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Top 5 English Courses in Chennai to Master The Language

Communication is the key to whatever goes around in the world. Right from dusk to dawn we communicate with multiple people, cutting across race, religion, ethnicity, and backgrounds. Each communication that we undertake has an objective. Sometimes we are able to achieve it sometimes not. While there can be many contributing factors to failed communication, a successful one definitely ride on the shoulders of the skill of language proficiency.


List of the best English courses in Chennai


Right vocabulary, correct sentence formation, and minimal to no grammatical mistakes have their own perks. Language has the power of turning the table in your favor when used appropriately.


English being one of the widely used languages across the world extends an opportunity of bonding people across boundaries and borders. Having command of English can open a plethora of opportunities from in and around the world. This article brings to you a mindful collection of the top 5 English Courses in Chennai, which will surely transform and escalate your language skills for the better.


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Why learning English is Important?


While we all take pride in our regional languages and mother tongues, we do know as a matter of fact that these languages have their own limitations. Once you move away from a particular region, the language barrier can be a real struggle. Many people still feel uncomfortable about moving away from their respective regions, even if there are better opportunities waiting for them elsewhere because they feel language will become a barrier and they will struggle to communicate. Nevertheless, this discomfort and fear can be overcome by learning a global language, English.


  • English is the language of the world.
  • Many countries like India have adopted it as an official language, and the day-to-day administration of the country gets communicated through the medium of English.
  • A large number of the Indian workforce is working with MNCs. Inefficient communication at work may affect career prospects adversely.
  • Work related to art, academic, business,  science, culture, discoveries, inventions, computers, diplomacy, aviation, tourism, hospitality, administration, and medicine is carried out in English. Anyone willing to work in any of these sectors must possess a basic knowledge of the English language, for even an entry-level job.
  • Having command over English is absolutely necessary for anyone who desires to dream big and global.
  • Without a fair understanding of English, you cannot optimize the abundance of knowledge stored in multiple books.
  • English is essential for using the internet. Today, the entire world runs on the internet. Lack of English proficiency can leave you stranded, and hinder your growth.
  • If you are not fluent in English and short on vocabulary, it is unlikely that you will be able to effectively communicate with people from different ethnicity, which will have an adverse impact on your persona and dreams.


The ability to read, write and speak in English is a value-added skill cherished by your employers or business partners alike. However, depending upon your profile, the level of proficiency expected from you may differ from knowing basic English to advanced. Identifying the level of proficiency that you desire to achieve at a particular time, will help you choose the right program and modules offered by various institutes. Thus before venturing into the list of the top 5 English Courses in Chennai, let’s have a look at what part of the English language makes for the basic and what of it is considered advanced.


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Difference Between Basic and Advanced English


The course modules of basic English and advanced English differ drastically in their approach. While the basic English course deals with the preliminary aspects of the language like pronunciation, grammar, tenses, sentence formation, basic reading, and writing, the advanced module incline towards more challenging topics like a comprehensive understanding of expressions, corporate-level presentation, exceptional vocabulary, voice control, and accent, understanding phonetics sounds and applications, etc.


In order to decide on a course program, one may refer to the following parameters,

  • Familiarity: Familiarity with the language is an extremely important criterion. If English is new to you, it only makes sense to enroll in the basic program. If you are already well-versed with the basics of the language, you may take the leap and enroll in the advanced program.
  • Objective: why do you wish to enroll in the course? What do you seek to achieve?. These questions will help you decide on the purpose of seeking admission to the institute and guide the choice of the program too.
  • Vocabulary: As per the studies and research it takes 100 hours of reading and practice to reach the basic level of the vocabulary of 700 words, whereas at the advanced level the statistics are paramount to 1000 to 1200 hours and the vocabulary touches a whopping figure of 16,000 words.


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Top 5 English Courses in Chennai


1.    Aksent, Corporate Solutions


Leading the list of top 5 English courses in Chennai is Aksent, Corporate Solutions. It is renowned for maintaining excellent standards of teaching and training since 2001. Its course modules are designed keeping varied challenges faced by the students and professionals in mind. Right from having specific courses for spoken English to customizing a program as per the learning requirements of the student, Aksent’s dedication to training their students in a fulfilling, result-oriented yet pressure-free way is commendable.


Course Highlights:

  • 100% live classes
  • Experienced and trained trainers.
  • Flexible timings
  • Basic grammar and speaking course.
  • Live and interactive Grammar session
  • 25 practice assignments
  • Communicative English course.
  • Online speaking mastery course
  • 30+ pre-recorded videos
  • One to one personal lessons
  • Access to Azhar’s English club
  • Voice and accent training
  • Self-paced course
  • Corporate training
  • Delivering presentations
  • Hosting meetings
  • Writing reports and Emails
  • Key business expressions at work
  • Course completion E-certificate


Course Name: Online English Course [ Basic to Advance]

Duration: Regular [ I month, 12 sessions], Impulse [ 2 months, 30 sessions], Express [ 2 months, 40 sessions]

Fees: INR 12,000/-, INR 25,000/-, INR 32,000/-


Contact: 9840633666

Website: www.aksent.in

Ranking: 4.8/5


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2.             Saga


With a sprawling experience of 28 years in the training industry, Saga is one of the finest training institutes amongst the top 5 English Courses in Chennai. Having trained over 5,00,000 students through offline and online portals, since 1992, Saga’s expertise continues to stand the test of changing times. Its curriculum is designed to meet the learning needs of students, professionals, and trainers from other fields as well.


Course Highlights:

  • Direct training
  • Live training
  • Online training
  • Corporate training
  • Basics of English
  • Application of English
  • Spoken English Teacher Training
  • VCDs on spoken English
  • Difference between spoken and written English
  • Consultancy and support services


Course Name: Live Online Training, Sunday Batches, Spoken English Training

Duration:  2 months, 3 months, 1 month respectively.

Fees: Online training [INR 6,000/-], Spoken English [INR 30,000/-]

Contact:  9444 262 000, 044 24333325

Website: www.sagaenglish.weebly.com



3.             SHELBY, Your English School


Driven by the motto “ Success is all about communication”, the institute shines bright on the list of the top 5 English courses in Chennai. With a plan for everyone, age group of children and working professionals, SHELBY emerges as a fine choice for an English training course.


Course Highlights:

  • Basics of Grammar
  • Fluency and coherence
  • Conversational ability
  • Grammar brilliance
  • Public speaking
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Voice and accent
  • Creative writing
  • Vocabulary development and application
  • Language functions
  • Personal and group discussions
  • Assistance for interview preparations
  • Training for certificates like IELTS, TOEFL, BEC


Course name: English Lessons [Communication or Certification]

Duration: Contact the Institute

Fees: Contact the Institute

Contact: +91 99 440 90006

Website: www.shelbyacademy.org

Ranking: 4.8/5


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4.             Let’s Speak, Language Training Academy


Let’s Speak is a full-fledged training academy, aspiring to meet the language needs of the netizens of Chennai. Its excellent alumni track record and ruminatively modeled curriculums are some of the best in the genre. Individual attention and extensive practice through multiple assignments and projects help students achieve higher standards in spoken and written English.


           Course Highlights:

  • Affordable fees
  • One to one training
  • Customized classes
  • Experienced trainers
  • 100% assured results
  • Flexible time and duration
  • English basic program
  • Advanced grammar program
  • English fluency program
  • Difference between US/UK English
  • Speech Mechanisms
  • Formal and Informal English
  • Reading and writing practice
  • Situations of conversations
  • Body language while conversing
  • Own study material
  • Doubt clearing sessions
  • Weekly assessments
  • Free demo


Course Name: English[ L1, L2 ], English [ L1,L2,L3], English [ L2 AND IELTS ]

Duration and fees: English [ L1, L2], English basic [ 40-50 Hours, INR 4,000/-]

Advanced Grammar [40-50 Hrs, INR 4,500], English Fluency [40-50 Hrs,INR 5000]

Contact: 09840111660

Website: www.letsspeak.co.in

Ranking: 4.7/5


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5.             Anglo English


Anglo’s 25 years of glorious proforma stands testimony to the undeterred commitment of the institute towards providing affordable and quality training to anyone who which to enhance their language skills. Backed by TESOL, CELTA, TEFL certified faculty, students get trained by a set of highly qualified trainers. Trainers from UK and US train the students with respective accents. Each student gets trained by a minimum of 4 trainers covering various aspects of the English Language.

Course Highlights:

  • One on one class
  • Regular and fast track system
  • Online and classroom training
  • Certified and experienced trainers
  • General training reading
  • General training writing
  • Academic writing
  • Academic reading
  • Phonetics symbols and sounds
  • Phonetics and pronunciation training
  • Daily worksheets
  • Vocabulary development
  • Presentation- profession-oriented
  • Listening drills
  • Digital support
  • Faculty support


Course name: IELTS, English communication [Advanced]

Duration: 2 months

Fees: Contact the institute

Contact: 7550008595

Website: www.angloenglish.com

Ranking: 4.7/5


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is the TOEFL exam?

TOEFL stands for Test Of English as Foreign Language. It is a standardized exam conducted by a non-profit organization “Educational Testing Service’, for the non-native speakers of the language, who wish to seek admissions in foreign universities and colleges. Results of the exam are accepted by 11,000 universities across 190 nations.


  1. What are the best 5 tips to learn English?
  • Get enrolled in one of the top 5 English courses in Chennai
  • Practice what has been taught during the course diligently.
  • Take self-initiated online tests to stay tuned with your learnings
  • Converse in English as and when possible.
  • Prepare for the tests like TOEFL or TOEIC


  1. How does being fluent in English help?

Being fluent in English is beneficial in more ways than one may often acknowledge. It boosts the confidence of the speaker and has a direct impact on a person’s persona. Having command of a language that is spoken across the world, enhances your chances of going places and performing better. With communication not being a barrier to your growth, your career graph soars exponentially.


  1. How should I decide which institute to enroll in?

Before enrolling in an institute one must be clear on what do they desire to achieve from the course. All the top 5 English Courses in Chennai excel at imparting the desired knowledge that one may seek. However, the onus of choosing the right program lies with the student. You may seek guidance from the support staff of the institute, to help you choose the suitable module between, basic or advanced English.


  1. How can I improve my vocabulary?

Vocabulary can be improved by reading and listening. If you wish to expand your vocabulary quotient, embrace reading. You may start by reading newspapers, magazines, and books. Listening to the speech of world leaders and orators also contributes to the expansion of vocabulary.


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Globalization and digitization have connected the world like never before. In order to operate in an era so well connected and dynamic, having the knowledge of the global language, English, is a must. English is the most common and preferred medium of communication across the world, and India is no exception to it.


As our area of operation has expanded as a country, and India has emerged as a strong and promising market for multiple MNCs, shying away from English is not an option anymore. Young students and professionals are expected to meet the international standards of working. To achieve and maintain India’s standing on the world platform being well versed in English is extremely necessary. Thus anyone who wishes to keep up with the changing times and is willing to work hard to achieve greater highest must enroll in any of the top 5 English Courses in Chennai to learn and master the language of the globe, English.

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