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Top 5 Communication Skills Courses in Chennai

Effective communication obliterates confusion, builds trust, support, streamlines collaboration, enhances productivity, and boosts morale.  Effective communication skills in the workplace are deemed as one of the vital aspects of organizational dynamics. Clear and effective communication is the pathway to enhanced relations, better teamwork, and improved results. It is one of the crucial aspects that interviewers, clients, and team leaders take into account before hiring or recommending promotions. By mastering the art of effective communication you can unlock multiple opportunities.

This article brings to you a comprehensive list of top 5 communication skills courses in Chennai, to help you ace the art of effective communication skills and be a pro.


List of the best communications skills courses in Chennai


While most of us think that Effective communication is all about speech, in reality, it encompasses more than that. It is invariably important to understand the various aspects of communication in order to execute it effectively.


Various Aspects of Effective Communication.



           A lot of time we communicate with others without uttering even a single word. This kind of communication entails facial expressions, gestures, postures, eye contact, and body language. These facets of non-verbal communication reflect an individual’s feelings, emotions, and attitude.


This way of communication is not effective in office spaces because different people perceive various gestures and facial expressions differently. As the expressions can be seen by everyone around, it lacks confidentiality and of course, conveying a complicated message with subtle details is not an option with non-verbal communication.


  • Verbal Communication


Verbal Communication can be categorized into written communication or oral communication. It is a form of communication in which words are used for exchanging information. It involves listening and speaking or writing and reading.


It is an effective form of communication, as the receiver and sender both comprehend the message as the way it is said or read. It is an effective medium of conveying instructions, guidelines, feedback, and reviews. All members can effectively contribute in a discussion or debate, thus allowing active participation. It is the fastest and most economical means of conveying information. It is also deemed precise, accurate, and effective in comparison to non-verbal communication.


Charts, diagrams letters, reports, and circulars are easy to comprehend. The communication can be documented and used for future references. A majority of people understand a written note or a said instruction in the same way, this avoids confusion and misunderstandings.


  • Formal Communication


Formal communication occurs mostly in office setups. It follows courtesy, salutations, and hierarchy. It consists of to-the-point conversations, devoid of any undue comments or opinions. There is a predetermined channel for communication and members are expected to adhere to it.


It is a controlled form of communication, which often involves subordinates, colleagues, and seniors. It is principled and systematic, leaving little to no scope for misunderstandings or miscommunications.


  • Informal Communication


Informal communication often takes place in peer groups and family setup. It is reflective of attachment and comfort amongst people. It is characterized as spontaneous and unofficial. It is not guided by procedures and rules, unlike formal communication, there is no hierarchy to follow.


It is often filled with talks of varied experiences, feelings. and opinions. It is also referred to as grapevine communication. It is a great way of enhancing interpersonal relationships. It builds mutual trust, respect, and support. It helps compliment formal communication.


While indulging in an informal mode of communication people must stay cautious of misunderstandings, divulging confidential information, and spreading inaccurate or unauthorized information to others. 


We often indulge in at least two forms of communication more than once a day. This helps us stay connected with the people around us. However, can you recount incidents when you faced difficulty in conveying your message to someone or comprehending a piece of information conveyed by others to you? We all face various kinds of communication barriers at some point or the other, which affects communication adversely.


Lack of effective communication can result in major setbacks at work and impact results and reputation. Let’s try and understand some of the common communication barriers and consider a few points to overcome them.


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Communication Barriers and Tips to Overcome Them


  • Physical barriers


Considering the work-from-home scenario, this particular barrier takes the front seat. With team members spread across the length and breadth of the country, lack of coordination and communication lags can often lead to delayed and distorted information. However, there are a few tips that can help team members overcome this barrier. 


  • Prepare a chart of engagements for the entire month beforehand. 
  • Every team member should be aware of the chain of reporting and deadlines.
  • Encourage a cut-off timing for office interaction, unless emergency. This will reduce the number of missed or overlooked messages.
  • Have a virtual group, and post all related information in that group to ensure equal and even distribution of information.
  • Cultural barriers


 A workplace is a melting point of diversity. It is a place where people from varied ethnicity come together to achieve common objectives. However, at times differences in ethnicity may sprout up as a communication barrier. All these individuals behold different work ethics, norms, preferences, and values. To bring them all on the same page, you may consider the following tips, 


  • Celebrate the difference and find ways and means to inculcate a bit of every culture in your workspace.
  • Practice and preach mutual acceptance and respect.
  • Keep the office rules and regulations work-oriented and not culture-oriented. This will keep you away from looking biased and also enhance the credibility of your commands and conversations. 


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  •  Language barriers


Effective communication often takes a dive when met with the language barrier. It is extremely difficult to convey a message to someone who does not understand your language, leaving ample scope for misunderstandings and lost information.  It can be the difference in regional languages or technical languages which are often filled with field-specific jargon. An ideal way to deal with this problem would be to stay,


  • Mindful of jargon. If you know your audience stay prepared. Do your homework and learn some jargon to engage in effective communication. At the same time avoid using complex jargon if your audience is not well versed with your technical language.
  • Choose a common language for effective communication. Usually English is a preferred choice in office spaces as most of the employees exhibit some level of proficiency at it.
  • Using gestures, visuals, demonstrations, body language are also good alternatives to compliment the communication and make it effective. 


  • Gender barriers


It is one of the most talked-about barriers. It is a proven fact that a man’s psychology is extremely different from a woman’s psychology. Thus the two communicate and perceive things differently.  In order to ensure that the effectiveness of communication is not hampered by psychological differences, management may consider a few pointers.


  • Avoid operating on stereotypes and prejudices.
  • Team members should be encouraged for providing feedback to one another, this will help them understand other person’s perspectives and aid them in pitching the idea/conversation accordingly.
  • Open conversations about stereotypes, gender bias, and equality would encourage trust, mutual understanding, and mutual appreciation amongst the team members.
  • Hold candid and transparent conversation instead of turning a blind eye towards the pain points.


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Top 5 communication skills courses in Chennai


# Rank 1 communication Skills Courses in Chennai

Aksent, Corporate Solutions


Aksent, Corporate Solutions is acclaimed for maintaining high standards of teaching and training since 2001. Its course modules are crafted according to the varied challenges faced by the students and professionals in the changing times. It has specific courses in spoken English, business writing, presentation, and communication skills. Institute offers flexibility by letting students customize the timing and pace of learning. 


Course Highlights


  • 100% live classes
  • Experienced and trained trainers.
  • Flexible timings
  • Basic grammar and speaking course.
  • Live and interactive Grammar session
  • 25 practice assignments
  • Communicative English course.
  • Online speaking mastery course
  • 30+ pre-recorded videos
  • One to one personal lessons
  • Access to Azhar’s English club
  • Voice and accent training
  • Self-paced course
  • Corporate training
  • Delivering presentations
  • Hosting meetings
  • Writing reports and Emails
  • Key business expressions at work
  • Course completion E-certificate


Contact details

Contact number: 9840633666

Website: www.aksent.in


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# Rank 2 communication Skills Courses in Chennai

Zeus academy


Established in 2009, Zeus academy is renowned for maintaining the highest training standards. Its training programs are relevant, comprehensive, and powerful. Amongst the several programs the institute also offers a communication skills program. It aims to inculcate effective communication skills in trainees through discussion, debates, seminars, and workshops keeping in mind the changing needs of the time.


Course Highlights


  • Specialized training program
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Listening skills
  • Conflict resolution techniques
  • Clarity of thoughts and speech
  • Learner-centered training
  • Public speaking
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Voice and accent
  • Creative writing
  • Vocabulary development and application
  • Language functions
  • Personal and group discussions


Contact details

Contact number:  +9198404 89453

website: www.zeusacademy.in


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# Rank 3 communication Skills Courses in Chennai

Disha Caroline Image Consulting


Disha Caroline is a renowned Image consultant. She is also proficient etiquette and soft skill coach. She has helped several of her clients achieve the desired transformation with regards to their communication skills,  grooming, clothing, etiquette, behavior, and personality. 


Course Highlights


  • Build collaborative relationships 
  • Emphasis on mutual trust and respect
  • Communicate effectively
  •  Using simple and concise language
  • Enhance listening to anticipate 
  • Tips to avoid misunderstandings
  • Foster cross-cultural understanding 
  • Courteous behavior at the workplace
  • Ways to overcome communication roadblocks 
  • Focus on nonverbal cues


Contact details

Contact number: +91-97912-43864

Website: www.dishacarolineimage.com


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# Rank 4 communication Skills Courses in Chennai

SSS Soft Skills Training


Sss is renowned for imparting quality training in communication skills. Through various practical techniques, trainees are taught to assemble thoughts and communicate effectively. To achieve this objective SSS conducts regular workshops, presentations, seminars, etc.


Course Highlights


  • Communicate clearly and get their message across
  • Encourage open and free communication
  • Communicate confidently with people at all levels
  • Cope with difficult communication situations
  • excellent communication capabilities. 
  •  express yourself clearly 
  •  course materials 
  •  fosters positive relationships
  •  Inspire people around you
  •  Overcome communication barriers 
  • Improve working relationships
  • Create a positive work environment 
  • Participate in proactive discussions
  •  Improved self-awareness 
  • Reduced office friction
  •  Communicate quickly and efficiently


Contact details

Contact number:  +91-9444115672

Website: www.ssssoftskills.com


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# Rank 5 communication Skills Courses in Chennai



Pioneers in soft skills training, like communication skills, public speaking, etc. Ramanathan has been working relentlessly to endow the best training to each of its trainees and help them transform into a more confident self and their own better versions. Established in 1963 the institute has successfully trained more than 1,20,000 people. For every batch the institute receives people coming from various parts of the country to seek guidance and training.


Course Highlights


  • Five decade-plus experience in training
  • Conducted 5, 600+ training programs
  • Weekend training program
  • The medium of the training is mainly English
  • Training can also be conducted in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam upon request.
  • The module is primarily practice-based,
  • Result-oriented training
  • Lectures
  • Video recording
  • Role-plays
  • Presentation
  • Group discussions


Contact details

Contact number:044 2446 4849

Website: www.ramanathans.in


Frequently Asked Questions


  • How can I learn the basics of communication skills?

Learning the basics of effective communication involves a bit of courtesy, manners, and an alert state of mind. Following are a few pointers, which may guild you to effective communication.

  1. Listen with understanding and patience.
  2. Do not interrupt others’ speech.
  3. Wait for your turn, speak only then.
  4. Talk with everyone courteously.
  5. Be aware of your body language.
  6. Re-read and double-check the messages before pressing send.
  7. Be accurate and precise.
  8. Think before speaking.


  1. What are the communication barriers?

There are four major barriers to effective communication. They are language, information overload, selective perception, and cultural diversity.


  1. Which course is best for pursuing communication skills?

All the listed top 5 communication courses in Chennai provide best-in-class training. You may confidently enroll in any of these courses and experience the transformation in your communication skills.



If you wish to improve your communication skills and get your point across clearly and concisely. If you want to communicate effectively with your subordinates, colleagues, and seniors to achieve improved results and interpersonal relations, then enroll in any of the top 5 communication skills courses in Chennai and experience the power of effective communication skills!


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