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4 Best Creative Writing Courses in Singapore

The easiest way to express oneself is through writing. The earlier tools for expression were voice, facial expressions, and body postures. It is believed that writing was developed about 5500 years ago in Iraq. We, humans, are evolving over time. In today’s world, writing is considered the most essential tool to communicate, express, learn, explore, understand, etc. One single poem can touch millions of hearts. One article can reach thousands of eyes. Such is the power of writing that it can create something unimaginable. There are different types of writing styles. Creative writing is one of the most looked after. Well, for me, creative writing is a decorative way of expressing thoughts. Before we go through the details of creative writing courses in Singapore, let us see what is creative writing in detail.

List of best creative writing courses in Singapore

About Creative Writing

Creative writing starts with imagination. As imagination has no boundaries so does creative writing is boundaryless. Writing such as technical, formal, research, and legal is based on facts, so there are restrictions. You cannot use imaginative language, in facts whereas, there are no norms to be followed in creative writing.

Your perspective in creative writing is the most unique thing and that’s why your writing stands out as the most unique. Some use creative writing as a tool to vent their thoughts while some use it to journal their day-to-day experiences.

Creative Writing Courses in Singapore Help Every Age

Creative writing helps everyone in one or the other way. From children to old age people, anyone can utilize the benefits of writing and make their life more meaningful.


Children may go through the processing of many thoughts. They may not know what would help them and what would not. But, insisting they write daily might help them in many ways. A child may feel insecure about sharing his thoughts and this may create anxiety and depression. Anxiety and depression are difficult to overcome.

Imagining creatively and writing down the thoughts that come to his mind, a child can learn to boost his confidence and overcome anxiety and depression. Creative writing also helps his imagination power to grow. Creative writing courses in Singapore help children achieve their skills in writing.

Young Generation:

Everyone is busy out there doing jobs, businesses, daily work, etc. No one gets the time to relax and feel calm. As a way to relax your mind and be calm, you can write a daily journal. Daily journal means to report the occurrence of events on a daily basis and learn from them. This helps in understanding what is happening in your life and also makes you feel relaxed by rearranging those thoughts which are going random.

Old Generation:

Old age comes with its own perks. You may have retired from your work. Your health may not support you. All your kids and grandkids might be busy doing their work. This may make you feel lonely and make it hard to continue your life. In order to make yourself busy and to keep your mind fresh to enjoy life, you can do creative writing consistently on a daily basis. This helps you to keep your mind occupied feel less distressed and let you understand a new phase of life.

Types of Creative Writing

Poetry Writing:

Poetry writing is an art. It is like music that comes with a flow and rhythm. A poem uses a short number of words with larger and deeper meanings. Below is an example of a few lines from the poem Middle Passage by Robert Hayden.

“8 bells. I cannot sleep, for I am sick

with fear, but writing eases fear a little

since still my eyes can see these words take shape

upon the page & so I write, as one

would turn to exorcism. 4 days scudding,

but now the sea is calm again. Misfortune

follows in our wake like sharks (our grinning

tutelary gods).”

From these lines, one can deduce different meanings and perspectives. How Robert explains writing eases his fears in just a few lines.

Novel Writing:

This is the favorite thing that most writers love to do. Writing a novel and publishing it in your name and receiving a bestseller award is what writers love to do. But writing a Novel is not an easy thing to do. It requires many skills like imagination, vocabulary, character development, good story, etc. This type of creative writing is the most loved one. The greatest authors of all time are Leo Tolstoy, William Shakespeare, James Joyce, and many more. You can read their writing and get inspired by how to write.

Daily Journal Writing:

This type of creative writing includes writing the occurrence of the events daily. If you are going through a tough phase in life and don’t know what to do and whom to tell, then you can start writing a daily journal. It is best to exercise to express your feelings and let the negativity inside you go from within you. You can write about 250 to 500 words daily. There is no specific format for writing the daily journal. Whatever comes to your mind, you can note it down. This can also be a learning exercise for you.


Playwriting is intended to be used in theatres. Playwriting is focused on character development so that there is one protagonist and antagonist. Having two opposite characters makes the play more interesting for the audience. While writing a play one has to keep theatre in his mind. The special effects used in theatre, the entry, and exit of actors, and the costumes according to the character all are necessary from a playwriting point of view.

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Scriptwriting is similar to playwriting. The difference between scriptwriting and playwriting is scriptwriting is written for movies and television shows and playwriting is written for theatre. Everything else remains the same. Scriptwriting demands character development and an interesting story as in playwriting.

Fiction Writing:

Fiction writing is based on plot, character, and meaning by the writer’s imagination. Fiction writing is utilized on Television, in Plays, Movies, etc. The best authors for fiction writing are J K Rowling, Stephen King, and Ernest Hemingway.

Non-Fiction Writing:

In this type of writing, there is a slight difference from fiction writing. Nonfiction writing consists of real events and not the imagination of the writer

How to Become a Creative Writer?

Becoming a creative writer is not complicated anymore. You can become one with a few steps that can be followed. Creative writing courses in Singapore

Step 1: Be an Intense Reader:

There is one simple formula to write “Read and write a lot”. You must read on various topics to write a lot. The more you read, the more ideas are generated in your mind. The more ideas you have in your mind, the more you can write about them. It is a simple but very effective way to write.

Step 2: Read on Various Topics and Find Your Niche:

Reading on various topics will help you to understand different writing styles and genres. This will help you to decide your own niche and find the key interest topics that you want to write on.

Step 3: Write Short but Write Consistently:

Don’t start writing to publish long stories initially. Start small but be consistent. You can write as many as 100 words per day. But write daily. You can publish your book once you know how to write short and become an expert at it.

Step 4: Start Writing for Your Audience:

Every time you write, start thinking about the audience you are writing for. You are writing for someone who must understand your writing. Your writing will have no use if it is not helping someone. Build your audience and help them.

Step 5: Complete Courses on Writing:

Do creative courses from a good institute and you will be in connection with other fellow writers. You can also join communities and forums to build your network with writers. This will help you to understand different writing styles and their way of thinking. Discussions on forums will help you to observe where you are. There are reputed institutes providing creative writing courses in Singapore.

Step 6: Don’t Stop Even if Your Idea is Bad:

While writing you may feel sometimes that the idea is bad. Don’t stop there due to fear of judgment. Keep on writing and you will come up with different new ideas. Once you get used to producing new different ideas no one can stop you from becoming an expert creative writer.

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Advantages of Creative Writing

Creative writing always gives you more benefits. Creative writing is one that includes various types of genres. You can write poems with your own personal experience. Creative writing courses in Singapore have good advantages. The process of writing daily is in the auto mode of self-development. If you are consistent in writing daily your auto mode of self-development is activated and your imagination is organized.

Helps in Reducing Stress:

If lots of thoughts are running in your mind and it is difficult to control them, then start writing. You will see that thoughts go away and you become organized in your thoughts and start doing what is more important to you.

You Start Learning:

When you start writing, you start reading about many things. This helps you in the learning process. Your curiosity increases about new things and you see that unexplored phase of your life.

Building Confidence:

When you work on your thoughts you become clear in your mind about your abilities. This boosts your confidence and your ability to think more clearly increases.

Improved Communication:

Your communication improves with the addition of your vocabulary. Communication is essential to convey your idea in all areas. Improvement in communication makes your relations good and at the same time, it works in office work also.

Better Understanding:

Understanding things become better and your mind works more when you understand something better. Through creative writing, you understand others’ points of view which helps you to empathize with them.

Creative Writing Courses in Singapore


IIM SKILLS is known for its educational courses and has a good reputation. It was founded in the year 2015 and has trained students from all over the world. They provide online live courses that allow the students to interact with the trainers to make learning fun and interactive. They have an extremely designed content writing course which is the most opted writing course on the online platform. The course has multiple benefits, let’s talk about them in detail below.

Course Name: Content Writing  Course

It is considered one of the well-known institutes in writing careers. You will get a chance to publish your first press release on Online News Portal. There are 4 weeks of Live online classes with 30 hours of training. This 30 hours of training includes 16 hours of lectures and 14 hours of internship sessions. The certificate is provided by IIM SKILLS and prepares you for the USA’s HubSpot certification.

They provide you with a detailed understanding of what are the types of writing. The course consists of 3 months of guaranteed internship. You can launch your own writing agency after learning this course. You can write your first blog for platforms like “Times Of India”. You will be able to publish your first E-book on Kindle and Google Books.


Module 1) Introduction to Content Writing

Module 2) WordPress Web Development

Module 3) Digital Content (Articles, Blogging, Web Pages)

Module 4) Copywriting

Module 5) Marketing Collaterals

Module 6) Email Writing

Module 7 Social Media Writing & Video Scripts

Module 8) Creative Writing

Module 9) SOP & Business Listing

Module 10) Legal Writing

Module 11) Technical Writing 101

Module 12) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Module 13) Content Marketing

Module 14) Affiliate Marketing & AdSense

Module 15) Freelance Content Writing

Module 16) Resume Writing

More Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

2. Writing Samurai

This was founded by Jerry Lee. He is also the director of the Grade Solution Learning Center. He has specialized in teaching English and Creative writing. This website is focused on letting children learn how to write. There are useful resources available online for students to learn. Jerry Lee has a different methodology to teach students.

This method of teaching is fun oriented and his institute has taken more than 10000+ students in online classes. There are various writing tips available on his blog. Jerry Lee has been awarded the Cambridge International Certificate in Teaching and Learning. Writing Samurai donates parts of its proceeds to Children Cancer Foundation, ST School Pocket Money Fund, Trybe, and Beyond Social Services.

Website: https://writingsamurai.com/

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3. British Council

This institute is known for 75 years of experience in delivering English language Education. They have highly professional and experienced teachers. They give the learning experience in a different way. They have a team of over 100 well-qualified teachers. This is one of the oldest institutes providing creative writing courses in Singapore. Their creative writing course is truly a perfect choice for the person who wants to develop effective creative writing skills. You can trust British Council in building a strong base and sharpen your imagination and writing abilities.

Website: https://www.britishcouncil.sg/

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4. Writers Studio

This institute was started in 2012. Having 10 years of experience in teaching English and Creative Writing skills, this institute has different kinds of creative writing courses for different age groups of children. This institute was founded by Mrs. Goh who has 22 years of experience in teaching the English language.

The courses can be customized according to your requirement. They also provide courses that help learners grab different writing genres with effective practices. You can reach their website and enroll yourself in the courses that are divided into micro subjects for better understanding. You can choose any of them depending upon your area of interest

Website:  https://www.writerstudio.com.sg/

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

1. Why should we opt for creative writing courses in Singapore?

Creative writing is an art. Those who are interested in writing but are not sure what subject they should write about can try creative writing courses in Singapore. In this course, you are made to write on various subjects which makes you understand different fields and different writing styles. From this practice, you can decide whether or not you should go for creative writing as your career or as a freelance writer or leave it. We have a lot of options available in creative writing courses in Singapore.

2. Can I go for writing a Novel directly?

You can go for writing novels directly if you have good experience in writing. But if you are not an experienced writer and want to write a novel then we would suggest learning how to write it from this course.

3. Are these creative writing courses in Singapore available only for kids?

There are few institutes that are interested to teach only kids. But there are also other institutes to teach adults. You will have to search according to individual institutes if they are providing courses only for kids or only for adults or for both. You can inquire about these institutes and take your call accordingly.

4. What is the kind of job I will be able to do after creative writing courses in Singapore?

Creating writing courses in Singapore helps in developing various skills which make you job-ready. The skills developed are reading and understanding various topics, comprehending, writing, etc. These skills are utilized in various industries and you can do jobs like Lexicographer, Advertising copywriter, Editorial Assistant, Creative Director, Content Writer, etc

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