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Research Writing in 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

Importance of Research Writing In Today’s Content Industry

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Research is the most important part of any field. When we talk about the research in academic, it gives us a solution to any problem which is going around for a particular topic. In this article, one can get complete research information. When we consider research writing as a part of academic writing, yes it is good for educational purposes.

Research writing is the complete process of finding information and getting processed by publishing the result. That one will achieve or test after going through all the essential steps. But it is necessary for all fields of life. Yes, Life!


What is research?–Definition?

The term Research defines when the existing knowledge and the new knowledge and the new knowledge creation come together to regenerate the new concepts, approaches, and comprehensions. Such regenerating concepts include combinations and examinations being done in the previous research guides through and leads to the new and ingenious end-results.


Research writing is the work of getting detailed and organized information in the study and writing it, as it is the source for future acts. It is the way of showing the potentiality of work by developing knowledge. Research writing helps in elaborating the knowledge by bringing new ideas to work on.

The strength of the research is to increase understanding of the different issues related to the topics. Well, the organized way of putting the work on a topic arranged by keeping it to the study work. The research work requires inductive research and deductive method as a tool.

In inductive research, there is the aim to develop a theory and deductive research has the aim to test the theory. The inductive approach is used in research when there is no primary data and theory of a particular topic which can be tested. As we discussed earlier, this is the Approach to invent or developing the theory.

In a deductive approach, the Researcher always started with the result of the inductive approach result as it has been developed in the prior phase, and for testing, we use the deductive approach in any research.


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Research Writing types, stages, and designs


There are some stages of the Inductive approach in Research Writing

  1. Observation- In the observation part, researchers find out some problems in routine. For example-

A student is facing the problem of learning the animal’s name. The observation sentence is-The student is unable to identify the wild animals. The hypothesis can be that if the dummy model of wild animals must be shown by the teacher to the student simultaneously, the student will get the wild animals’ recognition and their name. Collect the data who has remembered the name of wild animals after showing them, models.


So there are three stages and phases of an inductive approach of research-Observation, planning the hypothesis, and develop a theory. In the above example for stage -3, the result of an experiment is that whatever the teacher will explain with the live example or using the model of the particular content makes the learning effective and permanent.


We can carry forward with the deductive approach, as we all know that is, testing or evaluating any developed theory. After developing a theory in the inductive approach, use the theory in the class for checking that the learning can be effective by showing the model of animal or not.


The researcher uses this theory while teaching, and after that; he collects the data through a small examination of the student. Some students get the recognition of Lion, some of them are getting the name Lion, some of them are getting the recognition of color, size and some have learned their name only. Plan this hypothesis by collecting the data and analyze that result.


To observe and analyze an event, inductive research is required and to verify the event’s deductive method helps the researcher. Besides this, the inductive approach helps in qualitative research, whereas the deductive method guides through quantitative research.


Why do we require Research Writing?

The main objective of the research writing is to find out and delineate the answers and solutions to any problem and question in a scientific manner. The main aim of the research is to find out the hidden truth, which is not discovered yet. In each research study, it has its objective, research problems, and questions to get the answer. We can group them as follows


Well, the main objective of the research is to understand:

  • To trace the actual findings related to the Problem and the question of research.
  • Techniques used to follow the idea
  • Questionnaire/arguments need to be built regarding the concept
  • The proof makes people believe in concepts or ideas.


Attributes of Research

  • Empirical–where the research is done being directly experienced and keenly observed by the researcher
  • Logical–research must be logical and do involve the appropriate steps and the techniques
  • Cyclical–research is a never-ending procedure as it starts with the problems and ends with the problem that makes things unsolved
  • Analytical–research is an analytical based program that collects the data ( historical, descriptive, experimental) can be done through the case study
  • Critical–the research always opens new opinions have it must be done carefully and generate a precise judgment
  • Methodical–proper methods must be followed to conduct research, which is systematic without bias
  • Replicability–is the word define the research must be designed in such a way that its design will repeat that guides the researcher to reach for a valid and conclusive result.

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Types of Research

    1. Basic Research–it is research that is based on basic data collection to explore knowledge. Its main objective is to expand the knowledge and not the inventions as it is uncommercial research.
    2. Applied research–all the real-life problems being analyzed and solved under applied research through scientific research techniques.
    3. Problem-oriented research–as the title defines the research that is problem-oriented in which the problem is well known to the researcher and its solution has to be found appropriate.
    4. Problem-solving research – well these types of research are managed by companies of their own by understanding and resolving the issues. This research work can be done through the basic research methods
    5. Qualitative research–the non-statistical way of doing research in which the problem is deeply watched and its problems are solved.
    6. Quantitative research–is a structured way of collecting the data and analyzing it to reach the solution. Unlike qualitative research, it works.


Research Design

Research design is the step-by-step outline of every activity which has to be done in research. It is like a blueprint of any plan or we can say the summary of every step which has to follow and when to be followed and how to be followed. In this process, we include all the steps of research and prepare an action plan for finding the answer and for gathering the information for getting the solution to the research problem.

Research design is a plan, a structure, and a strategy for achieving the goal of research. In this phase, all the basic decisions have to be made like research method, research technique, data collection, the technique of data collection, summarize the data and explain the results, and so on.

A Research Design should provide the answers to the following questions-

  1. What will be the study is going to be/The research question/the research problem which should be decided in the research design phase or before research design .?
  2. For finding the solution to the research problem, what kind of data required to collect?
  3. What is the aim of the particular research?
  4. What are the sources to collect the needed data?
  5. What is the area of study?
  6. How much time is required for completing the study?
  7. What kind of cases and how many cases are required for study?
  8. Which sampling technique is going to be used in data collection?
  1. By which technique the data will be analyzed?
  2. What should be the budget in all phases?
  3. Define the general and specific goals of research!
  4. 12 Definition of the specific objective of research!


So we can say in the research design phase researcher can get the answer to basic questions of research as above. And when a research design is completed, so the research work is started in an organized manner. Without research design, it is like somebody is traveling without knowing the path of destiny. The same role plays by the research design.


Type of Research Writing, and designs

1.Exploratory or formulator

2.Descriptive Research

3.Explanatory  or Analytical

4 Experimental Research


  1. Exploratory and Formulator-

Exploratory research is the research in which the researcher finds the new invention and does innovation for a particular problem and question which has never been asked in a particular field. In this area of research, a hypothesis cannot be formulated. In this kind of research, the researcher has no idea about the solution to the research problem. We can say that the primary work and new /refresh work or experiments, inventions have to be invented in these kinds of research. This research type is appropriate where the previous or secondary data is very little in quantity and very little information about any problem.

We can take the simple example of a social problem girls’ education in a rural area. If the researcher arises this problem and finds out the solution to a particular area. So he/she has to check that is there any research regarding this in any other location in India. what are the factors over there?

If it’s available, then it’s not a problem of research. If it’s not available or it’s a short part of any research then the research will be exploratory research and formulate research. In this kind of research, the researcher has very less information about the problem. No secondary data is available for interpretation.

So this kind of question is raised in this kind of research. The researcher can be used his insight to solve the problems and finding the solution and conclusion so that it will be helpful for various development agencies to develop the society and country.

These are various steps while working on exploratory research.

As we all know that research is a continuous process rather than a detached exercise. One can not detach the things and data which should be done in collective form, research is a collective form of various logical and sequential activities. so here are some steps which have to be followed in exploratory research.

The following steps by which a researcher can get the goal of finding the answer to exploratory research questions.

  1. Survey of Literature

As we all know in exploratory research, the researcher is not having secondary data and very little information. so the first step is to survey the literature and complete a survey of every available piece of literature. As we all know in exploratory research there is less information available as secondary data. and no chances to define the hypothesis. So for creating the hypothesis researcher has to find some previous research work and find out the hypothesis. Finding a hypothesis includes a lot of effort and the logical task of any research problems/questions.


  1. The experience of the survey

In this phase, the researcher should collect the information about the survey or the methods for the collection of data that has to be used in exploratory research. These kinds of surveys and research are used for social changes and to know the development in various fields of society. In this survey, the researcher participates an active role in a particular area and observes every situation of research.


  1. Best Hypothesis

Through the experiences of a survey, it is easy to define the hypothesis.


  1. Behavioral and opinion 

As the hypothesis completely depends on the experience survey, survey, some researcher’s behavior and opinion may reflect the type of research, opinion, information, and conclusion also.  So it is very essential to keep away the personal opinion from the research for making research more scientific, relevant, and reliable.


  1. Analysis of resources

In this phase whatever resources have been arranged by the researcher or resource, the person has to be analyzed according to the hypothesis. If it is proved by the hypothesis value, then it’s logical else recollect them.


6.Analysis of control and uncontrol factors of research

When we collect the data for any research, we find out some situations can be controlled by the researcher while experimenting with the research and some can not. When we deal with uncontrollable factors of research, the researcher should know the extinct of the uncontrollability of variables. so that they can use them in research accordingly.


Characteristics of Exploratory Research-

1.Non-Structured study-

In exploratory research, the researcher can not follow a particular structure in every step of research. In every phase of research, the researcher has to use multiple methods and analytical tools. So It has not a particular structure for doing any research. The basic reason is that for making this unstructured, coz it works especially in social problems. Every society has a huge and various aspect of research.

We can take a simple example of Indian society When a researcher chooses this topic then it has huge and various fields of it For example In the Indian society-Family, Occupation, Crime, Culture, Political Atmosphere, Economic condition, Infrastructure and the various factors which affect these major criteria of life.

It can be chosen by the researcher only. After choosing the specific area of research like a researcher to choose the criteria family. Family can be 2 types of nuclear and joint. If the researcher lives with both kinds of the family for several months and feels the pros and cons, then concludes it. So This is an unstructured form of research.


  1. Minimum Cost, Integrated and Open-ended

This is new, original work for society and based on the experiment survey, so the basic cost of research is very low. In this research, we use so many methods for data collection and analysis of data. We can realize that it has an integrated approach with various fields and methods. Yes, this is open-ended research. In this kind of research especially social aspects and problems have to be raise. The problem of women’s empowerment in Eastern India. When the researcher will conclude, it can give the solution and another clue for further research.


  1. No Prior Information

In this kind of research, no prior and information or data is available, which can be used as secondary data. So in this kind of research, there will be an innovation for the betterment of society.


  1. Time Taking Process

As we all know that this kind of research has to be done primarily in every field. So it takes so much time. The researcher has to be patient and consistent with his research.


  1. Flexible and Broad

As we defined that this is an unstructured and unlimited scope of research so this study can be so flexible and can be done broadly and can use the huge scope in it.


  1. Research must be started on the need for value

Yes! As we all know, this kind of a research must be completely depends on the needs or importance of the question of research and the solution of the social problem. We can say the research should be relevant according to the social need, otherwise, research work will be completely ineffective for the social need prospects.


  1. It makes the foundation for further research

As we all know in this research, we innovate something and everything is new in this research coz of the lack of information and secondary data. This kind of research made the foundation for further research. So the importance of this type of research is increased automatically.


  1. Formulating Research

This is the key to future research and gives the new formula to any further research, so it is called formative research too. In this research, the formula has to be given and the property and use of that particular formula will be left for further application of research that’s why kind of research can not be concluded in a very structured manner as it becomes open-ended research.


Disadvantages of Exploratory Research

  1. We can not define the conclusion in a very limited way. As it is broadway research, the criteria of this research are very broad. So can not be brief. It is tough to conclude the study.
  2. The main problem of this research that provides qualitative data. Research is based basically on the experience of the survey. So there will be more possibilities to add personal opinion and biased data interpretation. as it completely depends on the personal experiences of the researcher.
  3. As it works broadly but it is very tough to collect the samples extensively so the sample collection error can occur at the time of analysis of data.



So we can say that any kind of research writing has a very huge meaning in it. In the research writing, so many factors have effects in various forms. yes the basic steps of every research like the definition of problems, define the hypothesis, collection of data, Analysis of data, maintaining the behavior of variables, and conclude the research.

All the steps have to be done in any kind of research writing. Before the start-up, the research design must be there. Research design creates a pathway for research. If it has any kind of indescripency, it becomes difficult to complete the research work on time.

It affects the quality of research too. There are various kinds of research designs and in this article, we only define exploratory research. Exploratory research is the foundation of any research form so it is very essential to make it more understandable to research.

We will discuss the remaining research material in further articles. Yes! We can say research has very vast criteria nowadays. Some new concepts have been introduced in it like the Disciplinary approach, multidisciplinary approach, Interdisciplinary approach, and transdisciplinary approach which are covered in another article soon.


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