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Top 5 Web Designing Courses in Chennai

Can you imagine how our world would be without websites? Our screens would mostly be blank, our minds anxious and eyes clueless. We would all be left disoriented, confused, and lost. We would get transported to an unknown era, which would feel akin to the stone age. That is precisely how important websites are to us. The broad spectrum of the web world has a website to cater to every need of ours.


List of the best web designing courses in Chennai


From ordering groceries, medicine, clothing, automobiles, booking tickets to sending emails, we browse through various websites throughout the day, often without realizing the nitty-gritty involved in designing such efficient, responsive, and interactive pages. Tireless efforts and constant innovative inputs of thousands of Web designers and developers are responsible for making our web look like it looks today. This article brings to you the top 5 web designing courses in Chennai, which will turn you into a web wizard just like many others who make the various websites across the world.


Now that we have realized the importance of websites, let’s understand the essentials of web designing before venturing into the ruminatively modeled list of top 5 web designing courses in Chennai.


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What is Web Designing?


Websites are like the face of businesses. They are the first impression that a business creates on its current or potential customers. Designing an interactive and engaging page, which showcases the expectations of the business in relevant and promising ways, forms the premises of web designing. Innovative ideas and technical proficiency of web designers are the driving force behind the success or failure of websites and businesses at large.


Website Designing or Web Designing is the process of planning, conceptualising, visualizing and creating a website that can strike a balance between the expectations of the organization and user. A good web design is one where the designer is able to gain web traffic and better ranking in the agronomics of search engines while ensuring an engaging and smooth user experience.


Parameters of Good Web Designing


  1. Conversions

A web design is considered good only when it effectively navigates the user’s attention to a place on the page where the designer wants him/her to look. The point of attention can be anything ranging from a special offer, deal, call to action, etc. Driving users to take action as desired by the designer by clicking on a particular button is known as conversion. Conversion is one of the primary objectives of a good web designing idea.


  1. Mobile-friendliness

These days people prefer scrolling through their mobile phones instead of using laptops and tablets for browsing purposes. With the mobile-first approach gaining momentum, designing a mobile-friendly website is the need of the hour. In today’s world, it is extremely important to have web designs that neatly fit into the mobile screens and are easily accessible and responsive.


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  1. Brand Name

The website layout, color scheme, introductory message, images, graphics, spacing etc is a reflection of the organization itself. Based on these parameters people tend to decide whether the organization is professional, genuine, and trustworthy. These parameters play an important role in building a business’s brand name.


  1. SEO [Search Engine Optimization]

Going by the usual user behavior, people prefer getting redirected towards various websites as a result of a search query.  Therefore, if your website is not to search engine friendly, the chances of it showing up in search results, reduce drastically. In order to keep the website SEO friendly, you must avoid cumbersome coding, large images, and complicated designs.


Responsibilities of a Web Designer

Web designers put their creative skills and technological understanding together to create a comprehensible, navigable, and user-friendly website, with the purpose to draw traffic and increase the conversion rate of the website. In order to achieve this object a designer should take care of the following aspects:

  • Conceptualizing and discussing the plans with the clients.
  • Keeping an eye on the performance of the website and modifying the layout as and when required.
  • Adhering to the design guidelines, industry standards and abiding by the best practices.
  • Maintaining the standard of content constantly.
  • Conceptualizing visual imagery for websites.
  • Amicably working with various content management systems.
  • Using user flow, process flows, wireframes, and sitemaps to communicate design ideas.
  • Ability to incorporate features and functionalities into websites.
  • Maintaining a sample page catalog.
  • Conceptualizing and executing the approved design plans effectively.


Requirements for becoming a Web Designer

Web designers are also known as Front-end developers. As the divide between web designers and web developers has become hazy, web designers are also expected to take on the role of web developers more often than not. These days, web designers are expected to manage user experience design, maintain the website and track search engine optimization also. With the evolution of their portfolio web, designers are expected to have a few qualifications up their sleeves in order to meet the dynamics of their job.


  • To have a  relevant diploma in the concerned field.
  • Should be proficient at using adobe illustrator, visual design tools, graphic design, adobe photoshop, etc.
  • Skilled at managing different content management systems.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the principles of search engine optimization.
  • Ability to manage cross-browser compatibility issues.
  • Excellent at visual designs.
  • Proficiency in programming languages such as HTML, CSS2 and CSS3, Javascript, JQuery.
  • Competency in using front-end programs.
  • Well-versed with international web protocols and standards.
  • Ability to improvise
  • Should be creative and experimental.
  • Professionalism and punctuality.
  • Willingness to learn.
  • Good team worker.
  • Having good communication skills.


In order to excel in the field of web designing, budding designers must acquire these skills. Enroll yourself in one of the following top 5 web designing courses in Chennai, and receive guidance and training from the industry experts themselves.

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Top 5 Web Designing Courses in Chennai


  1. Apponix Academy


Apponix Academy is leading the list of the top 5 web designing courses in Chennai, for all the right reasons. This institute is the perfect amalgamation of all the finest parameters a web designing course can offer. Excellent faculty, dedicated HR team for placement support, 100% student satisfaction, state-of-the-art lab facility and comfortable classrooms, this academy has all that it takes to transform an aspirant into a successful professional.


Course Highlights:

  • Understanding HTML
  • CSS2 and CSS3
  • Introduction to SCSS
  • Bootstrap
  • Javascript
  • Jquery and JQuery UI
  • SEO concepts
  • Live website design projects
  • Hosting first website
  • PHP
  • MySQL web developer
  • Online training
  • Offline training
  • 100% Placement support


Course name: Web Design and Development

Duration: Contact the institute

Fees: Contact the institute

Contact: 8050580888

Website: www.apponix.com

Ranking: 5/5


  1. Peridot Systems, Think IT Training


This premier institute offers web designing and development training in the most holistic way. Its curriculum is designed keeping in mind the dynamics of the IT industry and new technologies that shape the world every day. Its in-depth and elaborate 10 modules long curriculum is handpicked to help students transform their ideas into new applications and become web wizards.


The faculty includes working IT professionals from MNCs, who bring with them vast experience and the latest implications from the world of IT, offering students the best training and 100% job support. Given its achievements, Think IT stands in the second position in the list of the top 5 web designing courses in Chennai.


           Course Highlights 

  • Classroom training
  • Online training
  • One year of technical support to every student
  • HTML training
  • CSS training
  • PHP training
  • MySQL training
  • JAVAScript and JQuery
  • Angularjs training
  • HTML Tags
  • Ajax
  • Cookies in PHP
  • Web Pages linking
  • Bootstrap
  • Session management
  • Transaction management
  • Placement training
  • Practicals
  • Program coding
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Professional expert guidance


Course name: Web Designing Training

Duration: Regular Class [45 days], Weekend Training Classes [9 weeks], Fast Track Training Programme [15 days].

Fees: Contact the institute

Contact: +91 044 4211 5526

Website: www.thinkittraining.in

Ranking: 4.9/5


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  1. Web D School


Next in the list of the top 5 web designing courses in Chennai, stands an eminent training school, Web D School. Flaunting an impeccable 100% placement record, Web D School is renowned for churning out skilled web designers regularly. Backed by 7+ years of experience and supported by highly professional and experienced staff, Web D Schools believes in leaving no stone unturned when it comes to training and practice.


Course Highlights:

  • 26 modules
  • Web template designing in photoshop
  • Web concepts and terminologies
  • HTML content and Media tags
  • Styling block elements
  • Lists and tables
  • Information architecture
  • Web graphic design
  • Web structure
  • User interface
  • Web layout
  • Colors
  • Navigation ergonomics
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JQuery
  • React JS and WordPress
  • Limited batch size
  • Individual attention
  • Doubt clearing session
  • Webinars
  • Portfolio development
  • Assistance for interview preparations


Course name: Web Designing and Development

Duration: 4 months [ 50 sessions]

Fees: INR 38,500 + 18% GST [Lumpsum], INR 43,000+ 18% GST [Installment]

Contact: 9791333350, 04443213350

Website: www.webdschool.com

Ranking: 4.8/ 5


  1. VFX Media Design


Fourth amongst the top 5 web designing courses in Chennai, VFX has a meticulously designed curriculum catering to the needs of beginners and professionals. During the program, students get to learn web designing and development from the basic stage to an advanced one. Students are tasked with multiple assignments and projects ranging from designing various types of websites like from static sites to e-shopping websites to developing various features and programs. Its laudable placement ratio stands testimony to the quality teaching and training imbibed by experienced and expert faculty.


Course Highlight:

  • Basic to advanced graphic design
  • Workflow for web designing
  • Web layout UI UX
  • Dream weaver
  • WordPress
  • Website mobile optimization
  • Site coding
  • Designing B2B, B2C websites
  • Managing website speed for SEO purposes
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Converting a website into a phone app.
  • Back end development
  • Integration of social media and website to generate web traffic
  • Affordable fee [easy EMI, 0% interest]
  • 900 companies for job placements
  • Free demo web development training
  • Placement support
  • Interview training
  • Offline course
  • Online course


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Course name: Web Development [ IOA, Diploma]

Duration: Offline course [ 5months], Online course [7 months]

Fees: Contact the institute

Contact: 889 889 2007, 739 999 2007

Website: www.vfxindia.co.in

Ranking: 4.7/5


  1. Istudio Technologies


Since 2008, Istudio Technologies has been working tirelessly towards the growth and advancement of the web fraternity by training raw talent into skilled and talented web designers. Institutes’ undeterred commitment towards the finest of training and teaching standards over the years is responsible for securing it a position amongst the top 5 web designing courses in Chennai.


Its industry-centric curriculum prepares the aspirants to take on challenging roles in the highly competitive industry with ease and confidence. Backed by industry experts and experience, this institute makes for a fine choice for budding web designers and developers.


           Course Highlights: 

  • Affordable web designing
  • Corporate web designing
  • Creative web design
  • HTML5
  • PHP web development
  • Real-time web application
  • React JS development
  • Progressive web app
  • Hand-on training
  • Haskell web development
  • Projects


Course name: Web Design Training

Duration: 6 months

Fees: Contact the institute

Contact: 8807003902, 044 43560128

Website: www.istudiotech.in

Ranking: 4.5/5


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Frequently Asked Question


  1. Who can enroll in a web designing course?

Anyone who is interested in web designing can undertake the course of web designing and master the skill through hard work and practice.


  1. What are the job prospects after a web designing course?

After completing the course one may get hired for various web-related roles like:

  • Creative designer
  • Graphic designer
  • Web designer
  • Web developer
  • PHP web developer


  1. Which certificates are best for enhancing a career in web designing?

The following certification can enhance your career as a web designer:

  • Certified web professional, web developer
  • Javascript development certified professional
  • Master certified web professional
  • Certified software development professional


  1. What is the average salary of a web designer in India?

The average salary of a beginner is around INR 1,95,857 per annum. However, with added experience and certifications, this average can escalate up to INR 5,78,314 per annum in a short span of time.


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The central idea of web designing revolves around creating a comprehensible, navigable, appealing, and informative website that can attract and engage visitors. However, given the highly competitive industry that the web is in, designing a website that can constantly draw traffic and appear in the search results requires regular modifications.


These modifications must be in sync with trends, protocols, international standards, expectations of visitors, and requirements of the client. Striking a fine balance between these criteria is a tricky business that needs thorough practice and extensive training. The top 5 web designing courses in Chennai, are your platform to learn and practice all the skills, techniques, and tricks needed to succeed in the arena of web designing.

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