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Top 10 Business Analyst Certifications In India With Live Training

As we live in the world of modernity, we heavily rely on technology. If you are someone who has a profound interest in technology, you may study business analytics. Business Analytics is the process of analyzing and providing solutions to any business organization. In this article, we have introduced the meaning of business analytics: its types, various tools, and the reason behind choosing a Business Analytics Degree. Here we have shared the top 10 Business Analyst Certifications in India that give you insight. These courses help you to comprehend how to collect and analyze data using a lot of tools. This article also provides you with various tools to analyze data and to master programming languages like Python, R, etc. to become a business analyst. You will get to know the technical skills as well as the soft skills needed to become a business analyst in a respected business or firm.

Top Business Analyst Certifications In India

What is Business Analytics?

Business Analytics (BA) is a set of regulations and technologies for solving business-related problems with the help of data analysis, different types of business analytics, various tools, statistical models, and other quantitative methods. The process involves a repetitive, well-ordered exploration of a business or firm’s data to drive decision-making.

Reasons why to choose a Business Analytics Degree?

You love numbers

If you love solving numerical problems, you must go for a business analytics degree. In this field, hard facts, logics, numbers, etc. are indispensable parts.

You love to work with a plethora of data

It is not just about numbers, you have to work with huge data sets which are unintelligible and you have to collect useful data from the raw data. After collecting and sorting out data, the job of a business analyst is to draw conclusions from it which later on will be useful in a business or firm for future use. If you are a lover of solving this, you can choose business analytics as your career.

You find joy in leadership roles

As a business analyst, many people will ask for insight and guidance. You have to answer their queries. It is a big responsibility. They might ask how to develop new products or patterns. If you enjoy the attention and that kind of leadership role, studying business analytics is a good option for you.

You like computers and programming

The job of a data analyst heavily depends on a computer. With the help of courses like machine learning, data science, software engineering, and computer science, business analyst can do their job. All of these will increase your abilities of pattern recognition well.

You want to work with others

If you like interacting and working with other people, consulting on decisions, explaining what the data means and how to solve problems, and draw a conclusion of it for future betterment, this course is ideal for you.

Business Analytics vs Data Analytics

Data Analytics is the process by which user data are gathered and analyzed for the future use of a business or firm. It is the analysis of data sets to draw conclusions about the information a data analyst contains from huge unintelligible data sets. It does not have to be used in the interest of business goals. Data Analytics is a broader practice that includes business analytics. Business Analytics involves data analytics tools in the interest of business insights. However, data analytics is sometimes used with business analytics.

Role of a Business Analyst

The primary job of a business analyst is to find out the objective of the business by making a connection with the business organizations, or people who are in the process of decision-making. In the process of business analysis, a business analyst is to do predictive analysis, machine learning, data modeling, business problem solving, etc.

Tools used in Business Analytics

  • Dundas BI (with trend forecasting and a user-friendly interface.)
  • Qlik (QlikView with data visualization and provides a dashboard to get insights.)
  • Tibco Spotfire (powerful, automated statistical and unstructured text analysis.)
  • Splunk (intuitive user interface and data visualization features.)
  • Sisense (dynamic text-analysis features and data warehousing.)
  • Excel (tool to synthesize data you have gathered. With the help of Excel, you can analyze simple data. You can use charts, graphs, pivot tables, and different formulas to draw a conclusion from the unimportant data.)
  • Python (a programming language widely used for its flexibility to analyse data. It also has a plethora of libraries. Python Data Analysis Library, known as Pandas, is a well-known used library dedicated to data analytics as well as business analytics.)
  • Tableau (another tool to analyze and visualize data from a huge range of data. It is an easy tool to draw conclusions with help from this tool. It provides smart dashboards, and fast analytics to analyze datasets. It also helps in language processing.)
  • Power BI (a tool for business analysis. It is a Microsoft tool and it gathers large data from various sources of business and analyzes the data to draw a significant and logical conclusion from it. It manages to give insights via charts, infographics, graphs, and tools.)
  • R (a programming language especially for statistical analysis. It is used for solving huge data sets, and it also has several libraries for analyzing data.)

Different types of Business Analytics (BA):  

  1. Descriptive Analytics: Descriptive analysis answers the question ” What has previously occurred?” It deals with selected data. This helps understand the current situation of a business.
  2. Diagnostic Analytics: Diagnostic analysis focuses on the question “Why did this happen?” and finds the answer by analyzing data. It focuses on why the specific issues happened in a respective business or firm. For example, in recent years a company faces extreme losses and the company needs to find out the problems. There the job of data analytics is needed.
  3. Predictive Analytics: Predictive analysis focuses on the future and answers the question “What is likely to happen?”
  4. Prescriptive Analytics – Depending on the previous analytics, the prescriptive analysis answers the question “how can you capitalize on projected outcomes?”

These 4 types of Business Analytics help understand how a business analyst works in his or her field.

The Top 10 Business Analyst Certifications in India are mentioned below

  1. IIM Calcutta Executive Programme on Business Analytics (EPBA)

If you want to build a career in the field of Business Analytics, IIM Calcutta EBPA program is for you. It offers one of the finest Business Analyst Certifications in India. The session is highly interactive and it provides various pedagogical tools and techniques, including lectures, case studies, assignments, etc.

Learning Benefits

  • Understand the models of Business Analytics.
  • Identify and solve decision-based problems in business settings.
  • Bring up an aptitude for business improvement.

Course Curriculum

  • Advanced Topics in Analytics
  • Business Analytics and Competitive Advantage
  • Data Mining Applications in R
  • Data Visualization and Descriptive Analytics
  • Financial Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Mathematics for Business Analytics
  • Operational Analytics
  • Predictive Modelling
  • Statistics for Business Analytics
  • Time Series Models in Business

A candidate who has less than 50% marks in graduation but holds more than 50% marks in post-graduation is also eligible. Two years of full-time paid experience is also required.

After the completion of the course, the participants will get a “Certificate of Successful Completion”.

Duration of the course: 1-year program with two sessions of 3 hours each week.

The total fee of the program including the campus fee is 5,10,000+ GST.

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  1. IIM Bangalore

IIM Bangalore is another institute that offers one of the best Business Analyst Certifications in India. The program is designed for experienced candidates who have a minimum of 3-5 years of experience in the real field. It provides online sessions and on-campus learning.

Learning Benefits

  • Students will learn about the applications of Bayes theory.
  • Candidates will also study conditional probability.
  • Applicants will also learn Simple Linear Regression.

Course Curriculum

  • Module 1: Data Visualization and Interpretation
  • Module 2: Data Processing and Imputation
  • Module 3: Predictive Analytics (Learning Algorithms)
  • Module 4: Prescriptive Analytics
  • Module 5: Stochastic Models
  • Module 6: Advanced Analytics 1 (Data Reduction and Operation Analytics)
  • Module 7: Advanced Analytics 2
  • Module 8: Advanced Analytics 3
  • Module 9: Advanced Analytics 4
  • Module 10: Advanced Analytics 5

Career Benefits

  • Assignments, case studies, lectures, group projects, etc. are provided by the instructors.
  • Recorded videos are available in the LMS.
  • The candidates will get certification issued by IIM Bangalore.

The total fee of the program is INR 7,75,000+ GST.

  1. Great Lakes Post Graduate Programme in Business Analytics

Great Lakes Institute of Management offers one of the best Business Analyst Certifications in India. The course is provided in both classroom and online modes. Classroom mode happens in Chennai, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Pune, and Mumbai. PGP-BABI is consistently Ranked the No. 1 Analytics Program in India.

Learning Benefits

  • One weekend classroom a month, assisted by webinars, assignments, and various projects.
  • The learners will get a certificate from The University of Texas at Austin, McCombs School of Business.
  • The industry experts will provide capstone projects, hackathons, case studies, and assignments to the candidates during the course.
  • Tools like R, Python, Tableau, and SAS are provided in the course.

A candidate must have a minimum of 50% marks in graduation and 2 years of full-time work experience to pursue this course.

Duration of the course: 12 months.

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  1. Coursera

Coursera is a leading online institute that offers Business Analyst Certifications in India. The course is known as Business Analytics Specialization. It offers 100% online classes with a flexible schedule. Fresh candidates can join this course. The duration of the course is 6 months approx with 3 hours/week.

You will learn various technical skills such as data recruiting, performance evaluation, model supply and demand for business insights, solving business problems with data-driven decision-making, and understanding the tools to predict customer behavior. After the completion of the course, the learners will get a certificate from Coursera.

  1. IMS Proschool Business Analytics Course

IMS Proschool is another institute that offers Business Analytics courses. IMS Proschool in association with NSE India offers classroom courses in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kochi, and online courses across the globe.

After the completion of the course, the students will get a certificate from NSE Academy. They will also get an additional certificate from NSDC.

The program is divided into two study options- Business Analytics & Business Analytics Plus.

The duration of the Business Analytics course is 3 months with 7+hrs faculty-led training per week. The course covers core knowledge like Statistics, core skills like problem-solving, Excel, and core programmings like SQL, Tableau, and Power BI. On the other hand, the Business Analytics Plus course is 4 months with 7+hrs faculty-led training per week. It covers all BA modules including 20 hours of Python.

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  1. 360 DigiTMG

360 DigiTMG provides one of the best online Business Analyst Certifications in India. They offer 72 hours of classroom and online sessions, 100+ hours of practical assignments, and 2 Capstone live projects.

Course Curriculum

  • Data Science, Programming, and Artificial Intelligence
  • Hypothesis Testing and Simple Linear Regression
  • Linear Regression
  • Data Mining Unsupervised and Supervised
  • Black Box Technique
  • Data Visualization through Tableau and Graphs
  • Visual Analysis in-depth
  • Calculations, dashboards, Linear Regression

The program also includes unlimited access to mock interview and quiz sessions, lifetime LMS Access, Resume and LinkedIn Review Sessions, live free webinars, and job placements in business analytics fields. They will provide a certificate after the completion of the course. You will also get trained by trainers from ISB, IIT & IIM.

Duration of the course: 4 months

  1. Simplilearn

Simplilearn is a leading online institute that offers Business Analyst Certifications in India. It is a 12-month program. Through a partnership with IBM, it offers a Master’s Program for business analytics courses. The course is designed to train you in various modules such as tableau training, data analysis and visualization with Python, Business Analyst Capstone, and mathematical optimization for business problems.

Tools like Excel, JIRA, Power BI, My SQL, NumPy, SciPy, EXIN Agile, etc. are covered in this course.

The fee structure is Rs. 54,000/- including all taxes.

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  1. upGrad

upGrad provides one of the best online Business Analyst Certifications in India. It is a 3-month course with 100+ hours of learning, 3+ case studies, projects, and live sessions. The tools covered in this program are Tableau, Excel, Python, and My SQL. The program is divided into three courses. They are Course 1 (Business Problem Solving, Insights and Storytelling), Course 2 (Exploratory Data Analysis and Statistics & Optimization), and Course 3 (Predictive Analysis).

The certification is offered by the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business.

The fee structure is Rs. 25,000/- including all taxes.

  1. ExcelR

ExcelR offers Certified Business Analytics Training Program. In collaboration with IBM, ExcelR has come up with a plan that matches the market requirement with great accuracy. The duration of the course is 180+ hours. The course fee is INR 44,999 (Live Virtual Classroom). The certificate is provided by the institute after the completion of the course.

The tools covered in this program are MySQL, Basic & Advanced Learning, Tableau, Power BI, SAS, R programming, Python, Agile, etc.

Any candidate who is from Commerce, Science, and Engineering streams can pursue this course.

  1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin offers Business Analyst Certifications in India. The course is known as Certified Business Analytics Practitioner (CBAP) is a focused 32-hour instructor-led training. This course provides students to explore, analyze, and solve business problems using popular analytics tools such as R & Advanced Excel. The course is provided an extensive study of industry professionals to the learners. You will get enormous knowledge after completing the course.

Learning Benefits

  • Understand various aspects of data collection.
  • Communicate business objectives to evaluate the results of data analysis better.
  • Understand analytics-based financial decisions.
  • Take data-driven decisions to develop business precision.

The course also provides hands-on practical experience including covering 5+ projects. These are

  • Sales: Predicting Department wise Sales
  • Multi-Domain: Business Analytics Optimization
  • Marketing: Website Trend Analysis
  • Financial Analysis: Stock Market Prediction
  • Finance: Analyze ETF Trends

Career Services

  • The course gives opportunities to get promoted in the current profile with the most-in-demand skills.
  • You will get a chance to create your portfolio for upcoming interviews.
  • The program supports a start-up with high ROI.

After the completion of the course, you will earn a certification known as a ‘Certified Business Analytics Practitioner’ (CBAP).

Course Curriculum

  • Module 1: Analytics
  • Module 2: Introduction to R Programming
  • Module 3: Data Structures and Operators
  • Module 4: Data Management
  • Module 5: Apply Functions in R
  • Module 6: Aggregate and Table Functions
  • Module 7: Data Manipulation in R
  • Module 8: Graphs
  • Module 9: Advanced Graphs
  • Module 10: Linear Regression

The duration of the course is 32 hours of training+ 24 hours of brush-up sessions+ 50 hours of e-learning access.

FAQs about Business Analyst Certifications in India

  1. Which is one of the best Business Analyst Certifications in India?

The above-mentioned Business Analyst Certifications are in great demand in India and we highly recommend these courses to learners who want to come in this field. You can apply for any above-mentioned courses after doing research. We can assure you that each institution we have mentioned offers the course are trustworthy.

  1. Who can enroll in Business Analyst Certifications in India?

Any aspirant who wants to become a business analyst can enroll in a business analytics course in India. Any graduate can pursue business analytics. However, it will be an enormous help if anyone is from Science, Commerce, and Engineering background as they have experience in maths and statistics at a higher level.

  1. Is Business Analytics and Data Analytics the same?

Business Analytics and Data Analytics both work with data. The difference is what the programs do with data. Business analytics is a process of using data to make strategic business decisions. On the other hand, Data Analytics is the basis of business analytics. It is a process by which user data are gathered and analyzed for future use. In data analytics, raw data is transformed into intelligible useful data to identify patterns. Data analyst transforms unintelligible data into rational data.

  1. Is MBA mandatory for doing a business analytics course in India?

It is not mandatory. But if you have an MBA degree, it will be a plus point for you. In India, the demand for business analysts becomes high if they hold an MBA degree. Many companies are recruiting business analysts to formulate their decision-making in business. So you can hold an MBA degree to pursue this course.

  1. What is the business analysts’ salary?

It depends on a business analyst’s designation. In India, an excellent business analyst earns more than 8.5 Lakhs per annum and a fresher can earn an average of 2.5 to 3 Lakhs per annum.

  1. Which skills are required to become a business analyst in India?

A business analyst requires various skills to get a successful career in this field. The skills are technical skills, analytical skills, communication skills, problem-solving skills, leadership skills, time management skills, organizational skills, etc.


Business Analysts are in great demand in India now. Big companies hire experienced analysts to develop their future precision in business. If you are from India, the above-mentioned institutes are the best place to study business analytics. We have discussed in detail the Top 10 Business Analyst Certifications in India for you that offer certification programs to get a plethora of jobs once you complete the course from any of the institutes. It is perfect for you if you have outstanding skills in analyzing data, handling internal business processes, generating solutions, and handling clients simultaneously. These courses offer practical outstanding business analysis via assignments, learning materials, and of course both classroom and online classes. After joining their demo classes, you can go for the course you want to join.

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