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8 Skills You Need To Master To Improve Content Writing Skills

Content is not the king. It is, in fact, the whole kingdom. Creating content is an art that requires mastering few skills. Here is the detailed guide for skills required for content writing mastery.

How To Improve Content Writing Skills


The essential prerequisites that you will need to master to become an effective content writer are enlisted below:

Language Skills

Correctness of Grammar, spelling, and strategic usage of words, phrases are the factors that play a crucial role in deciding the quality of your content. Good writers always take into account the following three parameters and structure their content for easy readability, long-term retention, and to create an impact on the mind of their readers.

The tone and style of a write-up play a very crucial role in deciding if the content is engaging enough to let the readers invest time out of their busy schedules into reading your work.

Value-loaded content with a great presentation catches attention and attracts readers. Care should be taken in designing the content in a way that takes into consideration the needs of the target audience.

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An Understanding of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and WordPress

A basic understanding of WordPress is very important if you want to become an effective content writer. There are numerous WordPress themes available with default automated outcomes where all you need do is to install a plug-in to get started with your work.

An inside-out knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important if you want to become a star content writer.

Search engine optimization, in the field of digital publication, is a practice of deploying techniques to optimize the content of a webpage to increase its visibility and attract more traffic to the page by essentially achieving higher ranks in the search engine results. This is done using a set of well-defined techniques that aligns with the practice and need of a search engine to crawl and produce relevant, valuable content for its users.

Creating content, keeping in mind the principles of Search Engine Optimization, is a skill that is much needed to deliver the required objective of different clients.

Keywords and key phrases are the words that people use to search about a particular topic that they wish to write about. Strategic placement of these words throughout the write-up, especially in the headings and sub-headings is an effective technique. It is always a great move to bold and italicize the keywords and key phrases. Keeping in mind to maintaining the keyword density between 1% to 3%  along with using relevant hyperlinks in the write-up helps to optimize content.


There are many types of content writing styles. These styles cater to the need of different sectors of the business world. The numerous diversity of the products and the services in the market need different types of content to attract potential customers.

To be an effective content writer, you need to adapt to the requirements of your clients. The content that you create for them must reflect the value and culture of their organization, providing a good insight into the quality of services and products they are trying to sell.

Good content empowers a consumer to make an educated purchase. To deliver results, you need to know the organization you are writing for. To stay at the top of your game, you also need to know how to smoothly transition into different domains.

You should also make sure that you are up to date with the new emerging trends. This increases your chances of always being in demand.

Research Skills

An effective content writer has great research skills. We live in an era where there is absolutely no shortage of information regarding any subject. However, if we judge the nature of this information based on accuracy, much of what is said and known falls flat.

You can only get reliable knowledge if you know where to look for it.

The sources that stand the test of reliability are limited; databases and documents in the public domain, peer-reviewed publications, and journals, and of course, books written or interviews given by experts.

You cannot trust Wikipedia on reliability because anyone can edit and write entries. There is also a very high chance of inaccuracy of the reference source of the Wikipedia page.

It is always a good idea to trace reliable information to the reports published by the experts or a group/organization of experts.

Being Original

The ability to stay original is what is going to decide the chances of your survival in the world of content writing. Plagiarism is a serious offense that can land you in legal trouble. Being unique is also crucial for SEO purposes. Being original in your ideas, style, and nature of the content you create majorly decides the nature, pay, and flexibility of the work you will be approached for.

Ability to Stay Organized

Delivering quality work on time sends a positive message to your clients and readers about the dedication you have towards the task you have taken responsibility for. Keeping track of the deadlines and staying organized in maintaining records of your work which includes the date of work getting assigned, submission dates, well compiled reliable sources of the information you have used in your article, save a lot of time and confusion. Keeping track of the edits made are also recommended.

Knowing How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Content

Social media, in present times, is a huge market to attract readers to your content. Social media, if used correctly, helps you, a content writer, to establish a feeling and relationship of trust among the readers. It aids to develop an interpersonal relationship with the targeted audience. This in turn attracts more traffic to your content. Social media marketing is a skill worth mastering if you wish to be an effective content writer.

Editing and Revising

The ability to effectively edit and revise your work over and over again refines you as a content writer. Being open to better the content you have created by examining your work from the point of view of a reader is a practice that proves your caliber as a content writer.

Above all, to master the art of content writing, you need to have strong determination, patience, and the right kind of expert guidance. It is a skill that you can learn by gaining more and more hands-on experience by working on projects bound by deadlines.

If you have a strong and dedicated mindset to learn this art, you can get started the moment you set your mind to it. Being a content writer is rewarding a career part-time or full-time in terms of money, flexibility, diversity, and nature of content you can work on creating.

The market needs good content writers. There is a huge gap between the demand and supply balance of such skilled people.

IIM skills is an online learning space that provides a 4-week online training on content writing. This internationally accredited certification course makes you ready to take on a part-time or full-time role as a content writer and monetize your writing skills.

With 4 weeks of live online content writing course, 16 hours lecture, 60 hours practical assignments, and free tool worth 35k, IIM SKILLS trains the learner to effectively take on the digital space. The learner also gets access to all the latest content in their learning management system which is accessible at any time, anywhere. The course has 12 very industry-relevant modules that help to effectively cope up with the developments of the digital space.


Content Writing is used in various fields these days. It’s one among the most trending jobs. With growing technology, content writing has become one of the most demanding online activity to earn. This is used for different niches and industries. So if you are a passionate in writing with a creative mind, know that with proper guidance and support you can use your skill as a career and earn.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Q1. Which is the best online learning platform to be a professional content writer?

IIM SKILLS is the top ed-tech company that offers various skill development courses online. Content writing is one of their most popular courses. The course is best designed by their mentors who are highly experienced. This course is 100% certified and government approved.

Q2. What is the duration required to finish course?

Content writing course by IIM SKILLS is 3 months course, 1 month consists of online lectures and practical assignments and 2 months consists of internship which is optional. They also offer job placements.

Q3. Is this course online?

Yes, Content writing Course by IIM SKILLS is an online course.





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