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Prospect Of Content Writing: 15 Remarkable Career Options

The internet is full of content. Information on the internet is available in different forms and formats, such as articles, blog posts, research papers, and many more. The evolution of digitization has improved the prospect of content writing.

Prospect Of Content Writing Remarkable Career Options

The content on different platforms on the internet helps people gain knowledge on diverse topics. Brands use content to market their products and services. For businesses, content is a key to generate leads and customers.

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Behind every content, there is an effort of the content writer.

Almost every business needs a content writer who can create compelling content to reach people. In this article, I will share the prospect of content writing as a career option. Before exploring the prospect of content writing as a career, let us run over the skills and qualifications required to become a content writer.

Learn How to Become a Content Writer?

What is Content Writing?

Content writing refers to creating content for websites and online marketing. Content writing is not only about writing content but is a procedure of researching, planning, writing, and editing content. The evolution of digital marketing has increased the job opportunities in content writing and marketing.

Businesses hire content writers to increase brand awareness, generate leads, and drive more traffic. Content writers create content for online marketing. Content marketing helps businesses to convert prospects into customers.

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Excellent writing skills are not enough to create content. Content writers require other skills along with excellent writing skills.

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Skills required to become a content writer

  • Adaptability

Every content on the web has a different purpose. In prospect of content writing, a good content writer must know how to write in distinct tones and formats.

For example, a research paper and a blog post are entirely different, have different tones and formats. Every writer must understand the purpose of the content, to create compelling content.

  • Excellent Research Skills

Research is the key to create valuable content. To be a trustworthy content writer, the content you create has to be credible. Find reliable sources to conduct research and covert research into reliable content.

Mention the statistics and facts in your content to make your content more effective. Content having credible sources increase the chance of your website to appear on search engines and decrease bounce rate.

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  • Understanding of SEO

SEO content helps to rank on Search Engine Result Pages. There is no point in creating content that does not reach people.

Understanding SEO is a must in the prospect of content writing. You can use different techniques such as keyword optimization to create SEO content.

Keyword Optimisation helps search engines to recognize the subject of your content that helps you appear on top in search results when people search for that keyword.

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  • Editing Skills

Content writers require excellent editing skills because no one wants to read content with errors. For editing, you must have patience and expert knowledge of grammar and punctuation. Sometimes editing can take more time than writing. Editing is important before you publish your content, make sure your content is edited and well-structured.

  • Creating Quality Content

Creating long content is unnecessary for the prospect of content writing. It is unnecessary to write long content when you can cover all the information in fewer words. The number of words does not matter when the content is relevant and conveys the right message to people.

The quality of your content depends on many factors such as readability and credibility. The high-quality content is most likely to appear in search results.

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  • Time Management and Organizational Skills

Organize your time according to your writing jobs, plan your content before publishing. Organizational skills are essential for delivering your work on time. When you prioritize your work and meet deadlines, it shows that you are responsible.


There is no unique qualification, or Graduation required to emerge as a content writer.

Degrees in English, Journalism, or communication can be helpful to be a content writer.

There are various courses for content writing, where you can learn the concepts of content writing and get training as a content writer.

Career prospect of content writing

If you have the passion and skills to be a content writer, there are many career opportunities. The growth of digital marketing has improved the prospect of content writing. Almost every business needs a content writer to create content that increases sales and drives more traffic.

Now, let’s see the career opportunities in the prospect of content writing.

  1. Blogging

Most businesses have a blog page on the website. A blog is a great way to promote the product and services. The purpose of a blog is to reach out to people through content. Blogging is an efficient way to keep clients up to date on the latest products and market business.

Companies need content writers to write blog posts on the site’s blog. It is the job of a content writer to research industry-related topics and create relevant content. Content writers are responsible to create blog posts and update the blog content.

The concept of blogging has improved the prospect of content writing. As a content writer, you can start your blog and make money. One way to make money from your blog is through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is to earn commission by marketing other people’s products or services.

Having your blog can helpful for your growth as a content writer. It will help you to develop your portfolio for a job or freelancing. It might take time for your blog to get ranked on search engine result pages, but with best SEO practices, your blog will appear in search engines.

  1. Social Media Writing

Businesses leverage social media platforms to reach and connect with their target audience. Social Media gives an advantage to brands to connect with people directly.

Brands hire content writers to create content for their social media posts. The type of content varies for each social media platform. For example, On Instagram infographics work best while on Twitter text posts may work.

In the prospect of content writing for social media, writers must write creative content that draws people’s attention towards their product. Social Media writers research the latest trends to create engaging content.

Content writers for social media must be creative with their writing for different posts. Brands need writers to write captions for the posts, create content for infographics and ad campaigns.

  1. SEO Writing

SEO content helps brands to appear in search engines. The job of an SEO content writer is to optimize the content using SEO tactics. SEO content writers use various SEO techniques to create SEO-friendly content. The most common SEO techniques are Keyword Optimization, On-page SEO, and Off-Page SEO.

Keyword optimization helps writers to create SEO content. A keyword is a word or group of words, which describes your content. Keywords are the terms people put on search engines as a query. Content writers focus on keyword density to get their content to appear in search results.

SEO is an essential concept of content writing. To become a successful content writer, focus on SEO skills. Writers who know SEO have a higher chance of getting hired for the content writer role.

  1. Copywriting

People often get confused between the terms copywriter and content writer because the job of both is to create content. Copywriter and Content writer both create content, but for a different purpose.

Copywriters create content for promotional materials. The focus of the content is to generate leads. They create content for email marketing, sales copy, catalogs, ads, billboards, and much more. Many companies hire copywriters to write product descriptions. Copywriters create content to drive more sales.

A content writer focuses on SEO to drive traffic while a copywriter focuses on lead generation. As a copywriter, you must have good analytical and marketing skills.

  1. Web Content Writing

The content is all over the web, when we say web content, it includes every type of writing. As a web content writer, you must know how to write different content. When we search on google for information, we can see the results in different formats such as images, blogs, or research papers.

As a web content writer, you must know how to write different types of content. The job of a content writer is to create content that drives more traffic to the website. You must use a conversational tone to engage your audience.

Web content writers write blogs, articles, content for landing pages, SEO content, and much more. In the prospect of content writing jobs, there are many job opportunities for web content writers. Many web content writers work as a ghostwriter. As a ghostwriter, you write content for other websites and do not get credit for writing the content.

  1. Proposal writer

If you know about marketing and how to pitch clients for purchases, you can be a proposal writer. As a proposal writer, you create documents affiliated with product design, pricing, and marketing.

The proposal writers write proposals to win new clients. The proposal writer must write proposals that convert potential clients into customers.

  1. Technical Writer

The evolution of technology has improved the prospect of content writing jobs in the technology industry. Many people believe that it is important to have a technical background to be a technical writer, but it is not true.

Having a technical background is beneficial to be a technical writer, but it is not mandatory. If you want to be a technical writer, upskill yourself by learning technical writing skills. Many industries hire technical content writers to create supreme content.IT industry needs writers to write FAQs, manuals, HOW-to-guides, and much more.

  1. Freelance writer

Freelancing writing has increased the prospect of content writing jobs. A freelance writer does not need to go to the office and work for 9 to 5.  As a freelance writer, you can work from your home and make money. Freelance writers can choose to offer content writing services for various niches, or choose a particular niche.

As a freelance writer, you must have excellent research skills, as it required you to write on different topics. Being a freelance content writer you can offer article writing, blog writing, SOP writing, and many other services.

Some freelancing websites are freelancer, Upwork, LinkedIn, and Fiverr. You can find various freelancing jobs on these sites and create your gigs.

 Pros and Cons of Freelancing

Being a freelancer is not a simple job and does not fit everyone. Freelancing has its advantages and disadvantages.


  • You can work from anywhere

Working as a freelancer gives you the advantage of work from anywhere. You can work from home, from your favorite cafe, or any place that you like.

Sometimes in offices, you do not find the surroundings appropriate for work, like there can be disturbance from co-workers, meetings, or noises in the office.

Being a freelancer you can control your surroundings and let your creativity flow.

  • Create your schedule

As a freelancer, you can create your schedule and do not have to follow any schedule. Being a freelancer you create your rules.

Some people work best in the morning time and some at night. Freelancing allows you to choose the timing of your work.

  • Set your price

Being a freelancer, you can set your rates. The price of your service depends on various factors such as your expertise.

Your rate depends on your expertise, education level, experience, expenses, etc.

It is advisable to keep your rate low at the beginning of your career and raise it as you see fit in the future.


  • Work is not always consistent

Freelancing does not ensure consistent work. Sometimes you can find it difficult to find work as per your choice and requirement.

Sometimes it might take weeks to find work. It is tough to find work at the beginning of your freelancing career.

You can find freelancing jobs on job portals such as freelancer and Fiverr. You may also find work on social media like Facebook.

  • Be careful with Payments

Many fraudsters in the market get their work and do not pay the writers for their efforts and work.

Be careful with your payments. Ensure identity and payment method verification from your clients and try to have some advance payment for your work, if possible.

  • Health Benefits

When you have a full-time job in the corporate sector, your employer offers you some compensation and benefits such as health benefits. As a freelancer, you look out for yourself or rely on another family member.

  1. Script Writer

As a Scriptwriter, you can write scripts and pitch them to production teams. You can also work a full-time job as a scriptwriter with the production team. Most Scriptwriters work in the entertainment industry to write scripts for plays, TV serials, movies, etc.

  1. News Writer

The job of a News writer is to write articles for newspapers or news websites. As a News writer, you must write content with unbiased perception. Your content has to be detailed, informative, and with good readability. For a News Writing Job, a journalism degree is preferred.

  1. Academic Writer

Academic writers have an enormous demand in the prospect of content writing jobs. Many college students hire freelance academic content writers to help them in writing review and research papers.

Many companies provide assignments, reviews, research, and essay writing services. These companies hire a full-time writer or a freelance writer.

As an academic content writer, you write content that helps students. They may ask you to review articles based on research, create instructional content or content that helps the student boosting their professional career.

  1. Medical Writer

A medical writer is a person who applies the principle of clinical research to develop trial documents that illustrate research results, product use, and other medical information. Medical writers create monographs, medical case reports, and articles.

Medical writers usually work with doctors, subject experts, and scientists. Pharmaceutical companies, health journals, online healthcare portals, and hospitals recruit them.

  1. Business Writer

Business writers are often confused with technical writers. The role of business writer and technical writer is quite different. Business writers focus to create content that builds brand image. To be a business writer, you must have some basic knowledge of business practices. As a business writer, keep business aspects in mind.

As a business writer, they can ask you to create content for business plans, models, business letters, and proposals. Many start-ups hire freelance business writers to create their brand image in the market.

  1. Creative Writer

Creative writers express feelings, thoughts, and emotions through their writing. They intend to create a visual image in the reader’s mind. Creative writing includes fiction and non-fiction writing. Creative writing forms include journalistic articles, feature writing, screenwriting, plot, and character development, and much more.

To be a successful creative writer, you must have storytelling skills that attract your reader’s attention. Many companies hire creative writers to write creative content for social media. Creative writers become published authors or recruited by publishing houses.

  1. Content Proofreader & Editor

Who would want to read content that is not perfectly edited and structured? Many content writers with good grammar work as editors. Most freelancers edit and proofread their content themselves. The job of a content editor and proofreader is different.

The job of an editor is to check grammar, spellings, structure, the flow of content, etc. It is the responsibility of the editor to make sure that the content is presentable and well structured before publishing.

The proofreader checks the content before publishing. Every company needs an editor to ensure the credibility and readability of the content.

 Benefits of learning content writing

  • Job Opportunities

There are a plethora of job opportunities for content writers. You can find a content writing job in the corporate sector, do a part-time job, or freelance content writing.

To be a content writer you do not need any rigid qualification. Master skills required for content writing and you will be a successful writer.

  • Additional income source

Learning content writing can be beneficial for earning an additional income.

You can do freelance content writing, with your job to earn some extra money. Freelancing allows you to work with a flexible schedule. It allows you to work overtime when you want some extra money.

You can also start your blog as per your expertise and earn money.

  • Save Money

If you are a business owner or a start-up and have your website or blog, you can save money by writing for your blog instead of paying other writers.

If you have to hire other writers, with your content writing skills and knowledge, you can ensure the quality of content they provide.

  • Gain Knowledge

You can expand your knowledge by learning content writing in new areas such as digital writing and content marketing strategies.

Learning content writing will also improve your vocabulary that will help write content with excellent readability. Content with good readability has less bounce rate.

  • Enhance research skills

Content writers must have excellent research skills. A content writer has to a lot of research to write credible content.

Writers research for the information from credible sources to content which makes their content reliable and credible.

Many institutes offer content writing courses and one of the best content writing courses is offered by IIM Skills. check it out.


1. How to get lucrative job offers in content writing? 

The one thing you have to consistently do is create content. Write, write, and write some more. Research your niche and make a habit of reading and writing daily. Also create content on LinkedIn and link your website on different social media platforms and job platforms.

2. What are the top skills of a content writer?

  • Voracious Reader
  • Knack for Research
  • Keeping Abreast of latest news
  • Writing daily without fail
  • Being open to constructive criticism
  • Networking with like-minded individuals from your niche

3. What are some tools to master for a content writer?

Some tools for content writers to master are as follows:

  • Grammarly
  • Hemingway App
  • Answer The Public
  • Ubersuggest
  • Google trends
  • Google alerts
  • Canva (It widens your scope of employment)
  • Trello
  • Zoho Writer


The career opportunities in content writing are expanding every day with the growth of digital and content marketing. A career in content writing is also beneficial for students as it does not require any rigid qualifications apart from some skills. Anyone who masters the skills required for a content writing job can earn a good amount of money.

An Electronics & Telecommunication engineer who is passionate about reading and writing. She loves to blog and research about various topics to improve her knowledge. Currently, an intern at IIM SKILLS.

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