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Fundamentals Of Writing – How to be an Article Writer in 2024? 

Article Writing Fundamentals. How To Become A Successful Article Writer?  Article writing is one of the most exciting and interesting jobs out there today. It helps article writers to give vent to their creative aspirations. Additionally, articles inform and educate readers about numerous subjects worldwide.

How To Be An Article Writer

If you have landed here today, it means that you want to become an article writer. Maybe you want information on what article writing is all about. You are completely new to the world of writing. And, you want to explore the different possibilities when you pursue a career in writing.

Whatever it is you are looking for, this article will provide you with a comprehensive guide to how to become a successful article writer in the shortest time possible.

We are going to discuss all aspects that will help you to have a clear understanding of the nitty-gritty of a career of an article writer. You will get to know the fundamental concepts, types, benefits, steps. We will also go through the objectives, format, and other advanced elements of article writing. Once you go through this article you will do away with any ambiguity regarding the work of article writers.

Article writers create reports in the form of research, news, investigative reports, literary works, reviews, comparative articles, and many such forms of work.

Let’s first look at the top 15 ways to become an article writer in India

  1. Research

One of the very first things an article writer has to understand is the importance of research. You will only be a successful article writer when you give research its due importance. Make it a part of your everyday writing habit. Whatever might be your age and however knowledge you might think, there is always more to learn and imbibe.

Once you start to research you will unearth new angles and perspectives that you have not thought of before. It helps you to have a greater overall view of the article topic. You create better content because you are much better informed now.

  1. Keep Knowledge of Current Affairs

There are so many formats of writing articles. You might think that for your particular area of expertise, you don’t need knowledge of current affairs.

Keeping abreast of current affairs is beneficial for your overall growth as a writer. It helps you to glean new information on several topics. It also opens up new avenues of data that you can incorporate in your article no matter what your specific topic is. Just like research, current affairs help you to create better quality content. It makes you more prolific as an article writer.

  1. Read, Read, and Read some More

As a content writer who has to create content on several different articles, reading is the most important aspect of your development as a writer. Ask any writer and they will unanimous about this.

It is a universal fact that writers of different niches are voracious readers. They read numerous books that help to get familiar with knowledge about several sectors, industries, businesses, etc.

As a  content writer, you should try to read as diverse topics as possible. If you see a sports magazine line in front view, pick it up. Go through the articles and see how they write. Even if you are not from that specific industry, you should always cultivate the habit of reading. It helps to create more meaningful and superior content compared to people who only read topics from their genre.

Reading has also proved to help to imbibe the qualities of empathy and compassion. Additionally, it strengthens your capacity to comprehend better. It attenuates the rigors of everyday stress and helps to become more circumspect.

The impact of reading is manifold for any article writer. Scour blogs of any eminent thought leader. You will see how they delineate the importance of books and reading unequivocally.

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  1. Take notes while you Read

Article writers must take notes and jot down important points. When you read something that captures your attention write it down. There is so much to learn that you’ll invariably come across information that will be of consequence to you.

If you do not take notes, try to memorize them in your mind you are sooner or later going to lose the information. Taking comprehensive notes keeps the information in one place. It helps you to access that whenever you want.

On the other hand, if you just write notes and keep them locked somewhere, it will be of no use. Therefore, you will have to make an effort to go to the notes you’ve written. that is how you remember them well.

One of the hacks here can be to write important points from your notes in sticky notes. You can then paste the sticky notes on a board or whenever it is convenient for you. This way you will access that information when required easily.

  1. Watch Informational Videos 

Reading is as important as watching informational videos regarding different topics. Informational videos house a lot of data that can surprisingly come to great use when writing different articles. Whether your article is a blog, how-to, descriptive articles, review, or a narration, you can enrich your articles with interesting facts.

This will help to attract the attention of your target readers. You will be able to make a great impact on them. By incorporating new elements you evolve and bring originality to your writing.

Anything you write will always be there from before. What you have to do is to invoke your creative side. Try to understand what you feel about the particular topic.

Every writer is innately unique. This means that no two writers will experience or perceive a certain matter in a similar fashion. There will be certain elements that will provide you with originality in your article.

  1. Choose a topic/topics of Interest

Before embarking on a journey of being an article writer, you have to identify the areas that intrigue your interest. There are so many topics in so many niches to choose from. You have to be very judicious in selecting your work area.

Initially, when you start you will have no experience. Moreover, you will have nothing to base your credentials on except your portfolio. Now portfolio will be an extremely vital part of your journey as an article writer.

Now the tricky part is to select the niche. One that is to your liking and a very popular, in-demand specific niche. This will get you readers as well as work.

If your topic of interest has no takers as in readers, then an employer will not be interested in hiring you. But do not fret. There are plenty of very profitable niches that can help you to get your desired job and write great articles in the process.

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  1. Write

Now we completed the basic requirements of starting the journey of being an article writer. The next step is to sit and write. A lot of people harbor the dream of becoming an article writer. It’s an enticing job prospect.

However, they do not do the most important part of it. That is, preparing a schedule and writing consistently. Yes, in the beginning, it might seem a daunting task. It is a lengthy process that involves intensive research on your topic. But once you develop this habit of writing every day, it will come effortlessly to you.

  1. A portfolio is your key to a great career in article writing

As reiterated time and again, your portfolio is your key resource. When you don’t have any experience to show as an article writer. you have your portfolio.

You will have to make sure that your articles are superior with plenty of information. The information should be relevant and useful. It should be of some utility to your target reader. Only then will your write-up be of consequence.

You will have to create topics at least 5-8 of them. It will bolster up your certificates and degrees with practical knowledge.

  1. Explore Writing Jobs

You have researched and written. What next? You will then disseminate it to different job portals and talent scouts. Your portfolio is the work sample that will help you to get your foot in the door.

Start looking for writing jobs that are available on several platforms. With the advancement of the digital medium, you can sit home and explore different opportunities in freelancing and regular jobs.

There are several job portals like Naukri, Monster India, Indeed, Times Jobs, Shine, and others. They regularly advertise jobs for article writers. You will find thousands of job openings for article writers in different sectors and industries.

Also, there are several content writing services and digital marketing agencies that post jobs online for article writers. After you have created your portfolio you should write to companies that are currently hiring.

Even cold pitching can come in useful provided you write a great introduction that will reel the concerned person into your article. Make sure that you do not attach the entire article. Send just a part of it. That will give them a fair idea of what you are capable of creating.

Moreover, cold pitching ensures that they will understand your enthusiasm for working. You have nothing to lose from it. If they hire you, excellent. If they don’t, you have other avenues to reach out to.


Let me give you an example to give you a clear idea of just how in-demand article writers are today.

As of today, article writing jobs in the following job portals are as follows

  • Indeed 1540 jobs
  • TimesJobs 20373 jobs
  • LinkedIn has 500+ results
  • Naukri has 12233 jobs.

New jobs are created in the writing department of several industries every day. These companies then require competent writers to work for them. Whether a corporate organization or a digital agency, writing pays well after a certain point.

  1. Strengthen your Networking Skills

Only writing well isn’t enough. You will have to learn the techniques for strengthening your network skills. Also, connecting with people on different platforms regularly. This will provide you a great opportunity to find jobs suited to your preferences.

It will help to scale your career in a better way. Digital media has been such a boon to writers. You can sit and have a conversation with the recruiting head of a company sitting in the comfort of your home.

All you need is a presence on different digital platforms, social media channels to be able to leverage the benefits. They provide immense opportunities for writers across sectors, industries, and forms of writing.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, Quora, Yahoo Answers are some of the digital platforms where you can scout for jobs successfully.

Also, research your industry and know which the top companies are deal with your niche topic. This will help you to connect with them and have a chance to work with them.

You will have to possess the drive to succeed and the zeal to go at it even when the situation is not in your favor. This is true, especially in the case of newcomers in the industry. You need to be enterprising to be able to create an impression on potential employers.

By gaining confidence and strengthening your networking skills you will be able to get that coveted job. Along with the hefty salary that you desire.

There are so many instances of people who have risen from an extremely challenging place to become leading writers in the world. They are highly regarded. Read up on the success stories to get inspiration.

  1. Update Your Social Media Profiles

This is a corollary of the above point. Update your social profiles as and when you gain experience. Whether it is your articles, your website, or your portfolio. Link your work on your profile for potential employers to find you easily.

The different channels like LinkedIn are so convenient that you can write an entire article on LinkedIn. Then link it to your social media profiles for your potential employers to see.

  1. Take up a writing class

One of the most useful ways to understand the nuances of successful article writing to take up a class. They will teach you the fundamentals and advanced concepts of writing articles.

Also, they teach how it can influence your readers positively. There are many institutes today that provide comprehensive courses on content writing, article writing, feature writing, and so on.

You can always enroll for these courses that span about a month to three months. It will help you to get into the mindset of an article writer. Furthermore, it will give you opportunities for campus placements.

Leading training providers also arrange for job interviews for deserving candidates. It can be your first step into the world of article writing. You can grow leaps and bounds from that first small step. They provide tips for interviews and resume building. You can learn comprehensively in these courses.

  1. Contribute to different platforms online and offline

Practical experience and real-time projects are important aspects of a creative job. Whether it is digital marketing, article writing, content writing you should always look forward to contributing to several different platforms.

In the initial phase, you do not have a lot of choices. Therefore, contribute to articles online as well as offline. There are some extremely popular online platforms where you can write. They provide plenty of opportunities to earn from your writing. Explore these channels and contribute to their websites.

As for offline mediums like newspapers, magazines that are still in the physical format you will have to send in your articles for their appraisal. Even if you do not get published, you still gain the confidence of going through the grind. Until you make it in the world article writing.

  1. Learn about online writing tools and career options

The importance of digital software, tools, and websites for your articles cannot be emphasized more in today’s age. You have to possess the minimum technological proficiency to be able to handle the digital tools. They enrich your writing and make it better.

They help you create more crisp copies replete with interesting elements weaved into the copy. Grammarly, Hemingway app keyword research apps are some digital tools that help to bolster your writing efforts optimally.

Today you can autodidact yourself on the different online tools that help you with your work. Thanks to numerous blog and informative content, videos present in the digital domain today. You can access these videos, blog posts, and know about the several tools. These tools help to get the job done perfectly.

When we talk about article writers we should have a clear idea of what the job position requires from a person. It requires you to have certain qualities that are unique to article writers. You have a lot of online tools and digital software to embellish your writing and make it perfect. But certain elements are unique to yourself that no Technology can provide in an article.

Different organizations have different criteria for choosing their employees. However, some traits are common. Let’s look at some ways you can start your journey towards becoming a highly prolific article writer. 

  1. Impeccable Writing Skills

The prerequisite to becoming a successful content writer is to be able to write well. It does not mean that you use plenty of ornamental language and difficult words.

Moreover, if you make your write-up very difficult, your target readers would not be able to connect with it. Impeccable writing skill means that you can convey the core points of your write-up in a clear concise way. The language should be clear and crisp. You should be able to disseminate information of utility to your ideal target reader.

  1. Ability to Communicate

Article writers can create topics on innumerable subjects. There is no hard and fast rule that you only have to pick one specific need and work on it forever. However, what matters is whatever you write you can communicate the crux of the matter. Over time, all writers achieve proficiency in a particular subject matter.

The ability to communicate effectively comes from your skill to distill complicated concepts into understandable simple language. You have to write keeping in mind one pertinent thing.

Your reader in most cases won’t sit with a dictionary or thesaurus when they sit to read your article. Convoluted sentences and too many complicated words take away the efficacy of writing the article. That is, creating relevant content that your reader will be easily able to comprehend.

  1. Proofread and Revise Meticulously

Writing is only the first part of your entire process of creating the article. What you need to do next is to revise and rewrite proofread meticulously.

This will require you to be sincere and disciplined. There are times when writers have to create more than two drafts for a particular article. Organizations require article writers to hone their craft continuously to provide better and superior content.

  1. Creativity and Originality

The job profile of an article writer will entail that you create original content free from any plagiarism. Plagiarism can be a serious offense and can have many negative and far-reaching consequences.

Creativity is a must for any article writer. They have to incorporate their own understanding and perception to add something new to the topic.

You can improve your overall creativity by reading, talking with industry experts as well as asking for their opinions. Reading up on different industries opens up new areas of thought. You derive inspiration from garnering information about different sectors and how they work.

Another way to greatly bolster your creativity is to learn five-seven new words every day. Memorizing them is not enough. Know their synonyms and antonyms as well. When you write something down it helps to retain information better and longer. 

Afterward, use the new words to try and create sentences incorporating these words. Go through the sentences several times. This will help to understand the meaning of the word better. You will always be able to come up with these words in relevant context while writing your article.

Sometimes your sentence could be similar to one that someone else has written. Even if it is done unwittingly it can have serious consequences.

Therefore, you should be well aware of plagiarism detectors online that help you to detect similar sentences. Scan your document and edit them before you send your work for publishing.

Small Seo Tools, Duplicate Checker, Grammarly Plagiarism Detectors are some of the finest tools. They help you to identify similar sentences and make edits. Sometimes, these advanced plagiarism detectors also suggest alternative sentences.

  1. Ability to Disseminate information honestly

This is one of the most important criteria for any job profile of an article writer. You should be able to disseminate information with transparency.

Your credibility as an article writer increases manifold when the information you provide is authentic. This is especially true in the case of editorials, news reports where you disseminate information and then provide your own opinion on the particular subject.

If you distort facts to suit your narrative, then sooner or later you will be called out. That can be extremely detrimental to your career as an article writer. Your trustworthiness and reliability will diminish.

Remember readers play the most important role in becoming a successful article writer. You are catering to your target customer who you had to appreciate your work. Distribute information only after double-checking their authenticity. Make efforts to ensure that the trust and dependence that your readers have on you are not lessened.

Benefits of being Article Writers

Article writers enjoy a great reputation when they do their job well. Once you can influence your target consumer positively you are bound to become greatly successful in your writing endeavors. All you need is empathy and the discerning ability to understand the pulse of your focus reader.

  1. Becoming authority leaders in your specific industry

When you write high-grade articles it helps to establish you as an industry leader with superior information on your specific niche. It builds a sense of trust among your readers.

People will read your articles to gain information, to solve their own queries. When more people are attracted to your form and style of writing you will soon become a thought leader in your industry.

  1. Establish your online presence

The digital industry provides you with plenty of opportunities to make a successful career in article writing. It also provides you with all the facilities that can help expedite your process of having a successful career in the field.

You need to establish your online presence by participating in discussions and having conversations with your target readers in different digital media channels.

You will have to make your presence felt on social media as well. Even if you’re not overly involved in social media you will have to make a concerted effort to reach out to your target readers.

Having a conversation with them, understanding what they want and how your topics impact them will go a long way in building your online presence. It will invariably help you to create more focused articles that will drive more and more people to your write-ups.

An online writing career is a very prosperous one today. You should leverage the benefits of the immense opportunity provided by the web. Then, you are most definitely on the road to become a very eminent article writer. One who enjoys great credibility too.

  1. Write compelling articles that change the lives of your readers

Any creative pursuit is only successful when you can resonate with your target group. Your article should provide value to your target readers.

Whether it is in the form of entertainment, information, or both, you should be able to make a difference in their lives in a positive way. This alone ensures that you enjoy a great following. When people derive value from the content they are likely to promulgate your write-up on different mediums.

The crux of this is that you have to take into account your target readers. Align your write-up with their preferences, and wants to become successful.

  1. Get to know industry experts from different fields

One of the perks of being an article writer today is that you can connect with experts from several fields very efficiently. With digital marketing transforming lives for the better, you can have a conversation with an industry leader from a different country. All this while sitting in your home. This helps to connect with people globally.

As article writers, you can have an exchange of ideas and opinions and delve into different perspectives from industry veterans. This helps in your overall growth as an article writer.

  1. Build your own freelance writing business

Every industry, sector, and brand requires knowledgeable article writers. You have a great chance of making a very successful freelance Writing business by understanding the technical aspects of online writing along with sharpening your creative side.

An article writer has to keep themselves updated about the latest development in the online domain. This entails understanding the core concepts of digital marketing. That is, how your article can be visible to more people after you publish it.

There are many elements like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Writing and marketing, Email writing, and strategy. An article writer adept at comprehending these elements has a bright future in the world of writing today.

Incisive knowledge of the distinctive characteristics of these modules can help you to become a prolific article writer in the online space. That is a great boost to your career. The reason being, most articles today are published online and even accessed online.

Fundamental Traits of a successful article writer

  1. Curiosity and Exploratory Skills

The fundamental trait of an article writer is to be curious. We should always have the enthusiasm to explore different sides of a story. Bringing the facts to light and disseminating truthful information is the essence of any successful writer’s profile. An article writer should have an analytical bent of mind.

Finding extraordinary among the ordinary is a special trait of an article writer. It stems from their innate curiosity, which brings novelty to the writing

  1. Interpersonal Skills

An article writer is not merely someone who just writes. The work of writers necessitates meeting up with different people and communicate with them.

They might have to conduct interviews for their story. A lot of times they have to communicate with industry veterans and meet with thought leaders for projects.

All this requires them to have great interpersonal skills. They should be affable and the person having a conversation with them should feel at ease.

Interpersonal skills can also be greatly useful while writing the story itself. Setting the right tone helps to position your product for your target audience.

Now there are article formats that require you to have a conversational tone of writing. This helps to give your readers a sense of familiarity. It seems like you are talking to them one on one. This can only be possible if you are naturally gifted with the ability to smoothly carry out a conversation with a person.

  1. Perseverance

Research, fact-finding, collating data, and collecting pertinent information related to your subject and topic require perseverance. Every step requires you to be patient and carry out your work efficiently.

So, perseverance can be counted as one of the key traits of a successful article writer. When you embark on your journey of becoming a writer you have to toil hard initially. Whether it is getting your first job, or researching for your subject, everything requires you to be more persistent.

If you go through the journeys of top writers you will find one thing in common. That effort to excel and resolution to become successful had kept them going.

Whether it is someone like Stephen King, JK Rowling, Frank McCourt, or Tony Morrison they have all initially struggled but have never given up.

That is your secret ingredient to finally finding success in your pursuit of becoming a good writer. It holds for writers across formats whether you are a fiction, non-fiction writer, or an article writer.

  1. Presence of Mind

The presence of mind is important in every facet of your life anyway. It is all the more important for writers to glean important information in times of need.

What you need is a calm mind able to derive information when required. It also helps to make the right judgment in a lot of cases. You can determine the behavioral pattern and preferences of your target reader.

It will also help you to align your content with what makes it interesting for your target group. It does not mean influencing someone adversely. Rather it is a positive trait in an article writer to be able to react incisively. Especially, while taking any important decision, carrying out investigative reports, getting important facts for your story.

  1. Grammar Skills

An article writer should have a fundamental knowledge of grammar. When your grammar is proficient, the copy flows smoothly. It also helps to comprehend information better for your target readers.

Ineffective communication occurs when your grammar skills are not up to the mark. Grammar makes it easier to disseminate information concisely.

Grammar skills also include punctuation, usage of words, spelling among others. The importance of comma, full stop, apostrophe, quotations is manifold in an article copy.

It helps in creating much better articles. Articles have better syntax and clearer meaning. Using correct verbs, pronouns, nouns, adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, and interjections is vital. They also make the copy much more valuable to your readers.

  1. Ability to Organize

There is so much to do before finally right starting to write the article. This makes it necessary for an article writer to be organized. Apart from keeping notes on everything important, you should stick to a schedule of writing every day.

This helps to create a habit and you’ll automatically sit to write and words will flow. Quotes, facts, data, statistics, that you have to incorporate in your copy should be there for you to access whenever you need them.

Organizing your workspace helps to keep your mind clutter-free. Your write-up is going to be far more effective when your workspace is neat. You will be able to think, write, and comprehend information better.

7.Accepting Constructive Criticism with maturity and grace

Rejection is a part of a writer’s life whether they are article writers or novel writers. However, you also get a lot of constructive criticism which can help you to become a better writer. You have to distinguish between constructive criticism and comments, opinions that are meant to pull you down. An article writer should be mature enough to take constructive criticism with grace.

However, do not pay attention to opinions that border on trolling. They are meant to demotivate you. You should always develop a thick hide to ward off negative opinions and comments that are harmful to your creative writing process.

  1. Promulgate own work with confidence

To become a successful article writer the first thing you have to do after creating that article is to promulgate it on different platforms. People have to know and read your work for you to be recognized as a formidable article writer. You cannot shy away from promoting your work on channels available to you.

Utilize the immense potential of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Answers, Reddit, Quora, Fluther, StackExchange, etc. Upload your portfolio on different job sites. Moreover, contribute to different websites that involve your niche area.

  1. Living up to their brand reputation

An article writer after getting the distinction of becoming an industry expert will have to strive to maintain the brand reputation. You have to provide high-quality articles with honest authentic information to be able to hold onto your image.

Always remember your target reader is intelligent enough to understand whether you are providing a quality article. The moment there is a decline in superior content your readers will be turned off of your content. Therefore, never take your readers for granted and make all efforts to be consistent in churning out stellar, bona fide content.

  1. The constant thirst to improve

The professional life of an article writer has become enriched and fast-paced now. With digital proliferation, it has become important to constantly improve oneself to be able to keep up with the trends, practices, and standards of quality work.

Articles writers have to be enthused to improve and evolve continuously. This requires reading on different writeups by other authors, constantly gaining knowledge of your specific industry.

It helps to become a more competent writer and human being. You can connect in a better way with the target readers. As you improve you become more acutely aware of the demands of your employers as well as the people you are catering to, as in your target customers.

Below are the different type of articles that an article writer can create and publish: 

  1. News Story

A new story is a journalistic form of writing articles. An article writer writing a news story should aim for an unbiased report of particular news or event.

They should exercise the qualities of accuracy, clarity, and conciseness. News reports generally have sources from where you get information.

It is extremely vital to cite those sources and give them credits in your news story. Most of the time your readers will skim through the news report. Therefore you need to use clear words. Your language should not be too wordy.

  1. Research and Case Studies

Research and case studies require you to delve into a matter in depth. You require all information, data, statistics, surveys available to form a comprehensive research report.

A case study is generally a comprehensive report which gives thorough detail on a specific subject. It might be a particular event, the journey of a successful person, a historical place, or any such phenomenon that requires incisive study.

An article writer general creates case studies to disseminate information about a particular issue with their target readers. This issue is common to their queries and confusion.

These case studies can help to resolve whatever problem your target readers are facing. Case studies are inspirational and help to provide exhaustive knowledge on a particular subject.

  1. Features

A feature article is one of the most popular forms of content that an article writer works on. It is a greatly interesting piece of write-up that incorporates an original story based on the writer’s real experience. The feature writer weaves a story replete with facts in a riveting way.

It is a story that brings to the fore the innate creativity of an article writer to mix creativity and facts to bring compelling content for their reader.

It will inform, educate you on certain matters but the most important characteristic of feature stories is to entertain their readers. You can incorporate anecdotes, quotes from a person related to the subject and topic.

For example, Authentic Cuisine from Ancient times can be a great feature article to write. It will be tremendously informative, will be able to educate your readers, and will entertain them immensely.

  1. Business Write-ups

Business write-ups are generally in-depth statements on finance and the organization of a business. It is filled with jargon that is understood by business professionals.

Article writers skilled in business write-ups generally come from finance backgrounds with knowledge of the different concepts and ideas of Business and commerce.

  1. Reviews and Opinion Articles

Reviews, opinion articles are entirely based on the perception of the article writer. They provide their reasons for having that particular opinion about something whether it’s a product or service.

Reviews/opinion articles can take the form of editorials, recommendations, advertisements, public relations speeches, product reviews, testimonials, and opinion pieces.

  1. Blogs

The sole objective of creating blog articles is to provide and educate the target audience through relevant information. Blogs of particular niches are extremely popular for informing target audiences about the various topics related to that particular niche.

There are other types of article writing as well. They are as follows:

  •  Novels
  • Short Stories
  • Biographies
  • Journals
  • Screenplays
  • Technical Writing
  • Scientific Writing
  • How To Format Academic Writing Among Others.

Format of an Article Adopted by Article Writers

  • Headline and title

Your headline should be enough to captivate your target audience and pull them into the story. The headline is generally 5 to 10 words. It is a compelling use of words that inspires the reader to go through the content

  • Body of the article

This has all the important information narrated by the article writer. The body of an article is generally divided into short paragraphs. it helps readers to go through the information and store them better in their memory.

  • Byline

A byline is a feature of an article that provides information on the article writer. It is generally the bio of the author. The byline can be placed at the beginning or end depending on the format of the article. Most of the time blogs keep the byline at the end of the article for readers to go through the credentials of the author.

  • Conclusion

This is the last part of the article where an article writer provides a summary of the entire article. They also cover importat aspects of the information and end it with an inspirational thought to ponder over.

What are the different steps to article writing

  1. Gathering Information
  2. Creating an outline
  3. Making Relevant Notes to incorporate in an Article
  4. Starting the draft
  5. Revising and Editing, Eliminating irrelevant stuff
  6. Preparing the final article
  7. Proofreading for errors and Typos
  8. Submitting the final copy


Objectives of Article Writing

  1. To Apprise of new development
  2. Entertain and Appeal
  3. To inform you about important news and happenings around the world
  4. To Solve a Problem
  5. Bolster reader’s knowledge

Professional courses to check out


  • Will a content writing course help me with article writing?

A content writing course covers a variety of topics among which article writing is mandatorily included. Articles are a very popular content format and disseminates knowledge successfully. hence talking up a content writing course can help you to improve your article writing abilities greatly.

  • How to get started with article writing? 

The first thing to do is to create your presence on the internet in the form of a website. Alternatively, you can start writing on different platforms like Medium, Quora, Reddit, and other forums where your writing abilities will be visible. Write articles on diverse topics and see what interests you. the only mantra here is to be consistent.

  • What are the different concepts covered in a content writing course?

You have article writing, eBook writing, social media writing, YouTube video scripts, Brand Management Strategies, knowledge of content marketing tools, advanced blogging, digital media, Integrated content Strategy, Email writing, among the main concepts covered in an exhaustive content writing training program.

Let’s Sum it up

Today, we have gone through a detailed guide on how to become a successful article writer. It is a combination of several elements that help you in the journey of becoming a coveted successful article writer.

Most importantly it is your own zeal to succeed in this competitive field. The difference between a successful article writer and one who isn’t is that the successful article writer had not given up even in the most adverse situations.

They were determined to follow their dreams and were able to turn them into reality. Article writers are versatile and have the potential to create the best stories with a combination of their imagination and facts. Follow the principles mentioned above and you will soon find success in your pursuit of becoming a top article writer.

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