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Top 8 Business Analytics Courses In Singapore With Placements

Being one of the famous tourist places, Singapore is also a popular destination to work in. With the increasing demand for highly skilled data professionals, companies across the world are scratching their heads while trying to recruit extremely proficient data professionals like business analysts, data analysts, data scientists, data architects, data engineers, etc. If you are looking for courses on data science or business analytics or data analytics, this article is going to be quite helpful. Here, we will list the institutions that are providing business analytics courses in Singapore. Here is the list of institutions offering the best business analytics courses in Singapore.

Top Business Analytics Courses In Singapore

Top Business Analytics Courses in Singapore

  1. Singapore Institute of Management (SIM)

The first in the list of the top business analytics courses in Singapore is SIM. The demand for more technical IT specialists in fields like Cyber Security, IT Development, and Data Analytics will increase as Singapore moves closer to becoming a Smart Nation with a digital economy. Infocomm Technology (ICT) will be a core influencer in converting work methods with the help of a highly skilled and expert workforce. Thus, the Graduate Certificate Professional Business Analytics Course in Singapore offered by SIM provides a good opportunity for students to gain skills-based, theoretical, and practical learning in the booming field of business analytics.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this advanced business analytics course in Singapore, you will be able to:

  • Identify, understand, and put the learned concepts and techniques of business analytics into use
  • Recognize, model, and address business issues in various settings through relevant, appropriate, and, suitable analytics tools and techniques
  • Statistically examine data, develop, and assess predictive models, and enhance business procedures
  • Share the results of the examination through relevant and appropriate data visualization procedures
  • Implement data analytics procedures to mine data and choose and apply appropriate and relevant business intelligence along with data mining implementations to assist business goals


The 12-month part-time advanced business analytics course in Singapore consists of six modules which are as follows:-

  • Business Analytics Postulates, Concepts, and Execution

This module explains what business analytics is, why they are important, what resources are required to support them, and how they are used. It provides recommendations for starting business analytics projects, demonstrates the three main forms of analytics (predictive, descriptive, and prescriptive), and lists typical problems that business analytics may solve.

  • Customer Relationship Management

In this module, you will learn how to implement business analysis in marketing as well as customer relationship management. The topics taught comprise aggregating models for customer division, patterns and relational rule mining for market basket assessment, prediction models for a customer obtaining and churn evaluation, investigation of human portability patterns, and, predictive models for fraud recognition.

  • Data Mining for Managers

This module will expose you to the core concepts of data mining and the capacity implementations within the business environment to boost operational efficacy. Topics consist of various approaches to data mining, data discovery, data controlling, and model construction. The data mining methods taught include relation, aggregating, categorizing, and, predictive modeling to address business problems.

  • Data Visualization

In this module, you will be introduced to the various terms, principles, and, methods behind visualizing data. To create visual representations of data, you will have the opportunity to use a data visualization tool. The design concepts for producing meaningful presentations of both qualitative and quantitative data to aid managerial decision-making are covered in this module.

  • Predictive Modelling

You will learn the skills that you have to create goals for predictive analytics, recognize and choose the best predictive modeling techniques, and use data mining tools including decision trees, logistic regressions, and artificial neural networks. It also discusses how these techniques might be used to produce data-powered solutions for business problems.

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

  1. Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

After knowing the key roles and responsibilities carried out by data professionals, Nanyang Technological University has introduced an advanced Master’s degree business analytics course in Singapore that offers a distinctive curriculum that was created in collaboration with top industry partners to address actual industry requirements.

NTU is already aware that companies use the latest modules like Machine Learning and Analytics in their business operations so that they could get an understanding of technologies that may affect their future operations. Hence, it combined its practical hands-on method along with internship programs at industry masters, so that you can easily migrate to the workplace from the classrooms.

This institute’s comprehensive business analytics course in Singapore comprises industry-pertinent programs where faculty members share their deep knowledge to facilitate you to excel in the technical part of business analysis. The rigorous business analytics course in Singapore is available in two ways – one year full-time or two years part-time. This would allow you to choose a timetable that suits you best and is in line with your career requirements and speed of learning.

For better data utilization in the workplace, whether it is in the areas of administration, communications, marketing, accounting, finance, or management, this flexible business analytics course in Singapore aims to reduce the gap between technical and business expertise.

NTU’s cutting-edge business analysis course is structured around three pillars and is designed to get you ready for an era of data-driven decision-making.

  • Robust Industry Networks and Interactions

NTU has a lot of support from the industry, and many of its top partners help us shape its curriculum to mirror the current state of the industry. Your prospects of finding job opportunities after graduation are significantly increased by the project and internship programs that the institute’s partners provide for you, the students.

  • Created with Future-Oriented Content

Its advanced curricula and business analytics courses in Singapore are first-of-their-kinds, which also include modules on cutting-edge topics like Machine Learning and Analytics in Business, which will provide you with a thorough understanding of the technologies that will affect businesses in the future.

  • Implementable Learning

​ You will learn through a fully hands-on approach in NTU’s intensive business analytics courses in Singapore using real-life data supplied by industry partners. This helps you become rooted in the reality of the industry and makes the transition from the classroom to the job successful and rapid.

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  1. Temasek Polytechnic

Irrespective of whether you are a business analyst, data scientist, data analyst, or manager, who is aiming to build comprehension skills in data analysis, this advanced business analytics course in Singapore is meant for all. Even if you are adept at handling data daily and aim to enhance your understanding of how to fetch insights, this program will greatly boost your technical potential in controlling data, which is considered an all-round skillset across different industries.

This is the first expert diploma in Singapore that fulfilled the growing demand for highly qualified data professionals as the institute has trained more than 1000 students since it was first introduced. During this program, you will be armed with the requisite skills and knowledge in statistics, and implementation of business analysis tools and techniques to successfully examine outcomes from data. You will know how to execute data assessment and visualization to enhance a company’s performance and business intelligence.

What You’ll Learn

  • Business Intelligence Basics
  • Business Intelligence Project
  • Data Analysis for Business Insights
  • Social Media Analytics

The course features:-

  • Get trained by trustworthy industry masters

Receive training from industry leaders and knowledgeable, and, experience lecturers on the most recent BI (Business Intelligence) data analytics patterns and trends along with top tools and technologies like Microsoft Excel, Power BI, and Tableau.

  • Get two certifications in just three certifications

The expert diploma in Financial Analytics and this program both have a shared first semester. You can earn two specialist diploma certifications after finishing three semesters altogether.

  • Practical-based training

The curriculum is project-based and hands-on, allowing you to concentrate on project work and use your newly acquired data skills. Over 1000 data professionals in the industry have received training from the institute.

Who should attend?

This highly intelligent business analytics course in Singapore is for professionals, executives, managers, and, diploma graduates, who are eager to foray into the field of business analytics.

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  1. NGEE Ann CET Academy

Big data is constantly growing at an astounding rate, and the ability to understand it and use it to influence decisions has become crucial to how various industries operate. Because analytics are applied in so many industries, like the health industry and aviation, having the ability to deal with data has turned into a desirable commodity. After knowing this fact, NGEE Ann CET Academy has launched an incredible business analytics course in Singapore that will help you to acquire critical domain knowledge and essential technical skills to discover the field of data analysis.

The program will guide you to derive workable insights that help propel business worth using practical data assessment methods. You will also learn a little bit of coding for effectively carrying out data wrangling, data visualization, data exploration, and statistical evaluation.

Course Outline:-

  • Data Visualization and Storytelling

During this module, you will learn the concepts and methods for producing successful visualizations dependent on graphic design. Through commonly adopted tools, you will put these concepts and methods into use for producing strong visualizations for assessment and presentation. You will know the numerous visual examining processes to capture relevant information and also exploratory procedures to further derive core insights. Lastly, you will make optimal practices of data storytelling as well as information graphics for exhibiting data effectively and comprehensively.

  • Programming for Analysis

This module’s goal is to give you a solid foundation in a programming language so you can do operations and analysis. Learners with little to no programming experience can benefit from taking this module. Python is the programming language taught, due to its ease of use and adaptability, Python is quickly overtaking other coding languages as the most popular worldwide. Its broad scope of applications in fields including network automation, machine learning, and the internet of things (IoT) also contribute significantly to its appeal. You will learn about the grammatical and algorithmic features of programming in this module. Python will enable you to gradually go from simple to complicated algorithms.

  • Descriptive Analytics

You will learn about the fundamentals of descriptive statistics in this module, as well as concepts like the standard deviation, measures of variability, central tendency, variance, and normal distribution. After that, you’ll be able to conduct chi-square, multivariate, and correlation analyses to find hidden patterns and glean important information from business data. Additionally, you will construct the appropriate visualization elements utilizing the systems to draw conclusions from the data. Dashboards made from these visualization elements will be simple for users to consume.

  1. PSB Academy

Next on the list of top business analytics courses In Singapore is PSB Academy, an institute that offers one of the best business analytics courses in Singapore. This business analysis program will help you build a strong grasp of business as well as data analysis. Its 12-month program covers a broad range of subjects from data storytelling for businesses, management, predictive analytics, and marketing, to descriptive analytics, so that you are equipped with the latest decision-making insights and skills you require to thrive in this field.

Since the program is majorly practical oriented, you will learn how to make use of the new and latest data assessment processes with IBM SPSS, R programming, and, MS Excel to address real-life intricate issues.

As you complete the course, you can also pursue higher studies with a degree certification from its university partners.

Course Modules

  • Academic reading along with writing
  • Handling
  • Macroeconomics
  • Marketing
  • Descriptive Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • PC Revolution
  • Data acquisition processes
  • Data Storytelling for Businesses
  • Practical Tutorials

The course features:-

  • Direct Admission to University – Obtain exemptions when you continue with it to earn a degree, depending on the university’s permission.
  • Problem-Solving Skills – Data can be used to assist business decision-making by revealing historical patterns and trends and creating future predictions
  • Learn From Industry Experts – Learn about the industry from its knowledgeable instructors
  1. Simplilearn

Being a pioneer in providing courses on IT, project management, and, many more, Simplilearn offers an exclusive business analytics course in Singapore in collaboration with tech giant IBM. The institute’s certification program will not only help you make advancements in your career but also provides the perfect launch pad that will take you to a new level of qualification as a business analyst. Take this course if want to acquire all the necessary skills that are must to thrive in this field. This advanced program will help you build all the skills and methods to become a proficient business analyst. During the course, you will be learning skills like SQL, Agile Scrum Master, CBAP, Microsoft Excel, Agile Scrum Foundation, CCBA, and, Tableau. It is one of the top business analytics courses in Singapore.

Besides those, you will also collect skills for building tempting dashboards, obtaining numerous insights into business examination, learning more about the skills of a business analyst, and, understanding how to cope with SQL databases. After concluding all the modules, you will successfully become a certified business analyst in less time.

Through this program, you will learn these skills which are necessary to become a certified business analyst:-

  • Knowing the various essentials of recognition, the conclusion of tasks, providing solutions, preparing analytical reports
  • Exploring SQL theories, primarily SQL command as well as Universal Query Tool (UQT)
  • Building knowledge in the field of actual concerns
  • Discovering Tableau and constructing appealing dashboards
  • Mastery in the planning of Sprint, normal synchronization, executions, Agile Scrum project controlling, and, reassessment
  • Discovering more about business inspection primary principles and business assessing primary concept model
  • Knowing more about the skills of the tools essential in business analysis systematizing and controlling
  • Becoming proficient in the skills of cycle controlling
  • Learning more about the essentials to advanced Scrum projects
  • Exploring more regarding the techniques of implementations of Scrum across corporations
  • Knowledge of basic plus advanced MS Excel

Tools Covered:-

JIRA, Python, MySQL, NumPy, Power BI, SciPy, Microsoft Excel, matplotlib

  1. Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS)

MDIS is well abreast of the fact that Businesses today must be prepared with the tools and knowledge necessary to competently produce consistent results and overcome obstacles in spite of the dynamic and frequently disruptive environment. To navigate such demanding circumstances successfully, objective and quantitative insights might be essential. Business analytics that is applied practically can make a difference. Hence, MDIS has introduced a business analysis program that not only looks to close the shortage of highly skilled data professionals but also looks to produce expert data professionals who can fetch valuable insights in no time for businesses.

Features of the course are as follows:-

Upon completion of this necessary business analytics course in Singapore, you will be able to:-

  • Discuss the essential elements of sustainable analytics
  • Describe the fundamental concepts of metrics design, such as the outside-in method for recognizing and ranking business measures
  • Create a plan for establishing a sustainable analytics function or program
  • When presented with analysis outcomes, translate them, ask the appropriate questions, and use the information to improve problem-solving along with decision making
  • Learn the core concepts in carrying out analytics
  • Show the essential visualization process in connection to sharing the right business insights

Program Outline:-

  1. Introducing To Business Inspection
  2. Business core metrics designing
  3. Practical Execution of business metrics designing
  4. Business analytics framework
  5. Statistical examination principles for business users
  6. Analytics processes to join the dots
  7. How to put these methods into use for common business problems

– Customer profiles

– Prioritization of strategic product

  1. Visualizing business analysis
  2. Classroom practice exercises and business cases

Who should enroll:-

  • Managers who seek to improve their effectiveness through the use of data
  • General Managers hoping to use data to get a broader business view
  • Owners of medium-sized businesses whose company has grown too large to be controlled by instincts
  • Analytics professionals wanting to expand their employability prospects
  1. Amity Global Institute

Amity is already known across India for providing various courses for college goers, graduates, postgraduates, diploma, and, Ph.D. students. The institute now has ventured into providing brilliant business analytics courses in Singapore that look to equip you with the latest analytical tools and methods that are necessary to learn and cope with intricate data with the objective of increasing business performance. This program was designed to help you acquire the skills and expertise required to make a career in business analytics. Employers are having a harder time finding graduates with the necessary training and skills in the field of business analytics. The need for skills is growing, but there is also a large disconnect between the analytical abilities of recent graduates and what recruiting companies want.

As you successfully conclude the program, you will not only enhance your employability skills by acquiring the knowledge essential to examine data but also enhance decision-making, and critical thinking and assist organizations in maintaining an edge over their rivals. Also, the course will allow you to increase your knowledge of primary themes like information system concepts, business intelligence, and some of the similar processes, information systems strategies, digital innovations, and basics of project handling. Lastly, you will be able to build the requisite research skills as a component of the final dissertation course to undertake additional studies at the doctorate level, if you want to.

Frequently Asked Questions on Business Analytics Courses in Singapore

1. What is the state of the job market in Singapore?

With the exception of migrant domestic workers, total employment in Singapore increased by 75,600 in the third quarter of 2022. This growth crosses the 66,500 increase from the previous quarter.

2. What is the scope of data professionals in Singapore?

Career options for those with a data science degree in Singapore can be summed up by the following statement. The constant increase in employment in data science along with machine learning industries demonstrates Singapore’s enormous potential for technological advancement. The nation acts as a center for numerous cutting-edge start-ups and technical behemoths experimenting in this area. Data scientist positions are among the top five jobs in Singapore, according to the latest report by LinkedIn called “2020 Emerging Jobs Report Singapore.” There were 17 times more of these jobs in the nation and the remainder of the world between 2013 and 2017, according to a different LinkedIn survey. Both studies show Singapore has a promising future for data science.

3. Which business analytics courses in Singapore should I consider?

The institutes mentioned above all have impeccable business analytics courses in Singapore. An apt course will depend on your expectations and demands from a business analytics course.

Conclusion on Business Analytics Courses in Singapore

Besides being a famous tourist place, Singapore is also a popular destination to work in. With the increasing demand for highly skilled data professionals, companies across the world are scratching their heads while trying to recruit extremely proficient data professionals like business analysts, data scientists, etc.  This article showed why business analytics is a promising career to consider.

Arka Roy Chowdhury has done his post-graduate diploma course from Asian College of Journalism. Previously, he has worked at a few publications. Currently, he is an intern at IIM skills. Arka is an avid reader of sports and entertainment news.

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