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Top 8 Business Analytics Courses In Chennai With Live Training

The capital city of Tamil Nadu has ancient temples and arts that will make it a perfect tourist destination. Chennai also provides loads of opportunities in the education field as well. You can say Chennai has all the good things that make it one of the best cities to live in. Students join universities and stay in the city to complete their graduation or post-graduation degrees. If you have experience in the technical fields, you can easily apply to a university for two-year MBA courses in different professional training programs. Moreover, there are a plethora of other professional courses available like data analytics, business analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning and more. This article will share valuable top 8 business analytics courses in Chennai.


Top Business Analytics Courses In Chennai


The Term Business Analytics 

Business analytics always provides solutions to use data in the right way. With the help of statistical models, data analysis, and quantitative data you can solve business problems. You will understand that business analytics always focuses on data quality and technology. It will be a good thing to get insight to understand the business decisions. Business analysis always helps to cleanse the data using data warehousing. In the statistical process, predictive models can be useful for getting a real-time decision. You can start today so you can evolve, grow and become more proficient in the future. It can be good for you and your future growth. You will learn the true meaning of business analytics when you join one of the top business analytics courses in Chennai.


Use of Business Analytics Tools 

  • Business analytics has loads of components to generate good insight. The elements also provide a good data infrastructure that will be helpful in data visualization. 
  • The data collection methods are always helpful through applications, social media, and spreadsheets. You even can store data in a cloud database to create a collection.
  • Data mining is another good thing to understand data processing. There you will learn more about machine learning algorithms. It can be established some specific sources to get metadata. 
  • You even can understand the logistical tasks of deriving data from insight. Descriptive data analytics can ask questions that can be based on storing data. You will analyze all the data to identify answers. Business analytics courses in Chennai always give you the best thing to share data insights. 
  • Predictive analytics tools always help to identify the latest trends in the market. It can be related to any type of data. The company will understand its future possibilities. 
  • The reporting and data visualization tools always will be easy to create presentations. You can get in touch with the latest tools and techniques to understand all the insight views in quickly.


Top 8 Business Analytics Courses in Chennai


1. Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science University

This university offers a specialization course in business analytics that is in collaboration with IBM. Most companies like retail, services, healthcare, tourism, and other sector face problems growing in their industry. With the help of data science, the business builds good capabilities to accept all the challenges. The course covers all the demand and supply gaps that can be useful to survive in the world. This course provides a better opportunity for students to use all the tools related to data science in a specific domain. You can gather meaningful data with the help of structured and unstructured data. This course is hand-crafted by IBM experts. 


Course Benefits

  • This course will give you good opportunities in any sector. 
  • After completing the business analytics, you will know the demand in the market. 
  • Big data analytics to fraud and risk analysts, any position you can apply for. 
  • It is an MBA program worth two years to get a good certificate. 
  • You can apply for specialized business analytics courses in Chennai.

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2. Greens Technology

Greens Technology offers a business analytics course. That might be a good thing for you to get a placement. You can take a demo class to understand their course structure. Course modules are not there on their website. This institute’s main motive is to cover all the real-time case studies that can be useful for their students.


Course Benefits

  • You will get trained with AWS real-time expert faculties. They will cover all your queries that you might ask during the training. This institute will give you the best learning environment for business analytics courses in Chennai with placements.
  • You get to learn with a limited batch of students. 
  • For better understanding, you can talk with faculties related to subjects.
  • The price is also affordable for every student. 


Course Highlights 

  • Oracle SQL query tuning 
  • Oracle projects. 
  • Oracle developer responsibilities and roles. 
  • PLSQL interview questions. 
  • SQL interview questions. 
  • UNIX interview questions. 
  • PLSQL and SQL practice. 


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89399 15577


Other Courses You Might Want To Check In Chennai:

3. VEL’s Institute of Science Technology and Advanced Studies Collage

This university’s ultimate mission is to provide good opportunities to students. They can learn values, ethics and self-discipline to evaluate their professional career. Analytical ability is a must to take decisions in the future. That a company want to see in a candidate. The program will help you to meet the global standard. The course will help you think strategically and even encourage building good community development. 


Course Outcome

  • You can apply all the management theories to solve problems. 
  • You will build good data-based decision-making abilities to think analytical.
  • You can develop a good leadership ability to analyse all ethical and legal aspects. It can be useful to handle all tools and techniques to solve, analyse and interpret complexities in business. 
  • You can learn and increase your knowledge to understand the business competencies. It will be possible when you enrol on their business analytics courses in Chennai. 


Course Structure

Semester 1

  • Management principles and organisational behaviour. (Code – 21CMBN11)
  • Business statistics. (Code – 21CMBN12)
  • Management economics. (Code – 21CMBN13)
  • Financial reporting, analysis and statement. (Code – 21CMBN14)
  • Business and legal environment. (Code – 21CMBN15)
  • Soft skills and business communication. (Code – 21CMBN16)
  • SQL and database management system. (Code – 21PMBN11)
  • Watson Studio (IBM) and data visualisation. (Code – 21PMBN12)
  • Mini project (Code – 21PMBN13)
  • MOOC, learning program, community development project, Outbound experiential. (Code – 21PMBN14)


Semester 2

  • Operations management (Code – 21CMBN21)
  • Human resource management (Code – 21CMBN22)
  • Research methodology. (Code – 21CMBN23)
  • Marketing management. (Code – 21CMBN24)
  • Quantitative techniques. (Code – 21CMBN25)
  • Business intelligence. (Code – 21CMBN26)
  • Normalization and data mining, data cleaning. (Code – 21CMBN27)
  • Spreadsheet modeling. (Code – 21PMBN21)
  • Data visualizing using (IBM) python (Code – 21PMBN22)
  • Internship (Code – 21PMBN23)


Semester 3

  • Elective I. (Code – 21EMBN)
  • Elective II, (Code – 21EMBN)
  • Elective III. (Code – 21EMBN)
  • Elective IV. (Code – 21EMBN)
  • Elective V. (Code – 21EMBN)
  • Elective VI. (Code – 21EMBN)
  • Elective VII. (Code – 21EMBN)
  • IBM SPSS Modeler to analyze predictive modeling. (Code – 21PMBN31)
  • IBM Cognos to analyze descriptive analytics. (Code – 21PMBN32)
  • Foundation course in Big data and Hadoop. (Code – 21PMBN33)


Semester 4

  • Universal human values. (Code – 21CMBN41)
  • Project work,(Code – 21RMBN41)
  • Text analysis.(Code – 21PMBN41)


Course Fees

Admission Fee

INR 12250 

Registration Fee

INR 4750

Misc Fee

INR 300

Skill Enhancement Fee 

INR 5000

Exam Fee 

INR 4900

During Admission 

INR 157,200

Even Semester 

INR 1,10,200

Odd Semester 

INR 1,15200

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4. Indian Institute of Knowledge Management

This university offers a work-integrated MBA program in business analytics courses in Chennai. If you are a computer science and engineering background, then the course is for you. After 3rd semester you can get a project with a stipend. Even you can get a pre-placement offer at the end of the second semester. 

The main thing is students can go on international education tours. You can talk with industry experts while they take your course. You can get industry-oriented certificates like Google and KPMG. 


Course Structure

Semester 1

  • Management concepts and practices (Code – 11)
  • Accounting for business analysts (Code – 12)
  • Spreadsheet modeling (Code -13)
  • Statistics for business. (Code – 14)
  • Economic analysis for business decisions (Code – 15)
  • Research Methodology(Code – 16)
  • Written analysis and communication (Code – 17)


Semester 2

  • Marketing Management(Code – 21)
  • Human resource management (Code – 22)
  • Financial Management(Code – 23)
  •  Project management and budgeting(Code – 24)
  • Fundamentals of digital marketing(Code – 25)
  • Fundamentals of business analytics(Code – 26)
  •  Consumer behaviour(Code – 27)


Semester 3

  •  DBMS and data warehousing. (Code – 31)
  •  Multivariate analysis -I (Code – 32)
  •  Time-series econometrics(Code – 33)
  •  Data mining for business analytics (Code – 34)
  •  Internship and report. (Code – 35)
  •  Business law and ethics(Code – 36)


Semester 4

  • Multivariate analysis -II (Code – 41)
  • Predictive modeling (Code – 42)
  • Analytics with R(Code – 43)
  • Big Data Analytics (Code – 44)
  • Project work
  • Viva (Code – 45)

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5. Anna University 

This university always covers its syllabus. Their MBA program on data analytics courses in Chennai will complete all the curriculum. They have a few regulations that you need to follow. It can be helpful for you to under their evaluation system. The assessment will cover 30% and the semester exam will be 70 %. In the project work, The evaluation and viva examination will be 70 % and the report will be 20 %. You Never going to feel regret after joining the university. You have to focus on a full-time course. Therefore, you can stop your current job to grow yourself. Why not join their business analytics courses in Chennai with placement?


Course Structure

Semester 1

  • Management concepts and organizational behaviour (Code -OBA 1101)
  • Managerial economics (Code -OBA 1102)
  • Human resource management (Code -OBA 1103)
  • MarketiManagementent (Code -OBA 1104)
  • FinanciManagementent (Code -OBA 1105)
  • Operations  management (Code -OBA 1106)
  • Statistical methods for decision making (Code -OBA 1107)
  • R programming (Code -OBA 1108)


Semester 2

  • Data mining and business intelligence (Code -OBA 1201)
  • Multivariate data analysis (Code -OBA 1202)
  • Legal aspects of the business  (Code -OBA 1203)
  •  Python Programming  (Code -OBA 1204)
  •  Time series analysis  (Code -OBA 1205)
  •  Big Data Analytics  (Code -OBA 1206)
  •  Optimization techniques  (Code -OBA 1207)
  •  Stochastic modeling (Code -OBA 1208)


Semester 3

  •  Enterprise information system  (Code -OBA 1301)
  •  Blockchain technology (Code -OBA 1302)
  •  Data Analytics (Code -OBA 1303)
  •  Cloud computing (Code -OBA 1304)
  •  Human resource Analytics (Code -OBA 1305)
  •  Marketing and social media web Analytics (Code -OBA 1306)
  •  Financial Analytics (Code -OBA 1307)
  •  Operations and supply chain Analytics (Code -OBA 1308)


Semester 4

  •  Artificial intelligence (Code -OBA 1401)
  •  Machine learning (Code -OBA 1402)
  •  Project work (Code -OBA 1403)


Course Fee 

Application Fee

INR 767

Admission Fee 

INR 1000

Semester Fee 

INR 25000

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[email protected]


6. Learnbay 

This institution offers business analytics courses in Chennai. Their course modules are designed to get placed. You will get hands-on experience and understand the complexity. They will provide you with a good mentorship program to understand the tricks to handle interviews. The institution also provides new coding competitions to learn about real-life coding benefits. They have hackathons to create more engagement with courses. Their students even love the way they give training. 


Course Structure

Preparatory classes (Math +Programming) Course duration -6 hours

  • Anaconda installation.
  • Basic programming.
  • Memory management
  • Compiler and interpreter
  • Syntax of Python.
  • Basics of statistics.


Python programming (Advanced+ Basic)Course duration -40 hours

  • Git and Git hub. 
  • Data types loops and operators.
  • Regular expression and functions.
  • Conditional statement.
  •  Exceptional and file handling.
  •  Panda, NumPy and Matplotlib. 


Statistics Course duration -30 hours

  • Probability and linear algebra.
  • Permutation and combination. 
  • Descriptive statistics
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Time series analysis
  •  Inferential statistics


Capstone Projects and Industrial Projects (+6 classes)

  • Market basket analysis
  •  Analyzing customer feedback
  •  loan eligibility prediction. 
  • Customer churn prediction.
  •  Inventory demand forecasting. 
  • Retain analytics. 


Course Fees

INR 65000+GST


Finance (EMI)

INR 6392 per month.


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+91 77956 87988


7. Jain Online

This university offers business artificial intelligence, digital marketing, growth marketing, business, social and web analytics all in one of their business analytics courses in Chennai. They have two years of online MBA programs. They give you interactive live online classes to clear your doubts. They will give you guidance to stand out in the market. You can get training from the best faculties. You will learn from practical projects to clear roadblocks.


Course Structure

Semester 1

  •  Principles of economics and markets.
  •  Managerial  Effectiveness and ethics.
  •  Accounting and Finance.
  •  Organizational behavior and human resource management.
  •  Quantitative techniques and Analytics. 


Semester 2

Elective 1 (Data Science and Analytics Elective )

  • Entrepreneurship. 
  • Marketing management and research.
  • Python for data science.
  • Statistics for decision making.
  • Data wrangling and exploratory data analytics. 


Elective 2 (Digital Marketing and E-commerce Elective )

  • Entrepreneurship. 
  • Marketing management and research.
  • Digital marketing and e-commerce are fundamental.
  • Inbound marketing ( content and Search marketing).
  • Outbound marketing (  social media marketing and digital ads).


Semester 3

Elective 1 (Data Science and Analytics Elective )

  • Business environment and strategy.
  •  Operations management.
  •  Data visualization
  •  Business analytics.
  • Data analysis using Excel.
  • Open elective ( Effective business communication). 


Elective 2 (Digital Marketing and E-commerce Elective )

  • Business environment and strategy.
  •  Operations management.
  • Growth marketing.
  • Consumer behavior. 
  • Brand management for e-commerce.
  • Open elective ( Effective business communication). 


Semester 4

Elective 1 (Data Science and Analytics Elective )

  • SQL for data science
  • Predictive analytics using machine learning
  •  AI for business
  • Social media and web Analytics
  • Cross-functional elective (Analytical problem solving for business)


Elective 2 (Digital marketing and E-commerce Elective )

  • Social media and web Analytics. 
  •  Operations management.
  • Digital product management.
  • Marketing analytics.
  •  Integrated Marketing Strategy.
  • Cross-functional elective (Analytical problem solving for business).


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8. Credosystemz Institute

This institution shares knowledge to handle data and apply it to several types of work to solve problems. You can participate in the basic knowledge fundamentals of statistics. They offer a 5-course chapter to get a certificate. The lesson will be interactive and show the power of logical thinking. Here is your chance to build up your logical thinking to generate approaches. You will learn about descriptive statistics and its principles. If you are struggling to understand any point, they will give you support. 


Course Structure 

Chapter 1 (Business Statistics)

  • Different typesummarization
  •  Data summarisation methods.
  •  Tables.
  •  Graphs.
  •  Chats.
  •  Histograms
  •  Frequency distributions.
  •  Relative frequency measures Central tendency and dispersion.
  • Box plot.
  • Chebychev’s inequality. 
  • Basic probability concepts. 
  • Conditional probability.
  • Bayes theorem.
  • Probability distributions.
  • Continuous and discrete distributions.
  • Sampling and estimation.
  • Hypothesis testing.


Chapter 2 (Predictive Analytics)

  • Simple linear regression.
  • Multiple linear regression
  • Logistic and multinomial regression


Chapter 3 (Optimisation Analytics)

  • Introduction to operations research linear programming.
  • Formulating decision problems using linear programming.
  • Interpret the result and sensitivity analysis.
  • Multi-period linear programming models.
  • Application of linear programming in product mix.
  • Building and cutting stock.
  •  Transportation
  •  Transshipment. 
  •  Assignment.
  • Scheduling.
  •  Planning and revenue management problems.
  •  Network models and project planning.
  •  Integer programming problems.
  • Mixed-Integer and Zero-one programming. 
  • Applications of IP in capital budgeting.
  •  contracts and location decisions.
  •  Multi-criteria decision-making techniques.
  •  Programming and analytic hierarchy process application of GP and AHP in solving problems with multiple objectives.
  • Non-linear programming and Portfolio theory.


Chapter 4 (Stochastic Models)

  • Introduction to Stochastic models.
  • Markov models.
  • Classification of states.
  • Steady-state probability estimation.
  •  Brand switching and loyalty modelling.
  •  Market share estimation.
  • Poisson process.
  • Cumulative poisson process. 
  • Poisson and Cumulative Poisson in operations.
  • Marketing and insurance.
  • Renewal theory. 
  • Renewal theory applications in operations and supply chain management. 
  • Markov decision process.
  • Markov decision process in sequential decision-making. 


Chapter 5 (Advanced Analytics)

  • Principal component analysis.
  •  Factor analysis.
  •  Conjoint analysis.
  •  Discriminant analysis.
  •  Autoregressive conditional heteroscedasticity (ARCH) and autoregressive conditional heteroscedasticity (GARCH).
  • Monte Carlo simulation. 
  • Survival analysis and its applications.
  • Life tables.
  • KapMeier estimates.
  • Proportional hazards. 
  • Predictive hazard modeling using customer history data. 
  • Six sigma as a problem-solving methodology. 
  • DMADV and DMAIC methodology. 
  • Six sigma toolbox. 
  • Seven quality tools.
  • Quality function deployment. 
  • Statistical process control.
  • Value system mapping. 
  • Regression and classification Trees. 
  • Chi-squared automatic interaction detector leans thinking. 
  • Lean manufacturing. 
  • Value stream mapping.


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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q 1.  I am confused regarding business analytics and data analytics. Which of the two shall I choose?

For a career, each course has its unique features. There may be a true data analyst who continues working with data. The business analyst works to grasp business necessities and advocate solutions supported by the gathered results. Firms continually wish to grasp their future sales knowledge and their current scenario within the market. You have got ample opportunities to showcase your skills to them. 


Q2. What are the responsibilities of Business analysts?

You will be able to do the cost-benefit analysis that can help to solve problems. You will develop your communication skills to understand stakeholders’ requirements. After gaining a degree in business analytics courses in Chennai, you can slowly build that visual representation of the data. You can formulate the company budget after analyzing its monthly sales data. You can understand the value of KPI to regulate both communication and software skills. It can be hectic for you at first, but you will know the use of every process well through practice. Focus on every tool and its functions to grow within a company. 


Q3. Are Business Analytics courses extensive?

Business Analytics course fee varies from institute to institute due to a wide range of factors. You should take talk to the concerned individuals at the institute to know in detail about the course and whether there is a method of payment through installments. Additionally, know all you can about student loans and scholarships that can be available for these business analytics courses.


Concluded Thoughts About Business Analytics Courses in Chennai

Business Analytics has a good future in the market. This technique will be good for an increment in revenues. You will understand that companies’ reduction costs will be good after using business analytics tools. Companies can create loads of strategies after identifying the potential problem. Every program offers completion certificates and 100% placement security. Some of the universities collaborate with IBM. You can get trained by industry experts from IBM. You can read reviews after joining any university or institution. The main factor is every decision will depend on your dedication, zeal, and will to excel in a demanding but lucrative field.

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