer Engineering & Mathematical Sciences.

They Have the Following Creative Courses in the UK:

  • MA & Postgraduate Courses in Creative Writing
  • The Contemporary Novel Course
  • Creative Writing Reading Services
  • English Literature And Creative Writing for the Undergraduates
  • Ph.D. Post Graduate Courses 

For further detailed information about the creative writing courses, you can check their websites.

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4. University Of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is the oldest in academic studies and research. They are global institutes that offer a wide range of courses across the world. The creative writing course that they provided is suitable for everyone as they follow a part-time learning approach to make it possible for working professionals take benefit from the course. If you are a beginner then this course will prove to be a room of wonders for you. They follow an excellent teaching approach that makes even beginners grasp each concept with ease.

Few Following List of Creative Writing Courses in the UK Offered Here:

  • Lucy’s Creative Writing Courses
  • A Degree in Creative Writing
  • A Classroom Creative Writing Courses
  • Library Blogs 
  • How To Write Anthropology

Check their websites for more information about the courses.

5. Brunel University London

Brunel is a 50 Year old University that offers a wide range of courses from Undergrad to Postgraduate, Ph.D. Masters etc. They offer courses in all the subjects to students across the globe. The university has been in the top 10 position for years which proves its courses are valuable and worth enrolling in. The complete program is filled with lots of activities and fun assignments that make the learning process engaging and exciting. 

List of The Creative Courses in the UK:

  • PG Courses
  • Undergraduate Courses
  • Games Design and Creative Writing Courses
  • Creative Writing BA

For further information, check their website.

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6. Udemy

Udemy is a worldwide learning and teaching platform that has been providing education with a number of courses on its platform. All the courses on their website are recorded by professionals all around the world to keep the youth updated. You will find a number of courses available there which are dedicated to teaching you in-depth.

The creative writing courses are also divided into separate training programs, you can choose the one which is appealing to you. They do not provide live training but they have designed all the courses in a way that every student finds the learning process engaging. Thousands of positive ratings about their courses prove what value they add to the learners’ lives.

When it comes to the price of the courses, Udemy is a platform that is very affordable and provides valuable training at a low cost. Once you enroll in the course, you will find how fruitful an environment they create for the learner and push them to follow the instructions for adapting good writing skills.


Hope the above information on Creative Writing Courses in the UK has answered most of the queries. Creative Writing Courses will offer promising career growth. However, there are many more institutes in the market that may offer the best courses, before you enroll make sure to do a detailed study and research about the institutes to know if they are worth your time and money. Also, check for the after-course support and guidance to help you make a successful career in Creative Writing. Enrolling in teh creative writing courses in the UK is a great decision to start a good career as these courses are delivered by experts who are well aware of the industry requirements. So to keep up with the pace, take a deep breath and enroll in your ideal course listed above.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Q1. How much duration is required to finish the course?

Well, 1 to 3 months will be enough to ingrain all the concepts of creative writing. This is a minimum duration required, which totally depends on the type of course you take and the institute you choose. But a course duration doesn’t bound you to stretch your abilities. The course will make you aware of the industry, the best practices, and the techniques to ingrain them with ease to become a professional. In the end, it is you who make the difference with your consistence practice.

Q2. Can I have a successful career if I write in my regional language?

Yes, why not? Said that Engish is a globally known language, but if you wish, you can write in your regional language, but it will reach a limited number of people who can understand your language. English will help you fetch audiences from all over the world.

Q3. Can I do writing along with my job and still earn?

Yes, writing is a skill that requires passion. If you are passionate, you can do it along with your job and still earn from both sources. If you give writing even an hour or a half of time, it will make a huge difference. Good writing requires consistent practice and dedication, and if you have the abilities of both of them, then for sure you will excel in your abilities with utmost success. 

Q4. Can I enroll in the course even if I am not in the UK?

Yes, of course. Location is not an issue left in this digital world where virtual learning has taken a huge leap. You can leverage the learning opportunity sitting in any corner of the world with live online creative writing courses in the UK. There are many online courses available, but IIM Skills is the most trusted organization for skill development training.

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