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SEO Training Course: Which are the Most Preferable Options

Internet is King, and with it being the supreme power, who gets to decide what is to be displayed in the search results? Here SEO optimizers act as kingmakers. The next big thing is content, and writing content is an art. There are millions of blog creators all around the world. But, are all blogs having high visibility in the search engine? Only a few people are lucky enough to find their blogs on the first page of the search result. 

SEO experts are the decision-makers who get to hold the first place in the search. We have curated this article to bring to your notice the importance of SEO and the SEO training course that you can take up. 


SEO Training Course


What is SEO? 


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a pack of tactics that are ultimately aimed at improving the visibility and positioning of web pages in search results without involving the need for paid promotions.


SEO is a method in which the SEO specialists work with the website to attract the targeted audience and gather customers, thereby enhancing the business of the organization that they work in. 


SEO assists in enhancing the website’s exposure in various search engines, raising the possibilities of being listed highly on them. Generally, the search results are categorized into two parts: 


● Organic  

● Ads 


Organic: Organic search results are those results that hold a rank in the search engine without any paid promotions. Their ranking is completely based on the way their content is framed, the usage of keywords, and their demand, and you cannot make your page rank by bidding money. 


Ads: Ads are the search results produced because of the payment the business owners offer to the search engine for ranking on the web page. In ads, the ranking does not depend on the quality of content. The one who bids the higher amount stays on top. The SEO specialists are responsible for the ranking of organic results rather than the paid ads. 


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Ranking Factors: 


Search Engine Optimization has a lot of requirements for the ranking of a website. An SEO specialist helps your website in keeping track of the latest requirements of the website to rank it on the first page. 


With the whole world revolving around the internet, we got to put ourselves first to be seen in the market. Different factors affect the ranking of the post that you publish on the internet. Some are: 

● Secured Website 

● Domain Authority 

● Keyword Optimization 

● User Friendly 

● Backlinking 


Secured Website: 

The first of our SEO ranking considerations is having the proper type of URL. That is, in particular, a URL that Google’s bots can readily access and crawl. In other words, Google must be able to visit the URL and examine the page content to determine what the website is about. 


The Following are Needed for the Google Bots to Skim through the Content: 

● A well-built website. 

● A text file that directs the google bot to look for information. 

● A sitemap to list out web pages that it can display. 


A website can be encrypted using Secure HTTP as it secures the connection between user and server by protecting the data. The website can be made more secure by enabling an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate. 


Many websites have made their shift from HTTP to HTTPS for a more secure experience. Another perk of having the website secured is that websites with SSL certificates get a higher ranking when compared to websites without SSL. 


Pages should be fast enough to interact well with the users. Google revealed a search engine algorithm upgrade focusing on mobile page performance, which began affecting sites in July 2018. 


If your site does not load quickly on mobile devices, it may be punished. More people use mobile devices to access the internet than desktop computers, which is one of the reasons Google has changed how it ranks search results. 


Domain Authority: 


Domain authority is a score that is used for predicting how likely the webpage will be ranked in the search engine results. The score ranges from 0 to 100. Domain authority can be a highly useful indicator for determining a website’s standing in comparison to similar competitors. 


Backlinks from high-authority pages, such as Google, Wikipedia, governmental pages, and well-known newspapers or magazines- increase the likelihood of a page receiving a higher score. 


A website has to acquire the domain score by posting regularly on the website and through well-written content that can be sold in the market through keyword optimization. 


Keyword Optimization: 


Proper usage of keywords is necessary for the content to get ranked in the search results. The keyword should be optimized to 0.5% of the total length of the article. For example, if the article consists of 2000 words, then the keyword count should be 2000×0.5=10. 


The keyword that was chosen should be used 10 times throughout the article. If there is over-optimization of the keyword, that is, if the keyword has been used more than 0.5% of the total word count, then the website will be penalized.  


There are Two Types of Keywords:

1. Long-tail Keywords 

2. Short-tail Keywords 


Long-tail keywords are those that are more specific. For instance, consider a situation where you want to know about SEO. If you want to be more specific with your search, then the long-tail keyword will be the Best SEO training course near me or the top 5 institutes offering an SEO training course in India


Short-tail keywords are those which are generic and will give you a wider search result. Examples of short-Tail keywords are SEO training or SEO courses. It is always better to use long-tail keywords in the article as it widens the reachability of the article.  


User Usage: 

Google has been utilizing artificial intelligence to improve the ranking of online pages. The other factors that affect the ranking are: 


Click through Rate: It is the number of clicks that a website receives from the users. 

Bounce Rate: It is the number of users who click on the website and leave the site immediately. 

Dwell Duration: It is the duration of how long the user stays on that website. 


If your website has more bounce rates, then Google will declare your content as irrelevant and there are fewer chances for your website to rank on the first page.  

If the website has more dwell duration and click-through rate, then your website might get ranked for other relevant searches. 




There are two types of linking as:  

1.        Inbound Linking – Inbound linking is when you give the links to your articles for reference in other relevant articles. 

2.        Outbound Linking – Outbound linking is when you link content from other high domain authority URLs to add more meaning to your content. 


Why Do We Need an SEO Training Course? 


Content writing is not only about creating valuable content. The content should also be sold or marketed properly to have a better reach. An SEO training course will help you with all the tools and techniques that will be used in getting the content ranked on a website. It provides you with the certification, which will improve your demand in the market and create more space for getting employed in an organization.  


There are enormous institutes that offer SEO training. If you google “SEO certification”, you will get a wide variety of results. Some institutes also provide SEO training online. You have options for both online and offline SEO training courses. The HubSpot SEO Certification that some institutes offer is of great value and it increases the employment opportunity.  


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Best SEO Training Courses: 


We have a curated list of the best SEO training course that is provided by the best institutes. As we all are locked inside the house due to the pandemic, most of the institutes have initiated the process of taking classes online considering the safety of people.  


1.        IIM SKILLS: 


IIM SKILLS is one of the best institutes that provides the best SEO training course. IIM SKILLS always keeps track of the syllabus content they deliver and they inherit the new upcoming changes that are made in the SEO process. SEO is never constant. It keeps changing with time. 


Every day has a new update. Hence, it is always necessary to be in line with the new updates. IIM SKILLS never fails to inherit the new features. Hence, the IIM SKILLS SEO course is one of the best that one could opt for. 


Course duration – 4 weeks with Live projects and free tools worth INR 20k

Placement and internship assistance

Course fee -INR 14900+GST.

Contact: [email protected]


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IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite


2.        Udemy: 


Udemy gives you a wide variety of options for every course you wish to learn. It aims to impart valuable knowledge to everyone in search of a good course. You can filter out the course based on the rating given to each video. 


You can sort the videos with the highest rating and start learning. Most of the courses in Udemy provide a certificate of completion, which may be posted on LinkedIn for better employment opportunities. The courses in Udemy are widely preferred as you can choose the right one from vast options.  


Udemy also Provides SEO Training Course of which a few are listed below:

o Local SEO Course by Tyler Horvath 

o Local SEO Marketing by Brian Dale 

o Local SEO Course by Greg Swan 

The SEO course duration of each session is also provided in Udemy. The lecture-wise split up makes it easier to complete the topics in order.  


3.        Yoast Academy: 


Yoast Academy is a reputed institute for acquiring Google SEO Certification. Yoast SEO Certification is well recognized and is overseen by many employers. Yoast SEO Academy provides SEO Training with two strategies that they formulated.  


o Yoast SEO Academy Content 

o Yoast SEO Academy Technical 


They have both free and paid classes. Both have their advantages and benefits. With free classes, they provide training for beginners. They cover the basics of SEO and WordPress. 


They also teach the students on installing the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin and how to use them in WordPress. And the topics such as WordPress editing and structured data are taught for beginners.  


The premium version users have additional benefits: local SEO training, keyword research training, copywriting training, technical SEO training, WordPress for beginners, a premium plugin for Yoast SEO WordPress.  The premium version costs around $89 per year.


4.        Coursera: 


Out of the best SEO courses online, Coursera stands one among them. Coursera has a partnership with more than 200 universities and companies to help their students in acquiring valuable learning and enhancing the chance of securing work.  


Coursera SEO Course Offers 5 Courses in the SEO Category: 

a. Basics of Google SEO.

b. SEO Fundamentals.

d. Website Optimization.

e. Content Optimization for better SEO marketing.

f. SEO Project Implementation.  


You can choose any of the courses mentioned for learning SEO topics. Each course contains several modules that cover the basics of SEO and techniques and tools used in implementing SEO. 


5.        Moz Academy: 


Moz SEO Certification is a very popular and recognized certification. They offer a wide variety of options in SEO courses that will be easier for the users to explore more options and choose the best that is suitable for them.  


The SEO Essentials Certification that is provided by Moz Academy is a 5-hour course that contains pre-recorded videos with more hands-on experience in live SEO projects. 


The course also contains frequent questionnaires and tests with a final exam at the end of the course. Once the exam is cleared and completed, Moz Certification for the SEO training course is provided, which can be printed and posted. You will also receive a LinkedIn badge for course completion. 


They also provide technical SEO Certification that covers the technical tools and techniques used in SEO. This course duration is for 3 hours and they also help you with the technical development of your website. 


6.        SEO Course by Neil Patel: 


Neil Patel is the co-founder of NP Digital and is one of the top influencers in India. He is a self-learned businessman who wishes to spread the knowledge that he gained through his experience. 


He started his website and learned many techniques by the trial-and-error method. But not everyone can afford to waste time in trying different ways. So, he has created a curated course for all those beginners who wish to learn SEO. 


He has started a course called SEO Unlocked, which is available for free on his YouTube channel. He assigns a task for every topic covered so that it creates a better learning environment. Each video is just for 10-15 minutes, and hence, it won’t consume too much of your time listening to videos.   


Frequently Asked Questions: 


1.        Do we need any qualifications to become an SEO specialist? 

There is no necessity of any particular educational qualification or prior experience to learn SEO. Interest and the internet are all that are needed to become an SEO. 


2.        What is the average annual income of an SEO? 

As an SEO trainee one can earn an annual income of about 1.5 lakhs. SEO analysts can earn an income of 2.4 to 3.2 lakhs per annum. 


3.        Are all SEO tools free or paid? 

There are both free and paid SEO tools. Some of the free SEO tools include UberSuggest, Google Analytics, Answer the public, Keyworddit, Bulk keyword Generator, etc. Some of the paid SEO tools that are worth spending money on are SEMrush, Moz Pro, Yoast SEO, Screaming Frog SEO Spider, etc. 


4.        What are the different job roles that one could take up after an SEO course? 

One could become an SEO marketer, digital marketer, content marketer, SEO analyst, SEO consultant, SEO strategist, marketing analyst, and other related roles. 


5.        What is the scope of SEO? 

With the growing technology, everything has become online. The demand for SEO Specialists is increasing enormously day by day. And as per recent reports, the upcoming years will have a huge demand for SEO specialists.  




An SEO training course helps aspiring students who wish to pursue their role in SEO operations and marketing. SEO controls the entire online realm and as the world becomes more digital, SEO will become one of the most important subjects shortly. 


It generates more visitors and opportunities to convert prospects into clients. With constant practice, one can learn SEO shortcuts quickly. Simply devote the necessary time and effort to being acquainted with the various SEO techniques. 


There are numerous resources available on the internet to help you get started understanding SEO. SEO tools assist you in the difficulties or problems that act as a barrier to the ranking of your website. 


They also assist in expediting the time taken for completing the entire process of search engine optimization. Hence, for learning SEO, one needs to choose the right course wisely so that the money that is invested in the course turns out to be fruitful. 


Else, all the money that has been spent on the course might be squandered. Therefore, we have created the list of the best SEO training courses online to make it easier for you in shortlisting the course. 

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  • I am a BA student. I blog on the side and have an interest in working in the digital marketing industry when I get my degree. I also learn about blogging practices and articles on bogging to get my blog reached out to more people. A certification in SEO is the most valuable thing according to these articles if you want your blog to reach out and stand out amongst the vast number of competition that is present in the digital markets. An SEO training course that delivers learning from qualified professionals and teachers who have experience using SEO would be valuable.

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  • I am Ruchika. I am interested in learning more about digital marketing and the various domains that it has. I have basic knowledge of digital marketing but I want to learn from a professional so that I can be sure of my learning. So I thought of starting with seo training course as I know that seo is very valule for businesses and they are looking for people with this skill. I can also use seo for my own blogs that I will be starting soon when I have proper knowledge of how to blog. Meanwhile I want to learn seo best practices from your institute. So plz send me the details of the course.
    Thank you

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  • I have just started a business of pottery painting in Mumbai and I want the business to do well. A digital marketing friend of mine told me to take a SEO training course so that my work will rank number one. So I googled a little more about what SEO is and I want to join a good academy that will teach me not just theory but also the practical implementations of this course matter. I also want to know if all the institutes listed in your article will cover what’s mentioned in your course highlight summary . Thank you

  • My name is Jess and I was a cabin attended with an airline based in Qatar . I recently moved back to India and was looking for career options . I have a flair for writing and have written and published a handful of articles before . But I want to now take up content writing and make a good pay out of it. While I was researching about jobs and the requirements of a professional content writer , I came across a lot of demand for SEO certified writers and this got me interested in knowing about the SEO training course. I would definitely want to join any of the institutes mentioned in your article.Thanks

  • Hi, my name is Karanveer. I was looking for a seo training course that would help me in preparing for the digital market. I want to learn this important skill from IIMSKILLS. Can you send me the details to enroll myself, along with batch details and when the class will start? I have some questions.
    Do you help with placement?
    What skills do I need to have before entering this course?
    What career choices are present after completion of this course?
    Other than that this article was very helpful. I would join this course as soon as my doubts are cleared.

  • All the courses are presented well and explain the details nicely for both students and professionals. I have studied MBA so I suppose I will have a better understanding of this course. I also used to work in a marketing firm and wanted to learn more with new tools in digital marketing being produced everyday. I want to learn more and stay one step ahead of the competition and an SEO course certification will help very much. I am hopeful to start this new journey in writing and marketing online. How early can I start with the new batch please let me know as soon as possible.

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