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Top 7 Technical Writing Courses in the UK With Placements

Technical writing courses are one of the main parts of your successful writing career in the world of writing. But first, we need to know what it includes. It carries all the important points that include documentation of information related to the technical field. It is for simplifying a document that has many terms which are difficult to comprehend. Now it is not only limited up to manuals and guides.


Technical writing courses in UK


There are many terms and words which are not easy for the understanding of layman for a particular domain, so for this technical writer do their magic to make it simple and short but easy to understand. Many good courses are available which can lead you to become a successful writer in the technical field.


Top 7 Technical Writing Courses in the UK


Below is a list of the top 7 technical writing courses in the UK, which will help you to drive towards a successful career.


1.  Technical Writing Courses in the UK by IIM SKILLS


IIM SKILLS is one of the top names in technical writing courses in the UK. It is a 16-hour live lecture course that includes 3 months of internship after the lectures. The lectures are live and interactive, and participants can ask questions as they go along.


This course is best for people from the sectors of information technology, finance. It is good for marketing professionals, copywriters who can shift their careers into this. Students will spend three months of internship developing their skills to become clearer. The assignments provided to them for completion will give them the confidence to write regularly.


Some points of the technical writing course provided by IIM SKILLS

It will give you overall knowledge to simplify heavy terms and transform them into user-friendly documents which are easy to understand. The trainers are highly qualified and have overall knowledge of this field. The course has lifetime access for students and the lectures are student-friendly. The certification is provided after completion of the course so that you can apply for an internship.


Download IIM SKILLS Technical Writing Course Brochure


Other Courses offered by IIM SKILLS

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]


2.  Technical Writing Courses in the UK by Emphasis Training Limited


This in-house technical-writing course will assist technical writers in communicating their subject to a wider audience of non-technical writers. Technical teams are a great source of expertise, but much of it can be wasted if its members are not able to communicate it. It is one of the most popular technical writing courses in the UK.


It uses workplace-relevant exercises and examples to teach technical writers to produce written communication that is both technically and non-technically accessible. The course uses real-world exercises and examples to teach technical writers how to write for both technical and non-technical audiences.


Whether it is technical reports, instruction manuals, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), research reports, or financial documents, this course will enable delegates to communicate information clearly and effectively. Each delegate will receive the support necessary to make the greatest impact in their writing by working on practical exercises in small groups.


Pre- and post-course support

The course includes a pre-course analysis of samples submitted by each participant. Emphasis Training can identify areas for improvement and tailor training programs to address those specific needs.

Following this course, delegates will receive further support from Emphasis Training’s helpline and regular newsletters featuring practical advice, videos, quizzes, and tips for further improvement.


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


Effective Technical Writing & Editing by management forum through excellent writing and editing, this interactive course gives intensive, practical guidance to reaching excellence in scientific, medical, and technical documentation.

Their skilled trainer will provide you with vital skills and techniques to help you write with confidence, clarity, and a logical framework to systematically effectively communicate information to your reader. This program will take your writing and editing skills to the next level by combining presentations, hands-on exercises, and text review sessions.


You will get:-

  • Master the skills needed for its clarity and correctness.
  • Improve your editing and presentation skills for technical materials.
  • Learn how to make your writing more readable – be considerate of your reader.
  • Learn how to employ graphical materials including tables, graphs, and flow charts.


3.  Technical Writing Courses in the UK by Symbiosis Center


This program is designed to familiarise and prepare students with both academic and practical aspects of technical writing. The program aims to develop skilled technical communicators who are proactive and responsible in their work at all levels of the profession.


This curriculum also attempts to improve students’ creativity, attention to detail, and procedural discipline. It provides the students with relevant subject knowledge and that is why it deserves a special mention as one of the best technical writing courses in the UK.


4.  Technical Writing Courses in the UK by Udemy


Udemy is one of the most well-known names in online learning across a variety of businesses and sectors. You will get free lifelong access to all course content after you have enrolled in the technical writing courses in the UK offered by Udemy.


Aside from that, their courses include excellent downloading resources. You’ll receive a certificate of completion as well as seamless access across all of your smart devices. These courses and certifications are available in a variety of formats. You’ll need to look over the curriculum and select one that meets your needs for a course.


 Some of the best courses offered on Udemy are mentioned below:-


  • Business and Technical Writing Emmerson

This course will teach you how to organize your business writing. You’ll learn how to get started with it and how to write persuasive, information-dense, and successful copy.

The course will assist you in increasing the readability quotient of your work, as well as teaching you sophisticated tools and techniques for writing flawless proposals and documents.

Executives, students, working professionals, homemakers, and work-from-home job seekers can benefit from this training. They will not only help you improve your skills, but they will also help you comprehend the fundamentals.

Analyzing your audience, generating meaningful cohesive articles that are concise and meaningful, improving your word choice, and working on the clarity of your paper are just a few of the things you’ll learn.


  • Technical Writing-How to write software Documentation


  1. Learn what you’ll need to get started on an app’s software documentation.
  2. Learn how to use Markdown to create documentation in the GitHub Wiki.
  3. Test out tools and infrastructure that will help you get started writing your help content right away.
  4. Learn how to organize, structure, and produce data that will assist users in using your product.
  5. Learn how to write in a systematic manner.
  6. Understanding the value of metadata and taxonomy to enhance for your user helps findability of assets.
  7. To write sample documentation using DITA maps and DITA topics, use the Oxygen Author tool.
  8. Learn how to use SmartArt in MS PowerPoint and Google Slides to create graphics for your software documentation.


  • Technical Writing: Master Your Writing Career


  1. Determine the objectives of writing.
  2. Investigate the writing topic.
  3. Look into entering a writing contest.
  4. Understand the audience’s needs and objectives.
  5. Create a book outline to make writing easier.
  6. Create the ideal technical book.
  7. Revisions and polishing of the technical book are required.
  8. Promote the book to get a lot of people to buy it.
  9. Any task should be approached with confidence.


5.  Technical Writing Courses in the UK by Coursera


Coursera has risen to prominence as one of the most popular online learning platforms and institutions offering technical writing courses in the UK. They provide a wide selection of courses for people of various ages and backgrounds. They also provide some of the most comprehensive courses available, with options for beginners, intermediates, and experienced experts.


Technical Writing by Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology is the name of the course. Elena Bazanova’s course is highly regarded on Coursera. It is considered one of the most efficient courses for developing incisive knowledge.


You will learn how to write research reports, create feasibility reports, progress reports, consult, and write laboratory reports in this course. The curriculum is designed to teach you how to recognize different types of structure and how to write flawless reports that are both high in quality and information.


6. Technical Writing Courses in the UK by Henry Harvin Writing Academy 


Listed with top technical courses, this course offers 9 in 1-course modules which are well designed to provide industry-ready content to prepare students to meet job market challenges. This course comes with a lifetime membership and placement support. It offers one of the best technical writing courses in the UK.


9 in 1 module includes-

Training:  Total 32 hours of live lectures

Tasks: Students will get tasks to perform on technical topics

Internship: Provides internship to get practical knowledge of the industry

Certification: You will receive Certification of Certified Technical Writing Course from Henry Harvin®

Placement: You will get 100% placement support

Membership: Get 1-Year Gold Membership of Henry Harvin® Writing Academy for the certified course.


This course helps you to communicate information gained from a technical or scientific process. The course emphasizes the technicality of language and concepts. These classes are about language, style, and content. The Henry Harvin course teaches you the core concepts of it.


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


Reasons to Consider a Career as a Technical Writer


Some people are born with characteristics that others lack. If you think you’d make a great technical writer, there may be certain indicators that you’ve overlooked that indicate you could be one. The characteristics of an excellent technical writer are as follows.


  1. You accept criticism gracefully and gratefully

When someone gives you criticism or critiques your work, you don’t react adversely. The majority of individuals find criticism disheartening and upsetting, yet certain people thrive on it.

As a technical writer, you will work with clients who are demanding and expect you to write documents that meet their exact demands. You can’t blame these clients for having rigorous rules for the content and formatting of the document because they want to keep their corporate image.


  1. You’re a sympathetic person

One of your characteristics is the ability to comprehend one’s position, intentions, and feelings. You put yourself in the other person’s shoes and try to comprehend them from their point of view.

You won’t have a clear objective of reality if you don’t have empathy, and you’ll almost certainly overlook your target audience’s wants. As a result, if you develop a document for a specific product from the perspective of a certain sector without using their lingo and technical knowledge, your target audience will be confused. Empathy will aid a technical writer in comprehending a target audience’s needs.


  1. You are well-versed in the facts

You can provide a person with a precise and accurate description of facts. You conduct your research into the information you’re receiving to ensure that it’s accurate, and you don’t rely solely on the information of someone who can’t fully substantiate it. Technical writers can deconstruct material into its constituent components, comprehend how each component functions, and convey it to their readers.


  1. You have a teacher’s heart

The primary goal of a technical writer’s text is to describe how something works in layman’s terms so that others can comprehend the material. You have a great drive to teach, inspire, demonstrate, and construct something when you have the heart of a teacher. You’ll also figure out how to make your writing more relatable so that everyone may benefit from it.


  1. You despise chaos and ambiguity

When you observe content structures that are hazy and disorganized, it concerns you. You want the content you’re reading to be well-organized and attractive. Using headings, lists, bullets, diagrams, charts, and other graphics to complement the material, technical writers develop layers and hierarchies of information. They also employ an order of significance pattern, in which the most important issue or topic is handled first, followed by the others.


  1. You have a strong desire to learn new things quickly

You’re always curious and want to learn more about the information you’re gathering. Some people ignore subjects that they find challenging, but you have a well-developed growth mentality that keeps you curious. The more you study, the more your desire to learn becomes. Technical writers are quick to pick up new information. They can swiftly comprehend difficult material and express it to others in simple terms.


What Knowledge and Skills are Required of a Technical Writer?

To be successful in a given field, all vocations necessitate the development of specialized talents. These are some of the essential abilities and expertise that a technical writer must-have.


Writing abilities

Technical writers should be able to write well. Documentation information should be clear and understandable, which can only be accomplished by a qualified writer. Because you can explain complicated topics and make content clearer when you are skilled at writing, you are also effective at teaching. You can also use a logical framework to explain the directions and other vital elements, ensuring that the text is easily comprehended by the readers.


Ability to conduct research

This is the ability to conduct a thorough search, collect information, assess, and research on a subject. The technical writer can analyze information using credible sources thanks to his or her research skills. You can consider which information will be included and which will be excluded, as well as whether the information is vital and relevant to a particular issue.


Skills in problem-solving

Technical writers excel at locating solutions to queries and resolving issues. While writing a product’s documentation, technical writers frequently run into or uncover issues. Rather than growing upset and giving up in their hunt for a solution, they solve their problems by employing their research abilities, as well as documenting the situation to prevent future problems.


Ability to conduct interviews

When it comes to writing product documentation, technical writers don’t work alone. They also collaborate closely with business subject matter experts (also known as SMEs) to acquire vital information through interviews. SMEs are those who have a deep understanding of a specific technology or procedure.


Here are some pointers to consider while conducting interviews with small businesses.


  • Make a list of interview questions ahead of time.
  • Create a productive meeting agenda.
  • Keep your interview brief yet enjoyable, focusing solely on the most crucial and pertinent subjects.
  • In a formal setting, interviews should be structured.
  • Listen to the interview, take notes, or record it.
  • Prepare a draft of the summary minutes as well as operational conclusions.
  • Technical know-how


To execute a task, you should have the necessary technical skills and expertise. These abilities are frequently associated with information technology, mechanical, scientific, or mathematical tasks–for example, knowing how to program in HTML, Java, or PHP.


What Does a Technical Writer Do?

Technical writers transform complex, technical information into writing materials that can be easily understood by a target audience, such as white papers, instructions manuals, and technical manuals. Technical writers work in offices as part of a team or by themselves.

They can find work in fields such as software, government, consulting, telecommunications, and others. Students should familiarize themselves with the background of the industry they will be working for so they can explain the complex information to others.


Become a Technical Writer: A Complete Guide

The value of technical writers in any sector cannot be overstated. They assist individuals with comprehending more sophisticated knowledge due to technicalities, as well as teams in understanding how a certain thing works–for example, new software–to aid project completion.

This type of employment necessitates outstanding comprehension skills to interpret complex knowledge into plain language that everybody can comprehend. When it comes to instructions, everybody can read and interpret them without difficulty.


Technical Writing Characteristics

like other types of writing, has its own set of qualities, such as:


  • Straightforward and simple to comprehend
  • Use layman’s terms so that even the most inexperienced individual can grasp the concept
  • In-depth and extensive
  • Has a pattern or logical framework that provides clear instructions to readers


Job Responsibility of Technical Writer:-

  • Create high-quality documentation for your intended audience.
  • Examine documents for stylistic consistency.
  • Sort through, write, and revise product operational procedures, manuals, and paperwork.
  • Through several channels, conduct research and develop a document.
  • Create and implement style guides that represent the company’s brand and maintain uniformity in all papers.
  • For a better understanding of papers, use charts, diagrams, pictures, animation, and drawing.


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What does a Technical Writer earn in the United Kingdom?

In the United Kingdom, a Content Writer can expect to make around £22000 per year on average.


2. How can Technical writers get people to read their blogs, articles, and posts?

Search engines match a post’s keywords to the search terms entered and rank the results accordingly. As a result, Technical writers must ensure that their text contains a relevant keyword and is repeated a certain number of times. The keyword density should be kept constant. It’s also difficult for the material to score well if it uses the same word too many times.


3. What should the tone and voice of the content be to better captivate the audience?

I just have one piece of advice for you: know your audience. The content should be formal and to the point, if your audience consists of highly skilled personnel. If your intended audience is children, though, the tone can be more casual. To attract their audience, a lot of kid-friendly content uses vivid colors and story-like content. Unless otherwise noted, the text should always be written in an active voice.



However, I would caution against overlooking the fact that Technical Content Writing is more than just having a good coach and earning a lot of qualifications; you should be committed to your goals and work hard to attain them.

For any technical content writer, brainstorming is an absolute must. You are mistaken if you believe that this professional path would lead to a job and easy money. You must constantly strive to improve your game and learn from everything you encounter. Buyers, investors, and merchants all contribute valuable information that can be used to build content.


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