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Top 5 Interior Designing Courses in Chennai

Popularly known as the Gateway to South India, Chennai, is the capital city of Tamil Nadu, India. It is the sixth most populous city in the country. Though the city limits were expanded by 426  square kilometers in 2011, the population density remained at 16,639 people per square kilometer. As of 2020,  this beta-level city was harboring a population of 10.9 million people already. 


List of the best interior designing courses in Chennai


The ever-growing population has been a constant threat to its space. Thus, expanding the space, using the available space in the best possible way, and optimizing the leftover space has become extremely important for the netizens of Chennai. Interior designing is one of many effective solutions that people have found solace in for all their space-related constraints and problems.


As more and more people get drawn towards this smart city, the interior designing skills of designers and architects are being put to test constantly. To keep up with the latest interior designing technology and creative ideas, many coaching institutes mushroomed across the city. However, only the top 5  interior designing courses in Chennai, could make it to this comprehensive list.


Before we walk through this thoughtfully crafted list of top 5 interior designing courses in Chennai it will be wise to understand the nuisances of interior designing, its relevance, and importance beforehand.


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What is Interior Designing?

During the 20th century, Interior Designing was considered only as an art of enhancing the esthetics of a place, in order to make it look pleasant and feel comfortable However, with time the spectrum of interior designing has broadened. It has evolved into a more challenging and complex craft. Now, along with the knowledge of textile, tiles, color combinations, lights, and furniture, an understanding of architect and space optimization have become equally important criteria.


Evolution of Interior Designing in India

The concept of interior designing has its roots in the times when humans began living under a roof. If one may recall the sculptures in the temples, drawings on the ceiling and walls of ancient monuments, the thoughtfully organized seating in the hall of old palaces, architectural patterns and designs, etc one would realize that designing the interiors has always interested mankind, only back then it was not a profession.


The modern concept of Interior designing found its origin in India, around the 1970s. Padma Shree awardee Sunita Kohli is considered the pioneer of Interior Designing, in India. She is renowned for doing the interiors of  Rashtrapati Bhawan, Parliament House, Hyderabad House, and Prime Minister’s office. Till the early twenties, interior designing was all about enhancing the esthetic appeal of the place to suit the requirement and spirit of the inhabitant.


With the emergence of the industrial revolution followed by the IT boom, India witnessed a sudden surge in high-rise residential buildings and offices. Transformation in infrastructure called for an evolution in interior designing ideas too.


Designers were now expected to design small cramped spaces in ways that will provide inmates with an exactly opposite perspective. This requirement soon paved way for minimalism. And we got introduced to the idea of lifesize mirrors, pastel hues, sofa-cum-beds, multi-purpose foldable tables, wall mounts, etc.


Going by the research conducted by CII, as of March 2020, India was harboring a total of 36,387 designers, of which 10.17% were interior designers. This percentage is expected to increase by 13% over the next 10 years.


The developing infrastructure of our country has opened a plethora of opportunities for budding and professional interior designers alike. There is no dearth of chances for those who are willing to learn new skills and hone the old ones. For all those willing to make a successful career in Interior designing, now is the right time to enroll in one of the top 5 interior designing courses in Chennai and make your skills and talent count.


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Skills needed to be an Interior Designer

1.     Creative thinking

Given the dynamics and challenges of the profession, creative thinking or out-of-the-box thinking is a must-have.


2.              Eye for details

As an interior designer, you will be designing spaces for a broad spectrum of clientele. Each one would have different expectations, space, and locations. Missing out on details may not land you the desired results.


3.              Identifying trends 

It is important to stay updated and relevant. In order to be relevant, one must not only know the current trends but should also be able to predict upcoming trends based on the changing lifestyles and architectural preferences of the folks.


4.              Knowledge of sustainable designs

With the world moving towards sustainability, the ability to imbibe this ideology into your designs will yield great benefits.


5.              Ability to sketch

Visual representation of your work would require a drawing. Though most designers use digital imagining, a preliminary sketch of interior perspectives, shades, shadows, floor, textile, and design, etc is an inevitable step of the process.


6.              Knowledge of computer and graphics

With the advancement in technology, clients these days prefer previewing a 2D or 3D representation of your idea instead of completely relying on computerized sketches. A heads up on how the space would look after the execution makes the clients feel confident about you.


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7.              Architectural detailing 

Knowing about the architectural details of the building comes in handy for designing compatible interiors. Having an understanding of building will help you design the interiors which work around the system of the building, making your ideas user-friendly and sustainable.


8.              Spatial awareness and vision

An interior designer must be able to envision how a space would transform upon execution of the plan. Without a vision, it is impossible to space the ideas across the given space.


These are only a few skills of the many that you would need to master as you embark on the dynamic journey of becoming a successful interior designer.


The incredible faculty support and guidance, extensive training, and hands-on experience, offered by the listed top 5 interior designing courses in Chennai can help you in realizing your dreams.


Top 5 Interior Designing Courses in Chennai

1.    Cindrebay, School of Design


First on the list of the top 5 interior courses in Chennai is Cindrebay, School of Design.  Under the guidance of the best architects, interior designers, and academicians the budding architects are given the space and practice that help them blossom into professional interior designers. The state-of-the-art facility and well-designed curriculum of the institute ensure that the students are trained as per the industry practice and standards.


           Course Highlights

  • BSc Interior Designing
  • BSc Interior Designing and Decorations
  • PG Diploma in Interior Designing and Space Management
  • Basic Design & Visual Arts
  • Drafting for Interior Designers (Practical)
  • Measured Drawing
  • Interior Space Components & Furnishing (Practical)
  • Fundamentals, Elements, and Principle of Design
  • Compositions in Interior Design
  • Autocad 
  • 3D Print
  • Interior and exterior treatment
  • Environment control in interiors
  • Basics in architecture
  • Acoustics for interiors
  • Textiles for interiors
  • Interior landscaping
  • Thesis project


Course name: Diploma/ Under Graduate Degree Program

Duration: 12 months/ 3 years

Fees: Contact the institute

Contact: 7818 820 820

Website: www.cindrebay.com

Ranking: 5/5


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2.             Auxilium School of Interior Designing


Established in 1989, Auxilium School of Interior Designing offers Diploma and Advanced Diploma in interior designing. The course module contains 10 to 14 packets of assignments. With faculty being available round the clock, it feels like having the college at home.


Course Highlights

  • Diploma
  • Advanced Diploma
  • 10/14 packets of assignments
  • 2 assignments of 22* 14 size
  • A3 size drawing assignments
  • Study material sent on Whatsapp
  • Set 1 assignment sent on Whatsapp
  • Element, principle, and visual concepts
  • Color of interior and wall finishes
  • Anthropometric data
  • Drafting one
  • Drafting two
  • Windows and curtains
  • Design presentation residential
  • Interior design products
  • Material and methods
  • Interior designing projects


Course name: Diploma /Advanced Diploma in Interior Designing

Duration: 9 months [Diploma], 12 months [Advanced Diploma]

Fees: INR 19,000/- [Diploma], INR 24,000/- [Advanced Diploma]

Contact: 0988 499 8698

Website: www.auxilium.in

Ranking: 4.9/5


3.             Tambaram, School of Creative Studies


Tambaram aims at fusing technology with creativity to enable its students a brighter opportunity and a better future. Tambaram offers creative skills training in Interior designing along with,  fashion designing, animation, graphics, jewelry designing, and web designing. The alumni track record boasts the names of many successful employees and entrepreneurs, asserting Tambaram’s position as a premium institute in the list of the top 5 interior designing courses in Chennai.


Course Highlights:

  • Free classes for 3 to 5 days
  • Residential design
  • Commercial design
  • Drafting and drawing
  • Adobe photoshop
  • Autodesk 3DS+ vray
  • Google SketchUp + vray
  • Autodesk Autocad 2d


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Course name: Interior Designing

Duration: Contact the institute

Fees: INR 7,900/- to 1,20,000/-

Contact: 9840339227, 8939332246

Website: www.dreamzonetambaram.com

Ranking: 4.8/5


4.             Innovision Design Institute


Since 1991, IDI has been working tirelessly to provide quality education to aspiring interior designers, architects, and fine arts. Backed by industry experts and experienced designers the institute makes up for an idle place to nurture these creative minds to flourish into expert interior designers.


           Course Highlights

  • Master diploma in Interior Designing
  • Short term certificate in Interior Designing
  • Space planning
  • Colour theory
  • Furniture style
  • Textile for walls
  • Ceiling finishes
  • Estimations
  • Site visits
  • Software training
  • Lighting


Course name: Master Diploma in Interior Designing/ Short term Certificate in Interior                               Designing

Duration: 1 year/ 6 months

Fees: Contact the institute

Contact: 9361324488, 7299886107

Website: www.innovisionidi.com

Ranking: 4.7/5


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5.             Colors School of Interior Designing


Colors School of Interior Designing offers one of the best interior designing courses in Chennai.  Its meticulously designed curriculum is in total alignment with market demands and industry standards. Its faculty consists of visionaries, creative and experienced minds who are the guiding lights of the many students aspiring to flourish into successful interior designers.


Course Highlights:

  • Fundamentals of interior designing
  • Presentation
  • Visual communication
  • Detailing and construction of interiors
  • Essential material
  • Essential system
  • Organization of space
  • Flooring design
  • Furniture layout
  • Ceiling layout
  • Two cross-sectional elevation


Course name: Short term certificate course in interior design / Diploma in interior design / Advanced diploma interior design

Duration: 6 months / 1 year / 2 years

Fees: Contact the institute

Contact: 701 042 0804

Website: www.colorsinteriordesign.com

Ranking: 4.7/5


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Frequently asked questions


  1. What qualifications are needed to pursue Interior Designing?

In order to pursue Interior design at the undergraduate level, one must clear the 10+2 examination with a minimum of 50% from any stream. For diploma and advanced diploma courses, different institutes may have different guidelines.


  1. Is Interior Design a good career choice?

If you have a creative bend of mind and you think you have the ability to work hard in order to transform an ordinary place into something more beautiful and lively. Then yes, Interior designing is definitely an excellent career choice. Given the ever-growing infrastructure and the rampant renovations being undertaken across the place, there will never be a dearth of opportunities for Interior designer to prove their metal.


  1. How much does an Interior Designer earn?

The average salary of an Interior Designer in India is 3.3 lakh per annum, excluding bonuses and commissions.


  1. What books should I read for interior design?
  1. Homebody: A Guide to Creating Spaces You Never Want to Leave
  2. A House By the Sea by Bunny Williams
  3. Evocative Style by Kelly Wearstler
  4. Jungalow: Decorate Wild by Justina Blakeney
  5. Habitat: The Field Guide to Decorating




Interior designing, as we know it today has undergone some major transformations since the time of its inception. However, the basic premise of the concept has remained undeterred, which is to make the space lively, pleasant, warm, and comfortable for its inhabitants.

Every project comes with a different set of expectations and challenges. The ability to juggle the various projects at once and work with precision requires extensive training and practice. Enrolling in one of the top 5 interior designing courses in Chennai will help you transform from an aspirant to a professional interior designer.


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