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Top 9 Content Writing Courses in the Philippines With Placements

With the age of digitalization and a year of pandemics, the marketing aspect of companies around the world has changed from traditional to digital marketing. The increase in the use of electronic devices in the last few years has led numerous brands, agencies, and companies, small or large, to transform their strategies to reach out to their respective audiences and customer base through an internet-based approach. The most important aspect that drives these digital marketing strategies is content.

Best content writing courses in Philippines


The Philippines is recognized as a developing country and is now becoming a newly industrialized market with a shift from agriculture to the service sector and manufacturing. A lot of companies are moving or setting up their base in the Philippines, and a lot of home-grown companies are expanding.


This, in turn, is going to lead to an increase in the number of job opportunities and hence, an increase in companies hiring content creators to contribute to the digital marketing of their brands around the globe. Whether as a freelance or full-time content writer, the market for content writers in the Philippines is booming.


Before we get into the list of some of the best content writing courses in the Philippines, let’s get a brief idea of what content writing is, what it includes, the salary packages, and the career opportunities available in the Philippines and across the world through work from home facility.


What is Content Writing?


Content writing is the planning, structuring, writing, editing, and publishing of web content for digital marketing purposes. Content writing includes different writing styles for articles, blogs, flyers, infographics, brochures, book reviews, ebooks, statements of purpose, Google Ads copy, business listing, academic writing, press releases, business writing, video script, product description, and social media posts. The content has to be engaging enough to grasp the attention of the targeted audience, consistently posted, and of high quality.


The average salary of content writers ranges from 2,37,900 PHP (Philippine Peso) – 2,71,870 PHP (Philippine Peso) a year for beginners to 3,39,850 PHP (Philippine Peso) – 5,43,745 PHP (Philippine Peso) a year for someone with a good hands-on experience of 2-5 years. Salaries also vary for freelance writers, full-time writers, and part-time writers for MNCs, educational institutions, startups, and entrepreneurs.


What are the Career Opportunities?


Content writing as a career option can be taken up by anyone – a student, a homemaker, a working professional, or an entrepreneur. The skills that are of paramount importance while learning content writing is a habit of reading, consistency in writing, time management, keeping up with the trends, and willingness to experiment with the different writing styles. Anyone willing to do the above-mentioned can become a successful content writer.



Some of the Content Writing Career Opportunities Available in the Philippines and Abroad are:


–             Content Creator

–             Content Strategists

–             SEO Content Writers

–             Copywriters

–             Proofreaders

–             Content Editors

–             Brand Journalists

–             Blogger

–             Scriptwriter

–             Social Media Content Specialists

–             Curriculum Designer

–             Instructional Designers

–             Academic Writers

–             Technical Writers

–             Subject Matter Experts

–             Video Content/ YouTube Content Creators

–             Resume Writing or Professional Profile Building


The Top 9 Institutes for Content Writing Courses in the Philippines


We have compiled a list of the institutes offering content writing courses in the Philippines for you to select from.




IIM SKILLS is an online teaching institute recognized for its various digital marketing and content writing courses in the Philippines and other parts of Asia. The institute has trained over 2500 students ensuring the quality of education and, after the course, guaranteed placements. The trainers have experience of more than 12 years and have worked with top brands of the world.


IIM SKILLS offers a 4-month Content Writing Course (CWMC), which includes 4 weeks of live Sessions, 3 months of internship with hands-on experience, and another 10+ hours of live sessions during the internship.


Module 1) Introduction to Content WritingModule 2) WordPress Web Development
Module 3) Digital Content (Articles, Blogging, Web Pages)Module 4) Copywriting
Module 5) Marketing CollateralsModule 6) Email Writing
Module 7 Social Media Writing & Video ScriptsModule 8) Creative Writing
Module 9) SOP & Business ListingModule 10) Legal Writing
Module 11) Technical Writing 101Module 12) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Module 13) Content MarketingModule 14) Affiliate Marketing & AdSense
Module 15) Freelance Content WritingModule 16) Resume Writing

Course Fees: 10,195 PHP


Course Highlights:


–             25 Types of writing skills

–             16 hours of lecture

–             10+ Hours of sessions during the internship

–             Free tools worth 23,800 PHP (Philippine Peso)

–             Practical assignments and regular feedback

–             Exams

–             Portfolio development

–             Freelance jobs and guaranteed internship opportunities

–             Lifetime consulting and technical Support

–             Certifications from IIM SKILLS and HubSpot

–             Publishing of the work during the course


IIM SKILLS Alumni’s Work at The alumni of IIM SKILLS gets the opportunity to work at some of the world’s biggest companies.


Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

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2. Udemy


Udemy is one of the biggest online learning platforms founded in 2007, with over 200,000 courses varying from self-growth to core education concept building. The courses available on the platform are taught by different teachers from around the globe and have their reach to various sections of society – students, working professionals, budding entrepreneurs, etc.


They Offer a Variety of Content Writing Courses in the Philippines, Namely:


–             Ultimate Web Content Writing Masterclass (4.6/5) (Attended by 1,801 students)

–             Content is King: Writing Killer Content for Web and Marketing (4.3/5) (Attended by 1,211 students)

–             How to write great Web Content (4.6/5) (Attended by 634 students)

–             The complete content writing course in 2021 (4.3/5) (Attended by 506 students)

–             Become a Freelance Content Writer (4.7/5) (Attended by 71 students)


Course Topics:


–             Search Engine Optimization

–             Copywriting

–             How to publish your work

–             Content and Market Research

–             Content Writing of various types

–             Content Marketing

–             Grammar, Sentence Structure, and Vocabulary

–             How to edit content

–             Website Development using WordPress

–             How to keep track of Social Media Trends


Course Fees: Course fees on Udemy varies from one course to another. Students also get discounts on these courses. The fee ranges from 245 PHP to 2380 PHP.


Course Highlights:


–             Self-Paced Courses

–             Experienced Trainees

–             Pre- Recorded Videos

–             Affordable Fees

–             Assignments and Quizzes

–             Lifetime Content Access to Material

–             Certification on completion

–             Globally Recognized Courses


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3. Skill Upgrader


Skill Upgrader is a consultant company that helps people in career growth. They provide an innovative learning approach through interactive sessions and on-demand training for several courses with the goal of learning through working on projects. With over 1000+ participants in 4+ countries, they are now providing content writing courses in the Philippines too.


Course Modules:


–             Introduction to Content Writing

–             Web Hosting, Domain, and Website Development

–             Understanding the Writing Process

–             Search Engine Optimization

–             Keyword Research

–             Ways to write Optimized Content

–             Process of Content Creation and Management

–             Content Marketing Basics

–             All about a Call to Action in writing

–             Building the content marketing strategy

–             Lead Generation

–             Email Marketing

–             How to Freelance


Course Fees: The course fee is 10,470 PHP, but currently, it is available at a discount price of 5641 PHP.


Course Highlights:


–             Demo Class

–             16+ Hours Classes

–             70+ Hours of

–             Tools worth 27,200 PHP

–             Placement Support

–             Freelance Work or Job Portfolio Development

–             3 Months of Guaranteed Internship

–             Lifetime Support

–             Instant Content Writing Course Certification


4. Education & Career Times


The Education & Career Times, or the ECT is a government-recognized training startup founded in 2010, has trained over 1200 students, and is now a part of leading content writing courses in the Philippines.


ECT is determined to change the dynamics of the way education is imparted by dividing the course into two steps: learning the theory and later working on live projects during the internship provided by the institute. The course includes live classes, recorded sessions, assignments and tasks, regular feedback, and mentor-mentee discussions whenever required.


The Course Module:


–             Content Writing Introduction

–             How to build your vocabulary

–             All about grammar

–             Tools, Tips, and Techniques of Writing online

–             Ways to write creative non-fiction content

–             Ways to write creative fiction content

–             Different Aspects of Business Writing

–             Different Aspects of Technical Writing

–             Tips for Building Academic Writing skills

–             Ways to write specific content

–             Basics of Content Marketing, Keyword Research, and Web Development

–             Monetizing your work

–             Publishing your work


Course Fees: The course lasts for the duration of 3 months, and the course fee is 10,200 PHP.


Course Highlights:


–             Demo Class

–             Regular Feedback and personalized sessions

–             32 hours of Live Online Interactive Sessions

–             50 Hours of eLearning Videos and Resources

–             Live Projects, Writing Assignments, and Exams

–             Placement Assistance

–             Internship Opportunity

–             Lifetime Access and Dedicated Support

–             Certification from the Government of India


5. HubSpot


HubSpot is a free online training leader offering courses worldwide with a mission to provide training to everyone, irrespective of their age, for the digital age. They have expanded their courses to now offer online content writing courses in the Philippines.


They have dedicated instructors who teach you all about content writing in their content writing course from the basics to the advanced level. The course is available for marketing professionals, inbound professionals, and content producers. They have trained 250,000 students to date.


The Course Module:


–             Power of Storytelling

–             How to create content

–             Content Strategy

–             How to generate content ideas

–             How to write quality blogs

–             Blogging through HubSpot on Google

–             How to repurpose your content value

–             How to create content clusters

–             Video Marketing Strategy

–             Guest Blogging Strategy

–             How to promote your content

–             Analyzing the Content


Course Fees: Well, as we told you earlier, this course is entirely free.


Course Highlights:


–             The courses are free of cost

–             12 lessons and 11 Videos

–             11 Quizzes

–             Personalized training tailored according to your requirements

–             Globally Recognized Certifications


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6. Skillshare


Skillshare is an online learning community from educational videos. With over 35,000 online courses and more than 28 million enrolments, Skillshare now offers complete web and content writing courses in the Philippines taught by a consultant and coach in the field of digital marketing.


Course Modules:


–             Intro to Content Writing

–             Methodology of Learning Content Writing

–             How to research, write and edit content and use marketing tools

–             Content Writing Basics

–             Keyword Research and Grammar Rules

–             How to create Headlines

–             How to create sub-headlines

–             Call To Action Ideas

–             How to include an image and sources

–             How to outsource or include external links


Course Fees: An individual can get access to numerous courses with a monthly or yearly subscription. A monthly subscription costs around 410 PHP and a yearly subscription costs around 1570 PHP.


Course Highlights:


–             Free Registration

–             Self-Paced Classes

–             Unlimited Access to classes

–             Taught by Industry leaders

–             Hands-On class projects




Indian Institute of Digital Education is one of the leading content writing courses in the Philippines and a premiere school for digital marketing education. Founded in 2016, they have trained more than 60,000 students with the help of 70+ trainers on various platforms – online, offline, and on-demand mediums.


Their focus is to impart digital skills to their trainees with keen attention to changing trends in digital marketing and content writing. They work on the formula of learning from the trainers, applying the knowledge in the real world, and then evaluating the results to better understand the course.


IIDE offers a content writing/ copywriting course based on advanced teaching methodology. The course is designed in a way to help you understand the basic concepts of content writing through video lectures spanning more than 3 hours of classes and practice tests and assignments. The course is self-paced with live online sessions and one-on-one discussion sessions with the mentors.


The Course Module:


–             Copywriting Basics

–             Copywriting Basics – Digitally

–             Principles of content writing

–             Elements and Formulas for Copywriting

–             Marketing Appeals in Writing

–             The Process of Writing

–             Importance of Art in Writing

–             Content creation for social media

–             Tools and Presentation Techniques


Course Fees: 3060 PHP


Course Highlights:


–             3+ Online Lectures

–             5+ Practice Assignments and Mock Tests

–             Access to Videos for 30 Days

–             Dedicated Question and Answer Support


IIDE Alumni’s work at IIDE Students gets hired by some of the leading agencies and companies worldwide.


8. Coursera


Coursera is a massive online course providing platform and offers a variety of courses in collaboration with different universities around the world. Coursera has 4000+ free and paid courses and has over 92 million registered learners.


The courses are taught by industry experts and professionals with years of experience in the said field. The courses are self-paced with quizzes after the end of weekly modules and final examinations after the end of all the modules. With an abundance of courses, some of the available content writing courses in the Philippines are:


–             Good with Words: The writing and Editing Program by the University of Michigan includes 4 courses (4.7/5) (Attended by 70k students)

– The content Strategy for Professionals Specialization Program by Northwestern University includes 5 courses (4.6/5) (Attended by 42k students)

–             The Strategy of Content Marketing by University of California (4.5/5) (Attended by 260k students)


Course Topics:


–             Word Choice

–             How to Structure and Organize

–             Drafting

–             Editing Content

–             How to Proofread

–             Strategy to Market your content

–             How to engage an audience

–             How to manage content

–             How to expand the content reach

–             How to create an impact through your content


Course Fees: The courses on Coursera can be enrolled in for free or for a 7-day trial period, but one has to pay the fees for gaining a certificate. The fee varies from 1360 PHP to 3400 PHP.


Course Highlights:


–             Self-Paced Learning

–             Weekly Practice Quizzes

–             Graded Assignments with feedback from peers

–             Lifetime Access to the course

–             Certification by the university after completion

–             Global Acceptance of the courses


9. Henry Harvin


Founded in 2013, Henry Harvin Education is one of the global education technology companies focused on providing online and offline certifications, degrees, and diplomas to students and working professionals around the globe. The company has trained over 3 Lac students and has a range of 200+ courses to choose from.


They offer one of the best content writing courses in the Philippines, with 10 modules in a 1-course program. With 36+ Hours of online live interactive sessions and extensive content writing practice, they help trainees undergo projects in numerous aspects of writing such as research, technical and academic writing to name a few.


Course Module:


–             Basics of English: Grammar, Jargon, etc

–             Skills to research online, create graphics, analyze data, edit, and other internet skills

–             Marketing and Business Writing

–             Content Strategy Building

–             Research and Technical Writing

–             Academic Writing

–             Creative Writing

–             Copywriting

–             Email Drafting

–             How to Get Projects

–             Soft Skills Development

–             Resume Creation


Course Fees: There are two content writing courses in the Philippines offered by Henry Harvin. One with live classes and the other which is self-paced. The fee is 9175 PHP and 10,195 PHP, respectively.


Course Highlights:


–             Live Projects

–             Basic Graphic Designing Skills

–             Beginners Web Development Skills

–             Bootcamps

–             Guaranteed Internship

–             Publishing of all your work: Article, E-Book, Press release, etc

–             Access to Competitions and Hackathons

–             100% Placement


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. How is a content writing course helpful?

Content writing courses help in innumerable ways:

–             You learn different types of writing

–             The guidance and regular feedback on your writing by the trainers

–             You get to experiment with your writing styles

–             You learn essential web development and graphic designing skills

–             You learn to conduct topic wise and keyword research

–             You learn to publish your work without any publisher

–             You learn to monetize your skills even before starting a job


Q2. What is the benefit of attending online content writing courses in the Philippines?

Online content writing courses are budget-friendly compared to offline courses. They are also accessible from the comfort of our homes, and missed classes can be accessed through the recording, which gives an in-class atmosphere. The resources shared during the sessions are available for a lifetime, and demo sessions make choosing which online course is the most suitable for you much easier.


Q3. What are the qualifications required to become a content writer?

An individual has to just be passionate about writing to become a content creator. All the other course-related skills can be learned later.


Q4. Where can I get placed/hired as a full-time employee once I have finished learning from one of these content writing courses in the Philippines? 

Initially, after finishing your course, you can start your internship with some of the institutes mentioned earlier. Then, you can get hired as a full-time content writer after a year of relevant experience in some of the world’s top brands, such as KPMG, Dell, Amazon, Genpact, Forbes, Johnson & Johnson, to name a few. There are other opportunities with startups, institutes, and various existing businesses available too.


Q5. Are all the available content writing courses in the Philippines mentioned in this article?

Yes, there are other available content writing courses in the Philippines, but we have listed out all the top online content writing courses that are out there in this article.


Q6. How important is content writing for the marketing of a business or company?

Content drives the entire marketing as it is the backbone of all the marketing campaigns rolled out by a company, and it is what separates a successful company from any other company. You might be able to design exceptional graphics, but without content added to them, it would be difficult to reach the audience, and that is where content writers come into play.




We have compiled the list of best content writing courses in this article to provide you with all the necessary information before you decide to register yourself. We hope that you will be able to choose the course that is the most convenient for you.


Content writers are in huge demand right now with various profiles for you to enter, and with the right skill set, you will end up working at the world’s finest companies in either the Philippines or abroad.

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