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Top 10 SEO Courses in UK with Practical Training

Want to know what SEO is, its beginning and end? You have landed on the right page, the following article will help you understand the meaning and essence of SEO, why you should choose SEO and a few of the best available options of SEO courses in UK. Starting your own business, Website creation, content creation, having quality and quantity of users seeing your work, and many more such associated things requires your best marketing skills to generate traffic and popularity and to know where your brand/business stands on online visibility.


SEO courses in UK


What is meant by SEO? 


Search engine optimization (SEO) is a step-by-step process through which one can increase the volume of visitors coming to your website. SEO is one of the most increasing and effective techniques employed by people today to quickly increase their brands’ visibility online. SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is one such skill that helps you in attracting more visitors to your content.


Which in return increases your brand’s online visibility and enhances your marketing techniques. Currently, there are thousands and lakhs of websites and content available online. Regardless of your niche and expertise, one can still find bulks of content readily accessible to them.


During these times SEO comes to charge and helps you in the simplest ways to optimize your content in ways you can generate more traffic organically and naturally. Hence SEO is referred to as ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ ways of marketing. To know what are the best SEO courses in UK , one needs to be able to understand the meaning of SEO and what digital marketing or SEO marketing does.


Digital marketing is the most prominent form of marketing these days, as everything is online in this new age. From shopping to searching for educational institutions, you find articles and websites for every possible word there is. SEO marketing is marketing using SEO. Hence digital marketing and SEO marketing go hand-in-hand in a business.


SEO practices are sketched in such a manner so as to position your content at a higher rank on search engines like google or safari to generate more ‘clicks’ to your website. The more clicks you have on a website amounts for the more traffic coming to your website. We can look at this by throwing some light on the example of searching for ‘coffee’ online.


People may be searching for coffee recipes, buying coffee, or finding cafes for coffee. Now you want your relevant content to reach the audience, therefore SEO is used to boost your content to a higher rank. 


In comparison to paid marketing and advertising, SEO is free of charge and organic in nature. You don’t have to pay for this form of advertising or marketing your brand. Like you need coffee in the morning, SEO is the coffee to your brand’s morning. 


Why choose SEO?


According to updated statistics that are mentioned on search engines, and the market share on these search engines, Google accounts for approximately 86% of the market share. Leading its way on desktop as well as mobile searches. Other such search engines could be Yahoo, Baidu, Bing, Safari, etc. 


As talked about earlier, SEO is free and a non-paid form of advertising or marketing. Even though it’s non-paid, it is even more effective than the paid ones. How? According to statistics, the first page of any search engine is the most important one, and the top three non-branded sites generate more than 50% of clicks.


This means even before clicking on the paid branded links, people chose the non-branded ones. What better way to boost your brand value without even paying for it. SEO is thus proved to be the most cost-effective, easy, and vital skill for your brand.


Using and employing the techniques of links, optimized content, user experience, etc increases the credibility as well as provides recognition to your website or brand. 


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How Search Engines Work


There are several search engines present, but since Google accounts for most of it we are going to use Google as an example here. We can look at the working of search engines by throwing light at this example: When you search for a word on any search engine like Google, Google helps you to search for content related to that word, discover and view all the content that there is around that word as well as organize and understand all the content present around that word. 


The working of search engines and SEO helps you to understand three functions, which are crawling, indexing, and ranking. Which each means discovering new content, processing each page or content, and ranking it high or low depending on the content. 


Techniques employed in SEO 


In brief, below are a few of the techniques used by SEO to boost your content to a higher rank. 


  • On-page SEO techniques


One of the first ways to enhance your content is by optimizing your content by strategically using keywords and deciding the length of the content. Headlines and title tags, where does your site appear on search engines, user engagement or management, speed, images, web vitals, etc. All of these are known as on-page or on-site SEO techniques which are used in order to make it more readable to the visitors as well as more attractive to search engines. 



A large part of Off-page techniques employ links; outbound, inbound, backlinks. Off-page SEO enhances the authority of your page by getting more links from other websites. This is achieved through quality content creation which urges people to link their content, having guest bloggers, influencers, experts of your niche/field to enhance credibility as well as popularity. In SEO the quantity and quality of links and engagement are both vital. 


The scope of SEO and how it is an essential tool


For the success of any digital marketing skill search engine optimization works at the core. SEO has time and again proved itself as the most efficient and vital marketing and advertising strategy for any and every individual and organization.


The cost efficiency, visible results, and its strategies which are in your own hand approach have made it accessible and popular over the years. When you start a new brand/website/organization, everyone needs an offline as well as an online marketing strategy for its success.


The online world and its phenomenon have gained their best potential during these past few decades and it continues to grow. Hence SEO is the ladder one uses to reach the best potential for their brand. The scope of SEO is highly recommended by every major and minor marketer.


There are innumerable amounts of content, videos, and training programs on SEO, and this innumerable amount does signify the importance of this skill. Now that it is clear the how and why of SEO, let us find out some of the SEO courses in UK which are accessible and available according to audience convenience.


Top 10 SEO courses in UK 


Let us now look at the top 5 SEO courses in UK. There are a number of courses available to train you in SEO, give certification in SEO, teach you SEO techniques, etc. For users specifically looking for SEO courses in UK , here are some of the most proficient and popular SEO courses in Uk for your marketing and advertising enhancement. 




IIM SKILLS has quickly become one of the leading online services and educational organizations with the most successful online learning and training courses available. The aim of IIM SKILLS is very focused, it is to provide the best education at cost-efficient prices. 


As simple as it gets, is the main agenda for IIM SKILLS. It intends to break down each method, technique, or strategy which can be used by individuals, organizations, or businesses to make success certain. They provide multiple courses at affordable prices and ensure lifetime access to their study material, guidance, and support.


They have trained over 15000 people from over 35 countries around the world. It has been ranked number 1 on many sites and is a registered and authorized brand to help you dodge all your obstacle and ace your profession. 


Course Name: Advanced SEO Course

Duration: 4 weeks training + 8 weeks of paid internship 

Price: 147.45 Pounds


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What you will learn


    • How to start your own SEO firm and become a certified SEO specialist 
    • Training and guaranteed paid internship 
    • Learn how to rank your content on search engines to ensure maximum traffic 
    • Lifetime access and placement support 

More Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

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IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite

2. IDM


The search engine optimization course is a digital marketing course provided by the Institute of Data and Marketing in the United Kingdom. IDM is a branch of the Data and Marketing Association (DMA) that enhances the growth of an organization or business. The institute has over 30years of experience in empowering class marketers and businesses. 


The institute aims at educational practices, career development, and marketing skills. It provides you with practical application, case studies, and learning that have won awards, efficient user experience, and learning to keep up with the changing data and marketing industries of UK. 


Duration: 1 day 7 CPD hour

Price: 450 pounds


What you will learn


    • Learn the basics of search marketing 
    • Searching for keywords and the role of keyword phrasing in search marketing 
    • SEO structural optimization and its implication on web design 
    • Strategic link building and content creation 
    • Selecting meaningful metrics and creating search marketing goals 


3. The college of media and publishing Uk


Up since 2003, the College of Media and Publishing, UK is an online college that has numerous courses and is government-registered and accredited. It is one of the most successful online colleges in UK and works with companies such as Arsenal, Vodafone, Disney, Etc.


It aims at individual attention and effort given to each student and helps them choose careers, enhance their skills and give them diploma degree as well. This SEO course in UK is very popular and has many registered students. 


Duration: At your own pace, No deadlines

Price: 494.50 Pounds


what you’ll learn


    • Content writing strategies in accordance with SEO  
    • How to successfully search, apply and plant keywords in your articles 
    • Promotion of your organization or brand through the use of SEO
    • Gain efficiency in writing and find freelancing/job opportunities.


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4. Pitman Training


Sir Isaac Pitman invented shorthand in 1837 and since then pitman training has been paving the way for efficient development and growth at your workplace. The company has adapted and updated to the new modern technologies and advancements and continues to help and provide growth to businesses, individuals, and organizations. 


The training programs, courses, diplomas, etc aim at equipping the students with skills and knowledge required to achieve success in their desired field of profession. Keeping up with their word they claim that ‘one can nowhere find the training as their own pitman training in the entire world’ 


Duration: Around 6 hours

Price: upon further inquiry


 what you’ll learn 


    • An overview of the working of SEO
    • Analyzing keywords and phrases
    • Link building 
    • Comparing other competitors SEO’s 
    • How to use the best and efficient practices of SEO 




RHACC was formed in 2017 when the merger of Richmond Adult and Community College and Hillcroft College was done to form one of nine institutes of adult learning (IAL) in the United Kingdom. Since then it is based on their shared expertise in adult learning in order to thrive and realize their full potential for professions and education. 


The institute claims to provide free and impartial guidance to those interested and has over 7000 learners enrolled in their courses. It offers a variety of courses catering to different fields. 


Duration : 1 week

Price: 39 Pounds


what you’ll learn 


    • Workings of SEO and how to achieve return through SEO 
    • Website creation 
    • On-page and off-page optimization techniques 
    • How to eliminate the pitfalls and penalizations of SEO and search engines 
    • Designing and employment strategies associated with SEO 


6. The Chartered Institute of Marketing 


The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) is running since 1911 and has successfully mastered over 30,000 members and marketers. It provides training, membership benefits, and qualifications. In 2014 the company was rebranded and is said to have become even more successful and has handled the biggest and most efficient strategies and techniques with this new change. 


Duration: 1day

Price: 475 Pounds

Level: intermediate


what you’ll learn 


    • How to improve your landing page optimization and your conversion rate
    • Build SEO tactics and measurement frameworks 
    • Enhance website optimization and content optimization 


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7. Yoast Academy 


Yoast has its very own Yoast SEO Academy which was founded in 2015 and aims at sharing its expertise on SEO. They have a variety of vlogs and content on SEO and around its field. Yoast SEO academy has two courses which are Yoast SEO academy content which provides information and strategies on writing and content creation.


The next one is Yoast SEO academy technical which provides technical details and support. They have a free online SEO course for beginners and then they have different ranges of courses for different SEO training programs 


Price: free and premium is for 73.13 Pound/ annually 


What you’ll learn 


    • Everything revolving around SEO
    • Training on local and international SEO 
    • Different structural training for beginners and advanced level students
    • Training on WordPress and keywords 


IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite


8. Moz Pro 


Moz Academy provides SEO-related knowledge and content. Their main aim is to make you go through all that there is about SEO. They have detailed and specific SEO programs for all your needs. They have three types of memberships available, such as Moz Pro, Moz Local, and STAT. They also have many series related to SEO courses such as SEO essential certification, Technical SEO certification   Starter pack, sequel pack, SEO client prospecting, and pitch, etc. 


Duration: 4 weeks

Price: 43.58 Pounds 


what you’ll learn 


    • Tools and skills of SEO required for any and every website 
    • Build a system to check your SEO progress 
    • Increase website authority and analyze other competitive content


9. Hubspot Academy 


 Hub spot Academy is the leading academy currently which trains people free of charge online. Their main aim is to inform and educate people through their online training and help them gain success for their businesses. They offer a variety of courses and provide students with videos, lessons, and study material with online access. Their SEO courses in UK helps in digital marketing for writers and marketers and is a certified course. 


Duration: 6 lessons and 24 videos

Price: free


 what you’ll learn 


    • Improvisation and evaluation of your website through SEO 
    • how to use backlinks 
    • Keywords and their input 


10. Emarketing Institute


This institution was founded by Thomas in Denmark in 2014. The E-market institution offers 100% free SEO courses in UK and 100% free e-books around the field of digital marketing. Their main aim is to provide knowledge and information to every individual without any financial barrier.


 There have been 250,000 students from 100 and more different countries who have signed up and have achieved success. The course material, e-books, video lessons are all absolutely free for any and everyone. This certificate is professional and can be used on all authorized and professional websites as genuine. 


Price: free


 What you’ll learn 


    • The workings of SEO as a part of search engine marketing
    • How to index websites work and how they are ranked on search engines
    • A guide for keyword research and content creation
    • Tactics such as website optimization and Link building 


Frequently Asked Questions 


1. Is SEO useful for all businesses? 

Yes, SEO is a universally applied technology that can be and should be used for all online digital marketing skills. 


2. Is it mandatory to have certified SEO courses in UK? 

No, it is certainly not mandatory to have a certified SCO training program, however, it is highly recommended to gain training and therefore gain more knowledge and information around SCO for better building of websites and content creation. 


3.  Are all the SEO courses in UK offline? 

SEO courses available in UK are both online as well as offline at your nearest centers. One can choose their desired price and course according to their own convenience. 


4. How much does an SEO course in UK cost? 

The cost of the course varies from institution to institution. There are courses that are available free online, for example, SEO courses at the beginners level. However, for advanced SEO training, the courses can vary from £10-£1000.


5. Is it worth investing money in SEO? 

Absolutely and one hundred percent yes! The amount of money, time, and effort an individual invests in SEO will definitely lead to results in the form of increased brand visibility, more traffic, and therefore more revenue to your own brand. 




Since the evolution of humankind, its nature, its occupation, its world has changed and in this ever-changing world, SEO is here to stay. The training, techniques, and strategies of Search engine optimization are your assets to ensure the maximum and greatest success. All the courses which were listed above are accessible and available as SEO courses in UK , as well as all other countries. Everyone can access them and enjoy the benefits. So choose from the above-mentioned SEO courses in UK and let’s get started. 

  • In the city, I run a cafe. Making our cafe well-known in the community, nevertheless, has proven challenging. Although there aren’t many clients during the day, we can nonetheless serve them. I believe it is because the cafe has not been well-known by the community, which would indicate its lack of success. So we made the decision to move our company online as well. There isn’t much of a difference from using the online approach even though we have a website and everything. However, a buddy of mine had informed me of the advantages of SEO courses in UK for small enterprises as well. Please explain me how SEO can help my business.

  • Hi. I saw this post and realized how SEO will help us expand our business online. This is a very good article. We’d like to enrol in your SEO courses in UK. I was looking for advice on how to grow the business’s popularity among the locals. I am the owner of a small coffee shop in the UK. We have the resources to expand this business to other areas. I have learned about digital marketing and I thought I should learn some of these skills used in SEO as well. Which of the above stated institutes give placement help? Plz help.

  • Do you provide internships at the mentioned respected institutions? I’m curious since I started working at a restaurant but quickly realised it wasn’t the best fit for me or my career. However, I enjoy blogging and have some experience with my own site. On the other side, SEO courses in UK appear to be a better fit for my career. Because SEO, as I’ve seen it work for a friend who is a content writer who writes for blogs and other publications, will aid in the awareness of my blogs. Also, please guide me in the correct spot if you know of any other blogging classes.

  • Are these courses beneficial for UK students as well? I have read your blog post on the topic and am interested in knowing more about this course in detail. How can I contact you for an inquiry live? I am willing to talk with a professional one-on-one to get my doubts cleared with them. I have seen many SEO courses in UK but I like the one delivered by your institute. It also has many positive feedbacks on the net so I’m hopeful about this course. Plz tell me the timings of the batch and the details about the sessions and the courses that will be delivered.

  • I am interested in this course. I am a travel blogger from UK and blog mostly about India and other Asian countries as well. I also have a youtube channel which has been more successful than the blogs. So I would like to take my blogs to more people’s eyes and for that reason, I was searching for SEO courses in UK. This blog has been the most helpful so far so thank you for taking the time to write about this topic. I’m going to clean up my schedule and start with one of these courses listed when I get the time.

  • My name is Khrys and I am originally from Goa . We moved to UK on a Portuguese visa a year ago and I’m loving it here . I work as a store manager and my evenings are spend working on my blogs that are about food and bakery. I haven’t been able to achieve my target viewership and I kept wondering how I could better it . I came across your article as I read about the magic of SEO and I also looked up at SEO courses in UK. I really hope I am able to learn the tricks and trade about the this wonderful online tool.

  • I am from India and currently residing in the UK. I have a local business here and was searching for some SEO courses in UK to upstart the business online. It feels good to know that an Indian institute is doing so much even here in the UK. I am impressed and will surely join IIM Skills when I get the chance as it looks promising for my business. I would however like to know if the course would in fact help me upscale my business or is it going to be a long road. I understand online marketing enough but would like to learn more about it if possible.

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