Top 5 Online Digital Marketing Courses

Everything has become online. Starting from ordering earrings to purchasing clothes, we prefer everything online. Gone are those days where people visited classrooms to attend courses.

With digital marketing being the recent buzz in town, several institutes are providing contact-free online digital marketing courses for the safety of students. We have filtered out the best courses that you can take up.


List of the best online digital marketing courses

What is Digital Marketing?      


Imagine a world without television. What will the world look like? Would you be able to list out at least  5 beauty care creams? That is marketing. You might be irritated whenever you see advertisements when you are watching movies or soap operas.


But the repeated advertisements and sponsors are indirectly registered such that we tend to buy their products. Every house will contain at least one product that is being advertised. Hence, Digital marketing is a type of marketing where electronic materials such as laptops, mobiles, desktops, etc are used to promote a product or brand with the help of the internet.


People who wish to do digital marketing utilize the help of search engines, websites, and other social media platforms to publish their advertisements. Everything is digitalized. Starting from online orders to cashless transactions, the internet is a recent trend.


The internet has become a vital part of business and marketing has become a parasite by completely depending on the internet for its reach. With the evolving technology and its new updates, it has become mandatory for business companies to adapt to the new change.


With digital marketing, the companies can expand their business, thereby creating a desire among the public to buy their products and goods. It is a great opportunity to increase the demand in the market. Nowadays, even startups have their social media sites to enhance their reach. By increasing the reach, it is much easier to create a brand among the public.


Why Do We Need an Online Digital Marketing Course?


Now that we have got to know about digital marketing, one can conclude that it can be carried out easily without much difficulty. But the actual game starts later. To carry out a successful business, one should not only be aware of what marketing is but also of how to implement it.


Marketing is not just about creating social media posts and sitting idle. One needs to keep a close watch on how the public reacts to your posts. There are so many techniques in which digital marketing can be made easier in expanding the business. To be familiar with these techniques, one needs to take up online digital marketing courses to make the work simpler.


By taking up a digital marketing course, the destination can be reached much earlier, when compared to the normal conventional way of trial and error. Hence, choosing a recognized and reputed course is essential for selling yourself in the market.


Different Digital Marketing Strategies:


What is a strategy? In layman language, strategy is the technique that is used for executing an idea or plan successfully. Let us see in detail the different types of digital marketing strategies.


  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

Search Engine Optimization is a set of marketing strategies that are used for the ranking of websites. The SEO specialists analyze the needs of the targeted audience thereby helping business organizations in marketing their products. SEO analyst works with search engine results categorizing them based on different search volumes. They use different tools for carrying out this process.


If you wish to learn the tactics used in search engine optimization, then an SEO training course might help you achieve your goal. Every website holder’s wish is to see their website ranking on top of the search result. Hence, they seek the help of SEO to fulfill their needs.


  1. PPC (Pay Per Click):


SEO is purely based on organic search results. Pay Per Click, as the name suggests, is a marketing technique where people pay to make their advertisements rank on the first page of the search result.


The advertisers bid on keywords based on their search volumes and pay the respective amount to the internet marketers for getting their site ranked. The person who bids higher gets a higher rank when compared to others.


For each click of the website, there is a specified amount that is deducted from the advertiser’s account. Even if the user bounces back immediately after clicking, the click rate is counted and the amount will be deducted.


Rather than waiting for the website to get ranked organically, many businessmen prefer Pay Per Click as they help the user in landing straight onto their product. It is one of the easier ways to compete with other competitors.


  1. Content Marketing:


Anything that is expressed through words or by words of mouth or art is known as content. In this type of digital marketing, content is used as the selling point. Content creators strive hard to produce engaging and relevant content to fight with other websites to get hold of a rank on the first page of the search result.


Content marketing revolves around using the right keyword and engaging articles so that customers don’t bounce back after visiting the website. If the content is not relevant to what the user searched, there are higher chances of people leaving the site.


Hence, content is more important in digital marketing. There are so many companies that hire content writers for promoting their products and business. There is a huge rise in demand for content writers in recent times. A well-recognized content writing course will help you in producing quality articles.


  1. Email Marketing:


Email marketing is one of the easiest and cost-effective ways of digital marketing. It is used for enhancing brand awareness and giving constant updates on the new releases of the products or services. Email marketing has to be executed properly to retain customers.


If the emails are too frequent and irrelevant, then there are chances of customers unsubscribing. But a constant update has to be sent now and then to register the brand name among the users. Personalization and an attractive email design attract more users and help in the outgrowth of business.


  1. Social Media Marketing:


Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn are some of the most common social media platforms that are used in social media marketing. There is a famous saying stating “Show me your friends, and I’ll show you”. In the recent trends, we can rephrase it as “Show me your profile, and I’ll show you”.


Thus, with everything available on social media, it is a great idea to handle a social media page for the marketing of products. With all products being ordered online, it is a great platform to create brand awareness and market your products.


Best Online Digital Marketing Courses:


Digital marketing is pacing its way up the scale and is emerging as the new trend. With the rising demand for digital marketing specialists, there is a huge scope for people to make a career choice in digital marketing.

Online digital marketing courses will help you in preparing yourself as a digital marketer. We have curated a list of the best online digital marketing courses that are described as follows.


  1. IIM Skills:


IIM Skills is an online institution that provides high-quality online digital marketing courses. They are well recognized and provide extraordinary training in digital marketing. Their course includes 180 hours of training that is conducted live with real-time projects and case studies. The course duration is for 3 months and they expose students to a variety of tools that are worth more than 80K.


Key Highlights:

  • They handle more than 40 digital marketing modules.
  • They give weekly assignments and honest feedback is given to each assignment regularly without any delay.
  • Highly skilled and trained tutors for handling each topic throughout the course.
  • They provide lifetime support to all the students without any hesitation.
  • They provide a course completion certificate from IIM Skills and also from other renowned certifications like HubSpot, Google, etc.
  • Students get to publish their first blog in the Times of India.
  • They train you to start your own digital marketing agency.
  • They have more than 300 placement partners with which they offer wide options for placements to students.
  • Personal guidance is provided whenever it is needed.
  • Along with their certification, they also provide a letter of recommendation which can be used to get placement offers.
  • Their lifetime access to their learning portal makes it easier for students to keep track of their learning even if a class is missed.


Topics Covered:

  • Basics of Digital Marketing
  • WordPress and web development
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Email and inbound marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Strategies in digital marketing
  • Web Analytics
  • Content writing and blogging
  • Affiliate and Video marketing
  • Automated marketing
  • Resume Creation using Digital Infographics


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


  1. Online Digital Marketing Courses by Google


Digital Garage is an online digital marketing course provided by Google. The course is free and covers a wide range of subjects related to career development and digital marketing courses. They have many courses under each category. Under digital marketing, the following topics are included.


  • What is Digital Marketing?- 26 modules.
  • To create an online business – 7 modules.
  • To have better reachability online among customers – 4 modules.
  • To enhance business through online ads – 5 modules.
  • Promoting business to foreign countries – 1 module.
  • Customer Interaction via mobile communication – 2 modules.
  • Enhancing business with Content marketing – 4 modules.
  • Getting to know the customer needs and behavior – 3 modules.
  • Digital World Marketing – 4 modules.


Apart from the above-mentioned topics, there are a lot more that is a part of this digital garage. Each course is provided by different renowned universities and each course is short and crisp so it won’t take much of your time to go through these topics.


The best part about these courses is that it is completely free and they provide you with a certification for every course that you complete. By taking up this online digital marketing course, you will get to know data analytics, business strategies, content marketing, advertising, e-commerce, email marketing, SEO, local marketing, social media marketing, video marketing, web analytics, and optimization.


  1. SEMRush Academy:


SEMRush is one of the successful organizations for content management and marketing. The online digital marketing courses provided by them are highly sought after by students for learning the marketing strategies.


They have 13 years of experience and have served 143 countries till now. They are trusted by the most successful companies such as TESLA, Apple, Decathlon, Samsung, Walmart, Amazon, Quora, etc. Their tools are used all over the world for handling internet marketing.


Courses Offered:

The digital marketing for SMB course provided by SEMRush is very useful for beginners. They cover all the basics of digital marketing such as:


  • Social media Marketing
  • Content marketing
  • PPC
  • SEO
  • Affiliate marketing

The courses are taught by highly skilled professionals and the course involves a lot of hands-on training and practical learning of tools.


  1. HubSpot Academy:


HubSpot Digital Academy is a well-known reputed institute for taking up online digital marketing courses. Their course is useful to people who wish to improve their digital marketing skills. They cover all the vital topics of digital marketing starting from the basics.


Course Takeaways:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Rank websites organically through optimization
  • Advertisement strategy for growth in business


Topics Covered:

  • Basics of Digital Marketing
  • Content Creation
  • SEO Strategy for business promotion
  • Enhancing website performance
  • Write top quality blogs to attract customers
  • Video marketing strategy
  • Social media marketing
  • Pay Per Click
  • Email marketing


By having a HubSpot academy account, one could get access to all the learning materials that are available in their online library with access to their free tools. Regular suggestions are provided to the content produced by students to improve their writing ability. Their certification is recognized globally and is preferred by many organizations.


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


  1. Optinmaster Digital Marketing Training:


Optinmaster is one of the popular sites that provide free courses on email marketing, website optimization, etc. The courses provided by them focus mainly on website conversions.


Website conversions are very important when your website starts getting traffic. They help in understanding the customers to a greater extent. They help in identifying how the users feel and experience while using the site.


  • They teach you how to create your email list through a step-by-step procedure.
  • Strategies to improve subscription.
  • Email marketing.
  • Creation of welcome and promotional emails.
  • Ways to increase traffic to sites.
  • Tricks to convert site subscribers to email subscribers.
  • Search engine Optimization.
  • Content marketing and Optimization.


Out of the above-mentioned courses, some are free while others are paid. Spending some money on the future never goes to waste. Choosing the right online digital marketing courses is mandatory for setting up the first brick of your career building.


Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. Who is eligible to take up a digital marketing course?

There is no specific qualification to take up a digital marketing course. It is not compulsory to have a degree in marketing or a related field to be a part of the course. People who have a passion for digital marketing are all that is required to become a digital marketer.


  1. Why do we need to take up a course in digital marketing?

Taking up a course in digital marketing always helps in getting to know the different techniques and tactics used to promote business. Without taking up a course, there will not be a specified plan on how to execute product marketing.


  1. Apart from the course fee, is there any additional certification fee?

Most of the institutions that offer digital marketing courses are free while some of them are paid. For the paid courses, the institutes collect the fee for the classes taken, whereas the exams and certifications provided are free. If you can clear the exam, then you get the certification. Certified professionals are always preferred by organizations when compared to others.




Digital marketing is having a sharp spike in its graph and business promotions completely rely on it. Google always updates the algorithm to give the users a better experience. The online digital marketing courses keep track of these new updates and change the syllabus accordingly to be in sync with the search engines.


The courses make sure to cover all the basic essential topics of digital marketing such as Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Video marketing, social media marketing, etc. A digital marketer needs to be flexible to be adaptable to every new change that comes up in marketing.

  • Hi. I work in a digital marketing firm but because of the covid, I am not getting paid well. I want to join another company. Therefore, I am looking for some courses that can help me upskill and get a good package. Since I work, I look for an online course, targetting content writing and social media marketing. I would like to take a demo class first. Which courses would be the best to start with?

  • hi, My Name is Vaani, I am looking for some courses that can help me upskill and get a good package. Since I work, I look for an online course, targetting content writing and social media marketing. I would like to take a demo class first. Which courses would be the best to start with?

  • I want to join an institute to gain in depth knowledge on the subject and also to get a valued certification after the training is over. Though I have some concerns. Some say that online courses don’t cover all the details on a subject topic and the leave out topics later cause troubles. What do you think?

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