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Top 10 GST Certification Courses for Graduates in India

The demand for GST practitioners in India is growing at tremendous rates, due to the economic changes that have been taking place in the country. However, there is a dearth of specialized GST Professionals in the industry, since the concept is still new for many people.


The image shows top GST Certification courses for graduates in India

Several institutes are offering GST certification courses for graduates who want to improve their skills in accounting, finance, taxation, etc. If you are a graduate in the commerce/finance stream, looking to enhance your skillset before stepping into the professional world, this article is just the one for you.


About GST


GST or Goods and Services Tax is a type of indirect tax that is levied while providing the supply of Goods and Services in India. It can be applied at multiple levels during the process of supply, as it is relevant in every step.


The law on GST came into effect on July 1, 2017, under the implementation of the 101st amendment of the Indian Constitution.


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GST Practitioner


GST Practitioners are advisors who offer their services to taxpayers via online mode. They need to be registered at GSTN Portal and should possess a certificate, by providing application to the government, before starting their practice. The responsibilities of GST practitioners include:

  • Prepare details on outward and inward supplies
  • Making a report on monthly, quarterly, annual, or final returns
  • Depositing assets to the electronic cash ledger
  • Filing claims for refunds
  • Filing applications for cancellation of registration


GST certification & Opportunities


After the implementation, GST has created more than 1 lakh job opportunities in the country. For job roles related to GST, it is estimated that around 50,000-60,000 vacancies would be created. Also, companies belonging under the category of Small and Medium Enterprises are expected to outsource their GST-related services.


All companies, irrespective of the manufacturing and services industries, need to maintain a proper record of their accounts. Hence, accounts managers, executives, and other finance-related professionals must have sufficient knowledge on GST-related matters. This generated a huge demand for GST professionals. On average, GST jobs offer Rs. 600,000 per annum as salary.


There are many options under the GST Certification courses for Graduates who wish to take off their career in The GST sector:


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Top 10 GST Certification Courses for Graduates


  1. IIM Skills


Course Name: GST Course


The course offers Live Online GST Certification Training, which includes practical assignments, free E-Books, invoicing tools and Softwares, etc. They also provide a Course completion certificate, lifetime access to sessions, practical learning with case studies, and 24*7 Online support with a team of GST professionals.


Key features:


This is one of the most suitable GST Certification courses for Graduates since it covers the fundamental concepts of GST, starting from the early stage of its implementation. The curriculum is up-to-date with the changes taking place in the industry and the training methods include theoretical and practical applications of GST. The training is delivered by leading industry experts, based on well-researched teaching methodologies.


Following topics are included in the course, which is divided into 9 modules:

  1. Genesis and concept of GST
  2. Framework and Structure
  3. Invoicing
  4. Composition scheme under GST
  5. Returns filing
  6. Reverse charge mechanism
  7. E-way Bill under
  8. Input Tax Credit & Payment
  9. Registration



After successful completion of the course, an online exam of 30-minute duration will be conducted. Upon clearing the exam, you will be provided with the certificate.


Duration – 4 Weeks (Online)

Course Fee – INR 2900



  • Overall understanding of GST- Inception, compliance, implementation & Enforcement
  • Get to learn the impact of GST on businesses/organizations
  • Practical knowledge on the processes of GST- Registration, TDS, Returns, and refunds
  • Getting a job-ready with an in-depth understanding of all GST Provisions


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  1. ISEL Global


Course Name: GST Practitioner certification


ISEL Global conducts GST Certification course for graduates and professionals, in collaboration with MSME Govt. of India. This course is a comprehensive guide to GST Regulations.


The training is delivered by industry practitioners with more than 25 years of experience. Live Online Interactive sessions will be held on Sundays and Q& A sessions will be conducted by the faculty. Students will receive technical support via e-mail.


Key Features:


The students will have access to Offline tools including GST Study notes, Excel offline tool, and user manual guide.


Following topics are included in the course:

  • Taxation and GST basics
  • GST Concepts and basics
  • GST Registration
  • GST Invoicing
  • GST Returns
  • Input Tax Credit
  • GST Valuation
  • GST legal provisions
  • Miscellaneous
  • GST Practitioner Certification Examination



35 + hours (3 Months course kit)


Course Fee:

INR 7600 (Inclusive of taxes)



  • In-depth understanding of GST provisions
  • Ability to understand various GST compliance requirements
  • Learning about the impact of GST on various sectors
  • Practical exposure for GST registration, certification, and similar issues.


  1. CAClubIndia


Course Name: GST Training and Certification (Advanced)


Among the top GST Certification courses for graduates, students, and professionals, CAclubIndia provides a detailed understanding of GST provisions with practical case studies. The course offers video classes and E-Book on the concept.


Analysis of open and burning issues in GST, understanding of all recent amendments and implications, judgments and case studies from Advance Ruling Authorities, Exclusive Q&A sessions, etc. are other aspects of this course.


Key Features:


This course includes topics, from basic concepts to advanced:

  • Levy and Supply
  • Registration
  • Input Tax Credit
  • Goods and Services- Place of Supply
  • Invoicing
  • Returns& E-way Bills
  • Annual report & return
  • Rules in GST
  • Topics related to Supply



E-Certificate will be issued after course completion



61 hours


Course Fee:

INR 6599 (Inclusive of registration and tax)



  • Updated syllabus
  • Extensive coverage of course topics
  • Ability to understand new compliance norms under GST
  • Knowledge about the impact of GST in various sectors


  1. NIIT


Course Name: Introduction to GST


This is an introductory course that enables students with a commerce background to understand the concept of GST, its implementation, and its impact on the taxation system. This is a good option in GST Certification Courses for Graduates since it has the added advantage of being launched in partnership with Tally.


The course is conducted by a panel of professionals and industry experts. The students will receive hands-on experience with data sets, for better learning and retention.


This course offers classroom-based learning, with intensive training facilities.


Key Features:


The course provides topics that define the basic principle of GST to their practical implementation in businesses and organizations.


Following topics are covered under this course:

  • GST Concepts
  • Supply related
  • Invoicing and input credit Mechanism
  • Tax-related
  • Input related



After completion of the course, students will receive:

  1. Certificate of completion by NIIT
  2. Tally certification to students clearing the Tally Online exam



20 Hours


Course Fee:

Not Mentioned



  • A clear understanding of GST concepts
  • Invoicing and input credit
  • Tax structure and refund
  • GSTN and GSP awareness



  1. Vskills


Course Name: Certified GST Professional


This course provides a clear understanding of the practical aspects of the concept and helps to enhance skills in areas of accounting, finance, and taxation. The students will have lifelong e-learning access to the course content.


It is an attractive opportunity for job seekers, who wish to join the GST certification course and update their skill set.


Key Features:


Topics covered in this course:

  • Basics of Taxation and GST
  • GST Administration
  • GST Registration
  • GST Payment
  • GST Accounting and Recordkeeping
  • GST and Law
  • IGST
  • GST in other countries



The examination will be conducted in online mode. The total mark is 50 and a minimum of 25 marks (25%) is required to clear the exam. After clearing the exam successfully, you will receive certification.



28 hours


Course Fee:

INR 4,999 (Excluding taxes)



  • In-depth knowledge of the topics related to GST
  • Enhanced skill set and hence, increased employability


  1. GSTIndiaexpert

Course Name: GST Executive


The GST certification courses for graduates and students are designed for freshers and industry experts, keeping in mind the increasing demands of the growing industry. It is a classroom-based course, which will be held on weekdays and weekends at various centers of ICA EduSkills Pvt.Ltd, within India. GST Executive course offered by India Expert offers in-depth insight on GST framework, helping to lay the foundation to the career as a GST Expert.


Key Features:


Contents of this course have complete coverage of GST along with in-depth training on Excel, Tally, and Business Accounting.

The following topics are covered:

  • Introduction to GST
  • Levy and Collection of Tax
  • Supply related
  • Valuations
  • Input tax credit
  • Input-Output matching
  • Returns
  • Registration
  • Invoices & Records
  • Payments
  • Interest & Penalty
  • Transitional Provisions
  • IGST



The certificate will be provided by GSTindiaexpert, post completion of the course



60 hours


Course Fee:

Not mentioned



  • In-depth knowledge of GST
  • Simulation software on GSTN
  • Important topics are given special attention


  1. Educba


Course Name: GST Training Program


This course is conducted through online classes and video tutorials and can be attended either on their website or via mobile application. They provide technical support for the students while attending the classes. Lifetime access to the course content is another highlight of this program.


It is one of the best GST Certification courses for graduates, having basic knowledge about taxation and accounting.


Key features:


One can learn the concept of GST with numerical examples. The course promotes self-paced learning, and the following topics are included in the course, which is divided into 10 modules:

  • Taxable event ad scope of supply
  • Goods and services charges
  • Composition Levy
  • Reverse charge mechanism
  • Time of supply
  • Place of supply
  • Taxable person and registration
  • Job work
  • Input tax credit
  • Determination of value of supply



Certificate of Successful completion will be provided to students, after finishing the course.



21 + Video Hours


Course Fee:

INR 19,999



  • Gain an understanding of the meaning of Goods and Services
  • Being able to identify who should pay GST and how to proceed with the registration
  • Determining the value of supply- Analyse the supply objectively


  1. EduPristine


Course Name: GST Course


Apart from the theoretical and practical applications, the GST Certification course for Graduates, postgraduates, students, and working professionals helps to comprehend the basics of GST, including important terminologies, their applicability, and impact.


The training sessions are taken by industry professionals and the course content is set as per the demands in the industry. In addition, students get complimentary access to Advance Excel (Online) and GST E-Book.


The course is conducted through classroom-based training in Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai


Key features:


The Materials are integrated with high-end accounting software and Industry endorsed curriculum. Students have 24*7 online access to course materials and a doubt solving forum.


Following topics are covered under this course:

  • Basics of Tax
  • Taxation System in India
  • Introduction to GST
  • Rates Comparison
  • Applicability of GST
  • Time of Supply
  • Place of Supply
  • Valuation
  • Tax Invoice
  • Input tax Credit Composition Scheme
  • Registration
  • GST Returns
  • Payment of Tax
  • Accounting for GST
  • GST in Tally
  • GST v/s Previous Indirect Tax



Course completion Certificate from EduPristine will be issued, after completing the course successfully.



32 hours

Weekday batch- 4 hrs daily, from Monday to Friday

Weekend batch- 8 hrs, during Sundays


Course Fees:

INR 15,800 (Inclusive of taxes)



  • The candidates will have in-depth knowledge on return filing, taxation, and statutory compliances


  1. ConsultEase


Course Name: Certificate Course on GST


This is one of the most suitable GST Certification courses for graduates since it has case-study based) approach, providing clarity on basic concepts and on dealing with practical issues.


Key features:


The course involves 14 modules ranging from basics to professional concepts:

  • Basic Concept and Constitutional background
  • Levy, Exemptions, and supply
  • Input Tax Credit
  • Registration
  • Refund
  • Returns
  • E-Way Bill
  • Offense & Penalty
  • Appeal
  • Search, Seizure, and detention
  • Arrest
  • Export of goods
  • Export of Services
  • Custom provisions



35 hours



A completion certificate by ConsultEase will be issued after fruitful completion of the course.


Course fee:

INR 6000 (Taxes not included)



  • Suitable for beginners
  • Matters related to GST compliance and filing are covered
  • Imparts practical knowledge


  1. Renaissance Institute of Skill Enhancement (RISE)


Course Name: Professional Certification in GST


The course is designed by a group of CAs and GST Experts with inputs from Professional trainers. Being one of the best GST certification courses for Graduates, students, and professionals, it enables the optimization of knowledge on GST, by making the sessions interactive and self-paced.


Key Features:


The course will be available to students in the online format. The content will be accessible to the students, as per the schedule before validity gets expired.

The topics in this course are the following:

  • GST Overview
  • GST Registration
  • Administration
  • Levy & Tax Collection
  • Supply of Goods & Services
  • Concepts of Input Tax Credit
  • Invoice Debit & Credit Note
  • Accounts & Records
  • Returns
  • Refunds & Input Tax Credit
  • Assessments



20+ hours (Valid for 365 days)



The certificate will be issued after assessment


Course Fee:

INR 2000 (Taxes excluded)



  • Suitable for beginners since the explanation is done with real-life examples, video lectures, etc.
  • Self-paced learning process
  • The course structured by industry experts




These top GST certification courses for graduates will increase the opportunities manifold times for degree holders in the areas of commerce, finance, and law.


A 14 % increase in employment is expected, from the related segments of GST and also due to the promotion of the manufacturing industry through the Make in India Initiative.


However, the level of professional expertise needed in the industry is very high and hence it is mandatory to remain updated on the latest concepts and changes in the laws related to GST.


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