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What Do You Get?

 3 Months Guaranteed Internship.

 Launch Your Digital Marketing Agency.

 Write Your First Blog For Times of India.

 Letter of Recommendation + Certification.

 300+ Placement Partners For Interview Support.

 Personalized Mentorship For Career & Businesses.

 Launch Your Podcast with Apple, Google & Spotify.

 Launch Youtube Channel & Go live with Affiliate Marketing.

Certifications Preparation

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Facebook BluePrint

Practical Learning

60+ Hours Live Online Training, 120+ hours of assignments, Industry case studies.

Master Certification

Master Certification from IIM Skills & Preparation for Google, Facebook & Hubspot Examination

Tool Driven Course

Work on various Internet Marketing Tools to get real-time hands-on Learning.

Lifetime Access

Lifetime Access To Training Material, Course Recordings, Class Presentations.

₹ 34,900

+18% GST

Digital Marketing Master Course Content

WordPress Development

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Marketing

Email Marketing

Inbound Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Integrated Digital Marketing

Web Analytics

Online Reputation Management

Content Writing & Advance Blogging

Media Buying & Planning

Affiliate Marketing

Video Marketing

Marketing Automation

Infographics Resume Creation

Note: Some special modules are conducted on Wednesdays & Fridays from 8 pm to 9 pm. Participants will have multiple options to attend special modules.

Tools Covered

Facebook Ads

Facebook Insights

Google Analytics

Keyword Planner

LinkedIn Ads

YouTube Analytics

Google Trend


Google Ads



Twitter Ads


With 5+ years of experience, 15000+ students trained from 45+ countries, we are a global EdTech institute providing employment-oriented courses online at extremely affordable prices. IIM SKILLS is the best online digital marketing course in Bangalore. At IIM SKILLS, we believe in continuous learning and progressive thinking. We put great thought into designing in-demand and relevant courses to help individuals like you achieve their goals. Here are some reasons that help us stand out in the crowd:

  • Online Training: While most institutes pride themselves on classroom and infrastructure, we pride ourselves on high-quality online training, saving time for the participants and helping them learn through classroom-like online interactive sessions. Online training also makes things easy for working professionals to acquire a new skill without quitting their jobs.
  • Curriculum: With an intensive 180+ hours of training, the syllabus has 40+ modules covering all essential digital marketing concepts.
  • Google Certified Trainers: Subject matter experts are your mentors who will ensure you are job-ready by the end of the course.
  • Practical Training: The Digital Marketing Master Course provides you hands-on and experiential learning. Also included are various industry-relevant digital marketing and automation tools.
  • Internship Opportunity: We also have an optional virtual internship of three months. Qualifying candidates can avail of a golden opportunity to learn in-depth and on-the-job during the internship. Learn the nitty-gritty of things before jumping into an actual job.
  • Resume and Interview Preparation: With a dedicated module on resume preparation, we groom you with soft skills so you can ace your interviews
  • Post-Training Support: We have dedicated forums for discussion and support for students graduating from our digital marketing program. We are happy to provide value to our students during and after the course.
  • Value Additions: We make sure there is never a dull moment with an assortment of case studies, digital marketing tools, assignments, and discussions. You can instantly apply all of your learning to the website you create for a crystal clear understanding.


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100% Money Back Guarantee: If you do not like our course, you can claim 100% money return after your first session.

Certification Fee: Price included exam and IIMSKILLS certification fees.

Group Discount: 10% group discount on 3 or more registration.

Certified Digital Marketing Master Training Process

  • 1


    On successful registration, you will get access to 3 months Online Digital Marketing Master Course, pre-reading material, and a guide to buying your domain name and web hosting.

  • 2

    Select Your Batch

    Our Digital Marketing Master Program comes with Weekdays (Tues & Thur) and Weekend (Saturday & Sunday) options. You can select one day to master the skills.

    Note: You can change your days if you want to switch.

  • 3


    Participants need to appear to 70% of live classes to be eligible for IIMSKILLS Digital Marketing Master Examination.

    Note: If you complete your lecture through a recorded session it will be counted in your attendance.

  • 4


    Internet Marketing Course Examinations are conducted online & participants will receive Soft Copies For their Certifications.

    Google: 8 Exams
    Hubspot 3 Exams
    Facebook: 1 Exam
    IIM SKILLS: No Exam

  • 5

    Internship (Optional)

    Participants can take our non-paid virtual internship. Participants need to Qualify for the Content Writing Test to join our internship.

    * 3 months internship.
    * Participants would need to provide a minimum of 8 approved articles.
    * Internship Certificate will be provided.

  • 6


    You may be approached by many people to pick their freelance projects during your Online Marketing training. As a participant, you can pick up those freelancing projects and start working on them.

    Note: We do not promote freelancing projects.

  • 7

    Placement Support

    As a leader in Online Digital Marketing Trainings, we are approached by every organization for its hiring requirements. We help our students to schedule their interviews with those organizations.

    Note: We do not promote job guarantee

  • 8

    Happy Graduate

    Now You Can Do:

    1) Full-Time Internet Marketing Job
    2) Start your Internet Marketing Agency.
    3) Freelancing.
    4) Use Internet Marketing to grow your business.

Scope Of Digital Marketing in Bangalore

Digital marketing is inevitable in today’s era. All individuals are a part of it, either as a seller or a buyer.

The digital ad revenue in India is estimated to be almost INR 540 billion by 2024, with television revenue following closely at a projection of INR 455 billion. The print ad revenue, though, is estimated at around INR 276 billion.

The digital India campaign also is in complete support of digital literacy, encompassing even rural India. Clearly, we are progressing towards a digital future in all aspects, and hence the scope of digital marketing is undeniably bright.

The scope of digital marketing has varied meanings for varied people. For business people, it is all about impact on their businesses. On the other hand, for individuals looking at it as a career, the scope and magnitude of opportunities differ.

When it comes to graduates or students, digital marketing is either a career choice or a side hustle to earn some money. Either way, it has excellent potential and no age bar. Just enroll in a digital marketing course in Bangalore to start earning.

So graduates and freshers looking for a job can look up to digital marketing as a first choice. Training in this field is short-term and pocket-friendly as opposed to big degrees requiring a couple of years and leaving a dent in your savings.

The existing sales and marketing professionals have a lot of learning and catching to do if they want to remain in their jobs. Since traditional marketing is obsolete, it is necessary to take up a digital marketing course in Bangalore and update themselves.

For professionals belonging to other fields such as IT, HR, finance departments, etc., digital marketing improves your employability status and helps you gain that promotion you deserve. The impact of digital marketing in all spheres is so significant that many organizations take up mass up-skilling of their workforce. Corporate training for digital marketing is booming, with the entire workforce taking up a digital marketing course in Bangalore. It helps to remain digital-savvy in a competitive world.

For business people, the reason is self-explanatory. They need to learn the nuances of the field to level-up their business online. Generating new leads, interacting with consumers personally, a better conversion rate, and measurability are reasons enough for entrepreneurs to embrace digital marketing. Again, all they have to do is invest in a digital marketing course in Bangalore.

Many homemakers are trying their hands at digital marketing as well. A digital marketing course in Bangalore opens the doors of various part-time jobs for homemakers, enabling them to be financially independent as well and creating an identity for themselves.


Impactful Digital marketing always exceeds expectations

Career Opportunities For Digital Marketing In Bangalore

Bangalore or Bengaluru, the capital city of Karnataka, is the third-largest city in the country. Bangalore needs no introduction. Unprecedented IT growth has propelled the transformation of Bangalore into the byte-basket of India.

A cosmopolitan city in every sense, it is vibrant and blessed with a pleasant climate and architectural landmarks. The city absorbs and accommodates diversity with panache. Truly a melting pot of cultures, not just regional but foreign as well, the city mesmerizes some and intrigues others.

The city plays a significant role in skill development, housing many premium institutes of education and research. It houses the student population from across the country in its prestigious nationally and internationally known educational institutions.

It is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world and home to a wide array of industries such as information technology, electronics, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, aerospace, telecommunications, automobiles, food processing, steel, cement production, banking, and finance, etc.

With excellent infrastructure and an international airport as well, it is well-connected not just to the rest of the nation but internationally also.

Since every industry is dependent on digital marketing for its online presence, it is but natural that digital marketing in Bangalore as a career has immense scope.

The number of digital marketing training institutes sprouting across the city is evidence of the growing demand for professionals in this field. For businesses, institutions, organizations, and industries, online marketing is indispensable.

Another reason why a career in digital marketing is so in-demand and the rage in Bangalore is the pay. Being a megacity, the relative pay scale is high in comparison to other cities. With favorable climate and work conditions, and a moderate cost of living, many individuals prefer to settle in Bangalore for better pay.

The rapid digital transformation has led many working professionals even to switch careers to take on a digital marketing profile. With a pay comparable to the IT professionals, such a move is but natural and to be expected.

A digital marketing course in Bangalore can be the starting point of an enriching career.


Elevate your career and transform your life,

 the Digital Marketing way

Explore All Placement options In Bangalore

Indicative Salary For Various Digital Marketing Profiles in Bangalore

All the rage about digital marketing is primarily because of the lucrative pay for a creative job. While the job profiles themselves are varied and challenging, the income that accompanies each digital marketing job is stupendous.

Here are some fascinating salary revaluations for various digital marketing profiles in Bangalore.

The digital marketing manager profile commands an average salary of INR 598,689/year in Bangalore. As a digital marketing executive itself, one can earn an average salary of INR 358,662/year.

The base salary range for the position of a digital marketing manager in Bangalore is from INR 297k-INR 1m.

For an SEO manager or specialist, the base salary range is from INR 192k to INR 618k.

The trendy social media manager profile commands an average salary of INR 487,443/year with a base salary range of INR 187k to INR 775k.

Even the digital marketing analyst job can easily fetch you an average salary of INR 356,078/year with a base salary ranging from INR 182k to 666k.

If you are a digital marketer with search engine marketing skills, you can very easily earn an average salary of INR 743,712/year, where the base salary range is INR 305k to INR 2m.

As a content manager in Bangalore, you can earn an average salary of INR 518,345/year. Again, the base salary range is INR 242k- INR 1m, based on experience and the company. Even content writers can expect an average salary of INR 348,552/year.

The web developers and web designers in Bangalore can earn, on average, a salary of INR 389,879/year and INR 335,537/year, respectively.

The pay for an eCommerce manager is the highest by far in Bangalore, with a whopping average salary of INR 1,320,000/year.

Therefore, all Bangaloreans, pull up your sleeves and hop onto the bandwagon of the latest and in-demand career, digital marketing.


Steer your career in the right direction with digital marketing

Why Choose Digital Marketing in Bangalore?

The digital ecosystem has transformed, and how! It is surprising how we adapt to technology changes quickly in our personal lives but hesitate to do so when it comes to incorporating the same at the workplace. Digital marketing is one such change that faced a backlash from many initially.

What is digital marketing? It is the same old marketing and selling of goods or services; only the platforms have changed. Any marketing done on the digital channels and media comprises digital marketing.

From the vintage box computer monitors to flat screen monitors, we changed over with joy. From the cordless phones to feature mobiles to the present smartphones, we transitioned with ease and enthusiasm. Like this, the human race has been very enthusiastic about adapting to new technology.

The same, however, does not hold true when it comes to marketing. For a long time, businesses resisted and were reticent about changing over to digital marketing, but no more.

Today, businesses globally understand the importance of digital marketing and integrate it as a vital part of marketing strategies.

Of the various benefits, some outstanding ways in which digital marketing scores over traditional marketing:

  1. Digital marketing costs less.
  2. It applies even to small businesses.
  3. Online marketing provides better returns on investment.
  4. It is easier to experiment with various aspects of a marketing campaign through digital marketing with relative ease.
  5. The ability to reach out through mobile marketing opens up immense possibilities.
  6. Analytics provide measurable values to your efforts, allowing you to make informed decisions.
  7. Digital allows you to give personalized attention and build trust through social media.
  8. Email marketing and marketing automation not only make the process more effective but allow you to focus on creating better strategies.
  9. Finally, search engine optimization allows your brand to show up in the audience search.

The aforementioned are just some of the more important plus points. In an age where your customers are online, you should be online too. 

Benefits Of A Digital Marketing Certificate in Bangalore

Learning is an ongoing and continuous process. It is essential to evolve into better versions of ourselves. In a dynamic work industry such as digital marketing, learning, training, and certifications are important.

Graduate and postgraduate degrees are essential qualifications for most jobs. The skillset you require at the workplace is something you have to learn and acquire over and above the degrees.

The scenario is changing for sure, though. Many educational institutions are coming up with specializations in digital marketing. They realize the potential it has in terms of a career. It is also a necessary subject in day-to-day life and has become somewhat of a life skill. But we have a long way to travel before digital marketing is a mainstream subject offered at a pan India level in colleges.

Digital marketing certifications are an opportunity for you to showcase your skills and strategies and prove that you can be an asset to their organization/business. Hence, especially if digital marketing is your chosen field, ability and certifications take precedence over the graduate degree on your resume.

The certifications that matter when in the digital marketing field are Google, HubSpot, and Facebook. Whether you are looking out for a job or are running an agency, having these credentials can help you immensely.

Each digital marketing certification is an indication of your expertise in that area. The Google certifications of significance include AdWords, display ads, shopping ads, search advertising, video ads, mobile advertising, and the Google Analytics certificate.

The Facebook Blueprint teaches you the A-Z of advertising on Facebook. HubSpot offers resources to learn email marketing, content marketing, and inbound marketing.

Earning these certifications is a symbol of your dedication to your career as a digital marketer. With a commitment to be student-centric, IIM SKILLS helps you acquire all the credentials, so you stand out from the crowd and ace the digital marketing competition.

Enhance your employability skills with 

Digital Marketing Certifications

8 Certifications From Google

Digital Marketing Courses in Ahmedabad with certification

3 Hubspot Certificates

Can You Become A Successful Digital Marketer?

Absolutely yes!

True that being a digital marketer in today’s age and date is no mean feat. Where decades ago, a digital marketer only ever took care of website content and SEO, the scene today has changed drastically.

Digital marketers today have to be adept at a lot many elements, handling more platforms, tools, etc. To become a great digital marketer, you should understand how each component works and its importance in the overall strategy.

Tough it is, but you have the power of the internet at your fingertips. You can learn the skill through a premium digital marketing course in Bangalore. Learn new skills and techniques. Be ever ready to learn, absorbing and assimilating all the information.

Initially, grab internships with both your hands. The more you get an opportunity to practice what you learned, the better the chances of polishing your skills.

Now you can confidently seek that high-paying job out there. Even after you get the desired position, there is no place for complacency in this field. Consume all resources you possibly can, including industry expert publications, podcasts, webinars, etc.

Improve your content creation game. It is the one skill that has immeasurable value. Finally, never shy from experimentation. An excellent digital marketer is always game to try new tools, experiment with strategies, and develop newer ones.

Though the digital marketing career path seems a little too long, it is a journey worth your time. Set your goals, break them into achievable bits, and focus on the journey, not the destination.

If you have a dynamic personality, are open-minded and curious, and work relentlessly towards your goals, nothing can stop you from becoming a great digital marketer.

Of course, the first step of your journey is taking up that digital marketing course in Bangalore.

Broaden your horizons with the premium Digital Marketing Master Course at IIM SKILLS

Placement Trends For Digital Marketing In Bangalore

One of the most in-demand careers of the 21st century, digital marketing has opportunities like none other. The wonderful thing about online marketing is that it has different modules, and each of these modules offers a separate job profile.

  • Someone who has done a digital marketing course in Bangalore will know that the most important modules are SEO, SEM, SMM, email marketing, content marketing, web analytics, mobile marketing, and video marketing.
  • Each of the above is a job profile that is in high demand with less supply. Tap into the existing demand-supply gap in the industry for gainful employment. Learn from the Best digital marketing course in Bangalore.
  • An SEO specialist has complete knowledge about on-site optimization, off-site optimization, backlink building, and ranking your website on Google.
  • The search engine marketing or pay-per-click advertising specialist has expertise in Google
  • AdWords and other paid advertising techniques to boost website traffic.
  • Social media marketing managers promote your business on social channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. They are experts when it comes to social media marketing campaigns.
  • Today, even email marketing is a specialist field with email marketing managers.
  • Web analysts help clients with the interpretation of all the data. How many visitors touch base, at which platform, the number of conversions, etc., are all interpreted by logical-thinking analysts.
  • Content marketing managers ensure all the written content on the digital and print media are SEO-friendly and in the right formats.
  • Apart from these main categories come the web designers and web developers who set up your website, graphic designers, bloggers, mobile app marketers, video marketers, customer relationship managers, affiliate marketers, eCommerce marketers, the list is endless.

A common saying is to do what you love for a job; digital marketing makes that easy and fun

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You can register for an online demo session, get a peek into our training methodology, and then take a call about enrolment into the Digital Marketing Master Course.

What if I do not wish to proceed with the course? Will I get a refund from IIM SKILLS?

We do have a 100% money back policy but attending the first session of the digital marketing course is mandatory. If you are not satisfied after the first session, you can request a refund. The refund process requires 7-10 working days. We do not entertain a refund under any other circumstances.

What Makes IIM SKILLS Best Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore?

There are a plethora of reasons to know why IIM SKILLS is the best choice for someone interested in a Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore, but to name a few:

  • 100% internship guaranteed.
  • 89% NPS (Net promoter Score)
  • 100% mentorship & complete practical exposure.
  • Guarantee for an interview.
  • Participants interested in launching their businesses post completing Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore gets the personalised attention post completion of the course as well.
  • Training led by the Top Industry leaders with 10+ years of digital marketing experience.
What is the eligibility requirement for the DMMC? Is there an age limit to enroll in the course?

Anyone can learn digital marketing skills. From a career prospect, being a graduate with basic computer and internet research skills helps. There is no age bar to learn digital marketing.

Can I work from home after completing the Digital Marketing Master Course at IIM SKILLS?

During the training, we will focus on ways you can earn through digital marketing skills. We will walk you through the process of freelancing, be it showcasing your skills, pitching, or current industry charges. Apart from that, for those with an entrepreneurship inclination, we will guide you on opening up an agency that provides digital marketing services to various clients.

Post Completing IIM SKILLS Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore can I get 100% Internship?

Yes, we provide in-build internships with our Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore. It is 100% assured to all the participants. We ensure you get complete hands-on experience once you complete IIM SKILLS Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore.