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How To Become a Content Writer? 7 Step by Step Guide

Do you want to become a Content Writer? Here are the Top 7 Steps to Start Writing Online Today.

How To Become A Content Writer


Content Writing is ideally for those who want to share their thoughts with the world, without any geographical limitation. Great Content influencers know how to reach a mass audience, influence people and make others understand them.

If You Are Interested to Know How to Become a Content Writer Like Them, You Must Follow the Top 7 Practices.


Here is How to Become a Content Writer Step 1?

Reliable Research:

As a content writer, it is very important that you know the subject of your write-up inside out. Digging out information about the topic from reliable sources is very crucial in setting up your credibility as a writer in the gigantic space of electronic and print media. It hugely affects your job prospects in the marketplace. Also, it makes a significant impact on your reputation amongst colleagues and most significantly, the readers.

Your job, more or less, is about developing content that establishes a feeling of trust and a relationship of reliability between the readers and the organization or individual you are representing. Your content empowers the targeted audience to make an educated purchase or take a well-calculated decision based on the products, services or principles you are trying to promote.

We live in an era where is absolutely no shortage of information. However, much of this information falls flat, if judged on the parameter of accuracy. The most reliable sources in the present times are unfortunately limited; databases and documents in the public domain, peer-reviewed publications, journals, books were written and interviews given by the experts of the subject are the most reliable channels of information.

Step 2 For How to Start With Content Writing

Head-turning Headlines:

Out there is an ocean of information available on a single topic through a single click on the google search engine. You need to stand out of the crowd to get the attention of your reader and the first step to do that is to craft a catchy, captivating, attention-worthy headline for your content. The headline is a factor that decides if the readers will spend their time reading the rest of the write-up.

If the headline doesn’t spark interest and touch a chord, your content will become part of the crowd and eventually will not be able to serve its purpose.

The headlines should be crafted to give an insight into the kind of information that is ahead. It should give the reader an idea about what to expect but not enough insight that it makes the whole write-up look predictable from the outside. Too much predictability will turn the reader’s attention to other pages.

Care should be taken to develop a headline that is concise, simple yet has the power to gently provoke the reader to come back for more.

Step 3 For How to Start Content Writing Online

Get to the Point ASAP!:

Called by the journalists the Inverted pyramid scheme of writing, this style of structuring a write-up is a great way to attract more readers. Here, the most important and worthy information pops out as soon as possible in the write-up. The conventional style of structuring a write-up where the noteworthy information is saved for the last paragraph is out of fashion in the present times.

Readers need the primary value out of the time they invest in reading your content, as soon as possible. The early cropping out of this primary value hooks the readers to the page and push them to keep reading till the last, expecting for more.

Systematic placement of the secondary value loaded content is a good move to make the whole write-up as read-worthy as possible. This structuring of the content is made to cater to the needs of the reader as early as possible before they lose interest and switch to another page.

The importance of the headlines has been mentioned above. A few starting lines of an article play an equally important role in hooking the reader to your write up. It should be crafted carefully in a concise manner that keeps holding the attention of the reader to allow them to smoothly transition into the next part of the article.

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Step #4 How to Become Content Writer Online

Optimized Content:

According to research, less than 16% of the readers read the web pages word by word. People generally don’t read. They skim through the write-up, reading the headlines, sub-headlines that convey the necessary information in a concise manner. Most of the readers, more or less are lazy and do not want to invest a lot of time reading up a whole article. They want the required information as soon as possible.

Articles rank higher up in search engine results if they are well structured into short paragraphs, under bullet points described by concise yet insightful subheadings.

Care should be taken to bold and italicize the relevant keywords, key phrases and systematically place them throughout the content. Placing these words in the headings and subheadings is a very good move. Keeping track of the keyword density is very important and attention should be given to not exceed it above 3% of the total word count.

Step #5 How to Become Content Writer Online

Easy Language:

Your readers are going to be normal people who are searching for information as soon as possible. They are generally going to be lazy people who want relevant knowledge without expending too much energy. Usage of high-end language with a cleaver tone and rich vocabulary is a great way to irritate them to the point that they bounce to other pages.

Easy, everyday language with a great presentation and structuring gives way to easy readability. It holds the attention of the reader for the longest time possible. The tone of the write-up is yet another important factor that determines how readable is your article. The tone should be set up in a nature that is of a normal conversation that you are trying to have with the reader.

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Step #6 Effective Way To Start with Content Writing

Visual Impression:

A white wall of text on a webpage is generally either intimidating or dry to the eyes of a reader. It does not catch the attention of the reader, no matter how intriguing the content is. Web Page design is as important as the web content is.

The design of a page and the font style of the write-up relevant to the subject of the products, services or plain information catches the attention of the reader and enhances the quality of their reading session. This, in turn, attracts more readers to your page, hence helping you serve the purpose of the content.

As a content writer, you need to understand the importance of revising the first draft of your write-up. The first drafts generally have errors that only get eliminated with revision. Editing polishes your content to near perfection. Revision sessions are also a great breeding ground for even better ideas. You should not be surprised at these instances when editing takes more of your time than it took to write the whole content. Editing also includes sharing your work with acquaintances for constructive feedback for improvising and refining the write-up.

It is a great time to be a content writer. The flexibility of work from home or otherwise and being able to work part-time, full-time on subjects you wish to write about, is a great way to monetize your writing skills. Content writing is an art that you can get really good at with the right kind of expert guidance.

#7 Learn From Experts

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