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IIM SKILLS Technical Writing Course Review

Being double sure before enrolling in any course is always the right way to go ahead. Why not! You can’t put your hard-earned money anywhere without reading the review of that product or service, right? Thus, in this article, I am taking a plunge at IIM Skills Technical Writing Course Review to demystify any doubts that clog your mind. 


IIM Skills Technical Writing Course Review


But before having a run-down at IIM Skills Technical Writing course Review, let’s begin with what technical writing is and why you should opt for this course. Is it going to help you build the right career path? Let’s find it out all along the process. 


What is Technical Writing?


Technical writing refers to the technical documentation or technical communication applied in technical, functional fields such as software, hardware, engineering, aerospace, biotechnology, etc. 


Argh! That was complex, huh?  


Put in simpler words; technical writing is drafting information like:

  • creating user manuals 
  • comprehensive documentation of the complex technical process
  • Reports and executive summaries
  • Briefs and case studies
  • White papers
  • Press releases
  • Emails and more!


That was much more understandable, wasn’t it? The same is the work of a technical writer- to make complex stuff easy to comprehend for the general public. 


It’s obvious that a single person can’t be proficient in all types of knowledge. Every person has their own one or two specific interest, yet technologies have penetrated our lives to such an extent that not using them becomes impossible. Hence, we require these technical writers who mince or chop down the complex technical language as per our comprehension. 


Why should you enroll in a Technical Writing course?


As per statistics, the demand for technical writers is expected to grow 10% from 2014 to 2024. Interesting fact, it is highest among the most high-paying jobs. 


Witnessing that massive upsurge, technical writing has become a coveted skill for most people having technical inquisitions. While it’s easy-peasy to acquire technological knowledge about various products and services through cheap as chips internet but to learn the technical writing techniques suitably- technical writing course is the go-to thing.


Technical writing course empowers and equips you with the due formats, styles, and other aspects of technical writing in a step-by-step ladder with a fathomed focus on practical aspects, which you may not find through free knowledge. 


Also, as mentioned above- there are several technical documentation that a technical writer has to draft. Thus, knowing the differences and formats is of utmost priority to make things right in your career.


Lastly, the certification that comes along with the course is a value-addition, which aids you in acquiring jobs. Unmistakably, a resume is the first thing that gets screened to draw you towards your dream job. The certification skill gives you an edge over others.


Now, before we finalize the IIM Skills Technical writing course review, let us have a rollover of the IIM Skills as an institute. 


A closer look at IIM Skills Institute


IIM Skills is the epitome of online premium courses to help people from all walks of life upskill themselves. In the year 2015, after having a successful education blog, the founder Mr. Vaibhav Kakkar institutionalized the idea of an ed-tech company. 


The idea was simply to have people acquire in-demand skills and vocational training to acquire jobs. Walking along those lines, IIM Skills covers up all the new-age skills such as Content writing, digital marketing, technical writing, and more. 


Taking a dig at Technical writing courses, there are very few institutes that provide worthwhile programs. Among that tad list, IIM Skills provides a brilliant technical writing program. We will learn more about the IIM Skills Technical writing course review in the latter part of the section. 


Wonder what makes this institute a fashionista of online education? The state-of-the-art methodologies, live training, flexible batches, and a number of other factors contribute to its prominence. 


Courses Offered by IIM Skills


IIM Skills- the globalized institution oozes into the marketing, writing, and finance sector. Taking it from these domains, it offers premium quality courses. These include:


Digital Marketing Course

Content Writing Course

Technical Writing Course

Advanced SEO Course

GST Certification Course


Among other things, it also provides CAT Coaching to MBA aspirants. 


The key concept behind training at IIM Skills is upliftment and upgradation of skills. All the courses are practical-centric, putting a major focus on the “learn by doing” approach.  Whichever alley you board, the demand for skills and work experience is of utmost importance. That’s what you receive at IIM Skills- skill development and experience via internships. 


Introducing IIM Skills Technical Writing Master Course


Let’s have the basic details about the technical writing course before we move on to the IIM Skills Technical Writing Course Review. 


Duration of the course: 5 Weeks (20 hours lectures, 60+ hours practical assignments)

Course Fees: INR14,900+taxes


Eligibility: Anyone with a determined mindset to make a career in technical writing can enroll in this course. Broadly speaking, the course is an excellent fit for:

  • Content writers
  • Software engineers
  • Marketing executives
  • hardware engineers
  • existing technical writing

Other than that, people from diverse fields like teachers, lawyers, and journalists can also join this immaculate course. 



TWMC is comprehensive courseware compiled by experienced technical writers and mentors. The exhaustive curriculum is divided into digestible modules, which are:

  • Introduction
  • How to write
  • Create your content
  • Technical reports
  • White Papers
  • DDLC and versioning
  • Conversational writing
  • Reviewing and publishing
  • API documentation
  • Datasheets and user manuals
  • Effective writing
  • Medical writing
  • Case studies


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Sparkling Highlights of IIM Skills Technical Writing course


Industry-leaders as Mentors:

With IIM Skills, there is a full guarantee that the training is led by industry leaders. With over five to ten years of prior experience, they arm you with the nitty-gritty of the industry aspects. Thus, making you job-ready by the end of the sessions. Industry leaders as mentors are a major plus point in the IIM Skills Technical writing course review. 


Industry-aligned Course Curriculum

Designed by the experts, the course curriculum is strictly aligned as per Google standards. The comprehensive course curriculum covers all major aspects of technical writing. Technical reports, White papers, scientific research, conversational writing, medical writing, API documentation are some of the many topics covered. 


Real-time Interactive Sessions

Breaking away from the shackles of old school practices using recorded lectures, this program is a miniature of a real classroom. The problem with most institutes is that they impart training via recorded lectures which are not up-to-date. 

This technical writing program by IIM Skills ensures you get a real-world experience of learning. Small batches and interactions make the learning process a phenomenal experience. 


Roll-over Classes

The hustle-bustle of life at times makes it difficult to cope with the schedule of learning programs. That leaves learners in a jeopardizing situation of wasting their hard-earned money. 

But that’s not gonna be the case with this specialized training program. At IIM Skills, you have to option to enjoy the benefits of roll-over classes and recorded sessions. In simpler terms, you are not gonna miss anything even if you skip a class. 

This valid point adds extra stars to the IIM Skills Technical writing course review. 


Simplified Navigation

Have you heard about LMS or Learning Management System? LMS is a unified platform to let you easily navigate through the course material and recordings. 

Once you enroll in the course, you receive your LMs id and password. Here you can steer across the pre-session material, tasks, tools, recorded sessions, and more. 


Lifetime Access to LMS

The icing on the cake is lifetime access at no extra cost. Even after you finish off with the course program, you can stay connected with the institutes. 

The LMS access has lifetime validity, where you can cover over anytime and get updated knowledge about the latest trends. All of it comes at a one-time investment. 


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


Designed for People From All Walks of Life

IIM Skills believes in uplifting people to follow their passions. That said, the technical writing program is speculatively sculpted to suits the needs of both graduates and working professionals. In fact, even if one is from a different field and wants to jump in technical writing, this course makes the chase all worthwhile. 

Elaborating a little more, weekend and weekday batches are available as per people’s needs. So, this training is living proof of any time, anywhere learning. 


Practically-Inclined Focus

The world today rather welcomes skilled and experienced professionals than mere degree-holders. Keeping that in mind, it becomes more than essential to focus on practical learning. Theoretical knowledge works fine to set up the cornerstone. Yet, the real-world demands hands-on learning. 

The Technical writing course is all-packed up with numerous tasks at hand, assignments, and case studies. In fact, completing these weekly assignments lets you keep a check on your learning progress. Thus, this considerable point adds stars to the IIM Skills Technical Writing course Review. 


Desirous Internships 

To add to the baggage of practical learning, IIM Skills offers a guaranteed one-month internship. The choice is yours: whether you want to avail yourself of it or not. 

 Nonetheless, the good part is you have the option to put your learning curve into practice. In addition, you can even ask your doubts and receive constructive feedback to acquire the intricacies of technical writing. 

All of it assures that once you step into the market, you have an insightful experience of how things work. That gives you a competitive edge over others. 


Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere Retainment

Gone are the days when people had to toil to a brick-and-mortar institute to amplify their learning curve. Given the online learning atmosphere from institutes like IIM Skills, you can learn without having to take a step outside your home. 

Availability of both weekday and weekend batches confirms that you don’t have to cut down on your job front or studies to learn something new. All you need is a stable internet, laptop or computer. And, you are good to learn!


Hands-on Learning about Vivid Tools

The TWMC arms you with the most relevant and useful tools to curate technical content. Investing in tools and software is a classic way to simplify the technical process. 

Under the TWMC program, you encounter the best technical tools in the technical writing domain. Acquiring a working knowledge of the same gives you a leading edge to accomplish tasks more conveniently. 


Dignified Master Certifications

IIM Skills provides globalized-recognized master certifications along with its courses. These certifications are proof of your intensified knowledge. 

Once you finish off with all the classes, assignments, and learning acquisition, you undergo an examination. After you clear the exam, you receive accolades in the form of certifications. 


Excellent Placement Support

Another thing that raises the stars of IIM Skills Technical Writing Course Review is its delightful placement support. This dedicated placement assistance ensures you climb the top of the staircase of achievement. 

Trusted by top brands like BMW, KPMG, IBM, Genpact, DELL, Amazon, and others, IIM Skills alumna are placed in leading companies. Additionally, if you are a freelance aspirant, you receive special nurturement on how to sell your services. 


Incredible Post-Course Assistance

The striking feature- which makes IIM Skills TWMC a coveted course is its daring lifetime support (both technical and consulting). Elaborating a bit, you are eligible to gather support and assistance even after you have finished your course. And that too, at no extra cost.  

The helpful mentors are always available to help you with your dilemmas and career choices. That goes on till a lifetime. 


Brazen 100% Money-back Guarantee

The TWMC or any other course at IIM Skills comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. Post the first session, if you are unhappy with their program, you can avail all your money back. No questions asked!


Final Verdict- IIM Skills Technical Writing Course Review


Taking into account genuine students’ reviews, thoughtful research, and personal recommendations; IIM Skills Technical writing course review holds 4.9/5 stars. Let’s elaborate on the driving factors. 


Breaking away from the shackles of pre-recorded session training, IIM Skills imparts live training sessions. To make learning interactive and fun, quick to-do tasks come along in between the sessions. Afterward, aspirants receive weekly tasks to be completed before the next session. Last but not the least, the internship gives you an overall exposure to real-time learning. Overall, you know the TWMC program is power-packed with practical assimilation. 


The next big thing about the course is the on-the-spot doubt resolutions. The qualified mentors do not put apprehensions into the backseat, instead, they clear it instantly. 


Some institutes provide recorded sessions with a time-ticking clock or limited views. However, there are no such limitations with IIM Skills. You can watch and learn the recordings for as long as you want. More than that, they let you avail the updated knowledge as well. All free of cost!


Professional trainers, researched curriculum, toolkit, internships, and master certifications make it an unbeatable package. 


Wiring the points, there is no denial that IIM Skills is your best bet to acquire technical writing training. Expert guidance, self-motivation, and a determined will to professional growth can take you places. So, grab this course, and take off for a promising career in technical writing. 


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


Career Prospects


The advancement in technology and IT sectors are on a constant rising slope. From gadgets to appliances, man interfaces with science and technology in almost all facets of life. Thus, giving a push to the unprecedented technologies. 


As technology advances, so does the need for technical interpreters. For this purpose; technical writers, communication specialists, and technical developers are required in varied domains- to name a few- IT, medicine, manufacturing, academic, etc. 


In addition, the government-favored initiatives have opened up new avenues for the tech industry to grow. Not only that, there comes a globalized requirement for technical writers. Thus, the demand for technical writers is on the surge at national as well as international levels. 


Coming over to the job prospects, the career opportunities are aplenty. Some of the major options that you can choose are:

  • Technical writing
  • Report writing
  • Professional review writing
  • Medical writing
  • Technical editor
  • UX writer
  • API documentation writer
  • White paper writer
  • Technical Communication consultant
  • Business plan writer
  • Technical books


Undeniably, there is no shortage of job opportunities and career prospects in technical writing for deserving candidates. It is a promising career that can land you rewarding jobs.


FAQs related to IIM Skills Technical Writing Course Review


Question 1: Is being a technical writer worth it?

Ans. Yes, technical writing is one of the most lucrative career choices. Research shows that the demand for technical writers is growing at an exponential rate. 

Not only the demand is soaring, but it is also considered as one of the highest-paying jobs. Moreover, technical writing is a globalized career option that can take you places abroad. 


Question 2: Is technical writing a good career?

Technical writing is a promising career option both in terms of job satisfaction and monetary rewards.  

As per research, the employment of technical writers is expected to grow 12% from 2020 to 2030, one of the highest growth rates. More than 5,500 openings for technical writers are foreseen on an average each year. 

Moreover, technical writers are high in demand not only in the IT industry but across various domains. These include medicine, finance, manufacturing, etc. Thus, a technical writing career offers you the liberty to work in any industry and pays you well. 


Question 3: How do I start a career in technical writing?

Follow the given steps to build a career in technical writing:

  1. Attain a Bachelor’s degree
  2. Enroll in a Technical writing certification
  3. Create a portfolio of your sample work
  4. Expand your industry knowledge
  5. Build up a professional network
  6. Prioritize skill development
  7. Acquire expertise in one specific niche


Question 4: Do technical writers work from home?

Ans. As a fresher, you may be expected to work from the office. Nonetheless, once you acquire expertise, there are varied options for Working from home in the IT, software development, manufacturing, and medical sectors. 


Question 5: Which is better IIM Skills or Henry Harvin?

Ans. With lifetime access, focussed practical orientation, and guaranteed internships; IIM Skills score better than Henry Harvin. 




Reading reviews, analyzing details, and weighing your preferences are necessary endeavors before making an informed decision about a course. In that regard, we have tried our best to simplify things for you. 


This IIM Skills Technical Writing course review is an eye-opener of learning outcomes and benefits. Put your vice of reason to use, and make a rational decision based on all the facts.  The right program packed with sheer determination will fly you towards stellar success in the technical writing industry. 

An English-graduate, vivacious researcher, SEO content writer, avid reader, and passionate writer, Alumna and content writer at IIM Skills.
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