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Top 18 Business Analytics Books To Help You Start Your Journey

If you are a working employee or a student, who cannot afford to spend time and money on learning data science and analytics, then relax, as here we are providing you with a list of Business Analytics Books that will help you to master data science and analytics. We believe that this long list of exceptional business analytics books and intelligence, in the long run, will help you ace the domain, provided you do not have the time and money for enrolling in a short-term or crash course. 

Business Analytics Books

Here, you’ll discover a carefully curated collection of excellent business intelligence and business analytics books. These books were picked for their popularity, release date, and, the ability to make your business worthy. But before we give you the list, let us first know business analytics. 

Describe Business Analytics.

Business analytics is a technique with which businesses use statistical and procedural analytics to carry out and turn raw data into workable information and insights so that they can make informed business decisions. This helps to recover past data to examine findings, forecast trends, and finally, take appropriate and suitable business decisions according to the situation. The primary elements of the business analytics dashboard feature data combination, data mining, relation and arrangement recognition, text mining, prediction, predictive analytics, optimizing, and data visualizing.

Why is Business Analytics Highly Valued?

Business analytics helps to understand how companies differ by implementing the latest marketing tactics and strategies. It also assesses previous marketing tactics and strategies that aid in breaking down barriers and boosting production and sales. As a result, mastering Data Analytics will enable you to make intelligent business decisions that will promote rapid advancement and market recognition. Moreover, it also helps in the following:

  • Enhances Customer Service
  • Facilitates making well-informed decisions
  • Minimizes the sales of the employees
  • Boosts performance
  • Assists in identifying fraud in financial businesses

Top 18 Business Analytics Books and Intelligence

1. Business Modeling Plus Microsoft Excel Data Analysis by Wayne L. Winston

In his book, “Microsoft Excel Data Analysis and Business Business Modeling,” Wayne L. Winston walks readers through the foundational concepts of Business Modeling along with Data Analysis using Microsoft Excel. Moreover, the award-winning author also teaches beginners about Excel’s latest tools. With the help of these comprehensive business analytics books, you will not only be adept at MS Excel but you will acquire a plethora of knowledge for the real-life application of technical topics such as multiple regressions and time series predicting. Since the book is brimming with real-world illustrations, you can master any topic on your own.

2. “Storytelling Through Data – A Data Visualizing Guide for Business Professionals”

Written by Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic, this is a brilliant read among the business analytics books which is especially meant for business professionals. If you are a businessman or an employee, who is working at a business organization, then this book is a must-read for you. In this book, the author has provided a guide on how to visualise data and the tools to successfully interact with data. With the help of this book, you receive all the guidelines for the presentation of data in a comprehensible and readable format. Loaded with lots of advice, insights, and, information, you will find it easier to acquire your desired skills. Learn how to think beyond the standard tools to gain a deeper understanding of data and the core concept behind writing an educational, informative, interesting, and, interactive story. 

3. “Teach yourself SQL within 10 minutes”

Data retrieval is a fundamental skill that many experienced, knowledgeable, and, skilled data analysts and scientists forgo. But through SQL, any data professional can easily comprehend it. This computer language will facilitate you to execute a few lines of code that will help to recover thousands of rows of data. Ben Forta, in his book, has provided numerous illustrations for learning syntax in MySQL besides other multi-languages like Oracle, PostgreSQL, etc. Buy these descriptive business analytics books to know the concepts of database management and database in detail. Spending only 10 minutes is enough for you to become a specialist.   

Also check,

4. “Biased Analytics – Utilise Data to Build an Enhanced Start-up Quickly”

The biggest hurdle you might encounter, if you are a start-up founder or an entrepreneur hoping to bring about change, is to create something that no one will use. You don’t want to get tangled up in the quagmire of great ideas executed poorly. Authors, Benjamin Yoskovitz and Alistair Croll have teamed up to teach you how to establish your start-up from its first ideas into a marketable product. This comprehensive business analytics book is important as well as a useful asset for every start-up expert worldwide since it is jam-packed with real-world examples and the results of a year of interviews with more than a hundred investors and founders.

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5. “Predictive Analytics for Dummies”

The name already reveals that this book is specially meant for beginners or “dummies”. This is one of the comprehensible business analytics books which will show the way while you start learning how to feature algorithms using data models, through data categorization, you can discover similarities and connections in your data and make future forecasts. You’ll be taught the fundamentals of predictive analytics and get started using the correct tools and algorithms to acquire and analyze data. You’ll quickly discover that you can make meaningful forecasts for your business, business, or for the fields of fraud detection, advertising, and, politics. 

6. “Stripped Statistics – Disrobing Trepidation out of the Data”

Charles Wheelan, a best-selling writer, exposes the hidden and technical knowledge that describes the principle instinct that propels statistical analysis. In his book, Wheelan makes the figures and numbers or statistics, as we also know them, easy to understand and read. This comprehensible business analytics book simplifies the subject to reveal the fascinating substance underneath. If you read this book, you will gain a deep insight into the core topics of regressions, inference, descriptive, and, probability.  

7. “Predictive Analytics – Gain the Strength for Envisioning Who Will Die, Purchase, Click, or Lie”

Process of predictive analytics, in his book titled “Predictive Analytics,” founder of Predictive Analytics World and ex-Columbia University Professor, Eric Siegel, reveals the potential power and danger of forecasting. This comprehensible and densely packed business analytics book re-labels the chief science and has a brilliant, eye-catching introduction. This provides a solid basis for both beginners and specialists alike, covering the latest case studies and futuristic methods. 

8. “Business Analytics – Data Analysis Plus Decision Making”

Business Analytics: Decision Making and Data Analysis with its learn-by-instance methodology, complete Excel 2016 assimilation, and learner-friendly writing style, can aid you in progressing more quickly and becoming an expert in data analysis. Advanced statistical analysis is taught in three online chapters including tools for data analysis, spreadsheet, and, modeling usage. With a new chapter on the two primary Power BI tools in Excel, Power Pivot, and Power Query plus a section on data visualization using Tableau, this book is data-focused. To learn about tools underneath the Business Analytics framework, data mining, and how to import data into Excel, pick up this innovative business analytics book. It comes with a guiding website that includes solution and data files, PowerPoint slides, the Palisade Decision Tools Suite, and Solver-Table for sensitivity analysis.

9. Data Strategy – How to Make Profit from a World of Analytics, Big Data, and, the (IoT) Internet of Things

Authored by Bernard Marr, the book titled “Data Strategy – How to Make Profit from a World of Analytics, Big Data, and, the (IoT) Internet of Things” is a must-read for anyone aiming to formulate a dynamic data tactic and strategy. Under the guidance of this explanatory business analytics book, you will be able to understand what are your strategic data requirements, what procedures should you use to acquire data, and mainly how to interpret your data into meaningful insights for organisations to improve the performance of a business and its decision-making methods. You need to read this to maximise the value of business data and gain a competitive edge. Get this book if you want to discover the strategies and tools needed to capitalize on big data, analytics, the Internet of Things, and, analytics.

Recommended read,

10. Practical Tableau – 100 Tips, Strategies, and, Tutorials from a Tableau

The most popular dashboard and visualization tool in the industry is Tableau. Tableau’s significance is further supported by Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, which places it in the top spot for the long haul. Professional Tableau consultant, Ryan Sleeper, has filled the explicit business analytics book with his deep knowledge and clear explanations. The book is divided into five sections: storytelling, tricks and tips, framework, chart forms, and foundations. An illustration-heavy explanation of concepts with instances supports each section. Get this illustrative book, if you want answers to queries such as:-

  • Why are we generating this chart?
  • How to generate a chart?
  • How to generate a chart using visualization?

11. “Python for Data Analysis – Data Wrangling with Python, Pandas, and, NumPy”

Have you ever wondered how to handle the data that you currently possess? Do you wish to discover the relationship between variables in detail, and recognise and modify the various forms of data? Python does those tasks seamlessly by using codes in Python. Business analysts make use of Python to adopt EDA (Explanatory Data Analysis) and carry out descriptive analytics to discover the connection between different variables for drawing insights and making informed business decisions, uncover trends and patterns. With the guidance of this top listed business analytics books, you will learn Pandas, NumPy, Scikit-learn, matplotlib, and, the stats models, without spending too much time and fortune. 

Recommended Reads

12. “The Pyramid Concept – Logic in Thinking and Writing” 

When it comes to explaining communication and systematic reasoning of people of any career, this eye-opening book among the listed Business Analytics Books is concise and vivid. To train individuals to communicate successfully, it is utilised by organisations like Deloitte, EY, and many other colleges, and organisations.

It is still a book that is highly recommended if you want to discover how to write compelling and technical work in any language, even after it has been published for more than 25 years. This should be the one book you use to learn how to convey ideas. Additionally, it helps in making your presentation succinct, understandable, and powerful.

13. “Data Analytics – The Ultimate Guide to Data Analytics”

It is yet another best-selling and comprehensible book which is the most reviewed among the top business analytics books that provides a clear understanding of how to use data to boost sales, accelerate growth, and improve skills. Learn how to use data to your advantage within your business, job, and educational environment. A superb introduction to data analytics is provided for beginners by multi-time bestselling author Edward Mire. You won’t have any trouble comprehending the concepts because he is well-known for his ability to simplify complex topics into simple terms. This book is a compilation of the most useful and real-world data analytics, and it will help you understand the approaches to swiftly and easily bridge the execution gaps in marketing, operations, and sales.

14. “Data Analytics – Become Adept at Data Analytics”

Choosing which form of data analytics to use and overcoming the obstacles you will face when doing so make data analysis difficult. We want to show you how to deal with data analytics in the simplest way possible in this wonderful business analytics book, as well as how to steer clear of some of the difficulties and risks that are associated with handling data. You will come to understand that data analysis is not the simplest task in the world. With more practice it will become easier. Just be sure to practice when you have the chance and try to avoid placing too much burden on yourself.

15. “Data Science for Business: What You Must Be Aware of Data-Analytic Reasoning and Data Mining”

The book “Data Science for Business” uses examples from real-life business issues to demonstrate the concepts taught in a long-running MBA course at New York University. Participate in the organization’s data science projects and learn how to strengthen communication between data scientists and business stakeholders. To learn how to think analytically about data but also how data science aids business decision-making, pick up a copy of these fantastic business analytics book.

16. “Big Data MBA – Pushing Business Strategies through Data Science”

This book, written by analytics veteran Bill Schmarzo practically with practical exercises, is intended to serve as a manual for companies looking to effectively harness the potential of analytics. The author trains readers on how to use advanced analytics to identify hidden business opportunities, take advantage of new sources of products and customers, and optimize operational tasks throughout its 320 pages.

After reading this article, readers should be able to pull out all the opportunities hidden in their business data and “think like a data scientist.” Realizing where and how to combine analytics processes into daily operations, make use of vast volumes of information, and how the utilization of data doesn’t just have to be a technical duty for the IT department anymore are just a few examples of important knowledge. This book’s useful advice and approaches for getting going with data analysis at a company level are what readers appreciate the most.

17. “The Data Investigator – 10 Easy Rules to Make Sense of Figures and Numbers (Statistics)” 

This article by economist and well-known author Tim Harford, which was published recently in 2021, takes readers on a journey to comprehend the strength of statistics. Hartford bases his argument that statistics “are not the enemy” and shares 10 strategies to help readers get rid of their preconceived notions of what statistics is and how they may be used to better comprehend our daily lives.

This book explains how, even though the use of statistics in advertising, media, politics, and other fields is frequently deceptive, it doesn’t follow that they should be taken seriously as a whole. It does this by combining a variety of scientific and psychological research with the author’s anecdotes. Humans may genuinely derive useful information to “live more effectively and work smarter” by understanding how to make sense of the numbers, see data objectively, and investigate their curiosity.

The book has gotten a wide spectrum of good reviews from readers since its recent publication. The majority of them draw attention to the fact that the author can make statistics and economics approachable and accessible. To understand the numbers that are all around us every day, you don’t have to be a mathematician or an economist.

18. “From Big Data to Big Profits – Success with Analytics and Data”

As you probably already know, big data has emerged as a business’s most valuable asset in the current context. This is even truer because a variety of BI tools and technologies have simplified and increased the accessibility of analytics for a broad range of customers. Due to all of these variables, now is the ideal time for companies to get the most value out of their data and generate a sizable profit.

This book is the ideal introduction to the field of big data since it is built on that justification. How it functions, how it was produced, and how organizations like Amazon, Apple, LinkedIn, Netflix, and others have reaped enormous profits from massive amounts of information. This article by experienced analyst Russell Walker shows readers the importance of transforming big data from its tactical and strategic nature into the latest revenue streams that interpret into enhanced product creation, improved operations, customer experiences, and much more.

The fact that this book offers practical knowledge that readers can use in their own companies, businesses, careers, and jobs, was a big hit among readers. SIGMA, a framework built on Walker’s personal experience that instructs companies how to execute a data strategy and how to monetize it, makes this possible. Along with this, readers learn important information about the data scientist role, including the skills needed, best practices, and how an analytics team should operate within an organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why is it so crucial to read about a particular topic?

Your ability to contribute value to your job will be much improved by reading books on a particular topic. Whenever the internet would provide you access to a wealth of useful knowledge, what matters most is how much of that information and which tools should be used to improve learning and build a lucrative career. Only a book with extensive research can be helpful in this situation. Books are supported with information from industry experts. A book is only truly valuable and helpful to read if it helps the reader to develop the ability to comprehend a skill and put an idea into action in a real-world setting. So before you go out and buy a book, be sure to properly research the author and the topics covered. This will offer you a clear understanding of what is waiting for you. While acquiring all the crucial skills necessary to master your area, doing thorough research can go a long way and save you a ton of time. 

Q2. How to pick the right and most suitable book?

 To pick the right and suitable book you need to follow the points:-

  • Analyze the author
  • Analyze the topic
  • Read the reviews carefully, before purchasing the book
  • Read the synopses of all potential books of interest
  • Consult with an expert from the field

Q3. Which is the best book to learn business analytics from?

There are tons of Business Analytics Books available that can help you to learn Business Analysis, but it all depends on you.


Now that we have provided you with the list of the top 18 Business Analytics Books and intelligence, we hope that among all these books, you will be able to find the one which will help you to master the field in no time and that too at zero cost.  

Arka Roy Chowdhury has done his post-graduate diploma course from Asian College of Journalism. Previously, he has worked at a few publications. Currently, he is an intern at IIM skills. Arka is an avid reader of sports and entertainment news.

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