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Top 5 Business Analytics Courses In Wales With Live Training

Are you interested in a career in the data-driven business world? Major companies use data and analytics to inform operational decisions. Skilled analysts are in great demand across all sectors, from finance, education, health care, and government, with various job opportunities available across the world. Wales is a beautiful place in the United Kingdom with lots of career opportunities. You can go for Business Analytics Courses in Wales. It is in high demand there. As technology develops, businesses rely on technology to grow their products and service and the companies appoint business analysts to check out their business growth by solving business-related problems. The world is a hub of technology today. Without technological development, you cannot go further. In business, maintaining future precision requires some analysis which is basically called business analytics.  In this article, we have shared the definition of business analytics, different types, and different tools used in this course. Here we have discussed the top 5 Business Analytics Courses in Wales. Tools like Python, R, SAS, etc. are used in business analytics to analyze data. You will master the technical skills as well as various skills which are needed to become a business analyst in a business or firm.

Top Business Analytics Courses In Wales

Wales is a hub of business analytics where you can pursue your career as a business analyst if you have a profound interest in this field. It is the process of analyzing data and providing solutions to any business or firm.

What is Business Analytics (BA)?

In data analytics, raw and unuseful data is transformed into useful and intelligible data. While, Business Analytics is a process of using those useful and reasonable data in a business or firm for the business’s future betterment. The process involves an orderly exploration of a business’s data to come to the decision-making.

Who is a Business Analyst?

A business analyst is a person who holds the job to come to the conclusion of decision-making of the respective business. He should have enough knowledge of the company’s past, present, and future data for the company’s future precision. With the help of infographics, charts, graphs, tables, and various skills, he has to use the recognized data so that the company gets successful in the future. He should have profound knowledge about the products and services provided by the company for better efficiency. The primary job of a business analyst is to find out the objective of the business by making a connection with the business organizations, or people who are in the process of decision-making. In the process of business analysis, a business analyst is to do predictive analysis, machine learning, business problem solving, etc. Anyone cannot become a business analyst with only technical skills, he also needs soft skills that help him to be recognized at the firm.

Business Analytics vs Data Analytics

Business Analytics and data analytics deal with data. Data Analytics is the process where useful data are collected from huge sets of unintelligible data and analyzed for future use of a business or firm. It is the analysis of huge data sets to draw conclusions from it and find a trend for future use. It does not have to be used in the interest of business goals. On the other hand, business analytics is a process where a business analyst finds out the objective of the business for future precision. Data Analytics is a practice that includes business analytics. Business Analytics involves data analytics tools in the interest of business insights. However, data analytics is sometimes used with business analytics.

Different types of Business Analytics:

There are 4 types of business analytics. These are- Descriptive Analytics, Diagnostic Analytics, Predictive Analytics, and Prescriptive Analytics. Descriptive Analytics deals with data where it helps understand the current position of a business or firm. Descriptive Analytics has two methods such as data aggregation and data mining. In diagnostic analytics, the question ‘why did this happen?’ is raised and the business analyst solves the question by analyzing data. The predictive analysis focuses on the prediction of the future precision of the business. The probabilities are made from data mining and data aggregation. The final method to get meaningful results is Prescriptive Analytics.

Who can study business analytics courses?

Business analytics may be learned by anyone who has a keen interest in analyzing data. Business professionals, project managers, solution architects, system analytics, graduates, etc. can study business analytics. Industry person who has 2-3 years of experience can also pursue this course to boost their career growth.


Reasons to go for business analytics courses in Wales

  1. Opens up your career options

After completing the course, you can explore various fields such as finance, health care, and social assistance, retail, manufacturing, public administration, etc., and join there as a business analyst.

  1. Keeps you competitive

The candidates of for master’s degree are increasing every year. As the number of candidates is increasing, the level of competition in this field is getting high. As the growth rate of getting success becomes high, it will be a good choice to pursue it as a career. In this way, this field keeps the candidates competitive who want to take it as a career.

  1. Instill you with confidence

Uncertainty is part and parcel of the business. Business problems may not have clear-cut solutions. That is why you have to go beyond just knowing tools and develop problem-solving abilities. You must be able to say that you can do this.

  1. Flexible schedule for professionals

Whether it is a part-time or fully online format, it makes it possible for students to stay in their jobs.

  1. You love to work with a plethora of data

If you love to work with huge data, this field is perfect for you. The job of a business analyst is to draw conclusions from the unintelligible data which will be useful in a business or firm for future precision.

  1. You like computers and programming

If you like computers and programming, the field is a good option for you. The job of a business analyst depends on a computer. With the help of courses like machine learning, data science, software engineering, and computer science, a business analyst can work in the field. All of these will increase their abilities of trend recognition very well.

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Business Analytics Career Opportunities

In today’s world, technology has developed and career opportunities in various courses become broad. Career opportunities in the field of business analytics are rising.The average annual salaries are impressive as well. The average growth rate in this field is much quicker than all other occupations. A person who develops higher technical skills, analytical skills, communication skills, management skills, etc. has a great career opportunity in this field. Industries like healthcare, information technology, and government agencies get high growth. The demand for business analysts continues to rise and the diversity of career opportunities in this field increases as well.

Tools used in Business Analytics

  • Qlik- QlikView is a tool used in business analytics to visualize data and provides a dashboard.
  • Tibco Spotfire- Tibco Spotfire is a powerful, and unimportant text analysis.
  • Splunk- Splunk is another tool used in business analytics that is a user interface to visualize data.
  • Sisense- Sisense is a text-analysis feature and data warehousing.
  • Excel- Excel is a tool to synthesize data that is gathered. You can use charts, graphs, and various formulas to draw a conclusion from unintelligible data.
  • Python- Python is a programming language. It is used for its flexibility to analyze data. It also has a plethora of libraries. Python Data Analysis Library, known as Pandas, is a well-known used library dedicated to business analytics.
  • Tableau- Tableau is another tool to analyze data from huge unuseful data sets. It is an easy tool to draw conclusions from huge data sets. It provides a smart dashboard to analyze data sets.
  • Power BI- Another tool is Power BI for business analysis. It is a Microsoft tool. It gathers large data from various sources and analyzes the data to draw a logical conclusion from it. It manages to give insights via charts, infographics, graphs, etc.
  • R- R is a programming language for various analyses. It is used for solving huge data sets, and it also has several libraries for analyzing data.

Other major tools used in business analytics are: Jira and Confluence, Trello, Rational Requisite Pro., Balsamiq, Pencil, SQL, Microsoft Access, Google Docs, Microsoft Visio, etc.

A Business Analyst requires skills

  • A business analyst should know where to look for problems and how to rectify them.
  • A business analyst should know the tools used in the analysis, such as Excel, Tableau, SWOT, SQL, etc. which help gather data and to analyze the information to make the decision.
  • A business analyst must have communication skills. He has to communicate with various people in this field about consulting on decisions, explaining what the data means and how to solve problems and draw a conclusion of it for future precision.
  • A business analyst must have leadership qualities

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The top 5 Business Analytics Courses in Wales are mentioned below:

1. Cardiff Metropolitan University

Cardiff Metropolitan University offers one of the best Business Analytics Courses in Wales. It is a 12-16 months full-time postgraduate degree program. Students from all across the globe can join this program. It is a public university.

Applicants who want to pursue this course should have a minimum of a second-class lower-division degree from a recognized university. They also have a minimum of 5 years of relevant management experience or they hold a professional or other qualification to be accepted for admission.

Applicants may be asked to attend an interview if needed.

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2. Swansea University

Swansea University offers MSc in Business Analytics in Wales. This course will give you an understanding of how data is used in the corporate world, from the data behind the internet to global supply pipeline logistics management. It is a 1-year program. This program is focused on preparing you for a career in the era of ‘big data.

It covers various concepts such as managing financial resources, operations management, human resource management, and marketing management. It will give you a solid grounding in a range of dynamic business principles. You will also learn about management in a global community.

Accredited by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), the course is open to any student from any discipline who would like to work in business or management. After the completion of the course, you will qualify for CMI’s Level seven Certificate in Strategic Management and Leadership.


  • Open to applicants with no prior experience of business-related subjects.
  • All modules are taught by industry experts.
  • Open to every student across the world.
  • Budget-friendly course.
  • The trainers will give you professional acceleration, which can accelerate your career.

The course offers dual modes (on-campus and online). The total fee for UK-based students is £ 11,600 and for International students is £ 19,600.

3. Bangor University

Bangor University offers one of the best Business Analytics Courses in Wales. It offers MSc in business analytics. The program offers 1-year full-time and 2-year part-time courses. The course is known as ‘Business Data Analytics.’

Business analytics attracts considerable international attention. There has been a recent growth rate in the need for expertise in business analytics. Bangor Business School’s MSc Business Data Analytics delivers an offering in banking, finance, investment, and marketing subjects.
After pursuing the course, you will understand that data is increasingly important in many aspects of our everyday lives and careers. You will also gain the ability to produce valuable insights into a business or firm.

Course Curriculum

  • Coding or programming
  • Data Science
  • Research Methodology
  • Statistical analysis
  • Financial technology
  • Predictive Analysis

Course Benefits

  • The program offers lectures, small group classes and tutorials, computer labs, and supervision by industry experts.
  • There will be opportunities for group work among a wide range of methods.
  • In addition to the two main semesters, the summer period provides essential opportunities for project work, dissertations, and many more.
  • The learners will learn optional modules in entrepreneurship,knowledge and portfolio management. You will acquire technical skills and learn about the practical applications of these skills to business problems in different sectors including finance, marketing, and health.

4. Simplilearn

Simplilearn is the popular online platform that offers one of the best online Business Analytics Courses in Wales. Through a partnership with IBM, it offers a Master’s Program in business analytics course. The course provides with various modules such as tableau training, data analysis and visualization with Python, Business Analyst Capstone, and mathematical optimization for solving business problems and making decisions.

Tools covered

  • Excel
  • JIRA
  • Power BI
  • My SQL
  • NumPy
  • SciPy
  • EXIN Agile

Duration of the course: 12 months


5. University of Essex

It is one of the best online Business Analytics Courses in Wales. It is a 2-year program. This 100% online MSc Business and Management (Business Analytics) degree will develop your analytical skills. The course will empower you to make decisions to improve performance in all areas of business. You will cover topics including the theory underpinning data and knowledge management and the range of statistical methodologies available for analyzing and solving business problems.

Course Curriculum

  • Financial Decision Making
  • Data Management, Modelling, and Design
  • Statistics for Business
  • Project Management
  • Data Visualisation and Interpretation
  • Data Analytics for Managers
  • Business Strategy
  • Research Methods
  • Business and Management Research Report

The total fee is £ 11,836

Let’s check the courses for lucrative career opportunities

FAQs about Business Analytics Courses in Wales

  1. Which is one of the best business analytics courses in Wales?

In Wales, the above-mentioned business analytics courses are in high demand. You can choose any of the mentioned courses as per your needs after doing proper research. You can join their demo classes to understand what they offer. But we can assure you that all the courses are trustworthy.

  1. Who can enroll in business analytics courses in Wales?

Business Analytics course is an aspiring course in today’s world. Any aspirant who has a keen interest in technical, programming, and leadership skills can enroll in this course in Wales. Wales is a place of opportunities in business analytics. Any graduate with Science, Commerce, or Engineering background can pursue the course.

  1. Is MBA mandatory for doing a business analytics course in Wales?

It’s hard to say that it is mandatory. But an MBA degree is much needed to pursue a business analytics course. In Wales, big companies recruit experienced business analytics in their firm. So if you have an MBA degree, it will be a great advantage for you.

  1. What is the business analysts’ salary in Wales?

We can say that business analytics are paid well. In Wales, an average salary of a business analyst is $39139 per year. Otherwise, the salary depends on the business analytics’ designation. It differs from fresher to experienced candidates.

  1. Is Business Analytics and Data Analytics the same?

Business Analytics and Data Analytics both go hand in hand. They work with data. But there is a slight difference. Data Analytics is the process of collecting and analyzing data for future use in business precision. In this process, raw data is converted into useful, logical, and intelligible data to identify trends. On the other hand, Business analytics is a process of using those intelligible data to make business decisions for future betterment. Data Analytics is a practice that includes Business Analytics.

  1. Which skills are required to become a business analyst?

Various skills are required to become a successful business analyst. The skills are technical skills, soft skills, programming skills, analytical skills, communication skills, problem-solving skills, leadership skills, decision-making skills, time management skills, etc.

  1. Can a literature student pursue business analytics courses in Wales?

Yes. It is not a hindrance that literature students cannot take business analytics courses in Wales. They should have a basic knowledge of what a business analytics course is. This course requires technical skills. Many times, literature students do not have that skill. They must have that skill to pursue the course.

  1. Can a non-programmer become a business analyst?

Yes, of course. It is not mandatory to be a programmer for pursuing a business analytics degree. Anyone can become a business analyst with little interest in this field. It is also true that a programmer might be able to grasp a lot of technical skills while working on analytics tools.

  1. How will I create a portfolio after becoming a business analyst?

After completing a business analytics course, you become an experienced analyst. But you should show your experience in various job sites. You can update your portfolio and share it on LinkedIn, Kaggle, and other sites. If you don’t have a portfolio, you can ask your institute and kick-start your portfolio.


Business Analytics courses in Wales are in great demand today. The above-mentioned top 5 Business Analytics Courses in Wales are liable and trustworthy. Every institute offers a certification program that holds a strong value in the field of business. After completing the course, a plethora of jobs is waiting for you.

You should have technical skills, communication skills, and leadership qualities inside you that will help you establish yourself as a successful business analyst in this field. Don’t miss the opportunity. Go and grab the course you want after doing proper research. From students to professionals, these courses will help to gain knowledge and skills for their degrees. Business Analytics Courses are giving benefits to people in the tech-savvy world. These courses are the result of a new era of developing rapid technology.  Big companies have recruited experienced business analysts to boost their business. Your job is to work in those companies to make their business in a better position by solving the business problems and coming into the business making decisions.

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