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Top 5 Business Leadership Courses in Chennai

 A firm without a business leader is nothing more than chaos and cacophony of multiple opinions, with lost objectives and goals. Thus, in order to ensure organized and result-oriented work culture, corporates have business leaders at multiple levels. A business leader has an amalgamation of qualities like coordination, accountability, focus, and clarity. Business leaders are responsible for streamlining day-to-day work amongst the team members and also act as a critical link between the management and the members of the team. If you want to be a business leader, acing some mandatory skills and qualities is a must. Enroll yourself in one of the listed top 5 business leadership courses in Chennai to give your journey a firm start. 


List of the top leadership courses in Chennai


Leadership comes with a great set of responsibilities. Business leaders are expected to keep the team motivated and productive while ensuring each team member is valued and acknowledged for his/her hard work and efforts. To be an effective business leader requires a diverse set of qualities and skills. Let us have a look at a few mandatory qualities that a good business leader must demonstrate.


11 Qualities of an Effective Business Leader


  1. Identify the strengths
  • Every team member is different. They differ in their perspectives, talents, and skills.
  • Identifying their strength and tasking them accordingly is a skill that makes leadership effective and relevant.
  • Leaders must pay attention and make notes of each member’s strengths and weaknesses, and focus on the strengths to bring out the best from each team member.
  • This ensures optimum productivity with minimum supervision. 


  1. Developing  existing skills
  • Being the master of one trade is better than being the jack of all.
  • While learning a new skill is a good idea, it may not always be the best choice for the organization.
  • Focusing on enhancing the existing skills of the team members, would ensure their expertise in a particular skill and improve their productivity.
  • Enhancing skills is any day a less stressful affair than learning a new one and excelling at it. 
  • Skill enhancement is an enjoyable experience for the members too. It helps them stay at ease and better focused.
  • This would also help them feel more confident and competent about a particular skill or a set of skills needed for a particular task.
  • Thus a business leader must always push for the development of existing skills instead of making team members learn a new skill every day.  


3.  Curiosity

  • Effective business leaders have the characteristic of remaining curious about every work-related matter.
  • They are constantly busy fishing for innovative tactics, new ideas, and creative perspectives to achieve organizational goals, quickly and efficiently.
  • They are also responsible to keep the curiosity ignited in the minds of the members too.
  • Curious minds are the best innovators.
  • Innovative ideas are extremely crucial for any firm or business to flourish.


  1. Be a mentor
  • It is humane to feel confused and lost at times.
  • Even the best of team members, go through rough patches, where the path forward may seem vague.
  • At such times a business leader must assume the role of a mentor and be the guiding light.
  • He/she must guide the team members rationally and encouragingly, by giving them excerpts from his/her experience and examples from various success stories.  


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  1. Respect different perspectives
  • A business leader shoulders the responsibility of making important decisions, which directly affect the organization and team members.
  • Sometimes those decisions will be applauded upon, and sometimes not.
  • Understanding what makes your organization and team members applaud a decision and what makes them frown upon is very crucial. 
  • A business leader must understand that at the end of the day they are all a big team, with each member doing his/her part.
  • Thus a leader must avoid taking isolated decisions and must keep others valid and rational perceptions in mind before passing final judgments.


  1. Networking
  • These days businesses run on networking.
  • No business can survive in isolation
  • A business leader is expected to garner leads for networking and help grow the business.
  • Being curious and keeping a lookout for even the minutest of opportunities is one of the best ways to approach networking.
  • A leader must remain honest and genuine while approaching a lead and must avoid over-promising or under-promising.
  • When speaking to a lead, a leader should keep the conversation intellectual and professional and must avoid personalizing it.


  1.   Maintain highest standards
  • A business leader must lead by example.
  • Business leaders are extremely rational people and hardworking professionals, who constantly keep rising their won bars.
  • They are the constant source of inspiration for their team members.
  • By leading from the front they endure minimum errors, maximum output, and highest standards.


  1. Self-assessment
  • Efficient business leaders keep taking strategic pauses to evaluate his/her strength, weaknesses, and progress, along with those of his/her team members.
  • This gives the leader and the team a better perspective on shortcomings and susceptibilities.
  • Self-assessment and analysis is great way to bond with the team and renew the team spirit. 


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  1. Communication
  • Effective communication is a trademark quality of a business leader.
  • A business leader is constantly engaged in communication either with team, members, colleagues, leads, or management. Lack of effective and clear communication may erupt in chaos and confusion, leading to losses.
  • Apart from effective communication, a business leader must also participate in free communication with his team members.
  • A business leader is expected to engage in emotionally intellectual conversation keeping in mind the needs of the diverse team members and expectations of management too.


   10    Visionary

  • A business leader must be a visionary.
  • He/she must be able to anticipate the outcomes of actions and set the course of the team and organization accordingly.
  • A business leader must engage in extensive reading, workshops, and seminars to stay abreast of the market trends and set the goals and keep reviving them according to changing times and trends.


  1. Risk-taking 
  • Business is all about taking calculated risks.
  • Risk-taking ability is what sets the business leaders apart from the rest.
  • They are expected to collect data, analyze it and if they see an opportunity for growth, they must have the heart to follow it.


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Top 5 Business Leadership Courses in Chennai


# Rank 1 business leadership courses in Chennai

Deekay Excellence


DeeKay Excellence is a renowned soft skills coaching institute in Chennai. It offers a multitude of coaching services like life skill coaching, career coaching, executive coaching,  leadership development, and excellence coaching. For the benefit of the trainees, the institute conducts frequent workshops, where the topics like leadership skills, self-branding, self-awareness, unconscious bias, emotional balance, mindful leadership. Leadership transformation, introspective leadership, anchoring presence, and excellence is taught through group activities, audio/visual clips, and case studies. 


Salient features


  • Transformative workshop for individual contributors
  • Transition to leadership roles for Mid-level managers
  • Executive Program for business leaders
  • Women leadership Coaching
  • Enhance design thinking
  • Synthesize creative solutions
  • Develop feasible strategies 
  • Critical leadership skills.


Key highlights


  • Presentation skills
  • Time management
  • The Brand You
  • Influencing without authority
  • Defining a talent management policy and process
  • Support in talent identification
  • Appreciative dialogue
  • Leadership excellence
  • Situational leadership
  • Decision making
  • Goal setting


Contact details

Contact number:+91 98844 57177

Website: www.deekayexcellence.com 


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# Rank 2 Business Leadership Courses in Chennai



CFI is deemed as one of the best-in-class leadership skills coaching institutes. It aims to provide personal, humanistic, practical, and result-oriented leadership training. It harbors 250+ certified coaches who provide business-critical leadership training to the top brass executives and business owners. The training program is designed to address developmental needs and executive agendas. The objectives of the training are achieved in 9 months through constant assessment and goal setting. The Institue also offers a women-oriented executive leadership program.


Salient features


  • An enviable panel of coaches
  • Freedom to meet and choose coaches
  • Engagement management capability
  •  Success Facilitator 
  • Coach Supervision framework
  • Continuous Professional Development Programmes for our coaches


Key highlights


  • Evolving a roadmap for leadership development 
  • Identifying and defining a leadership capability network
  • Defining a talent management policy and process
  • Support in talent identification
  • Appreciative dialogue
  • 2 assessments and debrief
  • 3 sessions with the coach
  • An individual development plan
  • Access to resource
  • Influencing without authority
  • Leadership excellence
  • Situational leadership
  • Decision making
  • Goal setting


Contact details:

Contact number: 91-44-24463550

Website: www.cfi.co.in 


# Rank 3 Business  Leadership Courses in Chennai

Shadows Risen


Shadows risen is renowned for creating leaders out of ordinary. They aim at transforming executive team members into team leaders through extensive training and a series of assessments. Its faculty consists of experienced corporate mentors. Shadows Risen alumni help their respective business organizations achieve better through their leadership skills, clear focus, and motivating thoughts. 


Salient feature


  • Talent orientation
  • Psychometric evaluations
  • Improved trainee performance and competency
  • Executive coaching and mentoring
  • Executive Program for business leaders
  • Engage in open communication.
  • Learn to work as a  team member
  • Bond with the team members
  • Inculcate positive attitude
  • Be clear about roles, goals, and expectations


Key highlights


  •  Mentored 3000+ leaders 
  • Assignments are based on Experiential Transformation Methodology
  • Executive Coaching programs 
  • 6-months, 9-months & 12-months.
  • 24/7 support 
  • 25 high-end psychometric evaluations, 
  • 100’s of case studies 
  • Real-Time Learning Tools
  • Live Problem solving 
  • 278 tools and techniques 
  • A scientifically advanced coaching program 
  • Data Analysis & Research
  • Transformation is inevitable


Contact Details

Contact number: +91 9884 66 22 11 

Website: www.shadowsrisen.com


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# Rank 4 Business Leadership courses in Chennai

Know and Grow


Know and grow is a renowned leadership coaching center. It aims at exploring the objective and roles of leadership and imbibes the finding to its training through extensive workshops, seminars, and case studies. It creates leaders who may promote growth by setting sustainable developmental goals, achievable through collective team efforts. Its training program is designed to shape leaders who may provide intellectual and strategic guidance to their teams from time to time.


Salient features


  • Result-orient approach
  • Executive training and coaching
  • Improved team performance
  • Motivated team members


Key highlights


  • Meaning & Nature of leadership
  • Motivating People at Work through the right leadership
  • Leadership Concepts 
  • Theories of executive leadership
  • Models of organizational leadership
  • Foundations of team leadership
  • Goal Orientation 
  • How to lead your team
  • Key Principles of leadership
  • Factors affecting the leadership 


Contact details:

Contact number: +91 044 4262 5252, 98110 84950

Website: www.knowngrow.co.in


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# Rank 5 Business Leadership Courses in Chennai

Leader Crest


LeaderCrest Academy Private Limited is famous for providing coaching, and services in various domains like leadership development, corporate governance, and competitive strategy. The leadership program is designed for C-suite officers. The training methodologies are designed by experienced mentors, who have years of experience and expertise backing them. Through extensive training, lectures, workshops, seminars, and case studies, mentors at Leader Crest aim at creating competent leaders who may formulate development strategies to support the growth of their respective firms.


Salient features


  • Greater organizational synergy 
  •  Business development 
  •  Developing leadership potential 
  • Enhance design thinking
  • Synthesize creative solutions
  • Develop feasible strategies 
  • Critical leadership skills.


Key highlights


  • Organization Design
  • Talent Mapping
  • Talent Induction
  • Performance Management
  • Executive Coaching
  • Personality Development
  • Design Thinking
  • Organizational Culture


Contact Details

Contact number: +91 9940644889

Website: www.leadercrest.com


Frequently Asked Questions


  • What are the characteristics of good leadership?

Decisiveness, fairness, enthusiasm, and integrity are must-have characteristics to fit into the role of a leader.


  • What is the role of leaders in corporate governance?

In a corporate set up a leader is expected to keep the team motivated and focused, to achieve the objectives of the company, and ensure effective corporate governance.


  • How can I become a corporate leader?

To become a corporate leader you must 

  • Join any of the mentioned business leadership courses in Chennai.
  • Follow the training program sincerely.
  • Engage in open communication.
  • Learn to work as a  team member
  • Bond with the team members
  • Inculcate positive attitude
  • Be clear about roles, goals, and expectations
  • Honour feedbacks and opinions
  • Be assertive but not aggressive.
  • Maintain a focused vision on the objectives assigned to the team.

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Business leadership is an extremely critical position, especially in view of corporate governance. A business leader is like the captain of a ship, responsible for steering the team and working collectively in order to achieve a common objective. It is an extremely rewarding position in terms of job satisfaction and career too. Join any of the top 5 business leadership courses in Chennai and step up on your career ladder now.

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