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Top 9 Technical Writing Courses in the Philippines

Do you know why you are searching for technical writing courses in the Philippines? Because we need technical communication to navigate technologies. That is why this niche sector is becoming a dominant force. Understandable content structure, convincing presentations, appealing designs are required to involve the masses in the technological world. Thus, a technical writer’s lucrative pay-check is because they play the role of an all-rounder.


Best technical writing courses in the Philippines


Once your search for technical writing courses in the Philippines is over. You will understand that technical writing is about everything. A technical writer is expected to have organizational skills, decent knowledge of translation, be a subject-matter expert, and, of course, a writer. And all these are learnable skills, which is why the various technical writing courses are ready to help you. So let’s look at the top 9 technical writing courses in the Philippines.




When looking for technical writing courses in the Philippines, you must have come across the FAQ – If IIM SKILLS offers the best course on technical writing? If we say yes, then you might not be convinced. Therefore scroll down and glance through the course structure or crawl through the website pages and student testaments to see how the Global leader is making an impact in the life of writers.  


Course Name: Master Technical Writing Course

Course Fees: 10246.77 PHP

Course Duration: 5- weeks


Download IIM SKILLS Technical Writing Course Brochure


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The course structure is as follows-


  • The fundamentals of technical writing
  • The primary role of a technical writer
  • How to do an audience analysis?
  • The process of writing a document
  • Learning about competitor analysis
  • Mind mapping the content
  • Learning block diagrams and schematics
  • Getting an idea about infographics
  • Creating a technical report
  • Learning about the various styling techniques
  • Writing technical articles such as (White papers, journals, and scientific research articles)
  • Learning about the versioning of a document
  • Introduction to Git
  • Micro-content and conversational writing
  • The stages of reviewing a content
  • An introduction to publishing tools
  • API documentation
  • Essentials of XML
  • Learning grammar for effective writing
  • The tricks of formatting the content
  • Guidelines for using punctuation
  • Everything about medical writing


 The tools covered in this course are as follows-


  • MS Visio
  • MS project
  • Git
  • Scribus
  • Canva
  • PowerPoint
  • Robohelp
  • XML
  • DITA


 The benefits of taking this course are as follows-


  • A one month guaranteed internship
  • Lifetime support from the institute for both consultation and technical knowledge
  • Assistance in developing the portfolio for a job for a freelancing work
  • Publishing a white paper
  • Producing a scholarly article or book chapter
  • Publishing a technical blog with Times of India(TOI) blog 

Other Courses offered by IIM SKILLS

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite

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2. Symbiosis Centre of Distance Learning 


A synonym of a technical writer is an all-rounder. If you intend to become one, the Symbiosis Centre of Distance Learning should be a relevant result for your search on technical writing courses in the Philippines.


Course Name: PG Diploma in Technical Writing in Business Management

Course Fees: Rs. 50,000

Course Duration: 2 years


The program structure is as follows-


  • The basics of Technical communication
  • Learning about the information development life cycle
  • The various technical writing styles
  • The formats for editing
  • A dive into English grammar
  • The software tools for technical communication
  • The advanced concepts of technical writing and Technical communication
  • The importance of project management in technical communication
  • The practices of management
  • The principles of management
  • What is business communication?
  • An insight into instructional designing
  • Importance of instructional designing in business communication
  • The need for creative writing in business communication
  • The various types in advance documentation
  • The process followed in advanced documentation
  • Writing tools helpful in advanced technical writing
  • Learning the research methodologies
  • A project related to technical writing in technical communication


 The career opportunities after taking the scores are as follows-


  • A technical writer (inhouse)
  • A business writer
  • A technical web writer
  • An instructional designer
  • A freelance technical writer or Online technical writer


If you wish to know more about the PG Diploma Course in Technical Writing then-



Tel: 8956142986 

Email: [email protected]


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3. Udemy


You might be researching technical writing courses in the Philippines even to understand whether technical writing is an ideal course for you? If that is the concern, you have landed on the suited port. 


Course Name: Professional Technical Writing: Advance your Writing Skills

Course Fees: Rs. 8500

Course Duration: 17 hours on-demand


The course curriculum is as follows-


  • Is technical writing an ideal course for everyone?
  • What is the idea of technical writing?
  • The difference between technical and business writing?
  • What are the various components of technical writing?
  • The meaning of a documentation plan
  • The different writing techniques for technical communication
  • Illuminating radiance
  • Eliminating anthropomorphism
  • What is anthropomorphism?
  • Getting rid of nouns range in an article
  • Bracketing and punctuation guidelines
  • Learning about the common grammar errors
  • How to write a chapter?
  • Steps in writing a procedural task
  • What are the writing formulas?
  • The style guidelines
  • The editing techniques in technical writing
  • How to edit by eliminating?
  • How to eliminate with total confidence?
  • How to find the core idea of the information?
  • What is the monster sentence?
  • What do we imply by plane language in technical writing?
  • What is negative writing, and how should we avoid it?
  • How to find the agent of action in an idea?
  • Learning to create an MS Word template
  • What are templates?
  • Creating a template paragraph?
  • Learning to create template headers
  • What is multilevel numbering?
  • The idea behind multi-thread numbering?
  • Knowing about the copyright language
  • The index indentation levels
  • Independent and dependent variables in technical writing
  • The main types of graphs
  • When should graphs not be used in technical writing?
  • Learning about tables and their types
  • How to reform a text as a table?
  • What is tabular data?
  • The importance of images in technical writing
  • Raster vs. vector images
  • How to select the correct image type?
  • Ways to name and organize your images
  • How to create a decision tree?
  • The principles of creating a flowchart
  • The future trends in technical writing
  • The future trends in localization
  • The theory behind audience analysis
  • The difficulty in conducting an audience analysis
  • The best practices of audience analysis
  • Why does using RoboHelp 2015 ease the process of technical writing?
  • How to write an instruction manual?
  • How to find the right job with technical writing is concerned?
  • Adding citations
  • Working from home as a technical writer


If you want to be a part of this exciting and vibrant curriculum on technical writing and strengthen your understanding of the course, then explore Udemy.


4. Udemy


Course Name: Business Writing and Technical Writing Immersion

Course Fees: Rs. 3,200

Course Duration: 4.5 hours on-demand


The course syllabus is as follows-


  • An overview of technical writing
  • How to analyze purpose and audience for technical writing
  • Penning down a purpose statement
  • The process of gathering information for technical writing
  • How to create a sentence outline?
  • Writing a draft
  • Revising contents and further organizing it
  • Editing for coherence clarity economy and readability
  • Visual devices for technical writing
  • Using concrete words and active verbs for writing
  • How to identify ambiguity and then replace it in writing?


If you want to be a part of this systematic approach to technical writing, explore the course business writing and technical writing immersion on Udemy.


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5. Coursera (Rice University)


If you are an Engineer and looking for technical writing courses in the Philippines to master the components of good writing, then this course offered by Rice University is the best fit for you.


Course Name: Writing Skills for Engineering Leaders

Course Fees: Rs. 3,657/month+tax

Course Duration: 4-weeks


The syllabus for the course is as follows-


  • The components of good writing
  • Foundation for building skills needed for technical writing and working in an engineering workplace
  • How to plan writing?
  • The significance of following the writing process
  • The importance of formatting for better readability
  • The type of writing engineers do daily
  • How does paragraph play an essential path in writing?
  • The impact of a poorly written section?
  •  What happens when readers cannot follow what they read?
  •  What makes a paragraph powerful?
  •  What is needed to write good engineering reports?
  •  How to write clear and concise technical words?
  •  What do you mean by writing clear sentences?
  •  What does it take to write good sentences?
  •  The importance of strong verbs
  •  Extracting specific information from the given data
  •  How do you choose clear words for writing?
  •  Sticking to active voice
  •  How to write excellent and impactful proposals?
  •  The discipline in writing
  •  Proofreading
  •  The finishing touches to make your document better
  •  How to write a power pack introduction and conclusion
  •  Writing executive summaries
  •  Writing as a team
  •  Authoring for electronic media


If you want to learn valuable writing skills related to Engineering or are focused on learning writing strategies, this course should be apt. You will be writing extensively during the learning period and especially be involved in understanding what reader-focused and error-free authoring are?


6. Alison


Transitioning from creativity to technical writing does not mean that creativity has to be left behind. Writing in the technological world has to hold hands of clarity and conciseness. So that readers find the technical information comprehendible, creativity boosts your writing and creates room for imagination. With this idea, Alison has curated a technical writing course that will help you learn all the extensions of technical communication; give a glance at the course structure to see what you can expect from the study plan.


Course Name: Technical Writing Essentials

Course Fees: Free

Course Duration: 1.5-3 hours


The course structure is as follows-


  • Fundamentals of Technical communication
  • Meaning of Technical communication
  • What is the rhetorical situation in technical communication?
  • Learning about the writing process
  • The professional writing styles
  • Communication with precision
  • Persuasive writing
  • How to design a document?
  • Learning about headings, lists, figures, and tables
  • How to enhance the readability of a technical paper?
  • Research methodologies
  • The various terminologies in research
  • How to define the scope of a project
  • The common types of document
  • Learning the technical descriptions and definitions
  • Following the writing instructions
  • The oral and visual presentation
  • Writing proposals
  • Authoring long reports such as recommendation reports and feasibility studies
  • A course assessment on technical writing Essentials


If you are convinced to pursue this course, create an account in Alison and begin learning.


7. Coursera (University of California[UC Davis])


Strategizing content is a significant part of technical writing. Because to write compelling specialized pieces of information, knowing the purpose, and then devising a plan for the content gives a direction to the idea. Therefore, if you are looking for technical writing courses in the Philippines, consider pursuing this course.


Course Name: The Strategy of Content Marketing

Course Fees: Rs. 2,164

Course Duration: 5-weeks


 The course curriculum is as follows-


  • What is the content marketing ecosystem?
  • How to define content marketing?
  • Why is content marketing important in today’s time?
  • Discovering the purpose of the content?
  • What makes compelling content?
  • How do your company’s continent and marketing strategy affects you are writing?
  • The editorial process for content
  • Importance of having a content calendar
  • The 7A framework of content
  • How to strategize your content?
  • Capturing the audience’s attention with effective headlines
  • The 1,2,3,4,5 formula in writing
  • How to present yourself as an authority to your network readers
  • The critical relationship between authority and audience
  • Mind mapping your contents
  • How to craft a content marketing strategy
  • Audience analysis
  • Competition analysis
  • Ingredients for making irresistible content
  • Taking care of the ethical and professional guidelines for content marketing
  • Understanding the world of metrics
  • Copyright laws and plagiarism
  • Self-plagiarism
  • Opportunities for new media and platforms for the technical contact
  • Structuring in scripting multimedia content


Want to be part of an easy-to-absorb curriculum, then the course on content marketing strategy can be the choicest fit. To check more about the lesson plan and dive deep into the course content, sign in to Coursera.


8. Mapua University


Technical writing contributes to competitive advantage, so many look for technical writing courses in the Philippines to gain expertise. Enlightening the readers is a primary task of a technical writer. But due to the complexities involved in a specialized piece of information, the writers confuse themselves. As technical writing is gaining prominence, the number of courses that can teach the science and art of technical communication is also getting curated faster.

Therefore, Mapua University offers a course named The Craft of Technical writing that can align the learners with the fundamental concepts of technical writing.


Course Name: The Craft of Technical Writing 


The course structure is as follows-


  • What is the difference between writing and speaking?
  • Various myths about writing
  • The know-how of technical writing
  • The significance of technical writing
  • Impact of poor writing on technical communication
  • Some instances of technical writing
  • Importance of subject matter expert in technical writing
  • What are the fundamental principles of technical writing?
  • Audience analysis
  • Finding the writing purpose
  • How to write a draft?
  • Reviewing and analysis of the written draft
  • Learning some of the common types of Technical documents such as( emails, status reports, and proposals)
  • Focusing on grammar to avoid language mistakes
  • Learning how to convince your reader by using plain language
  • Recapitulation of the course


If you wish to connect with Mapua University, Philippines, then-



Tel: +63 2 8524-5572

Email: [email protected]


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


9. Henry Harvin


It would be best if you have a complex understanding of language to be able to explain technology to readers. Henry Harvin has included every possible concept, principle, or tool to teach you the definition of simplification. Therefore, connect with Henry Harvin if you are in search of technical writing courses in the Philippines.


Course Name: Technical Writing Course with Gold Membership

Course Fees: Rs. 15,000

Course Duration: Self-paced


The program structure is as follows-


  • The Meaning and definition of technical writing
  • Technical versus business writing
  •  The role and goal of technical writing
  •  Conducting an audience for reader analysis
  •  Collection and Organization of data and information
  •  How to draught information both verbally and visually?
  •  How to produce the report?
  •  The process of document development
  •  What is technical documentation?
  •  How to plan a document?
  •  Selection of tools for writing
  • The various templates and page designs for writing
  • How to do audience profiling
  •  Task analysis and its importance
  •  Focusing on the development of contents
  •  The different elements of Style
  •  Technical, editorial reviews
  •  The concept of pagination
  •  Content publishing
  • The basics of grammar
  •  The punctuation guidelines
  •  Knowing how to proofread
  •  The address style guide
  •  The components of a technical document
  •  Learning about the documentation plan
  •  Learning about the writing techniques for technical communication
  •  Eliminating anthropomorphism
  •  Keeping a control on the noun trains
  •  Illuminating variance
  •  Sticking to active voice
  •  Having an eye for punctuations
  • Learning how to create a technical document?
  •  Creating an MS Word template
  •  Attaching a fresh template to a document
  •  Writing user manuals
  •  API documentation
  •  SDK Documentation
  •  MRD( market requirements document) and URD( user requirements document) 
  • Business communication skills
  •  Interview preparation
  •  Presentation skills
  •  Resume writing techniques


The tools covered in the course are as follows-


  • DITA tool
  • API documentation
  • XML
  •  Microsoft Word
  •  Macromedia RoboHelp
  •  Adobe FrameMaker
  •  Snag IT
  •  MS Visio
  • PowerPoint
  •  Photoshop


Benefits in career after choosing the scores are as follows-


  • Developing the efficiency to write a thesis for a research paper and Technical article
  • Getting job opportunities from abroad
  • Getting exposed to the various high paying jobs in technical writing
  •  Building a distinguished profile
  •  Becoming a certified technical writer
  •  An improvement in your CV and LinkedIn profile


If you want to be a part of this detailed technical writing course by Henry Harvin, then-



Tel: +91 9891953953

Email: [email protected]


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. The time required to become a technical writer?

The time needed to become a technical writer can be one month to approximately four years.


2. The educational qualification needed to become a technical writer?

It would help if you preferably have a Bachelor’s degree in Technology, Mass Communication, Journalism, or English or a major in any of the subjects. 


3. Is technical Writing a decent career?

Technical writing is one of the most sought careers today because of the advancements in the technological world. Therefore, Yes! It is a great opportunity and the right time to transition to technical writing. 


4. Is a degree mandatory to become a technical writer?

The answer is no! If you have enough exposure, practical experience, and a portfolio to speak about your skill-set. You are then good to go.


5. Is there money in technical writing?

Most people transition into technical writing because of the lucrative pay. The average wage of a technical writer in the Philippines is ₱359186.




Communication is vital in the technological world; you even communicate through writing. Therefore, persuading readers with what you write is a skill that can help you a big-time when working as a technical writer. ‘Simplifying the complexity-this line gives a healing touch. But when you take up the role of a technical writer, you realize how difficult it is to deal with simplification.

You are not simplifying the information for yourself; you first need to do an audience analysis understand people’s perspectives, and then facilitate the technical knowledge according to the reader’s understanding levels. The technical writer’s work intensifies at the point when they have to translate for the readers whom they don’t know personally. Technical writing is both an art and science; it is specificity and creativity.

So reviewing the various technical writing courses in the Philippines and then selecting one can help learn to transition into simplicity.

  • I’m a student pursuing a degree in finance and accounting, but I don’t care much about the field because I want to become a content writer. I’m good at making videos . I also write a few blogs in my own time. I want to become certified because I want to turn it into a profession. I enjoyed reading your article and was glad to see that the numerous offers of a large number of Technical writing courses in Philippines . Since many institutions make exaggerated claims concerning placement, I want to be very confident about the academy I’ll be attending. Please point me toward the ideal choice.

  • I’m a student pursuing a degree in finance and accounting, but I don’t care much about the field because I want to become a content writer. I’m good at making videos . I also write a few blogs in my own time. I want to become certified because I want to turn it into a profession. I enjoyed reading your article and was glad to see that the numerous offers of a large number of Technical writing courses in Philippines . Since many institutions make exaggerated claims concerning placement, I want to be very confident about the academy I’ll be attending. Please point me toward the ideal choice.

  • I’m a student pursuing a degree in finance and accounting, but I don’t care much about the field because I want to become a content writer. I’m good at making videos . I also write a few blogs in my own time. I want to become certified because I want to turn it into a profession. I enjoyed reading your article and was glad to see that the numerous offers of a large number of Technical writing courses in Philippines . Since many institutions make exaggerated claims concerning placement, I want to be very confident about the academy I’ll be attending. Please point me toward the ideal choice.

  • I’m a dance instructor searching for a way to supplement my income. Content writing classes, according to a friend of mine, have a lot of potential and also provide amazing work from home chances. I intended to take Technical writing courses in Philippines so that I could write on the side. Other writing niches, such as fashion and travel, appear to have a lot of rivalry, while the technical domain appears to be relatively untouched. I’d like to enrol in a part-time study . Also, what can I expect to earn as a starting technical writer? If so what is the pay I can expect at the beginning?

  • hey, I am a master’s degree student in the Philippines, looking for certification to improve my CV. I have worked in the college magazine as a writer and editor. found writing fascinating, and now want to learn it in a systematic way, also wanna know about the scope of freelancing in this field, is it sustainable in a long run? and also content writing and technical writing which one is better?

  • Hey there , I am business owner dealing in importing goods from China . We publish an online catalogue to help users with the goods which are actually quite easy to use . I wanted to join a Technical writing courses in Philippines so that I am able to over see and have a better understanding of technical content writing. My vision is to be able to write technical instructions in a non-mundane or boring format so that my users find my content engaging and would like to purchase my products . Thanks for the article . It was quite informative .

  • hey, I have read more than ten articles about technical writing courses in the Philippines and this article is one that I find most helpful and informative. I want to learn technical writing for quite some time now, but finding a course that I can complete along with my studies is not an easy thing to do. this article accumulates all information I want to know about the course like course fee, duration, mode, etc in one place for me. I feel like the writer did all the work in my place so just wanna say thank you.

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