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Top 7 Must-Known Free Creative Writing Courses

Creative writing has come a long way from pen and paper. These days, you can get started with your magazine or blog. The world has changed for the best and there are many benefits of using creative writing. Creative Writing is gaining prominence these days. With the advancement of technology, it has become possible to write without having a pen and paper. People are adopting this trend and enjoy using their laptops, tablets, or smartphones. But there is a lot more than just simply sending your article or book online. Here are the best free creative writing courses.

List of best free creative writing courses

Creative writing is a form of expression that describes an original work of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, or drama. This can include a novel, story, poem, or play. Creative writers are also referred to as “poets.” While everyone has their own creativity in this world, many people do not take the time to focus on developing their creative skills.

Simply writing about real experiences and events that you have experienced over time can help with expanding your vocabulary and giving you better insight into problems you face at work or in your personal life. Creative writing is a particular form of language, and it has been around for centuries. Often viewed as the least efficient way to communicate, however, creative writing offers a variety of benefits which include self-expression, relaxation, and personal growth.

What is a Creative Writing Course?

Creative writing courses are the courses that teach you how to write fiction, poetry, and other forms of writing. Some people want to be writers but don’t know where to start. These courses are great for beginners who want to learn how to write their first book or those with experience who want more help in writing their second book.

A creative writing course can help you hone your writing skills, support you in the creation of a thesis and improve your understanding of the bigger picture associated with essay types. And hanging around with others tapping away at keyboards is a great way to work through any writer’s block.

It can be assumed that Creative writing is a form of self-expression. This is a form of art in which writers produce, with words, a literary or dramatic work that conveys their personal opinions and emotions. Creative writing can be used to tell a story, create characters, or even solve problems.

What is the Benefit of a Creative Writing Course?

A creative writing course is an intense experience where you will be encouraged and challenged to write with passion and enthusiasm. The course will focus on developing your creative writing skills, enabling you to develop your unique voice and creativity. Creative writing courses give students a chance to explore their ideas in a supportive environment.

You’ll learn how to develop characters, write dialogue and scenes from the perspective of different characters, create compelling narratives, and much more! The benefits of a creative writing course are numerous. You can write about anything that interests or inspires you, whether it’s travel experiences or the music in your head.

The beauty of this particular form of expression is that there are no rules or restrictions on what kind of material one should write about—just keep it honest and authentic!

Creative writing helps improve your reading skills. Reading more books will help improve your analytical skills as well as expand your vocabulary, but when writing creatively yourself, it forces you out of your comfort zone and makes it easier for other people to understand what makes sense in their heads (and also helps them learn more about themselves).

Creative writing courses can help you develop your writing skills, boost your confidence, and discover new ways of thinking about your craft. You can also use the course to explore topics that interest you. If you want to learn how to write creatively but don’t know where to start or where to look for information, there are plenty of resources out there to help you along the way.

Creative writing courses teach students how to write in a variety of styles and genres, from short stories to academic essays and novels. These courses are offered at various levels, including certificate programs. 

Who Can Take a Creative Writing Course?

Anyone can do it, but students who have completed a degree in English literature or writing will have the most success. Creative writing courses are also popular among those who have already published work in magazines, newspapers, or online.

There are Several Types of Creative Writing.

They Include:

Personal Writing:

Personal writing is a form of creative writing that involves you expressing your emotions, thoughts, ideas, and feelings. It can be used for personal reflection or as a way to express yourself to others. This type of creative writing can be used in many different ways at home, at school, or at work. 

Journaling and Diary Writing:

Journaling writing and diary writing is similar to personal writing because it involves expressing your thoughts and feelings about something that has happened in your life or something that is happening now.


Poetry is also a highly structured form of writing. It has a limited vocabulary and a simple grammatical structure. Poets use a meter to create rhythm and rhyme. The poem is written in iambic pentameter, which means that each line has five syllables.


The prose is more like writing you would use in everyday life, such as essays and stories. Because it is more conversational, prose has a much greater range of vocabulary than poetry allows. Prose can be humorous or serious, but it should not be overly formal or intellectual; it should be naturalistic.


The fiction involves creating characters and situations that seem real but are fictitious (not based on actual people or events). A work of fiction may involve elements of drama (such as conflict), fantasy (parallel universes), science fiction (time travel), horror, mystery, or romance.

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Top 7 Free Creative Writing Courses Online

Writing is a great way to express yourself. If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are seven free creative writing courses online that can help get your creative juices flowing:

1. Reedsy

Reedsy’s learning courses are designed to help you to develop your imagination and creativity. You will learn about the different types of stories and writing styles, how to structure a story, write dialogue and action scenes, create characters with personality, write about conflict in a story, and much more!

Here’s a list of Reedsy’s Free Creative Writing Courses:

  • Novel Writing 101
  • How to Write Mind-Blowing Fantasy Fiction
  • How to Write an Irresistible Romance
  • How to Plot a Novel Using: 3-Act Story Structure
  • Developing the Characters That Your Readers Will Love
  • How to Craft a Killer Short Story

You will also learn about different forms of writing including poetry, short stories, and novels. You will get creative freedom in this class by being able to choose the type of story you want to write. Your instructor will guide you through each exercise so that you can learn more about the craft of writing.

2. Open Edu

The Open Edu’s “Start Writing Fictioncourse is a free course that teaches students how to write fiction. The course includes resources, tips, and strategies for writing a short story, novel, or memoir. The course is taught by experienced tutors who have been working in the field of education for over 10 years.

The Content Includes:

  •  How to develop your characters and settings.
  •  How to use dialogue effectively and make it sound natural.
  •  How to create tension in your plot (including rising action).
  •  How to create conflict in your plot (including falling action).
  •  How to write believable characters with distinct personalities and motivations.

Free creative writing courses teach students how to write fiction and non-fiction pieces that are both entertaining and informative. They also focus on improving a writer’s ability to create characters with unique personalities and voices. This can help writers become better at creating believable characters who seem like real people.

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3. Udemy

Learn how to write a novel like the best authors in the world through the best Udemy Creative Writing Courses. You can learn from the top-rated instructors. You can Develop your creative writing skills to the next level with these Udemy’s free creative writing courses. This program is designed to help students master the art of creative writing, from beginning to advanced levels.

Each course is structured in a way that allows you to work at your own pace, taking only as much time as you need for each assignment. When you enroll in this course, you’ll receive limited access to over 60 video lectures and up to 5 hours of content-rich material, which will help you prepare for each lesson.

Here’s a List of Udemy’s Free Creative Writing Courses:

  • Inkitt’s Novel Writing 
  • How To Create Best Characters For Your Novel or Screenplay 
  • Edit Your Novel the Right Way
  • Brainstorm Your Next Novel
  • Write Dreamy And Imaginative Poetry With Creative 
  • How to write poetry and publish it on social media
  • How to Become a Romance Writer 
  • Creative Writing – Writer’s Block Workbook Volume 1/2/3

The course has been designed for both beginners and experienced writers who want to improve their skills. It covers all the major topics related to creative writing, including beginnings and endings, character development, dialogue, and scene structure. You’ll also learn how to use various structures such as short stories, novels, and memoirs.

In addition, you will have access to valuable resources such as sample scripts and guides on how best to improve your writing skills in different genres.

4. Creative Writing Now 

Creative Writing Now is a freelance writing course that teaches people how to write fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. This course is designed for people who have never written before or for those who have taken other courses but want more in-depth instruction. The course covers everything from the drafting process to editing, formatting, publishing, and promotion.

The course includes online homework and writing assignments as well as video lectures and guided exercises to help you learn how to write fiction and nonfiction. There are also many opportunities for interaction with the instructor and other students on the forum where you can ask questions or get feedback on your writing.

Here’s a List of Free Creative Writing Courses:

  • Story Structure
  • Bringing Characters to Life
  • Essentials of Poetry Writing
  • Essentials of Memoir Writing
  • Irresistible Fiction
  • Mastering Dialogue
  • Mystery Writing
  • Through Your Character’s Eyes

This course will help you develop your voice by encouraging you to express yourself differently. By doing these many people have been able to gain confidence in themselves and their writing ability which has given them a boost in their careers.

The creative writing course will give you a good understanding of the world around you through novels, poetry, and short stories as well as essays on any topic that interests you. You can choose an area of interest such as politics, science, or even history if this interests you more than anything else!

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5. Coursera

The best way to learn creative writing is to write. The Coursera creative writing courses are designed to help you do just that. Coursera offers a variety of creative writing courses, with instructors ranging from Pulitzer Prize winners to novices. These courses will teach you how to write your first novel, which can be anywhere from 30,000 words to 50,000 words.

These courses are part of the “University of Michigan / University of Wesleyan / California Institute of the Arts” Free Creative Writing program and are offered through Coursera.

The Following Are Some of the Best Free Creative Writing Courses on Coursera:

  • Creative Writing Specialization
  • Writing for  Young Readers: Opening up the Treasure Chest
  • Sharpened Visions: A Poetry Workshop

Coursera has hundreds of courses on creative writing, but these three are the top picks that contain fundamentals of creative writing such as :

Introduction to Creative Writing:

This course is designed for anyone who wants to learn how to create fiction, non-fiction, poetry, or screenplays. It explores the art of storytelling through the study of literature and its historical roots.

Creative Writing for Children & Teens:

Crafting Stories That Capture Imagination. In this course, you will explore all kinds of stories including fiction, essays, and poetry written by children and teens. You’ll learn how to write short stories, longer works, and poems with real literary merit as well as tips on how to approach publishing your work in print or online.

Advanced Creative Writing:

In this course, you’ll learn how to use poetry as a powerful tool for expressing emotion through language, while also learning about the elements that make up poetry: meter, rhyme scheme, and stanza structure among others.

All of these above Coursera’s free creative writing courses duration is between 1 month to 3 months with a Certificate upon completion of each free creative writing course.

6. Writers’ HQ

Writers’ HQ is a creative writing course provider that offers a wide range of courses. They have over 10 years of experience in providing top-quality creative writing courses to students all over the world.

They Offer a Variety of Creative Writing Courses, Including:

  • The Writers’ HQ Guide To Productivity
  • Write A Tiny Novel
  • Five Days Of Flash
  • Editing 101

The Writers’ HQ Creative Writing Course is The most popular course, with over 17,000 graduates to date! This course provides an opportunity for you to learn how to write effective and engaging stories from start to finish. You will be introduced to a variety of fiction genres such as crime, thriller, and sci-fi alongside non-fiction topics such as self-help and travel.

The Writers’ HQ Novel Writing Course is designed for those who wish to write novels or short stories that can be published on Amazon or get them published by traditional publishers. This course will teach you how to create characters that capture the reader’s imagination, develop complex plots and use dialogue effectively so that your story reads like a novel.

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7. Upskillist

Upskill is an online platform that offers writing courses and workshops for beginners. Their Creative Writing Classes Online Program is designed to help you improve your writing skills and improve the quality of your creative writing. Writing is a skill that everyone needs, whether you’re just starting or you’re looking for a better job in the future.

At Upskillist, They help students develop their writing skills by providing them with easy-to-follow lessons that will help them learn how to write better and improve their professional skills. Upskillist’s free creative writing courses are designed to help you improve your grammar, sentence structure, vocabulary, punctuation, and much more! they provide daily assignments so that you can work on your writing skills at home or in class.

These Free Creative Writing Courses Are Divided Into 4 Models From Beginners to Advanced Writing Model:

Module 1:

Diploma in Creative Writing

Module 2:

Intermediate in Creative Writing

Module 3:

 Advanced in Creative Writing

Module 4:

Proficient in Creative Writing

Learn creative writing online with Upskillist for 4 weeks Duration which offers courses in both fiction and non-fiction writing. Learn how to write a book, start a blog, or pen an article. Their courses are designed for beginners and intermediate writers who want to improve their writing skills.

A creative writing course is a great way to explore the world of writing and develop your skills. Creative writing courses can be found in many different types of settings, including colleges, universities, and art schools. The best creative writing courses offer students the opportunity to work on their projects under the guidance of a professional instructor.

Students will learn how to improve their writing skills through practice and self-assessment. They will gain skills such as outlining, researching topics, developing characters, and executing creative techniques such as character arcs or plot twists.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

 Q1: Can I take creative writing courses at no cost?

Ans: Yes, you can take these courses online. You can follow the instructions that are given with every lesson and do it at your own pace.

 Q2.  What types of courses are available for creative writing?

Ans: There are many kinds of free creative writing courses. They include poetry classes, fiction classes, screenwriting classes, and much more.

 Q3. How do I get started in creative writing?

Ans: The best way to learn how to write creatively is by reading lots of classic novels and short stories by famous authors like Shakespeare, Homer, and Austen. The best way to become a writer is by practicing on your own.

Q4. What will I learn in Free creative writing courses?

Ans: Creative writing courses teach students how to write well and express themselves clearly. They also teach students how to tell a story through narrative, dialogue, and description.

 Q5. What do you do in a creative writing course?

Ans: When you take a creative writing class, you will learn about many different aspects of this profession including how to write poems and stories; how to research topics for your essays; how to develop characters for your novels; and much more. You will also learn about different genres such as science fiction, mystery fiction, romance novels, and more.


Many people take creative writing courses because they want to improve their skills in expressing themselves through words. Many students who take creative writing courses are interested in becoming authors or journalists, but these are not the only reasons people choose to study creative writing. Some people enjoy the challenge of creating new works of literature while others would like to develop their ability to express themselves through language.

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