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10 Best Financial Modeling Courses With Practical Training

Financial modeling is the process of representing an organization’s income and expenditure numerically using spreadsheets. This numerical representation of data is used to estimate the impact of a decision on some future event. In other words, Financial modeling is the process of projecting a business’s financial performance by taking into consideration the significant aspects of the business organization. These aspects which denote the performance of the organization comprise mainly growth, risk markers, and the evaluation of their impact. Learn about the best financial modeling courses below.

List of best financial modeling courses

The financial model allows one to gain a thorough understanding of all the vital factors that go into financial forecasting. A financial model is of crucial significance for company executives. The data representation in the financial model is used by financial analysts to determine the future impact of events or executive decisions. A few examples of financial models include discounted cash flow analysis, in-depth appraisal, or sensitivity analysis.

Significant Aspects of Financial Modeling:

  • Financial Modeling helps in evaluating and comparing the financial position of the organization with its peers and competitors.
  • It is used to estimate the financial strength of the organization.
  • Financial models may be of various types and hence produce different results based on the inputs and assumptions behind the construction of the model.
  • The process may either involve building a fresh model or maintaining the existing model by providing new inputs and using a different set of data for the variable components in the model.

Why Should You Opt for a Financial Modeling Course?

  • If you are looking for growth and value addition in your career, especially in the field of finance, then the Financial modeling course is meant for you.
  • In this world of cut-throat competition, what will set you apart and give you an edge over others is your step toward choosing the best financial modeling courses.
  • To remain on top of your game or to be a step ahead of others, then opting for the best financial modeling courses will give you a much-needed career boost.
  • In today’s corporate world of high competition, where demand exceeds supply, opting for a good financial modeling course will be a wise decision as financial modeling is one of the most wanted skills in the industry today.
  • Learning financial modeling equips you with the concepts and tools required to give your career jump-start in this ultra-competitive job market.
  • If you are thinking that you are a business school graduate and you have covered the concepts of financial modeling theoretically well enough, then this course becomes all the more necessary for you to bridge the gap between learning and application.
  • Even if you’re an experienced person in the field of finance, you might be knowing what to do, however, you mightn’t know how to do it right and with the best technique. Opting for the best financial modeling courses would help you determine the fair stock price of a company and this is exactly why a big company would like to hire you.

Career and Scope

  • When you understand and use concepts of financial modeling effectively, the scope of your growth in corporate finance expands multifold.
  • The financial model reflects that revenue isn’t merely an item on the income statement; it is a combination of various elements like the probability of sales conversion, the distribution, and sales channel, the sales pipeline, etc.
  • Financial modeling has become a common skill needed for financial job growth in recent years.
  • Most corporate finance professions demand financial modeling skills.
  • A good financial modeling course is that which is versatile and has multiple applications.
  •  Opting for the best financial modeling courses will help you build a stronger foundation in having an in-depth knowledge of how to value a company, take a company IPO, issue shares, mergers and acquisitions, and advise a firm on certain crucial issues like pricing of a product or secondary sales.
  • A financial modeling course is additionally beneficial to anyone who has completed an MBA, CA, and CFA or even for the one pursuing it, or for the one who is planning to do so, as it will supplement theoretical learning with practical.
  • A good financial modeling course guides working professionals to gain an in-depth understanding of the entire financial scenario of the company and also to gain a competitive edge over the rest of the industry, by making a significant contribution in spearheading several financial modeling projects.


Opportunities in a Financial Modeling Course:

Ø  Designing fresh financial models

Ø  Credit rating and analysis

Ø  Investment Banking

Ø  Financial sector research

Ø  Corporate finance and development

Ø  Equity and Private Equity Research

Ø  Company Profiling

Ø  Financial Data Analysis

Choosing the best financial modeling courses goes a long way in fetching handsome returns in terms of career and growth.

Salary and Details

One thing that needs to be clearly understood before coming to the salary part is that financial modeling course isn’t a job title or a professional degree. It is a vital skill set that adds significant weightage to one’s portfolio. So, be very cautious while selecting the best financial modeling courses.

If a company categorically seeks financial modeling skills in the candidate, then the expected salary could be 4–5 lac p.a (assuming you have a basic degree that incorporates financial knowledge, like B.Com).

A specific salary figure can’t be precisely quoted, however, the good news is that companies in the financial sector prefer a fresher with financial modeling experience to design risk models with desired variables to help minimize the loopholes and bridge the gaps. The finance industry is seen as one of the most lucrative and rewarding ones in terms of pay structure and salary.

Let us have a rough glimpse of the average expected salaries of financial professionals in investment banking, private equity, and financial analysis sectors. If you are aiming at a good profile, especially in the field of financial analysis, then wisely choose the best financial modeling course available.

The financial analyst position is one of the most sought-after roles in the industry, with a salary range of $50k – $80k. Salary also depends on various other factors, one amongst them being job location. New York and Chicago tend to pay more than other locations for a salary in Private Equity, the average estimate in the United States is in the range of $70k – $200k.

The Investment Banking salary range is from $85k  to $180k. India also has promising and bright opportunities in the financial sector. The average salary per annum in India for Financial Modeling Jobs ranges somewhere from ₹250k to ₹10m depending upon their expertise and degrees.

Salary in India

The national average salary of a Financial Modeller in India is around ₹6.5 lakhs per annum.

Ø  Financial Analyst  ₹250k – ₹1m

Ø  Business Analyst – ₹250k – ₹1m

Ø  Equity Research Associate – ₹350k – ₹1m

Ø  CFA – ₹400k – ₹4m

Ø  Investment Banking – ₹300k – ₹3m

Ø  Financial Consultant – ₹250k – ₹4m

Ø  Credit Analyst – ₹300k – ₹2m

Ø  Research Analyst – ₹350k – ₹7m

Ø  Chartered Accountant – ₹600k – ₹4m

Ø  Risk Manager – ₹1m – ₹10m

Highest Paying Cities in India for Financial Modeling Jobs

Ø  Delhi

Ø  Bengaluru

Ø  Mumbai

Ø  Chennai

Ø  Pune

Ø  Gurgaon

Certification in Online Financial Modeling

Certificate of Completion

On successful completion of the course with the minimum desired attendance, learners Candidates get a Certificate of Completion with value creation.

Project Completion Certificate

Candidates get to work on various projects during the course and get Project Completion Certificate based on their performance.

Register for FMI Certification and other such global certification programs.

This certification equips the candidates to take the AFM exam conducted by FMI Canada. These exams are held in April or October worldwide.

Basic Elements of the Certified Course:

·      Build financial models from scratch

·      Helps understand Financial Models and statements

·      Knowing the various methods of evaluation

·      Case studies of Financial Modeling

·      Financial Statement Analysis and forecasts

·      Fundamental concepts of comparables and transaction comparables

 Course Eligibility

Ø  B.Com, MBA Finance, CA

Ø  Candidates aspiring to be Equity Research Analysts

Ø  Working professionals to strengthen their existing portfolio

Cost and Duration of Financial Modeling Courses in India

The average cost of financial modeling course in India is INR 19000 – Rs.40000

The timeline offered for course completion by institutes in India is 2-8 days stretching maximum up to 6 weeks

10 Best Financial Modeling Courses

1. IIM Skills

IIM Skills is the top-ranked institution that comes first in the minds when people think of skill development courses. The trainers not only train you with the concepts of financial modeling but also assist you to hold a good grip on the skills that you will learn during the training program.

They give equal attention to each student, making sure that everyone will get benefitted from the course equally. If you need a personalized mentorship then IIM Skills is the best place. IIM Skills course is considered one of the best financial modeling courses as this institution never fails to meet the need of the aspiring learner.

The reason people choose IIM Skills for their career development is the trainers truly dedicate themselves to the enhancement of students, at both professional and personal levels. You will acquire a number of soft skills along with financial modeling skills while working on various practical assignments.

Financial Modeling Course Highlights

  • 100% live interactive sessions
  • practical assignments are given during the course
  • They have 150+ placement partners
  • Master certification by IIM Skills
  • Internship opportunities
  • Lifetime access to LMS
  • 24*7 Suppor
  • Skills development
  • 100% placement assistance

Course Name: Financial Modeling Course

Course Duration: 3 Months

Course Fees: 39,900 + GST

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

2. The Wall Street School, New Delhi

The Wallstreet School is most suitable for learners who seek expertise in both Financial Modeling and Financial Analysis and Evaluations.

Highlights of the Course by the Wall Street

  • Practical training ensures participants get job-ready
  • Faculty having experience with major investment banks
  • Meticulous and updated training modules with real case studies
  • The flexibility of both full-time and weekend batches

The course is designed by industry experts in such a fashion as to provide a detailed understanding of investment banking techniques, capital markets, and equity research. The course has 8 modules:

Selection Criteria

The Wallstreet school reserves the right to admission of any candidate based on merit as it believes that its growth is directly related to the growth of its candidates. It determines the eligibility of a candidate for its full-time program through an eligibility interview.

Duration – 6 Weeks (180+ Hours)

Fees – ₹ 40,000 +GST*

3. CFI Education

CFI has a holistic approach to Financial Modeling and has crisp content. It is a perfect course for those who are at the beginner level. It is one of the leading online certification institutes with students across the globe in more than 170 countries.

The Primary Features of the Course Are

  • Case Study based training
  • Experienced and Expert Educators
  • Personalized Attention
  • Hands-on Projects
  • Soft Skill Development and Resume building
  • Business and Financial Modeling
  • Preparing for interviews
  • Free access to over 120 downloadable templates
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • Basic to Advance Excel & MS PowerPoint Skills
  • Financial Statements Analysis
  • DCF Valuation

Duration – 2 months (on weekends)

Course Fee[email protected]

+ 1-month project work

4. Coursera:

This course is offered by Macquire University. This University is highly acclaimed and ranks among the topmost universities in the world. Coursera is an American MOOC provider by Stanford University offering online certification in more than 4000 courses.

Key Features of the Course:

  • Designed keeping in mind the ease of learning for beginners
  • Practical knowledge-based comprehensive training
  • Access to online materials including audio, video, and assignments.

Key Features of Learning at Coursera :

  • Easy navigation, keying in of data, data manipulation, etc.
  • Excelling in the usage of advanced excel features and tools.
  • Representation of data in the form of charts, graphs, and so on.
  • Designing spreadsheets, correcting and validating data for analysis and decision making.

‘Financial Modeling by Wharton’ at Coursera is one of the best financial modeling courses for intermediate learners. Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS) has a meticulously designed database that can be used by learners:

  • to implement quantitative models in spreadsheets
  • to figure out the optimum opportunities for success
  • to figure out gaps and minimize risk.
  • hone the newly acquired decision-making skills,
  • structure a decision and prepare a PowerPoint presentation from the quantitative models

Duration – Depends on the course

Fee – Varies as per the course

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5. Udemy

Udemy is an American-based MOOC provider offering more than 155,000 courses, It is the choicest platform when looking for the best financial modeling courses.

Key Features of Learning at Udemy:

  • On-demand videos
  • Various downloadable resources
  • Lifetime access to course materials
  • Learning-based assignments
  • Certificate of completion

Key learnings of the course 

  • Expertise and ease in various features of Microsoft Excel
  • Building financial models and statements
  • Building a financial valuation model from scratch
  • Cash flow statement analysis
  • Data representation using charts and graphs.

Career Opportunities:

  • Investment banker
  • Freelancer
  • Research analyst
  • Financial analyst

Booking.com, Adidas, Lyft, Mercedes-Benz, and many more companies trust Udemy.

6. IMS Proschool, Hyderabad

IMS Proschool is the pioneer institute for Financial Modeling training in India. It has trained over 10,000 students & professionals across various cities in India. If you are looking for the best financial modeling courses offline, IMS Proschool is a good choice.

Key Features of the Course:

  • Application-based approach learning method
  • Acclaimed Certification
  • Guaranteed placement of candidates
  • Training by experts and industry veterans
  • Making the candidates market-ready
  • Soft skills development
  • Syllabus
  • Excel Proficiency
  • Equity Research Modeling
  • Financial Management
  • Report Writing and Sector Overview
  • Financial Modeling Projects
  • Case Study
  • Financial Statement and Ratios
  • Workshops on Financial Modeling
  • Resume building sessions

Modes of Learning:

  • Classroom Programs
  • Live online classes
  • Distance Learning

Duration – 55 hrs training program

Course Fee: ₹ 32,000

7. Investopedia Academy

The course offered by Investopedia is a project-based online course. The course has been designed bearing in mind future industrial requirements. It has comprehensive modules both on theoretical and practical concepts of financial modeling. Financial professionals from Fortune 500 have instructed this course making it one of the best courses for all aspirants.

Key Features

  • The syllabus is divided into 8 parts touching both on theory and practical
  • A Simple Financial Model
  • Break-Even And Sensitivity Analysis
  • True To Life Instructions
  • Scenario Analysis
  • Capex And Depreciation
  • Deprecation Schedules
  • Working Capital
  • Shortening the Cash Cycle
  • Exercises, projects, and assignments
  • Financial aid to the students
  • Hands-on elements of the financial skills
  • Over 40 video lessons with interactive content
  • Self-paced learning
  • Lifetime access to course material
  • Investopedia Placement Guarantee

Key Learnings:

  • Building a financial model from scratch
  • Evaluating the financial status of the business
  • Understanding the financial jargon
  • Valuation of business and financial projections
  • Making realistic financial projections

Career Opportunities Provided by the Course Are:

  • Financial analyst at beginner level
  • Capital market researcher

Duration – 40 lessons

Course Fee – INR 15314

8. GT Academy  – Grant Thorton Academy

Learning & Development Academy by Grant Thornton in India is an upskilling service. Its curriculum design provides result-oriented training programs to working professionals and students. Certificate Course in Financial Modeling & Valuation by GT Academy has been designed to provide working professionals & students with hands-on use of Financial Modeling and Valuation.

Key Features

  • Imparting conceptual knowledge
  • the perfect blend of industry practices
  • focusing on concepts through case studies
  • relate the scenarios to job roles
  • practical insights
  • understand and implement complex concepts
  • create financial models
  • gain insights into the opportunities and risks faced by business

Learning Outcome:

  • Designing financial models
  • Clearing MS Excel doubts
  • Refreshing Excel formulas
  • Valuation techniques
  • Creating dashboards to display models
  • Generating reports using models

Duration – 80 hours of study

Fees – INR 18,000 plus taxes

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9. IB Institute, Delhi

Investment Banking Institute (IB Institute) is the “Authorized Testing Center” for all the applications of Microsoft. IB Institute provides a range of courses both instructor-led (Live) training and e-learning (Online) courses. It aims to bridge the gap between academics and real-life applications through its thoughtfully crafted courses.

Financial Modeling Course Bundle includes:

  • Basic & Adv Excel 2013/16
  • VBA Macro Programming
  • Dashboards / Pivot Table
  • Understand Each item of Financial statements
  • Perform impact analysis.
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Financial Modules (Case Study)
  • Create Financial Model from Blank Excel Sheet for
    • Netflix OTT
    • Tata Motors
    • Kellogg’s
    • Telcom Sector
    • Colgate​
    • IPO Valuation
  • Project Finance (Real Estate)
  • DCF Analysis
  • Merger & Acquisition Analysis
  • Pitchbook Benchmarking
  • Equity Research Model
  • Business Valuation
  • Company Profiling
  • Interview Preparation Kit

Duration  –  100+ Hours (400+ Videos)

Fee – INR 18,499

10. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin Finance Academy is a renowned institute imparting skills-centric courses to aspiring candidates. The curriculum of the courses provided by Henry Harvin is customized based on the present demands of the industry keeping in mind the future requirements too.

The Primary Features of the Financial Modeling Course Are-

  • Hands-on Live projects to facilitate understanding of practical aspects of financial modeling
  • Projects for practical training
  • Unique pedagogy with its action-oriented modules
  • Free Placement assistance after completing the course
  • Regular boot camps
  • Online access to more than 5 soft skills courses
  • Sound Internship assistance cell
  • Globally accepted certification credential of financial modeling
  • Free Annual Gold membership in Henry Harvin Finance Academy for a year
  • Free access to various online tools and videos
  • Career benefits such as Equity research, investment banking, credit rating, financial analysis, business analysis, etc
  • Course takers placed with international brands like Google, JP Morgan, Amazon, etc

Duration – 40 hours of course

Fees – INR 29500


1. What is the application of financial modeling in India?

  • Arrangement of capital through debt and equity
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Capital budgeting
  • Make or buy decision
  • Calculation of net worth of business
  • Business analysis

2. What are the Career Paths Available in Financial Modeling?

  • In Institutions – Equity analyst, Portfolio management, Research analyst
  • In Public Accounting – Due diligence, Transactions advisory, Valuations
  • In Banks – Investment Banking, Equity Research, Sales & trading, Commercial banking
  • In Corporates –  Corporate development,  Industry relations,  Treasury

3. Who builds the Financial Models?

  • Investment Bankers
  • Equity Research Analysts
  • Credit Analysts
  • Risk Analysts
  • Data Analysts
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Investors
  • Management/Entrepreneurs

4. What are the parameters to be Kept in Mind while Selecting the best financial modeling course?

·      Practical aspects

·      Course syllabus and design

·      Offline availability of materials

·      Hands-on live assignments and projects

·      Access to online resources

·      Internship programs

·      Placement opportunities

·      Validity and value of the certification


Financial modeling has become a necessity for financial professionals and it needs expert training and guidance like other specialized skills. This leads to the necessity for learning financial modeling through some established courses. To choose the best financial modeling course, keep in mind the future needs and expectations of the industry.

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